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The Smile

A Light For Attracting Attention

    Debut album from The Smile – comprising Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead, with Tom Skinner from Sons of Kemet.


    Side A
    The Same
    The Opposite
    You Will Never Work In Television Again

    Side B
    The Smoke
    Speech Bubbles

    Side C
    Thin Thing
    Open The Floodgates
    Free In The Knowledge

    Side D
    A Hairdryer
    Waving A White Flag
    We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings
    Skrting On The Surface


    Cash Romantic

      Overmono's new EP marks a new phase in the duo's evolution; one that sees them introducing a broader spectrum to their deft compositions to take their unique sound beyond the dancefloor. 


      A Side
      1. Gunk
      2. Gfortune

      B Side
      1. Bone Mics
      2. Cash Romantic
      3. Phosycon


      KiCK II

        Produced and recorded by Arca, The complete Kick Cycle; KICK ii – kiCK iiiii. The Grammy nominated Venezuelan star, showcasing the multiplicity of her artistry. The distinct collections span moods and modes, featuring her visionary avant-garde cyber-reggaeton production, operatic range, unexpected collaborations (including Sia, Shirley Manson, Oliver Coates, Planningtorock, Ryuichi Sakamoto), and a boundary-smashing approach to genre and identity.


        Side A
        Luna Llena

        Side B
        Born Yesterday Ft. Sia


        KiCK III

          Produced and recorded by Arca, The complete Kick Cycle; KICK ii – kiCK iiiii. The Grammy nominated Venezuelan star, showcasing the multiplicity of her artistry. The distinct collections span moods and modes, featuring her visionary avant-garde cyber-reggaeton production, operatic range, unexpected collaborations (including Sia, Shirley Manson, Oliver Coates, Planningtorock, Ryuichi Sakamoto), and a boundary-smashing approach to genre and identity.


          Side A
          Electra Rex

          Side B
          My 2
          Intimate Flesh


          KiCK IIII

            Produced and recorded by Arca, The complete Kick Cycle; KICK ii – kiCK iiiii. The Grammy nominated Venezuelan star, showcasing the multiplicity of her artistry. The distinct collections span moods and modes, featuring her visionary avant-garde cyber-reggaeton production, operatic range, unexpected collaborations (including Sia, Shirley Manson, Oliver Coates, Planningtorock, Ryuichi Sakamoto), and a boundary-smashing approach to genre and identity.

            TRACK LISTING

            Side A
            Esuna Ft. Oliver Coates
            Queer Ft. Planningtorock
            Witch Ft No Bra

            Side B
            Alien Inside Ft. Shirley Manson
            Lost Woman Found


            KiCK IIIII

              Produced and recorded by Arca, The complete Kick Cycle; KICK ii – kiCK iiiii. The Grammy nominated Venezuelan star, showcasing the multiplicity of her artistry. The distinct collections span moods and modes, featuring her visionary avant-garde cyber-reggaeton production, operatic range, unexpected collaborations (including Sia, Shirley Manson, Oliver Coates, Planningtorock, Ryuichi Sakamoto), and a boundary-smashing approach to genre and identity.

              TRACK LISTING

              Side A
              In The Face
              Sanctuary Ft. Ryuichi Sakamoto

              Side B
              La Infinita


              Spell 31

                The third album from Afro-Cuban French twins Lisa-Kainde and Naomi Diaz who together are Ibeyi. Inspired by the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, this is a record celebrating their multitudes are harnessing their power to heal others. Featuring collaborations with Pa Salieu, Jorja Smith, BERWYN, Dave Okumu, Ben Reed and Owen Pallett, with production by Richard Russell.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Barry says: Ibeyi fall perfectly in that magical middle ground between synth-pop disco and funk, imbued with musical sensibilities from their Afro-Cuban heritage, it's a beautifully balanced and eminently listenable triumph. The track with Jorja Smith on it is a particular delight too, probably my favourite piece of theirs to date. ace.

                TRACK LISTING

                Side A
                O Inle
                Made Of Gold Feat. Pa Salieu
                Sister 2 Sister
                Creature (Perfect)

                Side B
                Tears Are Our Medicine
                Foreign Country
                Lavender & Red Roses Feat. Jorja Smith
                Rise Above Feat. BERWYN
                Los Muertos

                Yaeji & Ohhyuk

                Year To Year / 29

                  NYC-based producer and artist Yaeji, in collaboration with OHHYUK, founder of the Seoul based indie band HYUKOH, has announced two new singles and music videos: “29” and “Year to Year”. Starting as sketches exchanged between the two artists, the songs took full shape when they connected for studio sessions in Seoul earlier this year.

                  “29” see’s Yaeji rapping in her signature, trance-like style over OHHYUK’s indie-influenced pulsating drums and Bossa guitar. While “Year to Year'' is a more cinematic indie affair with a drum-n-bass inspired breakdown. These latest songs see Yaeji once again exploring the boundaries of pop, it’s OHHYUK influence of his distinctive alt-indie that drives the singles home.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A: Year To Year
                  B: 29


                  Dirty Tapes

                    Continuing his signature slacker sound ‘stupid’ comes with an infectious acoustic hook and trademark wry lyricism. Written, recorded and produced by dvr he’s fast becoming one of the UK’s most compelling young talents. Fans include Snoop Dogg, FINNEAS, Omar Apollo, Joy Orbison + Clara Amfo: “dvr - a name that is going to be everywhere in the coming years.”

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Dirty Tapes
                    2. Stupid
                    3. Lowlife (With Kenny Beats)
                    4. Drugs
                    5. Tunnel Vision


                    Diamond Cut / BBY

                    Massive new 12" from the mammoth Overmono, following up the acclaimed Fabric compilation, THAT "So U Kno" twelve, and a solid year of live appearances.

                    Here we get two peak time bass-gliders executed in the duo's perfect style. "Diamond Cut" pairs sharp vocal chops to a rolling Reese; clickity UKG beats powering forward with dropped shoulders and quick footwork. "BBY" is the more anthemic, big room cut with a huge luminescent breakdown and deep subs. Hovering synthlines give this one a spacious vibe while those tasty UKG beats keep everyone from your Valentino-sporting older brother to your TicTok posting younger sister happy. Stupendously large hype on this one folks so don't dilly dally if you want in. 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: The untouchable Overmono return with a double header that frankly, had me nearly shitting my pants. The sound design this pair craft is breath-taking, and the groove they impart on their electronic beats staggering. Perfectly exemplified across this second essential XL record of the week.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Diamond Cut

                    A rightly hyped new EP from modern techno demigod Blawan, "Woke Up Right Handed" has been deservedly tipped as one of the best dance 12"s of 2021. Released via XL, who have clearly spotted the gigantic ascent of this rising superstar; it definitely ranks as one of Blawan's best set of productions to date.

                    Cloaked in a rugged metallic armor, Blawan's punishing modular set-up has always been known to exert aggression, but here we see that aggression carefully tamed into something more surgical, able to penetrate deep into our body and mind spaces without leaving so much as a scar.

                    The title track sees thunderstrikes of sound strike from a rattling percussion line as deep distorted tectonic rumbles signal an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. A killer, almost Green Velvet-on-PCP vocal line graces this chunnering mass of sound with a deadly intensity - this is gonna rip any pitch black nightclubs apart!

                    "Under Belly" steam trains on, barely keeping on the tracks as its heavy cargo spills from side to side: a sheer nightclub juggernaut that can carry any session forward.

                    "Close The Cycle" on side B recalls the glitchy-IDM side of Radioactive Man but with added spicy heartburn while "Gonk" unpacks one of those heavy clangers synonymous with this producer's library. "No Rabbit No Life", continues Blawan's tradition of silly track names; concluding this beast of a 12" with a modular expression of half-tempo DnB and sci-fi breaks. Effortless striding ahead of the pack and into the record boxes of the elite bass technicians.

                    Miss this one at your peril folks!

