Art Brut

And Yes, This Is My Singing Voice!

    First edition of a two-part set: a comprehensive compilation of South London art-rockers Art Brut, spanning their early discography, demo takes, alternative mixes and live recordings between 2003 – 2008.

    Features the debut album 'Bang Bang Rock and Roll', their second studio album 'It’s A Bit Complicated'. Also includes unreleased live material Art Brut – Live in Paris 2006 & Art Brut Live Form ULU with Horns.

    Comes with a 24 page zine, with a 2,000 word liner note from Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos and exclusive photography of the band. Also includes a signed print of an original Art Brut artwork, painted by Eddie Argos


    CD1: Bang Bang Rock And Roll
    1. Formed A Band
    2. My Little Brother
    3. Emily Kane
    4. Rusted Guns Of Milan
    5. Modern Art
    6. Good Weekend
    7. Bang Bang Rock & Roll
    8. Fight!
    9. Moving To L.A.
    10. Bad Weekend
    11. 18,000 Lira
    12. Subliminal Desire For Adventure

    CD2: It’s A Bit Complicated
    1. Pump Up The Volume
    2. Direct Hit
    3. St. Pauli
    4. People In Love
    5. Late Sunday Evening
    6. I Will Survive
    7. Post Soothing Out
    8. Blame It On The Trains
    9. Soundtrack Of The Summer
    10. Nag Nag Nag Nag
    11. Jealous Guy

    CD3 – Bang Bang Rock And Roll, Bootlegs And B-Sides + Live From ULU W/ Horns
    1. Formed A Band (Brutleg/Single Version) 
    2. Bad Weekend (Brutleg/Single Version)
    3. Modern Art (Brutleg / Single Version)
    4. My Little Brother (Brutleg / Single Version)
    5. Good Weekend (Brutleg)
    6. 18,000 Lira (Brutleg)
    7. Bang Bang Rock And Roll (Brutleg)
    8. Moving To LA (Brutleg)
    9. Moving To LA Acoustic (Brutleg)
    10. These Animal Menswe@r
    11. It’s About Time
    12. Maternity Ward
    13. Really Bad Weekend
    14. Every Other Weekend
    15. Home Altars Of Mexico
    16. Top Of The Pops! Art Brut (and Friends)
    17. Don’t Blame It On The Trains
    18. Enrique Gatti (Subliminal Desire For Adventure) (Brutleg)
    19. Pump Up The Volume – With Horns
    20. Moving To LA – With Horns
    21. Late Sunday Evening – With Horns
    22. Emily Kane – With Horns
    23. Post Soothing Out – With Horns
    24. Direct Hit – With Horns
    25. Good Weekend – With Horns

    CD4: It’s A Bit Complicated (Bootlegs And BSides)
    1. I Found This Song In The Road
    2. Our Parents Record Collection
    3. Wasted Week-End
    4. I Want To Be Double A-Sided
    5. Ignorance Is Bliss
    6. Direct Hit (Alternate Vesrion)
    7. Direct Hit (Duet With Hank Starrs From Animals That Swim)
    8. Late Sunday Evening (Alternate Version)
    9. Blame It On The Trains (Russell Senior Version)
    10. Post Soothing Out (Russell Senior Version)
    11. St Pauli (Russell Senior Version)
    12. Bad Weekend (Live Eurokéennes Festival 06)
    13. Formed A Band (Live Eurokéennes Festival 06)
    14. Emily Kane (Live Eurokéennes Festival 06)
    15. These Animal Menswe@r (Live Eurokéennes Festival 06)

    CD5: Paris Live 06.02.06
    1. Formed A Band
    2. My Little Brother
    3. These Animal Menswe@r
    4. Bang Bang Rock And Roll
    5. Blame It On The Trains
    6. Moving To LA
    7. Rusted Guns Of Milan
    8. Modern Art
    9. St Pauli
    10. Post Soothing Out
    11. Emily Kane
    12. Bad Weekend
    13. Stand Down
    14. 18,000 Lira
    15. Good Weekend

    Art Brut

    A Record Collection, Reduced To A Mixtape

      Double LP Set of art-rockers Art Brut, with tracks taken from the albums 'Bang Bang Rock and Roll', 'It’s A Bit Complicated', 'Art Brut vs Satan', 'Brilliant! Tragic!', 'We Are Scientists Art Brut International' and rare live and alternate takes, compiled by the band. First comprehensive career retrospective of Art Brut since the 'Top of the Pops' album in 2014, this compilation brings together the best and most well-known tracks from the catalogue.


