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Aphex Twin

Digeridoo (Expanded Edition)

    “It’s just too easy to make a standard dance track,” Aphex Twin said of his mindset back in 1992. “You’ve got to put a bit of thought into it to get something a bit different.”

    ‘Digeridoo’ was released on the Belgian R&S Records label in 1992, and originally peaked at #55 in the UK singles chart in May of that year. Over the last 32 years the track has become one of the essential Aphex Twin tracks in a gargantuan catalogue that continues to amaze and inspire.

    “I wanted to have some tracks to play to finish the raves I used to play in Cornwall, to really kill everybody off so they couldn’t dance,” Richard D James, AKA Aphex, told Select magazine back in the 90s. “Digeridoo came out of that.”

    Released as a 4 track EP that also included early Aphex productions (now classics) including the industrial, acidic clang of ‘Flap Head’ and hyperbolic futurism of ‘Isopropanol’, the release cemented a relationship with the R&S label that went on to release the ‘Xylem Tube’ EP and the pivotal album ‘Selected Ambient Works 85-92’ in the same year. The label’s owner & A&R Renaat Vandepapeliere reflected “When I first heard Aphex Twin’s music I said, ‘This is it!’, and everybody else said, ‘You’re crazy!’ …a lot of the hardcore R&S fans dropped us. To them it wasn’t music.”

    ‘Digeridoo’ (Expanded Edition) is the first time the EP has been re-issued with extra material. Whilst digging in his DAT archive (allegedly stored in an airtight military ammo box), Richard James revisited the recordings, encoding them through a Nakamichi CR7e cassette deck, using the customised deck with vari-speed to encode at speeds “felt right at the time”. Alongside these CR7e versions, the original mixes have been remastered by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven Mastering, offering a dilated insight into one of electronic music’s most endearing releases.


    Matt says: Causing a whole stampede with electronica fans born in the early to mid 80s. One of the most pioneering and inventive releases from the psyche of a young Richard D James who would go onto to become a kind of UK demigod of underground electronica. Expanded with TASTY new bits ("Digeridoo" live in Cornwall!!) - this is a rightly treasured high watermark of what can be achieved when machines and genius combine.


    A1. Digeridoo
    A2. Flap Head
    B1. Phloam
    B2. Isoprophlex
    C1. Digeridoo (Cr7e Version)
    C2. Digeridoo (Live In Cornwall) (Cr7e Version)
    D1. Isoprophlex (Slow) (Cr7e Version)
    D2. Phloam (Cr7e Version)

    Ada Kaleh

    Unravelling Ft. Eric Leeds

    Ada Kaleh, the Romanian composer and DJ, follows up on his recent releases for R&S Records and Apollo with a brand new single, ‘Unravelling’.

    Featuring the vocals of Fela Kuti at his most potent, ‘Unravelling’ also includes a featured performance from Eric Leeds, the American saxophone player most noted for his work with Prince, both in the studio and as part of the Purple One’s touring band.

    Ada Kaleh constructs a hypnotising and minimalistic rhythm, reminiscent of Tony Allen's drumming style, speckled with dubbed out complexions and kaleidoscopic sonics that provide the perfect bed for Fela Kuti’s distinguished vocal delivery and conscientious lyric. The illustrious jazz musician Eric Leeds lends his prowess to the main mix here, as his smoky saxophone tones glide across ‘Unravelling’ with pure professional class!


    Matt says: R&S' new star signing Ada Kaleh drops some shimmering excellence here. Hard to categorize, its live drum loop and Fela Kuti vox almost have you imagining some lost Tony Allen colab, but the electronics lean into something altogether more otherworldly and surreal. It's a head turning track that'll stand proud amongst other genres and styles, making it a very versatile piece of music for both club and radio DJs alike.


    A. Unravelling Ft. Eric Leeds 
    B. Unravelling 


    Plastic Dreams

    Another legendary R&S classic repressed in very limited numbers only on a one-sided 12" vinyl. The original 1992 release from Dutch producer Jaydee was a 10 minute long Hammond organ workout and still destroys dancefloors today - infact, it was a huge hit at the early Wet Play parties here in Manchester (amongst many, many other dancefloors!). Let's see if this reissue sees it garner a whole new lease of life with the young nightclub fraternity. FACTOID! - that drum beat is the same one used by MAW on "To Be In Love". Anyway - anyone who hasn't heard of even danced to this track is either A) under 25 years old (possibly) or B) dead (probably). It was that massive! Super tasty, limited edition repress here, authentic as they come. If you don't know get to know!


    Matt says: Huuuge tune for me at the early Wet Play parties (@ Kraak). Brings back a warm tingle hearing this ultra clean repress here. You need this.


    A. Plastic Dreams

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