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Incredible, bone-splitting production on this new from Barnsley's modular techno maniac - Blawan. Ripping cyborgs a new one since 2011; the release marks a new, high watermark for this innovative and genre-pushing talent.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Side 1
                    1. Blika (4:03)
                    2. Under Belly (3:56)
                    Side 2
                    1. Close The Cycle (4:08)
                    2. Gosk (3:18)
                    3. No Rabbit No Life (3:49)

                    Everything Is Recorded & CLIPZ

                    Saturday Specials: The CLIPZ Remixes Vol. 3

                    “Saturday Specials” sees the legendary Bristol drum & bass don Clipz remixing Everything Is Recorded’s acclaimed second album “Friday Forever” in its entirety. Clipz’s first album length project, split here across three volumes; and at first a strange but ultimately rewarding hybrid of the two artists’ involved styles. This third and final set of club ready remakes features the talents of Everything Is Recorded collaborators Infinite Coles & Berwyn.

                    Swerving between adderol-fuelled, agro-jungle and smoother-edged, mainroom rollers, it's another perfectly curated and classy display of everyone involved's unique take on modern dnb. Winner!

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Walk Alone - Everything Is Recorded & CLIPZ Feat. Infinite Coles, Berwyn
                    2. Dream I Never Had - Everything Is Recorded & CLIPZ
                    3. The Night - Everything Is Recorded & CLIPZ Feat. Berwyn

                    Burial / Four Tet / Thom Yorke

                    Her Revolution / His Rope

                    Nine years since their first collaboration, the three modern musical monoliths, Burial, Thom Yorke and Four Tet return for another spellbound session. Conjuring up two tracks of rainy day, dreamstate melancholia that seemed perfectly suited to the drugery of lockdown whence it was first released.

                    Thom Yorke's vocals are stunning, yet subtley blended with a kind of fractal haze, reflecting Four Tet grasp of soundscapes while Burial's hushed ghostly whispers also reflect the kinda decayed urban dystopia the producer has singlehanded produced over his career.

                    Downtempo and understated, they're highly emotive tracks that challenge your perceptions of how a track should make you feel and behave.

                    *LIMITED REPRESS - MOVE QUICK!*

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Her Revolution
                    His Rope


                    Music For The Jilted Generation

                      The band's Mercury-nominated second album from 1994.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Intro
                      2. Break & Enter
                      3. Their Law
                      4. Full Throttle
                      5. Voodoo People
                      6. Speedway (Theme From Fastlane)
                      7. The Heat (The Energy)
                      8. Poison
                      9. No Good (Start The Dance)
                      10. One Love (Edit)
                      11. 3 Kilos
                      12. Skylined
                      13. Claustrophobic Sting


                      KiCk I

                        Produced and recorded by Arca, KiCk i defines a new era of multiplex harmony for the Venezuelan artist, singer, DJ, performer and experimental music composer. With appearances from Björk, Rosalía, Shygirl and SOPHIE, this is the first time Arca has invited collaborators into her world, previously having lent her sound to some of the decades most avant-pop artists. With the release of “Nonbinary” kicking off the new era, today Arca shares the first single from KiCk i called “Time”:

                        “Time” originally premiered in September 2019 at Arca’s Mutant;Faith, a four-part experimental performance cycle at the new NYC performing arts space The Shed. The performance “stood to prove why Arca’s work is beyond innovative, and why her vision for the future of pop is so thrilling,” declared them., with Pitchfork revering Arca’s ability to “continue to create a singular world.” Captured on the fourth-day of Mutant;Faith performance cycle, the video for “Time” was conceptualized by Arca, Carlos Sáez and MANSON, who directed the video in front of a live audience at The Shed and on the streets of NYC.

                        KiCk i is a celebration not only of the joy Arca’s been able to find in her life, but the sometimes arduous journey it took for her to find it. Her struggles to reconcile her Venezuelan heritage and her trans Latinx identity emerge as reggaetón and pop en Español. But KiCk i isn’t just a pop record, or an experimental record, or even simply a mix between the two, but rather all of them at once- and so much more. Depending on where you drop the needle you’ll find bubblegum, harsh noise, electronic psychedelia, balladry, bangers, laughter, tears, passion, and expressions of faith - sounds and ideas that don’t simply blend together, but coexist simultaneously in quantum superposition made possible inside the sonic worlds Arca builds in her music.

                        “I don't want to be tied to one genre,” Arca explains. “I don't want to be labeled as one thing.” Where she is now, being nonbinary doesn’t end with her gender identity. It’s become a mindset where no one thing has to be just one thing, where multiple meanings, multiple realities can coexist in superposed balance. In this space between states, where one thing is the other, Arca has discovered a vast field of untapped creative power. KiCk i is the sound of her plugging in.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Barry says: Venezuelan sound artist and synthpop wunderkind Arca brings all of the heat from their hugely popular last two releases into the first of a quadrilogy of releases. If this is anything to go by, it's sure to take the synth world by storm. Vapourwave meets glitch via everything else.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Nonbinary
                        2. Time
                        3. Mequetrefe
                        4. Riquiqui
                        5. Calor
                        6. Afterwards Ft. Björk
                        7. Watch Ft. Shygirl
                        8. KLK Ft. Rosalía
                        9. Rip The Slit
                        10. La Chíqui Ft. SOPHIE
                        11. Machote
                        12. No Queda Nada

                        Everything Is Recorded

                        Friday Forever

                          Friday Forever is the second album from multi-artist project Everything Is Recorded, helmed by producer artist Richard Russell. This follows the critically acclaimed and Mercury Music Prize nominated debut of 2018, Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell. Friday Forever takes on a multi-lensed perspective of a classic night out, followed closely by the sobering reflections of the next morning. The album features an array of new collaborators – in British rappers Aitch, Flohio and Berwyn, Irish singer songwriters Maria Somerville and Kean Kavanagh, the inimitable voices of A.K. Paul, James Massiah, and returning vocalist Infinite Coles – as well as established names like Ghostface Killah and Penny Rimbaud.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          10:51 PM / The Night
                          09:46 PM / Every Friday Thereafter
                          12:12 AM / Patients (Fucking Up A Friday)
                          01:32 AM / Walk Alone
                          02:56 AM / I Dont Want This Feeling To Stop
                          03:15 AM / Caviar
                          04:21 AM / That Sky
                          05:10 AM / Dream I Never Had
                          09:34 AM / Pretending Nothings Wrong
                          10:02 AM / Burnt Toast
                          11:55 AM / This World
                          11:59 AM / Circles


                          Through Water

                            Through Water is the follow up to Lapsley's 2016 album Long Way Home, one of that year’s most acclaimed debuts. Released while she was still a teenager, Long Way Home featured Låpsley’s breakthrough moments ‘Station’ and ‘Falling Short’ and spawned one of the biggest club tracks in recent years (DJ Koze's edit of "Operator") as well as inspiring a new generation of electronically minded songwriters including Billie Eilish, who namechecked it as a key influence on her sound.

                            Through Water is without doubt Låpsley’s most accomplished work to date, written and recorded during her transition into young womanhood. With Låpsley as the major producer and songwriter, the ten songs (whittled down from over one hundred) reflect her newfound confidence, clarity and self-awareness as an artist, documenting a wealth of personal experiences and coming-of-age stories set against a thematic backdrop of water, climate, weather and the elements.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            Through Water
                            My Love Was Like The Rain
                            Ligne 3
                            Our Love Is A Garden
                            Leeds Liverpool Canal
                            Sadness Is A Shade Of Blue
                            Speaking Of The End
                            Online (bonus 7” Only)

                            Gil Scott-Heron

                            I'm New Here - 10th Anniversary Expanded Edition

                            In February 2010, the late, legendary musician, poet and author Gil Scott-Heron released his thirteenth, and last, studio album. First conceptualised in 2005, and ultimately produced by XL Recordings head Richard Russell during New York recording sessions that commenced in January 2008, "I’m New Here" was Scott-Heron’s first album in thirteen years and found him sounding as vital, boundary-pushing and insightful as ever before.

                            In addition to the original album, this 'I'm New Here' 10th Anniversary Edition features two unreleased tracks - a cover of Richie Havens’ 'Handsome Johnny’ and a previously unheard Scott-Heron song 'King Henry IV’ - as well as a selection of other recordings from the original I’m New Here sessions that were only previously available on a rare, vinyl only deluxe version of the LP.

