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Balmat’s second release comes from Hoavi, aka Kirill Vasin, a Russian electronic musician whose work approaches what might be familiar reference points - deepest dub techno, atmospheric ambient, liquid drum’n’bass - with a singular and refreshing point of view.

Compiled during a fruitful interchange between label and artist, “Music for Six Rooms” has been culled down from a huge selection of tracks, its disparate moods distilled into 10 profoundly immersive tracks that touch upon dream pop, dub techno, and new age, all swirled together into the headiest of ambient dreamscapes.

Active since the early 2010s, when he founded his Shells Rattle label, Hoavi has released on a number of labels including floe, Snare Tapes, Fauxpas, and Minor Notes. “Invariant”, released on his own label, Peak Oil has suffered the wrath of the Great Pressing Plant Scandal of 2021, and is only just surfacing now, after being recorded in 2019! We think that, along with this what you’ve got in your hands (or on your browser) offers a wonderfully complementary view of Hoavi’s talents - one rhythmic, the other largely beatless, yet both of them sensuous in the extreme. Hoavi is an artist to get immersed and obsessed with – we hope you enjoy “Music For Six Rooms” as much as we do! 


A1. Sosnovka Voices
A2. Cosworth
A3. Music For Six Rooms
A4. Arpdx
A5. Destination
B1. Antaxis
B2. Tanto
B3. Transition State
B4. 3301
B5. Siren

Balmat is a new label with a cloudy outline.

Jointly shepherded by Philip Sherburne and Albert Salinas, two friends living in Cardedeu, Catalonia, and on the Balearic island of Menorca, Balmat grew out of Lapsus Radio, a weekly show on Spain’s Radio 3. Balmat’s mission is simple: to foster new ideas, expand upon personal obsessions, and put enveloping sounds out into the world.

“Balmat” means “empty” or “void” in Catalan. But quite apart from any negative connotations, we prefer to think of it in terms of possibility: a space waiting to be filled.

Balmat’s first release comes from Luke Sanger, a Norwich, UK-based artist whose two decades of electronic music making have encompassed a range of tools and techniques, from MaxMSP to modular synthesis. Along the way he has built an extensive catalog encompassing ambient atmospheres, abstract soundscaping, and more. With Languid Gongue, he puts multiple approaches into play. Experiments in microtonal composition balance out pieces in standard tunings, while esoteric electronic machines merge with familiar acoustic treatments and microphone techniques.

The result is a constellation of his signature sounds: freeform new-age fantasia; spring-loaded toytronic arpeggios; quartz-driven braindance clockworks. Drifting between consonant, almost lyrical compositions and shape-shifting textural sketches, the album drifts with the nonchalance of a sky-high cirrus cloud, and it glows as if illuminated from within. When we heard the material, we knew that it was the perfect choice to launch the label. To us, it sounds like a roadmap for points unknown.


A1. Cranes And Ladders
A2. Efflorescence
A3. Phrygian Pan
A4. Cocoa And Plums
A5. Mycelium Networks
A6. Yoake
A7. All Over The Shop
B1. Archaic Landscapes
B2. Basic Lurgy
B3. Searching For The Elusive Fungi
B4. Fruity Textures
B5. Your Session Has Ended
B6. Not Quite Right
B7. Only Casino For Miles

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