      1. Formed A Band
      2. My Little Brother
      3. Emily Kane
      4). Good Weekend
      5. Pump Up The Volume
      6. Nag Nag Nag
      7. St Pauli
      8. Alcoholics Unanimous
      9. DC Comics & Chocolate Milkshake
      10. Summer Job
      11. Unprofessional Wrestling
      12. Axl Rose
      13. Lost Weekend
      14. Hooray!
      15. She Kissed Me (And It Felt Like A Hit)
      16. I Hope You’re Very Happy Together
      17. Modern Art Berlin Live
      18. Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out!
      19. Arizona Bay
      20. Just Deserts
      21. We Make Pop Music (Berlin Live)
      22. Post Soothing Out (Berlin Live)

      Zara Mcfarlane

      Sweet Whispers: Celebrating Sarah Vaughan

        ‘Sweet Whispers’ is more than a run-through of some of Vaughan’s most popular songs. It’s not hard to imagine the immense task in selecting those songs, after all, Vaughan’s recording career spanned 50 years notching up almost 60 albums (plus nearly 30 again in compilations and box sets). Through a thoughtfully chosen selection of songs, formed across months in collaboration with producer, and the album’s clarinettist and saxman, Giacomo Smith – Zara journeys through the musical life of Sarah Vaughan, from her first to last recording, bringing to life and breathing new life into some of her best and less familiar songs. But importantly, the songs that mean the most to Zara.

        Zara McFarlane said “It was when I started to listen to Sarah Vaughan that I really began to appreciate jazz vocals. She had such control across her range and a vocal command that was cheeky, playful and fun yet sophisticated and articulate. I really wanted to pay homage to her as I feel she has been somewhat overlooked amongst the jazz singers. Although I do love Ella and Billie, it's all about Sarah for me.”

        ‘Sweet Whispers – Celebrating Sarah Vaughan’ was recorded analogue at Durham Studios, London. Giacomo assembled a stellar cast of musicians - Joe Webb on piano, Ferg Ireland on double bass, Jas Kayser on drums, Marlon Hibbert on Steel Pan and Gabriella Swallow on cello – to record 11 tracks live to tape; with minimal overdubs, the recording has retained a live, vintage feel.

        A celebration of Sarah Vaughan could be in no better hands than that of Zara McFarlane, who makes an inspired homage to the ‘Divine One’. Beautifully performed in Zara’s own inimitable style, with her own playful swoops and slides, she has added her own touch to the music. With a silken voice and timbre that brings emotional depth, attitude and personality to this collection of Sarah Vaughan songs, this is a masterful celebration.


        1. Tenderly
        2. Mean To Me
        3. Inner City Blues
        4. September Song
        5. Great Day
        6. If You Could See Me Now
        7. Interlude
        8. Obsession
        9. The Mystery Of Man
        10. Stardust
        11. Sweet Whispers

        Passion Pit

        Manners - 15th Anniversary Edition

          The debut album by Passion Pit, 'Manners' is coming back to vinyl for its 15th Anniversary. Remastered for vinyl with full gatefold jacket that displays alternative artwork only previously available on the cd


          1. Make Light
          2. Little Secrets
          3. Moth's Wings
          4. The Reeling
          5. Eyes As Candles
          6. Swimming In The Flood
          7. Folds In Your Hands
          8. To Kingdom Come
          9. Sleepyhead
          10. Let Your Love Grow Tall
          11. Seaweed Song

          Margo Guryan

          Words And Music

            Witness to revolutions in jazz and pop, Margo Guryan earned her place in the songwriting pantheon and then some. That she was largely unknown for decades is not the stuff of crushed dreams, but a result of her own choices and priorities. From humble beginnings to the peaks of her 1968 baroque pop masterpiece Take a Picture and the collected Demos to the recent viral ubiquity of “Why Do I Cry”, Words and Music captures the entirety of Guryan’s career, featuring 16 previously unreleased recordings and a 32-page booklet telling the whole story.

            TRACK LISTING

            Side A
            1. If I Lose
            2. You Promised
            3. The Wise Man
            4. The Morning After
            5. Moon Ride
            6. More Understanding Than A Man
            7. More Understanding Than A Man (Instrumental)
            8. There I Was

            Side B
            1. Kiss & Tell
            2. Half-Way In Love
            3. Goodbye July
            4. Four Letter Words
            5. Hurry On Home
            6. I Ought To Stay Away From You
            7. I Love
            8. Under My Umbrella
            9. I Don’t Intend To Spend Christmas Without You

            Side C
            1. Sunday Morning
            2. Thoughts
            3. Love Songs
            4. Don’t Go Away
            5. Take A Picture
            6. Sun
            7. What Can I Give You
            8. Come To Me Slowly

            Side D
            1. The 8.17 Northbound Success Merry-Go-Round
            2. Something’s Wrong With The Morning
            3. Think Of Rain
            4. Can You Tell
            5. Someone I Know
            6. Love

            Side E
            1. Why Do I Cry
            2. Spanky And Our Gang
            3. Most Of My Life
            4. It’s Alright Now
            5. Timothy Gone
            6. The Hum
            7. Please Believe Me
            8. Yes I Am

            Side F
            1. I Think A Lot About You
            2. I’d Like To See The BadGuys Win
            3. Values
            4. California Shake
            5. Hold Me Dancin’
            6. Shine
            7. Goodbye July

            Various Artists

            Soft Summer Breezes

              Following in the wake of baroque chart toppers by the Zombies, Beatles, and the Left Banke, a dandier approach to garage rock flowered in the back half of the ’60s. Awash in majestic harpsichords, lilting guitars, melancholic organs, and middle school orchestras, Soft Summer Breezes captures the decade’s last gasps of optimism via 16 gentle moments of soft psychedelia.

