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Francis Harold & The Holograms

Who Said These Were Happy Times

    It's like the first time TAD's "Gods Balls" twatted our tweeters, the first time Pissed Jeans webbed out our woofers, and when we first discovered the skronk-spazz of Wanghead, Scratch Acid, Samhain and Blood Circus all boiled into one exploding pussball. Nasty, horrible, dirgy, brilliant, scary lyrics…and the real grime under the fingernails of the US underground.

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    Really looking forward to #VinylAdventuresMCR tomorrow - we’ve got some of our favourite people playing records in…
    Sat 4th - 6:04
    Warm presents a brand new compilation called ‘Home’. Barry says: A woozy and entirely laid-back collection of shim…
    Sat 4th - 1:57
    Get down to this if you can 🙌
    Fri 3rd - 4:58
    Great to have @WITCHFEVER down on release day for their 12” ‘Reincarnate’ EP Follow the link below and grab a copy…
    Fri 3rd - 2:17
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