                            "Ten years ago I was in the midst of recording “I’m New Here” with Gil. There was a lot more to the experience than it was possible to process at the time, and there was some great material that never made it onto the album. Our cover of “Handsome Jonny” was the last recording Gil and I made on the last day of the last session for “I’m New Here”, at Clinton Studio in Hell’s Kitchen, NY, on September 19, 2009. Gil had introduced me to the original version of the song, explaining how Richie Havens had performed it in his opening set at Woodstock some forty years earlier, and we added it to a list of material we were considering for the album. In the end we recorded some of these songs, like Bobby Blue Bland’s “I’ll Take Care Of You”, Bill Callahan’s “I’m New Here” and Robert Johnson’s “Me and the Devil”, and didn’t get round to some others, including Joy Divison’s “Disorder”." - producer Richard Russell

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Barry says: A Piccadilly Records Album Of The Year back in 2010. There's little that can be said about this legendary outing from XL head Richard Russell and the great GSH that hasn't already been said, it's an absolutely essential listen, and this expanded edition makes it even more so. A wildly groundbreaking and influential recording.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            On Coming From A Broken Home (Pt. 1)
                            Me And The Devil
                            I'm New Here
                            Your Soul And Mine
                            Parents (Interlude)
                            I'll Take Care Of You
                            Being Blessed (Interlude)
                            Where Did The Night Go
                            I Was Guided (Interlude)
                            New York Is Killing Me
                            Certain Things (Interlude)
                            The Crutch
                            I've Been Me (Interlude)
                            On Coming From A Broken Home (Pt. 2)
                            Handsome Johnny
                            King Henry IV
                            Piano Player (Intro)
                            Home Is Where The Hatred Is
                            Winter In America
                            Winter In America
                            Jazz (Interlude)
                            Is That Jazz
                            A Place To Go (Interlude)
                            My Cloud

                            Gil Scott-Heron

                            We're New Again - A Re-imagining By Makaya McCraven

                            To mark the tenth anniversary of the release of "I’m New Here", the thirteenth - and last - studio album from the legendary US musician, poet and author Gil Scott-Heron, XL Recordings release a unique reinterpretation of the album by acclaimed US jazz musician Makaya McCraven. Titled "We’re New Again", the album's release comes exactly a decade after the release of Scott-Heron’s original Richard Russell-produced recording. Following in the footsteps of Jamie xx’s highly acclaimed 2011 remix album "We’re New Here", this is McCraven’s first release of 2020, following the huge global acclaim heaped upon his 2018 album "Universal Beings". One of the most vital new voices in modern jazz, McCraven is described by the New York Times as a "Chicago-based drummer, producer and beat maker, [who] has quietly become one of the best arguments for jazz’s vitality".

                            TRACK LISTING

                            Special Tribute (Broken Home Pt. 1)
                            I'm New Here
                            Blessed Parents
                            New York Is Killing Me
                            The Patch (Broken Home Pt. 2)
                            People Of The Light
                            Being Blessed
                            Where Did The Night Go
                            Lily Scott (Broken Home Pt. 3)
                            I'll Take Care Of You
                            I've Been Me
                            This Can't Be Real
                            Piano Player
                            The Crutch
                            Guided (Broken Home Pt. 4)
                            Certain Bad Things
                            Me And The Devil


                            These Elements EP

                              The first new Låpsley music since debut album "Long Way Home", which across its four tracks expresses a newfound confidence and glimpses the brave new direction her life and work are taking. Intimate and heartfelt but with expansive and expressive lyrical content; the songwriting prowess, combined with the finest modern production techniques (especially vocal layering) create an arresting and
                              magical piece that glimmers in the clear Winter crispness.

                              Comes in a screenprinted reuseable poly bag sleeve, with photography by Maisie Cousins.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: Poised electronics merged with sincere and layered vocals maketh a pretty arresting combo here as Lapsley finds her stride for XL.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              My Love Was Like The Rain
                              Ligne 3

                              Jack Peñate

                              After You

                                Over a decade in the making, ‘After You’ was produced in collaboration with Paul Epworth, Inflo and Alex Epton. Prayer, the first single from the album, features Peñate playing several instruments, as well as the production credit he set out to achieve. It carries more than a nod to gospel, all set around a glorious pop hook, played on a Farfisa organ. Its musical and lyrical complexities belies the fact it was written in twenty minutes. “Once we had written it, all the pieces of the past ten years fell into place. It was like a puzzle coming together.”

                                Former Spankrock member turned producer and jazz drummer, Alex Epton came on board and set to bring together 10 years worth of work into a cohesive album in XL’s New York studio, adding in additional programming and production as well as drums and percussion. Paul Epworth, with whom he created Everything Is New, came back in and worked on several tracks.

                                The album doesn’t just draw on his musical journey of the past ten years, it brings in influences from the music he heard as a child. Loaded Gun has a prechorus that Lennon and McCartney would have liked to have written. As a child his brother would play him Jungle music. There’s elements of that too. His dad ran acid house raves – that’s in there. But perhaps, the most poignant track is Gemini. With nothing more than piano, vibraphone and drum beat, the words of Peñate’s grandfather, the writer and artist Mervyn Peake, are read by his uncle Fabian. And it’s not the only family tie. The artwork for the album, and the first video, has been done by Peñate’s cousin, the acclaimed artist, Eddie Peake. “We both grew up with an uncanny focus on what we wanted to do, but had never worked together,” says Jack. His work is both incredibly joyous and melancholy, and it does something to me that music does to me too.”

                                If Peñate’s ambition was to be able to make a sound that sounded like a feeling felt, and to be able to master studio production, and to be able to have longevity in his career, then it’s safe to say that with After You, that ambition has been realised.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Barry says: Peñate returns after a full decade (almost) to reiterate his dedication to smooth, richly produced soulful downbeat business, and it doesn't disappoint. Full of momentum and perfectly measured instrumentation bolstered with Peñate's unmistakable acrobatic vocal bliss.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Loaded Gun
                                Round And Round
                                Let Me Believe
                                Ancient Skin
                                Swept To The Sky

                                Jack Peñate


                                  Jack Peñate’s new single ‘Prayer’, is his first official release in a decade since his second album ‘Everything is New’ was released on XL Recordings in 2009.

                                  Jack took time away from releasing music to experiment with writing and production, collaborating with others along the way (including David Byrne’s ‘American Utopia’). ‘Prayer’ was written and recorded in the space of one day when Jack meet the producer Inflo. They immediately jumped in a car and drove to Jack’s garage-converted studio in Oxford where ‘Prayer’ was born, before being finished in New York with Alex Epton.

                                  “Prayer was made for and with my family and friends. It’s a piece about the unifying nature of loss and the thread of hope that survives throughout.”

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  Prayer (Bobby Remix)

                                  Thom Yorke releases his new album ‘ANIMA’.

                                  ‘ANIMA’ was written by Thom Yorke and produced by Nigel Godrich.

                                  A ‘one-reeler’, also entitled ‘ANIMA’, will be available exclusively via Netflix, made by Paul Thomas Anderson and set to three tracks from Thom’s new album.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Barry says: ‘Anima’ is yet more evidence of Yorke's endless artistic vision and his ability to turn his hand to any musical or audio-visual endeavour with unparalleled success. ‘Amina’ is both an arresting visual feat and a brilliantly realised auditory artifact, as comfortable being listened to in situ (with visuals) or on it's own.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  Last I Heard (...He Was Circling The Drain)
                                  Dawn Chorus
                                  I Am A Very Rude Person
                                  Not The News
                                  The Axe
                                  Impossible Knots


                                  Last I Heard (...He Was Circling The Drain)
                                  Dawn Chorus
                                  I Am A Very Rude Person
                                  Not The News
                                  The Axe
                                  Impossible Knots
                                  Ladies & Gentleman, Thank You For Coming (NB: This Track Is Vinyl Only And Isn't Available On The Download Voucher)

                                  Powell Tillmans

                                  Spoken By The Other

                                    XL Recordings release ‘Spoken By The Other’, the first release by Powell Tillmans. It’s a collection of recordings from two of the most interesting artists in Europe and one whose short length belies its radical tenderness, sonic language and political ambition.