              TRACK LISTING

              SIDE A
              1. Life - Life
              2. The Giant Crab - Soft Summer Breezes
              3. Attila & The Huns - Here’s Where I Get Off
              4. Lenny Roybal - Little Daisy
              5. Margo Guryan - Can You Tell
              6. J.C. Horton - Why Why Why
              7. Richard Holman - Gentle Flying Dove
              8. The Sound Control - When Will It End

              SIDE B
              1. The Goodthings - The Journey
              2. Jerry Benicaso - Wounds Heal And Birds Fly Free
              3. Bob Belche - Fall On Me Rain
              4. Pisces - A Flower For All Seasons
              5. Female Species - Baby Buggy
              6. The Morning Sun - Someday
              7. Larry Sands & The Sound Affair - You’ll Know The Words
              8. The New Colony Six - The Time Of The Year Is Sunset

              Gastr Del Sol

              We Have Dozens Of Titles

                Like a bolt echoing back from the blue, We Have Dozens of Titles restrikes the iron of Gastr del Sol, plunging the listener (that’s us!) back into the maelstrom of their all-too-brief (-but-ultimately-long-enough-to-change-everything-incisively) passage of 1993-1998 via an assembly of previously uncollected studio recordings and beautifully captured unreleased live material.

                Gastr del Sol’s music was of the transformative variety – or was it transfiguration they were up to? Or transmigration? Flux was key, to be sure. David Grubbs formed Gastr from the final lineup of Bastro; on Gastr’s del Sol’s debut, The Serpentine Similar, Grubbs, Bundy K. Brown and John McEntire downshifted from a thrashing electric outfit into a droning, acoustic-based one. Following this, the lineup shifted again, decisively – Brown and McEntire departed to focus on the project to be known as Tortoise, and Jim O’Rourke arrived, pairing with Grubbs to make a sequence of unpredictable leaps across genre and practical approach alike, over three LPs and a pair of EPs that threatened the passage of musical time as we knew it in the mid-90s.

                We Have Dozens of Titles contains nearly an hour of previously unreleased live recordings, alongside another near-hour of studio recordings culled from previously uncollected singles, EPs, and compilations. At long last, vinyl purchasers will hear the full range of “The Harp Factory on Lake Street”, “Dead Cats in a Foghorn”, “Quietly Approaching” and “The Bells of St. Mary’s” for the first time EVER on vinyl – all of it, live and studio alike, lovingly mastered and remastered by Jim O’Rourke, and packaged in a three LP box set with a wicked Roman Signer image on its removable lid, interior printing on the box bottom and inner sleeves for each LP with performance credits for all the songs.

                As much as Gastr del Sol’s albums showcase a group eminently at home in the studio, they were inclined to thoroughly reinvent their compositions in performance. While reviewing live tapes for this compilation, the studio versions of most things felt more and more definitive, with the exception of the live takes included here, which essay startling new qualities in pieces that have been in the public ear for several decades.

                The majority of these live performances come from a miraculous find in the CBC archive – a broadcast-quality recording of Jim and David from the 1997 Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville. This was the last time they performed together as Gastr del Sol, during which several still-gestating Camoufleur pieces were presented in radically different forms and Jim played organ on a track from David’s first solo album, the concert-closing, band closing (and now album-closing) version of "Onion Orange”.

                The studio recordings included were originally released by the Red Hot Organization, God Mountain, Table of the Elements, Sony Japan, Teenbeat and Drag City. Studios utilized in the making of the material were Idful Music Corporation, Kingsize Soundlab and steamroom. The extended company of players on these numbers includes Jeb Bishop, Bundy K. Brown, Steve Butters, Gene Coleman, Thymme Jones, Terri Kapsalis, John McEntire, Günter Müller, Bob Weston and Sue Wolf – a virtual “what’s who wha'?!?” of Chicago’s hothouse scene in those times.

                We Have Dozens of Titles revisits the slow-burning incendiaries of Gastr del Sol, finding, once again and after so much time elapsed, another, further set of reinventions from a group who continues to change the way we hear music.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. The Seasons Reverse (live)
                2. Quietly Approaching
                3. Ursus Arctos Wonderfilis (live)
                4. At Night And At Night
                5. Dead Cats In A Foghorn
                6. The Japanese Room At La Pagode
                7. The Bells Of St. Mary’s
                8. Blues Subtitled No Sense Of Wonder (live)
                9. 20 Songs Less
                10. Dictionary Of Handwriting (live)
                11. The Harp Factory On Lake Street
                12. Onion Orange (live)


                Why Lawd?

                  The long-awaited second album from NxWorries – the iconic duo of superstar vocalist Anderson .Paak and GRAMMY Award-winning beatmaker and producer Knxwledge.

                  8 years after their breakthrough debut Yes Lawd!, NxWorries return with Why Lawd? – a winning combination of Knx’s unmistakeable beats and .Paak’s instantly recognizable vocals.

