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J. Cole

2014 Forest Hills Drive

    The idea for this album is centred around Cole's childhood. 2014 Forest Hills Drive is the address of his childhood home in Fayetteville, NC - which he bought back this year - coincidentally also in 2014. The record title celebrates this; and the album tracks centre around various times in his life: growing up, chasing his dreams and fame, and coming full circle to realize none of that matters - and rather family / friends and being able to come home is what counts.


    "January 28th"
    €�"Wet Dreamz"
    "03' Adolescence"
    "A Tale Of 2 Citiez"
    "Fire Squad"
    "St. Tropez"
    "No Role Modelz"
    "Love Yourz"
    "Note To Self"

    Snow Patrol

    Final Straw (20th Anniversary Edition)

      Celebrating 20 years since the original release, Snow Patrol are reissuing their breakout third studio album, Final Straw; named as such due to the band thinking it was possibly their last album, their “last throw of the dice”. It turned out to be the album that would put them on the map, certified 6 x platinum in the UK and Ireland to date.

      This 20th-anniversary edition is available as 2CD Set and 2LP Gold Vinyl.
      including three previously unreleased tracks from the album sessions, six original album track demos, plus new in depth and insightful liner notes written by Snow Patrol’s lead singer, Gary Lightbody.


      1. How To Be Dead
      2. Wow
      3 .Gleaming Auction
      4. Whatever’s Left
      5. Spitting Games
      6. Chocolate
      7. Run
      8. Grazed Knees
      9. Ways & Means
      10. Tiny Little Fractures
      11. Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking
      12. Same
      13. Steal
      14. Stronger Than Before (demo)
      15. By Heart (demo)
      16. We Can Run Away Now They’re All Dead And Gone
      17. Tired
      18. Post Punk Progression

      1. Chocolate (demo)
      2. Run (demo)
      3. Gleaming Auction (demo)
      4. Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking (demo)
      5. Grazed Knees (demo)
      6. Spitting Games (demo)
      7. Wow - Live At Somerset House
      8. Gleaming Auction - Live At Somerset House
      9. Spitting Games - Live At Somerset House
      10.How To Be Dead - Live At Somerset House
      11. Chocolate - Live At Somerset House
      12. Same - Live At Somerset House
      13. Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking - Live At Somerset House
      14. Ways & Means - Live At Somerset House
      15. Run - Live At Somerset House
      16. Post Punk Progression - Live At Somerset House
      17. Tiny Little Fractures - Live At Somerset House

      Steely Dan

      Countdown To Ecstasy - 2023 Reissue

        At long last: the classic Steely Dan catalog is back on vinyl. Led by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, Steely Dan released 7 albums from 1972-1980. The vinyl series continues with Countdown to Ecstasy, the band’s sprawling 1973 sophomore LP with such standouts as “Bodhisattva,” “Show Biz Kids” and “My Old School”.


        Side A
        Razor Boy
        The Boston Rag
        Your Gold Teeth
        Side B
        Show Biz Kids
        My Old School
        Pearl Of The Quarter
        King Of The World

        The Police

        Greatest Hits - 2023 Reissue

          2LP standard vinyl edition of the classic hits collection from 1992.

          A multi-platinum selling global smash on CD, it had a limited vinyl release in 1992 (long out of print), and original vinyl copies became highly sought after by fans. A perfect introduction to the Police for new admirers, original fans and vinyl collectors alike.

          Remastered at Abbey Road and pressed on heavyweight black vinyl.


          LP1 - Side A
          Roxanne 03:13
          Can't Stand Losing You 02:49
          So Lonely 04:48
          Message In A Bottle 04:50
          LP1 - Side B
          Walking On The Moon 05:01
          The Bed's Too Big Without You 04:25
          Don't Stand So Close To Me 04:02
          De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da 04:08
          LP2 - Side A
          Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic 04:20
          Invisible Sun 03:44
          Spirits In The Material World 02:58
          Synchronicity II 05:01
          LP2 - Side B
          Every Breath You Take 04:13
          King Of Pain 04:58
          Wrapped Around Your Finger 05:14
          Tea In The Sahara 04:14

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