                                    The first part of the partnership is Oscar Powell, the London-based electronic musician. The second is Wolfgang Tillmans, the Turner Prize-winning fine artist and musician who lives between Berlin and London.

                                    After 25 years away from music-making, Tillmans began releasing his own vocal-led electronic tracks in 2016, with a series of EPs and collaborative visual mini-albums, with one track closing Frank Ocean's Endless album. Powell, meanwhile, has been releasing music since 2011, on his own label Diagonal and XL, drawing from the history of machine music to create a bold new language. They met at the Tate Modern, where Tillmans was programming a series of performances to coincide with his 2017 exhibition. Quickly the conversation turned to talk of a full collaboration and following Tillmans’ video for Powell’s track ‘Freezer’, over the summer they got into the studio to begin making music.

                                    Recording took place in Berlin, London and Turin, with Tillmans’ vocals working in tandem with Powell’s synthetic processes. Rather than a simple producer-vocalist arrangement, explains Powell, “Wolfgang’s voice and my sounds drive toward some sort of shape or feeling together.” These tracks were workshopped live at European festivals Atonal and Club2Club in the second half of 2017 and with no small number of emails and voice files exchanged, these ideas evolved into the final release this year.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    Feel The Night
                                    Tone Me
                                    Speak Out (Version)
                                    Rebuilding The Future

                                    Thom Yorke

                                    Suspiria (Music For The Luca Guadagnino Film)

                                    Suspiria consists of 25 original compositions written by Thom specifically for Luca Guadagnino reimagining of the 1977 Dario Argento horror classic. The album is a mix of instrumental score work, interstitial pieces and interludes, and more traditional song structures featuring Thom’s vocals such as “Unmade”, “Has Ended” and “Suspirium,” the album's first single featuring the melodic theme that recurs throughout the film and its score.

                                    As scoring a horror film presented Thom with altogether new challenges and opportunities, Suspiria stands apart from any of his other work. Piano/vocal ballads, Krautrock-esque modular synth work inspired by the film’s Berlin 1977 setting, multilayered vocals, and melodies that convey terror, longing and melancholy combine to create a chaotic yet cohesive musical spell.

                                    Suspiria was written and arranged by Thom Yorke, recorded and produced by Thom and Sam Petts-Davies. The album also features the London Contemporary Orchestra and Choir, Noah Yorke on drums on “Has Ended” and “Volk,” and Pasha Mansurov on solo flute on “Suspirium.”

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    A Storm That Took Everything
                                    The Hooks
                                    Belongings Thrown In A River
                                    Has Ended
                                    Klemperer Walks
                                    Open Again
                                    Sabbath Incantation
                                    The Inevitable Pull
                                    Olga’s Destruction (Volk Tape)
                                    The Conjuring Of Anke
                                    A Light Green
                                    The Jumps
                                    The Universe Is Indifferent
                                    The Balance Of Things
                                    A Soft Hand Across Your Face
                                    Suspirium Finale
                                    A Choir Of One
                                    Synthesizer Speaks
                                    The Room Of Compartments
                                    An Audition
                                    Voiceless Terror
                                    The Epilogue


                                    Heavy, California / Cherry

                                      New single by London based soul collective, Jungle. Radiant, shimmering and golden voiced, their songs possess a catchy, mainstream appeal yet are light years ahead of the pop market - with technologically advanced production galvanzing much of their tunes in much the same way The XX seems like love songs beams from the future.

                                      "Heavy, California" and "Cherry" epitomizes this ethos, with the former quicker paced and primed for excitement singing about the graces of the Golden State while the latter is slower, playful and tantric, with Lloyd-Watson & McFarland's delicate falsetto sounding in fine form. Killer stuff from one of the hottest acts on the scene right now.  

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Millie says: We’ve being spoilt here by Jungle, another release!! We’re all in anticipation for the new album ‘For Ever’ due out next month. They are a Piccadilly favourite here, catchy and drenched in synth drops to die for. So good.


                                      Happy Man

                                        Jungle return with a set of new songs, each showcasing a very different side of their sound.

                                        AA-sided single cuts 'Happy Man' and 'House In LA' are the first tracks to be revealed from Jungle's forthcoming second album which was recorded in London; J and T describe it as "a post-apocalyptic radio station playing break up songs”.

                                        If Jungle’s first album was their imaginary soundtrack to the places they had never been, their new record captures the landscapes they had so often dreamed of. To write and record the new album, J and T swapped Shepherds Bush for the Hollywood Hills. Their romanticization of The California Dream clashed with the reality of living it—although the experience led them back home to London to finish the album, the journey itself ultimately defining the music it produced.

                                        'Happy Man' sees the band visiting themes of disenfranchised youth in an era where the dreams of the Baby Boomers are out of reach for a younger generation (lyrical terrain previously explored in Jungle's crossover anthem 'Busy Earnin’).

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Millie says: Jungle’s new sound is irresistibly good, the lyrics and rhythm are pure goodness and oh so catchy. They’ve come a long way since their self-titled album nearly four years ago (!!) and it’s good to have them back.

                                        Jonny Greenwood


                                          ‘Bodysong’ is an album by Radiohead member Jonny Greenwood as well as a soundtrack to a film of the same name. On the album, Greenwood fuses elements of jazz, electronic, classical and experimental music.

                                          The soundtrack was originally released in 2003. Now remastered by Christian Wright.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          Moon Trills
                                          Moon Mall
                                          Iron Swallow
                                          Clockwork Tin Soldiers
                                          Nudnik Headache
                                          Bode Radio / Glass Light / Broken Hearts
                                          24 Hour Charleston
                                          Milky Drops From Heaven

                                          Thom Yorke

                                          Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          A Brain In A Bottle
                                          Guess Again!
                                          The Mother Lode
                                          Truth Ray
                                          There Is No Ice (For My Drink)
                                          Pink Section
                                          Nose Grows Some


                                          No Mountains In Manhattan

                                            One of ex-staffer Michael Riley and current staffer Matt Ward's favourite rappers of late, Wiki of Ratking and solo fame drops a much anticipated new full length via XL as he climbs to the top of the new school and hits a well documented purple patch. The toothless, skateboard loving, Arnold Palmer drinking upstart has had quite a rise to stardom, after blowing us away with hit after potty-mouthed hit and with some of the most creative and unique videos to have hit the hip-hop genre in recent times. With Ratking he flipped what was expected of hip-hop groups in general, adding a psychedelic yet gritty haze, flipping song structures and retreating from the misogynistic, all-frontin' bullshit that half of the hip-hop game seem to be peddling. Solo we see him in comfortable stride, mixing a half-sung vocal style with fiery and poignant flow, always sticking to content that's real and fully lived be him and his crew. You won't hear him fake-talking about peddling crack and having millions in the bank (or driving a Ferrari for that matter...), just quick-witted, keen-eyed observations on street life delivered with a sharp tongue. The album features fellow New York natives, both legend and novice, including Ghostface Killah, Lakutis, ACAB, Slicky Boy, Your Old Droog and more. Production credits include Ratking’s Sporting Life, Tony Seltzer, Kaytranada, Earl Sweatshirt and Wiki himself; a who's who of who's reinventing the script in 2017>18. Highly recommended. 

                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                            Matt says: It's time for the whole world to hear how Wiki-speaks as the NY rapper climbs to the top of the game and shouts his message to the world. Get on board.

                                            Various Artists

                                            Kurupt FM Present The Lost Tape

                                              XL Recordings are very happy to announce the release of ‘The Lost Tape’. Having already made history by single-handedly bringing back UK garage, the stars of BBC’s BAFTA winning comedy ‘People Just Do Nothing’, Kurupt FM, have decided to do it again with the greatest mix ever recorded - according to them. The legendary set was broadcast live in 2011 on Kurupt FM 108.9 and was recorded onto cassette tape by an anonymous listener. Once lost in a backpack in deepest Brentford, the lost tape has now been uncovered, remixed and mastered for the very first time.

