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Back in stock Cover of Nutrition by Blawan.



    Brand new double dunter of fkcd rippers from man like Blawan! The more astute and intrepid techno explorers amongst you will know, Blawan beta-tested the techno blueprint some eight years ago, resulting in technoV2 - a demonic, mechanized beast that sounds more at home on factory lines and nuclear reactors; sound tracking mutant cyborg's industrialized activity and the swollen drain on our planet's resources. Apparently Blawan is fully modular now, which explains the thoroughly alien vibrations emanating from his outboard shuttle. Grating perc rhythms, metallic washes and tense atmospheres characterize his work, and it's executed via some precision engineering and sound design. No-one quite sounds like Blawan, and this new release sees the producer in top creative form. Recommended.


    Matt says: Back in stock and actually sounding better second time around. I'll be certainly picking up a copy in this innings. Top drawer and unique stuff from one of the scene's newer pioneers.

    Various Artists

    Spacey Houses Vol. 1

      Spacey Houses would have been part of the old Knaresborough Forest when Blind Jack roamed The Nidd Valley way back in 1888. Now it’s a district that divides the Yorkshire Ridings Counties. The very first Dream House EP - 1.1 introduced a talent from Wattrelos by the name of Jimini. He then created the very first "Return Tripp EP" and now the very first Spacey Houses. A record specifically space crafted by Jimini & Luv*Jam together.

      Fans of Luv*Jam's impeccable series know what to expect now. Super lush, highly textured and ultra dreamy musica which drifts through balearic-tinged house, hypnotic downbeat and a vast expansiveness totally in keeping with the Welsh mountain from which most of the labels' output originates from. This colab perfectly epitomizes the ethos as we groove between the celestial and the organic in fine style. As usual, copies are limited and much sought after, so make sure you get those orders in quick to grab a piece of the action. 

      In 1992 DJ Duke came up with a deep vocal house burner sung by vocalist E. Scot. It has since became a bit of a rare gem on the club circuit, it's natural piano line, bubbly bass and soulful vox hitting that sweet spot between emotion and energy that really works on the dancefloor. Remastered by deep house connoisseur Herb LF and carefully cut by Schnittstelle in Berlin, it's about time this lesser-heard anthem received a wider audience.

      Coming in four fragrant flavours, each DJ and dancer will have their own favourite; and it's the kinda track that'd easily garner multiple spins across one heady evening, with perhaps the 'vocal house mix' destined for end-of-night revelry. 

      The brokntoys stable has been quietly breeding best-in-shows and podium winners for the techno, electro and breakbeat classes for some time now. BT25 brings together label regulars Marco Bernardi, Vertical67 and Exhausted Modern alongside debutante Robert Valera.

      A1 marks the first appearance of NY-based analogue wizard Robert Valera with "Test 2", a track reminiscent of the deeper end of the West Coast sound - vintage oscillators rotating around fried drum machine kinetics.

      Marco Bernardi returns with "Tokyo Sunrise", an epic journey joining Detroitian sequences with classic breakbeats for a very on-trend and captivating sound that should resonate with the majority of the global dance village right now.

      Vertical67 proffers up a stylish and icy cold electro jaunt that's perfect for warming up aircraft hangers and warehouse spaces early doors.

      Exhausted Modern's "The Last Minute On Earth" concludes with an introspective take on cinematic soundscapes. Helicopter blade rhythms rotate against an evocative backdrop of analogue synths and technoid textures which seems primed to soundtrack the next tense, alien dystopia / mutant massacre thriller.... someone call Blade!

      Screenprinted sleeves, hand stamped and numbered labels - limited copies as per. 

      Λένα Πλάτωνος (Lena Platonos) is a Greek musician, pianist and music composer. Her third solo album, ‘Lepidoptera’ was produced in 1986 and reissued by Dark Entries in 2018. Inspired by a scientific book on butterflies she found in a trashcan one day, the compositions follow minimalistic motifs and carefully-staged soundscapes. Lena narrates each song in deadpan fashion, skillfully reciting her surreal Greek poetry.

      Now Dark Entries have recruited 4 contemporary Greek producers to remix their favorite tracks from ‘Lepidoptera’. First up is “Cyaniris” remixed by Anatolian Weapons who delivers an enchanted late-night journey through the New Wave forest. Next is “Araschnia Levana” remixed by Pasiphae who speeds up the pace with machine driven melodic electro pulses. On the B-side we have June remixing “Cyaniris” twirling the track into a complex deep sea dive with lush drum kicks and pads. Closing out the EP is a remix of “Τα Γενέθλια Ή Aporia Maturna” by Morah who leads us to the underworld of Hades via sinister squelches and full-on apocalyptic rave breakdown. All songs have been mastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The jacket is a reinterpretation of the original ‘Lepidoptera’ cover, isolating the illustration of the butterfly/woman designed by Eloise Leigh.

