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Noel Gallagher takes some time out from feuding with shirty brother, Liam to put together a brand new full-length album with his High-Flying Bird cohorts. We kick things off with the decidedly 'D'You Know What I Mean'-y percussive scree, backed with distant shouting, thundering bass and growing shadowy reverbs on 'Fort Knox', obviously setting up a grand and extended entrance piece. From there we move into the stabbing horns and distorted bass of 'Holy Mountain', perfectly displaying his keen ear for melody, and almost irritating ability for penning a ruthless earworm. From there we move into the sleazy rock and roll of 'Keep On Reaching', owing as much to classic rock as it does disco with the harmonising backing vox and effervescent synth-brass. 

'She Taught Me How To Fly' presents a truly diverse set of influences, from dreamy synths to the airy ducked bass and dusty snappy percussives, providing a perfect balance between Noel's brilliantly robust compositional techniques and the more avant construction of mesmeric Krautrock or psychedelia. 'Black & White Sunshine' couldn't possibly be any more geared towards Oasis' fans, with that legendary vocal harmony NG does so well making an appearance, as well as the three-chord progressive lift we've heard once or twice before. 

What is most impressive is that the High Flying Birds have managed to step away from the considerable shadow that Oasis cast, whilst still retaining the melodic elements that made it resonate with so many people.   


Barry says: A twisting, nuanced journey through rock, psychedelia and indie, but nicely tether by Noel's instantly recognisable vocal style, and a veritable cornucopia of sing-along moments. Lovely stuff.


LP Info: Includes download code for the album and bonus track ‘dead in the water (live at RTÉ 2FM studios, Dublin)’.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Holy Mountain

    After teasing fragments of songs and art from new album, Who Built The Moon?, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds turn fans’ attention to the release of 'Holy Mountain', the first single to be taken from the new album out today through Sour Mash.

    Nestled high in the tracklisting of the follow up to the platinum-selling, Chasing Yesterday (2015) and featuring Paul Weller on organ, Holy Mountain is delivered with thundering self-assurance.

    Gallagher says: “It was one of the first things David and I did on the first week of working together. I knew instantly that it was going to be the first single. There’s so much joy in it. Until the day I die, it will be one of my favourite pieces of music that I’ve ever written. It sounds great live. My kids love it, my friends’ kids all love it and I am sure ‘the kids’ will love it.”

    The 12” vinyl release features Holy Mountain accompanied by an exclusive, instrumental version of the track, while the B-Side features Dead In The Water (Live at RTÉ 2FM Studios, Dublin). Also offered as an album bonus track, Dead In The Water catches Gallagher and keyboard player, Mike Rowe in between takes at a Dublin radio station. Such moments are destined to go unrepeated, with Gallagher vowing never to re-record it any other way.

    Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

    Where The City Meets The Sky: Chasing Yesterday - Inc. Andrew Weatherall, Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, David Holmes, Psychemagik, 3D & Toydrum Remixes

    This 11 track double pack 12"  (with CD version included) brings together the best remixes of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds by Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve, Andrew Weatherall, Toydrum, and Massive Attack’s 3D and includes three previously unreleased reworks by David Holmes and Psychemagik.

    So, what do we get? Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve stick closest to the NGHFB originals on their dreamy psych reworks of 'Ballad Of The Mighty I' and 'Riverman' (both featured as vocal and instrumental versions), while Andrew Weatherall gets furthest away with his chugging Balearic house version of 'In The Heat Of The Moment'. Psychemagik offer a typically cosmic disco variation on 'The Right Stuff ', with Massive Attack's Robert '3D' Del Naja giving the same track an atmospheric dowmneat overhaul (over two versions). On side D David Holmes gets in a library music mood with his takes on 'The Girl With The Xray Eyes' (vocal and instrumental mixes), and Toydrum (UNKLE memebers Pablo Clements and James Griffith) bring up the rear with an epic rock / breaks version of 'In The Heat Of The Moment'.

    The EP is released as a limiited edition double heavyweight vinyl.

    Noel's second studio album finds his song-writing in supremely fine fettle, but then you'd expect that from the master-craftsman. This time he has self-produced and included a song which actually pre-dates Oasis, and one from the aborted Amorphous Androgynous sessions. There' a slightly funky vibe left-over from said collaboration and whilst most of the album is choc-full of Noel's classic sounding melodies (albeit with some fairly obvious cribbing) "The  Right Stuff"and opener "Riverman" are the most unusual cuts here, one a spacejazz freakout , the other a seventies acoustic groover inspired by a night out with Morrissey (namecheckin' fact fans!) The remainder of the LP isn't too dissimilar to Noel's debut, but perhaps with a more discernable bottom-end as  gloriously displayed on Noel-by-Numbers  (and therefore superb!) lead single "In The Heat Of The Moment", and the one-of-the-best-things-he's-ever-done follow-up "Ballad Of The Mighty I". All in all, a splendid record.


    Martin says: He's still got it!

    Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

    In The Heat Of The Moment

      1st single taken from Noel Gallagher’s High flying Birds “Chasing Yesterday” album.

      'Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' is the eponymous release from the solo project of the former Oasis legend, and the first after his acrimonious split from the aforementioned band. Working in both London and Los Angeles between 2010 and 2011, with frequent collaborator Dave Sardy serving as co-producer, Gallagher utilized the talents of now bandmates Jeremy Stacey (drums), Lenny Castro (percussion) and Mike Rowe (keyboards) for the album.


      Andy says: Oasis for grown-up people! Excellent songs, none of the baggage.


      LP Info: Limited edition heavyweight vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.

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