                                              ‘The Lost Tape’ is a journey across an entire CD, documenting the seminal tracks which have shaped club culture from Hammersmith Boulevard to the Champagne Steam Rooms.

                                              Featuring MCs DJ Beats and MC Grindah and mixed live by Steves, it’s over an hour of UK Garage, Grime and 100% Kurupt originals, including ‘Suttin’ Like That’.

                                              With a feature documentary from legendary filmmaker Ewen Spencer on the way, who has previously made documentaries about The Streets and Massive Attack as well as his scene-defining piece ‘Brandy & Coke’, Ewen’s film will cement Kurupt FM even further in to UK music history.

                                              ‘The Lost Tape’ is the culmination of a big 18 months that’s seen Kurupt FM named GQ Men Of The Year, collaborate with Ed Sheeran for Comic Relief, sell out Brixton Academy, two nights at London’s Roundhouse and festival slots from Reading and Leeds to Lovebox.

                                              One of the most celebrated figureheads on the independent British scene, Archy Marshall returns with the dense, sprawling “The OOZ”, the much anticipated follow up to his debut “Six Feet Beneath the Moon”. Drifting and seeping through the cracks of South London like the album title, King Krule casts an unflinching eye over his kingdom, transforming his observations of all the disorientation and heartbreak of his youth into piercing narratives and poetry that are both startlingly honest and brutally beautiful. With “The OOZ”, Marshall finally takes the crown as poet laureate for the dazed and confused generation, painting a bleak and sometimes harrowing picture of a rapidly splintering city.

                                              Where “Six Feet Beneath the Moon”, released in 2013, was a rigorous, rambling excavation of Marshall’s expansive body of work to date, “The OOZ” snaps into focus quickly and sharply, his modus operandi coming into view almost immediately. Over jazzy curlicues and guitars, the opener “Biscuit Town” sets out its stall irresistibly as Marshall sings about rapidly disintegrating romance and personal dissolution with acute, almost painful detail. These wrenching themes of self-annihilation and fraying relationships seem inextricably linked in Marshall’s eyes – once you lose yourself to someone else, you inevitably wind up losing yourself completely when they leave – and recur in other tracks. “Why’d you leave me? Because of my depression? You used to complete me but I guess I learnt a lesson” he spits on the roiling “Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver)”, and, even layered with the warm vocals of Okay Kaya, “Slush Puppy” is an unsparing dissection of a couple with nothing left to give, like a Gainsbourg and Birkin ballad gone toxic. Elsewhere, things only get darker, as Marshall desperately tries to find safe harbor in the city he knows and loves, only to be thwarted constantly, as on “The Cadet Leaps” and first single “Czech One”. Not even the synthetic high of chemicals, as shown in “Emergency Blimp” and “A Slide In (New Drugs)”, can stanch the suffering.

                                              Although seeming at first abstract, “The OOZ” as a title proves oddly fitting. There are references littered throughout about its physical manifestation, or as Marshall himself says, “about earwax and snot and bodily fluids and skin and stuff that just comes out of you on a day to day basis”. But it works on a more figurative level too, with the OOZ also representing the unknown depths or horizons the solitary mind can travel to, whether it’s sinking into the deep sea or soaring through the night sky. It may be messy, unwieldy, even unsightly, Marshall seems to say - but we need The OOZ in order to exist.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              Biscuit Town
                                              The Locomotive
                                              Dum Surfer
                                              Slush Puppy
                                              Bermondsey Bosom (Left)
                                              Lonely Blue
                                              Cadet Limbo
                                              Emergency Blimp
                                              Czech One
                                              A Slide In (New Drugs)
                                              Bermondsey Bosom (Right)
                                              Half Man Half Shark
                                              The Cadet Leaps
                                              Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver)
                                              La Lune



                                                French-Cuban twins Ibeyi are back with their second album ‘Ash’, a record that tackles subjects as diverse as womanhood, spirituality, activism and racism, all conveyed in Ibeyi’s own unique blend of modern pop, hip-hop and electronic influenced music that incorporates the traditional sounds of Yorùbá. ‘Ash’ is the follow-up to the twin’s 2015 critically acclaimed, eponymous debut album that made Ibeyi a globally recognized name.

                                                While Ibeyi’s first album grappled with the past—the sister’s relationship, origins, loss, and roots. It earned them fans and collaborators in some of the most iconic and crucial artists of today, Beyoncé and Alvin Ailey included. By contrast, Ash is a more visceral and potent political statement, and while firmly rooted in Afro-Cuban culture and history, finds itself entirely concerned with Ibeyi’s present: Who Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi are, what’s important to them, and how they live today, especially given that the spheres, both personally and politically, are entirely different from when Ibeyi was recorded.

                                                ‘Ash’ was recorded in November 2016 in London with producer Richard Russell at his studio The Copper House. The album features twelve new tracks, including ‘Away Away’ which was released in June, and includes appearances from Kamasi Washington, Mala Rodriguez, Chilly Gonzales, Meshell Ndegeocello.

                                                ‘Deathless,’ the second track to be debuted from ‘Ash’, features the incomparable Kamasi Washington on saxophone, and was written in the wake of an experience that Lisa-Kaindé had when she was sixteen that involved her being wrongly arrested by French police. She went home and wrote the emotive ‘Deathless,’ in which she describes her experience: “I was writing ‘Deathless’ as an anthem for everybody!” Lisa-Kaindé says. “For every minority. For everybody that feels that they are nothing, that feels small, that feels not cared about and I want them to listen to our song and for three minutes feel large, powerful, deathless. I have a huge amount of respect for people who fought for, what I think, are my rights today and if we all sing together ‘we are deathless, ’they will be living through us into a better world”.

                                                Step out of the gloom and into Ibeyi’s world, a place of optimism, openness and acceptance. The modern world never looked so beautiful as it does through Ibeyi’s lens


                                                OK Computer - OKNOTOK 1997-2017

                                                  Rescued from defunct formats, prised from dark cupboards and brought to light after two decades in cold storage… OKNOTOK will be issued on June 23rd through XL Recordings, coinciding (roughly) with the original 1997 release date(s) of Radiohead’s landmark third album OK COMPUTER.

                                                  OKNOTOK features the original OK COMPUTER twelve track album, eight B-sides, and the Radiohead completist’s dream: “I Promise,” “Lift,” and “Man Of War.” The original studio recordings of these three previously unreleased and long sought after OK COMPUTER era tracks finally receive their first official issue on OKNOTOK.

                                                  All material on OKNOTOK is newly remastered from the original analogue tapes.

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Barry says: I can't think of anyone that wasn't floored by Radiohead's transformation from grungy gloom mongers to the indie/electronic greats they have become today, and this was the turning point. Liberally spread with their trademark morosity but with an unheard technical ability, ‘OK Computer’ was a stinging criticism of modernity delivered via a new sonic language. Now, twenty years after its landmark release, the band revisits this masterpiece with the definitive version. Alongside the original twelve track LP we’re treated to eight B-sides and a trio of previously unreleased tracks from the same era. This isn’t just an LP, it’s a historical document.


                                                  One Foot Out

                                                    XL Recordings release Nines’ eagerly awaited debut album ‘One Foot Out’. It follows his ‘One Foot In’ mixtape, titles informed by the desire to move away from street activity and towards the industry recognition he deserves.

                                                    For those not familiar with with the most authentic name in London’s exploding underground scene, Nines hails from the Church Road Estate in North West London. Without the approval of the industry, Nines’ previous four music videos have amassed over 31.2 million views on YouTube. He has self-released four mixtapes since 2011 and his debut single ‘Yay’ sold over 30,000 copies - staggering figures that fully justify the hysteria surrounding Nines’ rap pedigree and which reinforce that this is no false dawn but a golden age for UK rap music.

                                                    In addition to the mixtapes and singles, Nines is also infamous for his ‘JD Sports Shutdown’ and ‘Turkey Shutdown’ videos (the former featured on, which saw the rapper taking kids from his neighbourhood to JD Sports to buy them new trainers, as well as providing Christmas turkeys to those less fortunate to the whole of his Church Road Estate.