                  This time, special guests are invited along for the ride. Featured artists include H.E.R., Snoop Dogg, Thundercat, Earl Sweatshirt, Rae Khalil and more.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  ThankU (feat. Dave Chappelle)
                  KeepHer (feat. Thundercat)
                  Where I Go (feat. H.E.R.)
                  FromHere (feat. Snoop Dogg & October London)
                  OutTheWay (feat. Rae Khalil)
                  NVR.RMX (feat. Charlie Wilson)
                  WalkOnBy (feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Rae Khalil)

                  Hermanos Gutierrez

                  Low Sun / Los Chicos Tristes (El Michels Affair Remix)

                    Easy Eye Sound present this double sided 7" by Hermanos Gutirrez - a two-piece band formed of the brothers Alejandro and Estevan Gutirrez - of "Low Sun" and "Los Chicos Tristes (El Michels Affair Remix)", featuring Jensine Benitez

                    With its bold percussion - much more prominent than on previous Hermanos Gutierrez records - "Low Sun" captures a darker, more eerie tension between the brother's two guitars.

                    "Los Chicos Tristes" has been remixed by Leon Michels, better known as El Michels Affair, and introducing vocals from Jensine Benitez, the new take on the beloved ambient instrumental adds more prominent drum beats and a spoken word introduction by Benitez, giving the song an intense, cinematic twist. Subtle organ notes, vocalizing, and Hermanos' intertwining guitars lead the remix into a darker, more mysterious place while staying true to the duo's intimate sound that has won them millions of fans across the globe.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Low Sun
                    2. Los Chicos Tristes (El Michels Affair Remix)

                    Bette Smith


                      Produced by Grammy-winning producer Jimmy Hogarth (Amy Winehouse, James Bay, Paulo Nutini, Sia), the album showcases Bette Smith's penchant for anthemic, feel- good Soul Rock carried by her signature raspy, soulful vocals inspired by legends Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin and Etta James.

                      Tracing elements of her sound to her childhood in rough Bedford- Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, Bette connects the soul music she heard on the corners with the gospel music she heard in church and around the house every weekend - " My mother listened to nothing but gospel," she recalls, citing Mahalia Jackson and Reverend James Cleveland as other influences.

                      The album sees her sound scale new heights, and build on the accolades she received on 2017's debut ' Jetlagger ' and 2020's ' The Good, The Bad, and The Bette' , and her tremendous range and power combined with 'Goodthing''s infectious energy, solidify her position as an authentic and dynamic rising soul artist, an iconic force in music.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Goodthing
                      2. Happiness
                      3. Eternal Blessings
                      4. M.O.N.E.Y
                      5. Neptune 
                      6. Whup 'Em Good
                      7. Time Goes Slower
                      8. Darkest Hour
                      9. More Than A Billionaire 
                      11. Lived And Died A Thousand Times
                      12. Beautiful Mess
                      13. Cave
                      14. No More Love Songs

                      Delroy Wilson

                      The Cool Operator

                        The Cool Operator;' gathers together 28 sure shots from Delroy Wilson blending the very best of his all-conquering hit run of forty-fives for Bunny 'Striker' Lee 'longside a handful of crucial cuts produced by Channel One and Federal - The hits featured here like 'Better Must Come'',' I'm Still Waiting', 'It's Shame' are among the defining releases of this golden age of reggae music

                        Delroy, immortalised by The Clash in their 'White Man In Hammersmith Palais' had a long a successful run of hit recordings with 'Striker' and the best of them are including on this one essential package.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Cool Operator
                        2. Better Must Come
                        3. I Want To Love You
                        4. Till I Die
                        5. Living In The Footsteps Of Another Man
                        6. Live And Learn
                        7. I'm Still Waiting
                        8. It's A Shame
                        9. Mother Nature
                        10. Peace And Love
                        11. My Baby Is Gone
                        12. Drink Wine
                        13. Once Upon A Time
                        14. Dancing Mood
                        15. Rain From The Skies
                        16. Movie Star
                        17. Riding For A Fall
                        18. Try Again
                        19. Who Cares
                        20. This Old Heart Of Mine
                        21. Get Ready
                        22. Can't Stop Me
                        23. Mash Up Illitracy
                        24. Here Come The Heartaches
                        25. Trying To Wreck My Life
                        26. Have Some Mercy
                        27. Never Will Conquer Me

                        Sun Ra

                        Thunder Of The Gods

                          Humanity's path since then makes his message even more urgent today. Years after Herman Poole "LeSony'r Ra" Blount "left the planet" he's still trying to reach us, to wake us up and to change our destiny.

                          Sun Ra and the Arkestra weren't a traditional studio band, and every star in the vast galaxy of their discography reflects this. The origins of these records can be hard to pinpoint at times, but when it comes to Thunder Of The Gods, it's a bit easier. "Calling Planet Earth - We'll Wait For You" was discovered on tapes from Ra's, Universe In Blue, believed to be recorded in '71. The raucous title track and "Moonshots Across the Sky" are unearthed from the '66 Strange Strings sessions. Modern Harmonic has once again paired Ra's sonic art with the visual art of "The Father of Modern Space Art," Chesley Bonestell, whose 1952 work "Formation of the Earth's Continents" spralls across the front and back covers.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Calling Planet Earth - We'll Wait For You
                          2. Moonshots Across The Sky
                          3. Thunder Of The Gods

                          Jon Langford & The Men Of Gwent

                          Lost On Land & Sea

                            'Lost on Land & Sea' is Jon Langford's Men of Gwent third album for Country Mile Records - The band spent time locked away in a rural mid Wales studio recording every track 'live' with minimal overdubs

                            Taking local stories and individuals from their hometown, Newport. The 12 songs weave in and out of a mostly true but partly imagined landscape where all the characters are set adrift at the mercy of the tides of time. The cover art by Jon Langford returns the infamous Newport Cherub (the town emblem on the old bridge) from Manchester back to Newport after the Stone Roses borrowed it for the cover of their 'Love Spreads' single in 1994!

