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Four tracks of esoteric and spatial electronica are served up on Quartz’s debut release for R&S Records.

Via releases for Metalheadz, Rupture London and System Music, amongst others, the ascending producer from Cardiff has impressed with his unique take on drum & bass, and more recently via grime influenced dubstep.

A thrilling hybrid of sounds and rhythms are pulled together on the ‘Deity Spear’ release as Quartz deploys angular breakbeats, gargantuan bass tones, convoluted rhythms, and panoramic sound design across four mesmerising tracks.

The opening track ‘Lilac Cobwebs’ is a reference and homage to his deceased mother, featuring a snippet of one of her last voice notes to him, and a reference to a colour he fondly remembers of her.

A spellbinding and dense release from one of the UK’s most audacious producers.


Matt says: R&S are at it again, scouting the talents of Cardiff's Quartz aka Elliot Garvey. The music speaks for itself - hi-tek & scrambled DnB with metallic sfx and that moody, space-age, dystopian aesthetic that pulls it straight outta the future. Mega stuff.


A1. Lilac Cobwebs (ft. Selena Jones) 
A2. Deity Spear 
B1. Cosmic Horror 
B2. Switchblade Groove 

Manchester based DJ / producer Antagonist cues up a collection of dense and uncompromising electronic tracks on his R&S Records debut. The "Rites" EP pulls together 5 new tracks that lean on the artist’s drum ‘n’ bass roots and influences, a sound that has informed his DJ sets and studio productions since he launched the project in 2004.

Channeling his productions towards the more cinematic and darker side of drum ‘n’ bass and broken beats, Antagonist has released a strong run of EPs for labels such as Samurai Music, Ronin Ordinance, One. Seventy and his own Discipline imprint, stamping his hybrid sound across these well received releases.

Layers upon layers of shadowy ambience and wistful tones are punctured by hard edged beat-science, as Antagonist goes in deep on the complex breakbeats, chopping back and forth knifelike loops and dynamic kicks. A highly accomplished debut for the R&S label from this sonically exciting young producer and another shining example of innovation and creativity from within our city. 


Matt says: Dreamy in parts, jagged in others; Manchester innovator Antagonist has pushed the boundaries of DnB & halftime to the max here. Reminds me of the urgency and bewilderment of when I first heard Photek or Ed Rush records. Sci-fi jungle technologically miles ahead of 2023.


A1. Rites 
A2. Observe 
B1. Within 
B2. Woodland Noir 

Originally released on R&S Records in 2006, Chizawa Q revives his ‘Asia’ release with the surfacing of a new remix, the ‘Asia 4 (Lost Q Mix)’. The Japanese producer, who has enjoyed a modest string of releases for F-Communications and Deka Traxxx, fires out an epically irresistible remix that is sure to soundtrack the summer clubs and festivals that seem far away yet will sneak up on us quicker than April showers...

With its roots in the Detroit school of techno, it’s easy to hear the influences of such legends as Underground Resistance and Rolando, and the melodic style of jazzy techno established by artists like R&S Records’ Dave Angel, Vince Watson and Steve Rachmand, but the ‘Lost Asia’ EP is no pastiche. Emotive and musical, delivered with the purity and spirit often lacking in modern techno, Chizawa Q’s music is a reminder that the authentic sounds always rise to the top in the end.


Matt says: Killer lost 00s techno nugget given a fresh lease of life with a brand new mix. Proper coming back round these luminous, full fat sounds. The last years of hedonism before the smoking ban and social media ruinied the Original Spirit of clubland..


A. Asia 2 (Lost Q Remix)
B1. Asia 4
B2. Panther

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