                                                    With production from the likes of Jevon (New Gen) and Menace (Desiigner’s ‘Panda’) and featuring guest appearances from Taylor Gang’s Berner, previous collaborator Tiggs Da Author, J Hus and Akala, ‘One Foot Out’ sees Nines stepping out of his comfort zone and displaying the depth of UK rap. His charismatic, laid back flow covers braggadocio on ‘High Roller’ (“Came through in the Audi you’re in that Honda Accord / All this gold got me looking like a Oscar Award”), soul searching on ‘I Wonder’ (“Wonder how all these guns get in to my area / wonder why they care about celebs instead of Syria”) and is filled with pop culture references (“acting like he’s shotting all that coke / looking invisible in the club like he’s got on Harry Potter’s cloak”), ‘One Foot Out’ is a statement of intent that should promote Nines into rap’s premiere league.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    Going In
                                                    Trapper Of The Year (ft Jay Midge)
                                                    Love 2 The Game (ft Hudson East)
                                                    Getting Money Now
                                                    These Keys (ft Berner)
                                                    Stacey Adams
                                                    Hoes (ft Tiggs Da Author)
                                                    High Roller (ft J Hus)
                                                    Break Away
                                                    I Wonder (ft Akala)
                                                    Trap Music
                                                    Make It Last


                                                    Pablo Honey

                                                      Released in 1993, Pablo Honey is the debut studio album from Radiohead. Produced by Sean Slade and Paul Kolderie, the album was recorded at Chipping Norton Recording Studios and Courtyard Studio, Oxfordshire. The album features the singles, "Anyone Can Play Guitar", "Stop Whispering", and "Creep". - The standout single "Creep" was the international hit that helped propel Radiohead and Pablo Honey to popular acclaim. Released several months before the album itself, "Creep" went on to define the band's early career. Also included on Pablo Honey are ethereal rocker "You", fan favorite "Thinking About You", and "Blow Out", all of which point to the band's future sonic manipulations.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      1. You
                                                      2. Creep
                                                      3. How Do You?
                                                      4. Stop Whispering
                                                      5. Thinking About You
                                                      6. Anyone Can Play Guitar
                                                      7. Ripcord
                                                      8. Vegetable
                                                      9. Prove Yourself
                                                      10. I Can't
                                                      11. Lurgee
                                                      12. Blow Out

                                                      Archy Marshall

                                                      A New Place 2 Drown

                                                        ‘A New Place 2 Drown’ is a soundtrack by Archy Marshall (aka King Krule). It scores a book of the same name that Archy made with his brother Jack.

                                                        Previously released as a digital-only album, ‘A New Place 2 Drown’ is now available on vinyl. The original digital release was #33 in Pitchfork’s Top 50 Of 2015.

                                                        “‘A New Place 2 Drown’ evokes a septic world filled with flickering halogen bulbs, sticky synth keys, and corroded outputs. Marshall has made tremendous strides as a producer, gorgeously reproducing the gloom and loneliness of early ‘90s hip-hop and finding a way to integrate it into his own style.” - Pitchfork

                                                        “The album’s restrained, nuanced intelligence is a testament to Marshall’s pure talent and compelling persona” - SPIN

                                                        “Leisurely, immersive, strange and powerful” - The Guardian

                                                        Badly Drawn Boy

                                                        The Hour Of Bewilderbeast - 15th Anniversary Edition

                                                          To celebrate the 15th anniversary of his seminal, magical, Mercury-prize winning debut, Badly Drawn Boy (aka Damon Gough) releases a new deluxe version of the album, including bonus unheard tracks (on the double CD version) and new artwork.

                                                          Released in May 2000 to widespread acclaim, ‘The Hour Of Bewilderbeast’ beat other shortlisted nominees including Coldplay, Doves, Leftfield and Richard Ashcroft to that year’s Mercury Music Prize. Like all great debuts, it captured the zeitgeist of the moment, managing that rare feat of sounding both completely of its time, and utterly timeless. The album went platinum and Damon was then asked to write the soundtrack the film of Nick Hornby’s book ‘About A Boy’, which became a huge hit. He went on to release eight studio albums over 12 years, before taking a break over the last couple of years and now he’s back with a fresh focus.

                                                          It’s an album that shouldn’t really work on paper, a bewildering assortment of leftfield folk ditties, poetic shanties, experimental passages and nocturnal piano ballads, some recorded in bedrooms, some in studios, with a myriad of different oddball production techniques, and numerous personnel playing most instruments known to man, and several not. However, underpinned by the genius songwriting of Damon Gough and his intuitive ear for melody, it worked beautifully, and charmed a generation of music critics and music lovers. Damon arrived fully formed yet badly drawn, an overnight success which had taken years, simultaneously a little shambolic and in possession of grand vision, somehow both cocksure and yet self-doubting, all of which only endured him to a public growing tired of the over-polished sheen of late 90s.

                                                          Andy Votel has updated his classic artwork, loosely based on Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’, for the re-release. “I’m very fond of the cover,” says Damon. “It sums up the time as much as the music does. The gatefold vinyl will have the original artwork and when you open it up there’s a new version which reflects everything that’s happened in the last 15 years.”

                                                          Recorded over 15 months in the band’s east London studio-laboratory-bunker with co-producer Craig Silvey, it’s the follow-up to the band’s 2007 debut Strange House, the Mercury-nominated Primary Colours (2009), and the critically-acclaimed Skying (2011) – a record that entered the charts at Number Five, featured prominently in the end-of-year magazine/newspaper polls, and was anointed NME's Album Of The Year.

                                                          Luminous is an album that, for once, merits that over-used phrase “keenly-anticipated”. Tipped to be one of the biggest British albums of 2014, it follows the breakthrough success of the silver-selling Skying, an album beloved of heroes and peers such as Bobby Gillespie, Alex Turner and Trent Reznor and that also brought The Horrors into the world of the Radio 1 A-list and Later… With Jools Holland. Tasking themselves with, as ever, moving onwards, The Horrors determined to make an album that was brighter, more positive, more electronic. ‘We’ve refined our sound,” affirms lead singer Faris Badwan, “and in terms of songwriting it is the record I'm happiest with.” Or, in the words of bass player Rhys Webb, “it’s not so much about heavier guitars as a heavier potency… We want to make music you can dance to, music that elevates…” Luminous by name, luminous by nature: this is an album radiating light and energy. These songs are The Horrors writing at their instinctive, intuitive and accessible best.

                                                          By way of explaining the intense but unhurried writing and recording of the album, the frontman says that, “If you're happy with one record I think you always have those fears that you'll somehow never be able to write a good song again. But I think between us we would never allow something that we weren't happy with to be released. I can imagine it taking us 10 years to finish something – but I'd rather that than be a band who regress with each release.” Shedding some light on the intra-band, in-studio creative process, keyboard player Tom Furse mentions an ever-evolving playlist featuring “so much, the usual – Beatles, Sabbath, Kraftwerk also Eno, J Dilla, Metroplex/Trax Records…but as always psychedelic music from all over the world, soul, funk, dub…”

                                                          Further input came from producer Paul Epworth (Adele, Paul McCartney, Foster The People) on the track Falling Star. There was also a crucial role for a new piece of kit. Badwan reveals that Richard Russell, boss of their label XL, “had the pyramid synth from our Changing The Rain video built for us.”

                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                          Andy says: Beautifully produced, deep, melodic, doomy yet somehow skyscraping album. Great songs, bringing the past into the future. Their best album.

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          1. Chasing Shadows
                                                          2. First Day Of Spring
                                                          3. So Now You Know
                                                          4. In And Out Of Sight
                                                          5. Jealous Sun
                                                          6. Falling Star
                                                          7. I See You
                                                          8. Change Your Mind
                                                          9. Mine And Yours
                                                          10. Sleepwalk


                                                          Kid A

                                                            "Kid A is like getting a massive eraser out and starting again," Thom Yorke said in October 2000, the week this album became the British band's first Number One record in America. "I find it difficult to think of the path we've chosen as 'rock music'."