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Commercial Street
                            2. The Last Murenger
                            3. How Bright Are The Stars? 
                            4. Ruby
                            5. Mrs Hammer's Dream
                            6. Tenby Boatman
                            7. Honest Ken
                            8. Encounted With A Selkie Off Llangranog
                            9. River Daughter
                            10. Ghost Light
                            11. Lost In The Wentwood 
                            12. Black Gold At Six Bells

                            Soundwalk Collective With Patti Smith

                            Correspondences Vol.1

                              Spanning over 10 years, it traverses a wealth of geographies and their natural environments, where the artists have uncovered sonic steps left by poets, filmmakers, revolutionaries, and the impact of climate change. Soundwalk Collective's founder, Stephan Crasneanscki, has explored, captured and collected the world's remotest places in sound to awaken a sonic memory within the landscape, uncovering traces of past and current histories of the world we are living in.

                              The resulting compositions are made of sound that reflect our relation to this world, the environment, the soul of our existence, and the creative process of the artist. Initially composed as long travelling shots, soundtracks to an invisible movie, Stephan brought these recordings to Patti Smith, giving her new landscapes to channel her poetic vision. This ongoing resonance between the artists - which started during a chance encounter on a plane - has been shaped by their correspondences: ongoing conversations with the intention of reflecting on life and nature.

                              For CORRESPONDENCES, their collaboration focuses on eight unique pieces that revert the relationship of sound to image. Sound came first, and only then would imagery be found to tell the music's story, visually edited to each soundtrack. From a collaboration with TBA21- Academy exploring the destructive impact of seismic airguns and human interventions in the oceans, to the resilience of Nature in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, to the decentralized societies envisioned by Peter Kropotkin, to the wastelands of Pasolini's last night: the pieces presented become thought-provoking audiovisual journeys

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. Pasolini
                              2. Medea

                              Kleenex / Liliput

                              First Songs

                                Legendary Swiss punk band from the late 70s - "You can't dispute Liliput's status as pioneers of feminist art-punk - Along with fellow travelers like the Slits and the Raincoats, this (mostly) female Swiss group took advantage of punk's anything-goes attitude and created jittery, spirited pop that was both in step with the times and completely singular The early material is a riot of exuberant energy, taking stylistic cues from peers like Gang of Four and Wire-- propulsive bass, skittering pop rhythms, slashing guitars-- and adding distinctive overlapping vocal patterns, which are sung, shrieked, and hiccupped in three languages and made- up dadaistic slang. More than 20 years on, it still sounds fresh." - Lisa Gidley

                                TRACK LISTING

                                1. Ain't You
                                2. Beri-Beri
                                3. Madness
                                4. Krimi
                                5. 1978
                                6. Nighttoad
                                7. Hedi's Head
                                8. U
                                9. You
                                10. Nice
                                11. DC-10
                                12. Die Matrosen
                                13. Split
                                14. Hitch Hike
                                15. Eisiger Wind
                                16. Igel Turk
                                17. Wig- Wam
                                18. Thmlerdoll
                                19. Tisko
                                20. Turn The Table
                                21. Dolly Dollar
                                22. I Had A Dream
                                23. When The Cat's Away


                                Return To Archive

                                  From the ' Sounds of North American Frogs' to ' Speech After the Removal of the Larynx' , Folkways documented the audible nooks and crannies of existence on hundreds of LPs produced by field recordists, scientists, and experimentalists probing the margins of the human soundscape. Seventy- five years later, electronic music duo Matmos have diced, looped, stretched, and recontextualized these recordings on their new album ' Return to Archive' , which was assembled entirely from the so-called non-musical sounds released on Folkways. On just the album's first track, dolphins, beetles, telephones, humans stretching the limits of their vocal cords, a shortwave radio, and metal balers co-mingle in a fantasia of sound both everyday and extraordinary. Each track on Return to Archive morphs its source material into something completely unexpected, honoring and expanding on Folkways' legacy of sonic exploration. Featuring Evicshen and Aaron Dilloway.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. Good Morning Electronics
                                  2. Injection Basic Sound
                                  3. Mud- Dauber Wasp
                                  4. Music Or Noise?
                                  5. Why?
                                  6. Lend Me Your Ears
                                  7. Return To Archive
                                  8. The Way Japanese Beetles Sound To A Rose
                                  9. Going To Sleep