      It's the return of Intrusion, Stephen Hitchell's much coveted project presented through the exquisite Echospace cannon. Long term cohort and collaborator of Rod Modell (Deepchord), Stephen Hitchell's "Infinitati" album was a triumph of electronic textures, dub-wise electronix and a melting pot of found sounds. That was released in 2014 and now Stephen has decided to revisit the 1/4" tape recording to further dub-out the original tracks thru the mixing desk, as well as some extra tape splicing and audio wizardry on top - yipeee!

      Sinister and dark, the three versions plummet us ever-closer to that impending event horizon that seems to be the Intrusion aesthetic. There's acres of space, but the heaviness of the gas cloud that slowly engulfs the listener is more claustrophobic than spacious. As both a standalone piece or as an add-on to the original "Infinitati" LP, this is truly superb. 


      Matt says: More impossibly thick electronic-blackness from these dub-techno masters. Prepare to submerge!


      Into U (Kaka Bootleg)

      Kaka's flip of a modern pop classic will have your brain erase the original and permanently overwrite it with this deep, powerful version. Ariana Grande's "Into You" gets galvanized into a rock solid tech-breaks hybrid. Listen, if you don't know the original by now then I congratulate you for successfully avoiding supermarket, gym, airline and radio playlists for the last few months. This girl is literally EVERYWHERE (I think half the top ten is made up of tracks from her recent album) but don't let that put you off! The vocal of this track is to die for - and if you were let down by the previously quite wet and wishy washy backing track - then Ikonika's rumbling, foundation-shaking warehouse beats hit the target like a marksmen's arrow. Surely gonna be ma-hooo-sive this. Limited copies too on vinyl so don't delay, reckon this is gonna blow up big time.


      Matt says: One of the naughtiest and best pop / RnB refixes we've had in the shop for ages. Pairing up Grande's mega sexy vocal with some bolstered beats - this is my jam pop pickers!

      Back in stock Cover of CONCH003 by Bakongo.



        Massive coup for the Conch firm here with UKF pioneer Roska going under a secretive alias for the label's third release.

        The kix-n-snares champion drops two tracks in his delectable style - heavily manipulated, system slaying drum hits that slam the jugular square on.

        Turning things up a notch the label brings in young Bristol rising star Wilf on remix duties and also deliver an in-house (uncredited - reminiscent of the old reggae dubs - ed) dub refix of “Bongo Crush” showcasing the 'Conch' sound an honest and simple manner. Top stuff for the dance. 


        Matt says: Roska sneaks in under a hidden alias to drop three rock solid tracks in his inimitable 'kix-n-snares' style.


        Ltd 12" Info: *ONE COPY FOUND*

        Back in stock Cover of Vixxen by Da Book.

        Da Book


          Borft enlist a personal hero Patrik Book who's early project Ausgang Verboten was a huge inspiration to the label. I can't believe this material harks back to as far as 1984 - it is ridiculously modern sound, with slamming energy and ear-grabbing production, keeping it sharper than a diamond knife edge even by today's standards.

          If you like that mechanized crunch of overworked and underpaid hardware, nonetheless working itself to the bone under the stringent gaze of its studio wizards, then the five tracks here'll have you foaming at the mouth at the spellbound prowess on offer. Highly highly recommended stuff here!


          12" Info: *ONE COPY FOUND*

          Back in stock Cover of Bar Records 02 by Zombies In Miami / Pin Up Club.
          Bar follow up their first course with the aptly titled "BAR02": a haunting and slightly dramatic, Winter-proof EP. Zombies in Miami from Mexico drop two tracks that would fit great in any of the 80s sci-fi cinema pastiches currently doing the rounds. "Haunted Strasse" instantly hits the 'Stranger Things' sweet spot with its stepped analogue arp, glacial lead licks and vintage beat. "Mirrors" is a tougher beast, nodding to Nitzer Ebb with it's EBM judder and snap, but still retaining them cinematic leads.

          Pin Up boys take on side B with a different vibe - a precision engineered deep houser with a powerful energy and slowly rising intensity - perfect to close off those long, slog-a-thons at the all nite dance spots. Top stuff here, nice, understated and classy. Let's hope the label keep up this high 'bar' of quality (teeheehee - ed).


          Barry says: The last ZIM release for the superb Bordello A Parigi was a bit of a more straight-up Italo affair, but this one oozes nuances skirting the peripheries of all kinds of electronic genres. The frantic synth stomp of 'Haunted Strasse' is definitely more akin to the earlier output whereas the housey stomp of 'Mirrors' takes things a little more into the shadows, while the pin-up boys shine with their chilled out beachside sounds and snappy 909 rhythms.
          Killer outing.


          12" Info: *ONE COPY FOUND*

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