                                                            "In texture and structure, Kid A, Radiohead's fourth album, renounced everything in rock that, to Yorke in particular, reeked of the tired and overfamiliar: clanging arena-force guitars, verse-chorus-bridge song tricks.

                                                            With producer Nigel Godrich, Yorke, guitarist Ed O'Brien, drummer Phil Selway, bassist Colin Greenwood and guitarist Jonny Greenwood created an enigma of slippery electronics and elliptical angst, sung by Yorke in an often indecipherable croon. The closest thing to riffing on Kid A was the fuzz-bass lick in "The National Anthem"; the guitars in "Morning Bell" sounded more like seabirds.

                                                            The result was the weirdest hit album of that year, by a band poised to be the modern-rock Beatles, following the breakthrough of OK Computer. In fact, only 10 months into the century, Radiohead had made the decade's best album — by rebuilding rock itself, with a new set of basics and a bleak but potent humanity. Yorke's loathing of celebrity inspired the contrary beauty of "How to Disappear Completely," with its watery orchestration and his voice flickering in and out of earshot. His electronically squished pleading in "Kid A" sounded like a baby kicking inside a hard drive.

                                                            Ironically, Radiohead, by the end of this decade, had fulfilled much of that modern-Beatles promise by following rock's first commandment: Go your own way.

                                                            "Music as a lifelong commitment — if that's what someone means by rock, great," Yorke said in that 2000 interview. By that measure, with Kid A, Radiohead made the first true rock of the future." - Rolling Stone.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            1 Everything In Its Right Place
                                                            2 Kid A
                                                            3 The National Anthem
                                                            4 How To Disappear Completely
                                                            5 Treefingers
                                                            6 Optimistic
                                                            7 In Limbo
                                                            8 Idioteque
                                                            9 Morning Bell
                                                            10 Motion Picture Soundtrack
                                                            11 Untitled

                                                            King Krule

                                                            6 Feet Beneath The Moon

                                                              As King Krule, 18 year old south east London based singer / producer / songwriter Archy Marshall has quietly and stealthily crafted a reputation for himself as one of the most raw and startling voices of a new generation. With his unexpectedly deep and mournful baritone tracing fissures of disappointment and social disorientation to devastating effect, Marshall has harnessed the inchoate frustration and fury of youth and translated it into a series of brilliant singles released on the likes of True Panther Sounds and Rinse over the past couple of years.

                                                              Now comes ‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’, his first full-length on XL Recordings / True Panther Sounds, and with it, the much anticipated unveiling of the full scope and scale of Marshall’s vision. Over the course of 14 tracks, Marshall’s passions and confusions are rubbed raw and laid bare, the only connective tissue throughout it all being one of searing lyrical clarity paired with a confounding musical deftness which utterly belies his tender years.

                                                              From the opening clarion call of ‘Easy, Easy’ it is abundantly clear that this is a breathtakingly bold and arresting sonic worldview, as his songs, produced by Marshall along with Rodaidh McDonald (The XX, Savages), open up to become a loose knit meditation on regret and discontent, loss of faith and renewal of hope, and optimism in the face of desperation.

                                                              Eschewing much of his previously released material, ‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’ firmly yet soundly rejects any notion of contemporary trends or peers to occupy its very own unique place on the music landscape, oscillating gently between the classic 50s soul of Gene Vincent and Elvis Presley to the minimal, avant-garde experimentation of Penguin Café Orchestra, to even the electronic smog and dub textures of Marshall’s beloved Rinse FM. This is a record where the nakedly bluesy stomp of the likes of ‘A Lizard State’ and ‘Easy, Easy’ sit effortlessly next to the low-end frequency and shimmering beats of ‘Neptune Estate’ and ‘Will I Come, after all. It is reflective as much of Marshall’s own eclectic tastes as it is of the frenetic pulse and rhythm of the city around him, particularly the rapidly changing south east areas in which he grew up.

                                                              There is a genuine grittiness and world weariness ingrained here, as exemplified so succinctly when Marshall sings, “Hate… runs through my blood” on the stunning ‘Out Getting Ribs’, the track which started all the fuss.

                                                              All these esoteric textures and fidgety, off-kilter rhythms make perfect sense as an album however, especially when you consider that incredible voiceWhether he is singing ruefully of youthful disaffection and “the heat of my own treason” (‘Ceiling’), or spitting out venomous lines like “I’m not going to crack like you cracked… I don’t want to be trapped in the black of your heart” over the jittery ‘A Lizard State’, its clear that something which marks Marshall out is his stunning ability to turn intense emotional peaks and troughs into spectacular pieces of artful, atmospheric and anthemic balladeering.

                                                              Some of the imagery is disturbing to be sure (as on the closer ‘Bathed In Grey’ where he offhandedly murmurs that “there was blood… found a body in the dark”) but the songs are also imbued with genuine heart as well. Taken as a whole, ‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’ is the sound of a young man growing up - not for nothing is this album being released, unconventionally enough, on Saturday, which also marks Marshall’s 19th birthday - and attempting to grapple with the realities of the world he inhabits, an unsparing dissection of the social decay that has begun to set in around him - and a fascinating, brutal journey it is too.

                                                              Vampire Weekend

                                                              Modern Vampires Of The City

                                                              Vampire Weekend’s third album is ‘Modern Vampires Of The City’, released on XL Recordings.

                                                              When asked in interviews about the new record, the band have been guarded in describing it, but have stated the album is darker and warmer, saying in Triple J Magazine that “this is our most American album” and citing New York City at night as inspiration for the new sound. The band told interviewer Zan Roew that they focused on “good songwriting”, saying “we wanted the songs to just be amazing”, working towards a sound in which “something that sounds traditional and maybe something that seems modern come together and it feels natural.”

                                                              The cover art is a 1966 photograph by Neal Boenzi of the smoggiest day in New York City history, on which the air pollution killed at least 169 people.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              1. Obvious Bicycle
                                                              2. Unbelievers
                                                              3. Step
                                                              4. Diane Young
                                                              5. Don't Lie
                                                              6. Hannah Hunt
                                                              7. Everlasting Arms
                                                              8. Finger Back
                                                              9. Worship You
                                                              10. Ya Hey
                                                              11. Hudson
                                                              12. Young Lion

                                                              Atoms For Peace


                                                                ‘Amok’ is the debut album from Thom Yorke (Radiohead)’s new project Atoms For Peace.

                                                                Atoms For Peace include Thom Yorke (vocals, keyboards, programming, guitars), Nigel Godrich (production & programming), Joey Waronker (drums), Mauro Refosco (percussion), Flea (bass).

                                                                In Thom Yorke’s own words: “We formed to learn to play ‘The Eraser’ record, if you know that, and discovered a really good energy doing that… and it fell into this record. I’m still reeling from being on tour for much of the year but we are planning to get together and play etc next year! We’re figuring all that out right now. Atoms… is an ongoing and open ended project, where it leads I know not for certain... which is what is nice about it.”

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                01 Before Your Very Eyes
                                                                02 Default
                                                                03 Ingenue
                                                                04 Dropped
                                                                05 Unless
                                                                06 Stuck Together Pieces
                                                                07 Judge Jury And Executioner
                                                                08 Reverse Running
                                                                09 Amok

                                                                Atoms For Peace

                                                                Amok - Deluxe Edition

                                                                  ULTRA LIMITED DELUXE VERSIONS ON CD AND VINYL.

                                                                  ‘Amok’ is the debut album from Thom Yorke (Radiohead)’s new project Atoms For Peace.

                                                                  Atoms For Peace include Thom Yorke (vocals, keyboards, programming, guitars), Nigel Godrich (production & programming), Joey Waronker (drums), Mauro Refosco (percussion), Flea (bass).

                                                                  In Thom Yorke’s own words: “We formed to learn to play ‘The Eraser’ record, if you know that, and discovered a really good energy doing that… and it fell into this record. I’m still reeling from being on tour for much of the year but we are planning to get together and play etc next year! We’re figuring all that out right now. Atoms… is an ongoing and open ended project, where it leads I know not for certain... which is what is nice about it.”