                                  Audrey Powne

                                  From The Fire

                                    Audrey Powne's stunning debut album, From The Fire, is set to be one of those must have LPs in any music lover's collection. Something of an auteur release it features nine tracks all composed by Audrey, with all string arrangements and all produced by her. Audrey's decision to produce the whole album herself came from a desire to take creative control of her music and apply techniques developed from the influences of the producers she had previously worked with. If all of the above were not enough Audrey also wrote the lyrics for those tracks on which she sings, and as a multi-instrumentalist contributes piano, Rhodes and organ. She also features as a trumpeter with dextrous and soaring solos as evidenced by the two single releases so far; Feed The Fire and the title track, From The Fire. Due to be released by BBE as both a vinyl and on digital From The Fire is an album of Soul-Jazz with a serious environmental and social messages as well as one which blends classical music, hip-hop and influences from Roy Hargrove, Bill Evans and Herbie Hancock. Indeed it is Roy Hargrove's studio techniques evident in his work with the RH Factor that Audrey credits as a major factor in her producer role here. As well as her solo work, Melbourne born Audrey Powne has also worked as a session player with acts as diverse as Maceo Parker, Midnight Oil, Jimmy Barnes, Masta Ace and the Grammy nominated band The Teskey Brothers. With testimonies and positive reviews from Gilles Peterson, Earmilk, Bandcamp Daily, tracks on the Sunny Side Up compilation and performances on Boiler Room Audrey Powne is a supreme talent whose star is on the rise. From The Fire is destined to become a future classic.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    Disc: 1
                                    1. Overture
                                    2. Feed The Fire
                                    3. Sleep
                                    4. Interlude 1
                                    5. Indigo

                                    Disc: 2
                                    1. Survive
                                    2. Interlude 2
                                    3. From The Fire
                                    4. Souled Out

                                    Charley Crockett

                                    $10 Cowboy

                                      With $10 Cowboy, Charley Crockett didn’t set out to make a themed record. He had released a concept album in 2022, the critically acclaimed Man From Waco, propelling Crockett to new heights and establishing him as one of the leaders of a sparkling revival of traditional country and folk music. For the follow up album, Crockett wrote freely, over a two-month period, as he wound his way across the United States on the back of a tour bus. The resulting songs—raw, personal, vivid portraits of a country in transition—ended up being connected after all. “This material is written at truck stops, it’s written at casinos, it’s written in the alleys behind the venues, it’s written in my truck parked up on South Congress in Austin,” explains Crockett. “A ramblin’ man like me, a genuine transient, is in a pretty damn good position to have something to say about America.” As the album unfolds, you begin to understand that a $10 Cowboy is anyone who has hustled to get by, who didn’t fit in, who has slept on other people’s couches, or the street, who has fallen down, gotten up, and ventured from home chasing a paying gig, or a new start. “Being out on the road gives you a first-hand experience of how different kinds of Americans see themselves as going through some kind of great struggle,” Crockett says. “The roughneck working the oil and natural gas fields in West Texas. The single mother raising kids by herself. The young man working a street corner because he thinks it's his only option. I would be dishonest if I said I couldn’t see the thread. Each of ‘em feel invisible. I am struck by the battles they are fighting internally, and the ways they have been entrapped by what America says they are.” The album was recorded at Arlyn Studios in Austin, produced by Crockett and his long-time collaborator Billy Horton. It was recorded live to tape, with anywhere from 6-12 musicians and backup singers on each track, giving the songs the feel of a live performance. It’s a sound Crockett has been after for years. “Reason I cut it on tape is because when you got the right people in the room, and the great players rise to the occasion when that red light is on and the tape is rolling, you get the magic of a great performance.” It's exactly what he achieved with $10 Cowboy. Regular bandmates Fox, Nathan Fleming, and Mayo Valdez are joined by some of the genre’s most talented players—Rich Brotherton, Kevin Smith, Dave LeRoy Biller, T. Jarrod Bonta and others, including a string quartet. Lauren Cervantes and Angela Miller sing on the album. While the musicianship and accompaniment are exquisite, they are also subtle, placed joyously, yet judiciously across the album. No, Crockett didn’t set out to write a themed record. Or, through his studied eye, to find America. But with $10 Cowboy, he might have done both.

                                      The Rifles

                                      Love Your Neighbour

                                        It’s been over seven years since The Rifles released their previous record, but now the east Londoners are set to return with their new album ‘Love Your Neighbour’ on April 26 which they today preview with the new single ‘The Kids Won’t Stop’. Their previous two albums - ‘Big Life’ and ‘None The Wiser’ - achieved the highest chart positions of their career to date, while their cult-like popularity has continued in the intervening years with countless sold-out London shows at venues including the Roundhouse, O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, O2 Kentish Forum, KOKO, Electric Ballroom and Electric Brixton. The triumphant reaction and electrifying energy of those shows inspired The Rifles as they sent about writing ‘Love Your Neighbour’. It’s a record which bursts with the traits that have inspired such devotion amongst fans: songs as gritty as they are anthemic, and full of lyrics which capture broadly relatable experiences and provide evocative snapshots of modern British life. The overriding message of the album is a plea to embrace the power of your local community

                                        Love Child

                                        Love Child

                                          In the secret history of indie-punk, Love Child were the missing link between Sonic’s Rendezvous Band and Bikini Kill. “[O]ne of Gotham’s most mercurial bands, able to leap from twee pop tunes to galvanizing skronkadelic constructs in a single bound.” - Trouser Press.

                                          This, Love Child’s debut release, features shredding guitar (by future Drag City recording artist / author Alan Licht), cheeky lyrics, teen angst, proto-riot grrl, Ubu references, and songs that get way inside your skin and don’t let go. Plus: an incredible full-colour picture sleeve by Rudolph Grey.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1. Know It's Alright
                                          2. Things I Noticed
                                          3. Asking For It
                                          4. He's So Sensitive
                                          5. Crocus Says
                                          6. Sofa

                                          King Kong

                                          Bring It On

                                            The second-ever release by Louisville legends (and venerable Drag City recording artists) King Kong.

                                            This record is the centrepiece of Ethan Buckler’s high concept ‘blues’ trilogy that began with King Kong’s ‘Movie Star’ debut single (later reissued on Drag City) and concluded with the band’s debut LP, ‘The Old Man on the Bridge’.

                                            Here, a power-trio lineup plays a triad of perfect songs and, in so doing, saves rock and roll from being ‘Albinized’.

                                            In Conflict zine, Gerard Cosloy described this era of King Kong thusly: “King Kong have an almost unnatural understanding of the relationship between the various instruments. Or, as The Frogs would say: ‘That was a good drum break.’” You need this record.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            1. The Boy
                                            2. The Man
                                            3. The Birdy Song

                                            Babylon Dance Band

                                            Somebody / Rubbertown

                                              Standard-bearers of the early Louisville scene, Babylon Dance Band created (largely out of whole cloth) the magic that later became identifiable as the Louisville sound: abstract yet urgent garagepunk stylings smothered in generous helpings of guitar heroism and surprisingly soul-shouterinfluenced vocals.

                                              In December 1980, the Babylon Dance Band’s massive artistic footprint landed them on the cover of NYC’s Village Voice (even before the band’s first single was released). A year later, they broke up before releasing this: their posthumous second single.

                                              Later generations of Louisville rockers from Squirrel Bait to King Kong to Slint to Will Oldham to Tara Jane O’Neil freely cite Babylon Dance Band as a major influence, as do northern compatriots including Yo La Tengo.

                                              In 1994, Matador Records issued a posthumous Babylon Dance Band LP. Today, Babylon Dance Band guitarist Tara Key and bassist Tim Harris continue to work together in the New York City band, Antietam.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              1. Somebody
                                              2. Rubbertown

                                              John Cale

                                              POPtical Illusion

                                                Despite the album’s playful title, Cale’s second album in just over a year still contains the same feelings of fierce and inquisitive rage that were present in 2023 album MERCY. He remains angry, still incensed by the willful destruction that unchecked capitalists and unrepentant conmen have hoisted upon the wonders of this world and the goodness of its people. But this is not at all MERCY II, or some collection of castoffs, as throughout his career of more than six decades, Cale has never been much for repetition. His vanguard-shaping enthusiasms have shifted among ecstatic classicism and unbound rock, classic songcraft and electronic reimagination with proud restlessness.

                                                And so, on POPtical Illusion, he foregoes the illustrious cast to burrow mostly alone into mazes of synthesizers and samples, organs and pianos, with words that, as far as Cale goes, constitute a sort of swirling hope, a sage insistence that change is yet possible. Produced by Cale and longtime artistic partner Nita Scott, POPtical Illusion is the work of someone trying to turn toward the future – exactly as Cale always has.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                1. God Made Me Do It (don’t Ask Me Again)
                                                2. Davies And Wales
                                                3. Calling You Out
                                                4. Edge Of Reason
                                                5. I’m Angry
                                                6. How We See The Light
                                                7. Company Commander
                                                8. Setting Fires
                                                9. Shark-Shark
                                                10. Funkball The Brewster
                                                11. All To The Good
                                                12. Laughing In My Sleep
                                                13. There Will Be No River

                                                Dramaboy's self-titled LP is a modern yet nostalgic soundtrack layering ambient pads, dreamy melodies and hero basslines with soulful boogie, city pop and leftfield analogue rhythms. The album also features Kristian Hamilton's voice on the second track "Stargazer", a LA-based singer who previously collaborated with the likes of Steven Julien, Theophilus London, Tom Trago & Fredfades. 

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Take Off
                                                Stargazer (Ft Kristian Hamilton)
                                                Taurus Constellation
                                                Planet D
                                                City Drama
                                                Mind Controlled
                                                Close Encounter
                                                Stargazer (Instrumental)
                                                Close Encounter (Instrumental)

                                                Bonny Light Horseman

                                                Keep Me On Your Mind / See You Free

                                                  Over the years, Bonny Light Horseman has accumulated many miles on the collective odometer of life. The band’s core trio – Anaïs Mitchell, Eric D. Johnson, and Josh Kaufman – has amassed an incomparable collected resume. Mitchell is a celebrated solo artist as well as the playwright and songwriter behind the hit Broadway musical Hadestown, which notched eight Tony Awards and a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album. Johnson is best known as the mind behind beloved indie mainstays Fruit Bats, as a longtime collaborator with The Shins, and as a film score composer. And Kaufman is a multi-hyphenate extraordinaire: songwriter, producer, and position player, having recorded and performed with artists ranging from Bob Weir to The War on Drugs to Taylor Swift, Hiss Golden Messenger and The Hold Steady. As a group, Bonny Light Horseman’s debut album received a Grammy nomination for Best Folk Album, and the track "Deep in Love" was nominated for Best American Roots Performance.