                                                                  The Teaches Of Peaches

                                                                    Originally out on Kitty-Yo in 2000, Peaches debut LP gets re-released by the UK's XL label. It's a fantastic mash-up of dirty electro-clash and sleazy punk-funk with lyrics that have me blushing with their XXX-ratedness (check track listing - "Fuck The Pain Away", "Cum Undun", "Suck And Let Go", "Lovertits" etc). Oooh, she's a saucy lady!

                                                                    Friendly Fires


                                                                      Named after the island in Aldous Huxley's 1962 novel 'Island', "Pala", recorded over the last 12 months in locations across London, St. Albans, Rye, New York and Yvetot, France, has been produced in part by Paul Epworth along with the band. The artwork for the album features a parrot photograph from one of famed fashion photographer Solve Sundsbo's personal projects, while the album also sees musical collaborations with The Harlem Gospel Choir and Holy Ghost's Alex Frankel. The release follows the success of the band's debut album which received two Brit nominations as well as picking up a Mercury Prize nomination.


                                                                      OK Computer

                                                                        THE PICCADILLY RECORDS ALBUM OF THE YEAR 1997

                                                                        This is the album that started to show their real potential and their first use of electronics (which mix beautifully with their older rawer rock style). The album that pushed them to the very top.

                                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                        Martin says: There can be few greater endorsements for anything than winning over a convinced sceptic. I started off from the premise that I didn't like this corporate indie sellout, but that, I am happy to say, proved an utterly impossible position to maintain after I actually heard it. Every last track is an utterly mesmerizing glimpse into blighted existence; a beautifully rendered, multilayered kaleidoscope of angst. 'Classic' is an overused word, but this is precisely the kind of idea it was coined for.

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        1. Airbag
                                                                        2. Paranoid Android
                                                                        3. Subterranean Homesick Alien
                                                                        4. Exit Music (For A Film)
                                                                        5. Let Down
                                                                        6. Karma Police
                                                                        7. Fitter Happier
                                                                        8. Electioneering
                                                                        9. Climbing Up The Walls
                                                                        10. No Surprises
                                                                        11. Lucky
                                                                        12. The Tourist

                                                                        Vampire Weekend


                                                                          Some bands stay in a holding pattern their whole careers. Others jerk the steering wheel hard and fly off the road. On their second album, Vampire Weekend do neither. Or maybe they do both. “I think we sound more like Vampire Weekend than we did on the first record,” says drummer Christopher Tomson.

                                                                          "Contra" pulls off a series of impressive feats: It’s bustling with fresh ideas and yet it sounds immediately familiar; it’s heavily layered but taut and kinetic; it chews ravenously through sound palettes and rhythms, and yet it’s nimble and assured; it’s still breezy, and yet it smolders with a newfound emotional heft. “It’s sadder than the first one, a bit more sentimental,” says singer Ezra Koenig. The songs are catchy, fast, twinkling, clattering – the darker themes of loss, doubt and regret accumulate almost imperceptibly, but they land a powerful blow.

                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                          1 Horchata
                                                                          2 White Sky
                                                                          3 Holiday
                                                                          4 California English
                                                                          5 Taxi Cab
                                                                          6 Run
                                                                          7 Cousins
                                                                          8 Giving Up The Gun
                                                                          9 Diplomat’s Son
                                                                          10 I Think Ur A Contra

                                                                          The Horrors follow-up 2007's critically acclaimed debut "Strange House" with "Primary Colours", a record that represents a band striving for musical progression and, in doing so, finding an interesting new direction. While the gothic punk influence of such bands as The Cramps remains, there is now a strong 80s Chameleons / Echo & The Bunnymen style flavour to The Horrors' sound, resulting in a well-rounded and engaging listen. Includes the single "Sea Within A Sea".

                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                          1. Mirror's Image
                                                                          2. Three Decades
                                                                          3. Who Can Say
                                                                          4. Do You Remember
                                                                          5. New Ice Age
                                                                          6. Scarlet Fields
                                                                          7. I Only Think Of You
                                                                          8. I Can't Control Myself
                                                                          9. Primary Colours
                                                                          10. Sea Within A Sea



                                                                            Already the winner of a Brit Award (Adele was voted the 'Critics Choice' - the most exciting new British artist expected to 'make it big' in 2008) (and didn't she just!), "19" is Adele's debut album. She combines the full range of her influences: Etta James, Jill Scott, Bjork, Dusty Springfield, Billy Bragg, Billie Holiday, Jeff Buckley, The Cure and Peggy Lee with her stunning voice on this great debut. Includes her classic debut single "Chasing Pavements"

                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                            1. Daydreamer
                                                                            2. Best For Last
                                                                            3. Chasing Pavements
                                                                            4. Cold Shoulder
                                                                            5. Crazy For You
                                                                            6. Melt My Heart To Stone
                                                                            7. First Love
                                                                            8. Right As Rain
                                                                            9. Make You Feel My Love
                                                                            10. My Same
                                                                            11. Tired
                                                                            12. Hometown Glory

                                                                            Vampire Weekend

                                                                            Vampire Weekend

                                                                              Dealing in genres the band have dubbed 'Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa' and 'Upper West Side Soweto', Vampire Weekend is a breath of fresh air, both musically and lyrically, with this New York band endeavouring to make music that is anything but straight ahead rock. This is indie-rock that isn't indie-rock, a joyously exuberant carnival of melody and rhythm. Strings. Organs. Afro-funk guitars. Courtly 18th century harpsichord. A bit of post-punk (maybe Franz Ferdinand crossed with the Bhundu Boys?). Lyrics about grammar and architecture and preferred bus routes and the British Imperial origins of American preppie fashion. With fleet-footed pizzazz Vampire Weekend deploy all these to craft a tinglingly refreshing sound. Anyone for brainy party music?

                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                              1 Mansard Roof
                                                                              2 Oxford Comma [Explicit]
                                                                              3 A-Punk
                                                                              4 Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa [Explicit]
                                                                              5 M79
                                                                              6 Campus
                                                                              7 Bryn
                                                                              8 One (Blake's Got A New Face)
                                                                              9 I Stand Corrected
                                                                              10 Walcott [Explicit]
                                                                              11 The Kids Don't Stand A Chance


                                                                              In Rainbows

                                                                                Following the landmark independent digital release of Radiohead's seventh LP whereby customers could name their own price, the experimental British rock stalwarts finally issued "In Rainbows" in its physical formats. Musically, this release can be seen as a logical culmination of much of the band's previous work, incorporating the avant-garde electronics of later records and more traditional guitar-heavy elements synonymous with their inception. The overt political themes of previous album "Hail To The Thief" are largely jettisoned for an altogether more romantic milieu, with songs such as "Videotape" and "Nude" showcasing the intimate nature of singer Thom Yorke's voice.

                                                                                Dizzee Rascal

                                                                                Boy In Da Corner

                                                                                  Eschewing hand-me-down ghetto tales from an across-the-pond 'hood, the precociously talented Dizzee Rascal instead tells it like it is from his (18 year old, East End) angle - unemployment, gun-crime, relationships, MC battles etc. Two years in the making, this LP takes in influences from UK garage, hip hop, r'n'b and drum'n'bass, but comes up with a unique sounding jagged-edged electronic sound. Definitely one to check out!


                                                                                  Hail To The Thief

                                                                                    Has anyone ever done this before? Achieved massive commercial success and followed it with three totally uncompromising, madly unexpected records. You have to admire their integrity. This album is something of a consolidation of their post- "OK Computer" direction. While it's choc-ful of analogue electronics, jazz-rock oddness, techno Gothic wierdness, scatterbrained drum-machines and insanely-inspiring words - there is actually more to properly grab a hold of this time. There's a number of conventional(ish!) piano songs including one acheingly gorgeous standout called "Sail To The Moon". There's also more obvious(ish!) rockier moments like "2+2=5" which ends in punky, thrashed guitar, and "A Punch-Up At A Wedding" that has lyrics you can follow (!!) and a sweet, undulating bassline. This album's just as challenging as the last two, but a lot more rewarding.

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