                                                  More important than any of this, though, they’ve also lived a big ol’ messy and tangled up pile of life, and all that living permeates their music with the wisdom, humor, and depth that underlies the accolades. Theirs is the stuff that defines folk music as a genre: love and loss, hope and sorrow, community and family, change and time. The Big Stuff, with the stakes sky high.

                                                  At the center of Bonny Light Horseman is, always, the singular combination of three powerful and tender artists, artists who expertly dodge superlatives but are quick to acknowledge that their bond makes each one better, braver and more vulnerable than they’d be on their own. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the force of their voices together, which work with complete trust in one another through the gentlest moments and the most ruthless wails.

                                                  Bonny Light Horseman’s new album, Keep Me on Your Mind/See You Free, is an ode to the blessed mess of our humanity. Confident and generous, it is an unvarnished offering that puts every feeling and supposed flaw out in the open. The themes are stacked high and staked even higher: love and loss, hope and sorrow, community and family, change and time all permeate Bonny Light Horseman’s most vulnerable and bounteous offering to date. Yet for all of its humanistic touchpoints, Keep Me on Your Mind/See You Free was forged from a kind of unexplainable magic.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  1. A Keep Me On Your Mind
                                                  2. Lover Take It Easy
                                                  3. I Know You Know
                                                  4. Grinch Funeral
                                                  5. Old Dutch
                                                  6. When I Was Younger
                                                  7. Waiting And Waiting
                                                  8. Hare And Hound
                                                  9. Rock The Cradle
                                                  10. Singing To The Mandolin
                                                  11. The Clover
                                                  12. Into The O
                                                  13. Don’t Know Why Youmove Me
                                                  14. Speak To Me Muse
                                                  15. Think Of The Royalties Lads
                                                  16. Tumblin Down
                                                  17. I Wanna Be Where Youare
                                                  18. Over The Pass
                                                  19. Your Arms (All The Time)
                                                  20. See You Free

                                                  Italian Ibiza favourite Tuccillo returns to legendary NYC label Nu Groove with another four-track EP, ‘Frames’, including a feature from Chicago native Ron Carroll. With previous Nu Groove releases like the ‘Sunshine City EP’ and ‘I Believe’ with TradeCraft earning the respect of esteemed selectors including Archie Hamilton, Chloe Caillet and Laurent Garnier, Tuccillo’s expertly crafted sound is revered for its analogue approach. Similarly, his passion and respect for vinyl has earned him respect from crate diggers and house music tastemakers globally ever since the 90s. Tuccillo’s ‘Frames EP’ opens with the eponymous lead, showcasing his malleable sound that comes alive in underground scenes for heads in the know. Chicago house authority Ron Carroll lends his vocals to ‘Don’t Walk Away’, supported by Tuccillo’s fresh club-defining production that also permeates ‘You Got Me’. ‘Everything’ closes out this collection of pure house excellence, with expressive yet softer synthwork creating a cooler feel perfect for the afterhours.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  A1. Frames
                                                  A2. Tuccillo Featuring Ron Carroll ‘Don’t Walk Away’
                                                  B1. You Got Me
                                                  B2. Everything

                                                  Fleetwood Mac

                                                  Tusk - 2024 Reissue

                                                    Fleetwood Mac

                                                    Rumours - 2024 Reissue

                                                      Fleetwood Mac

                                                      Fleetwood Mac - 2024 Reissue

                                                        Magic Fig

                                                        Magic Fig

                                                          Bursting forth in a bouquet of dreamlike hooks, choral vocals and Moog pitch-bends, Magic Fig’s debut proves that the technicolor heart of San Francisco’s psychedelic lineage is still beating and as vivid as ever. Featuring alumni from the Bay Area’s best and brightest pop, psychedelic and garage bands (The Umbrellas, Whitney’s Playland, Almond Joy and Healing Potpourri among them) Magic Fig’s debut is full of sonic fireworks, top-shelf musicianship, hooks abound and a distinctive melding of prog rock and pop joy reminiscent of the 60s/70s Canterbury greats. Produced by Joel Robinow of Once and Future Band.

                                                          For fans of Os Mutantes, Stereolab, Dungen and Kevin Ayers’ Soft Machine. 

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          1. Goodbye Suzy
                                                          2. PS1
                                                          3. Labyrinth
                                                          4. Distant Dream
                                                          5. Obliteration
                                                          6. Departure

                                                          Yuching Huang

                                                          The Crystal Hum

                                                            The Crystal Hum is the debut vinyl release by Taiwan-based artist Yuching Huang and her first release for Night School. A beguiling dreamscape of crackles, spluttering, love-struck Casios presided over by the the spectral vocal and guitar work of Huang, Yuching sings love songs at the end of this world and the beginning of the next. Recorded during a hiatus from her group Aemong (a duo with artist Henrique Uba) in Berlin, these songs elevate Huang’s unique vocal style and grasp of atmospherics. The Crystal Hum deconstructs balladry, Garage, guitar music and reforms it into a unified ghostly otherworld version of these languages.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            1. Fly! Little Black Thing
                                                            2. Love
                                                            3. Confessions From A Soul
                                                            4. Thoughts
                                                            5. Thunder In Heaven
                                                            6. In My Room
                                                            7. The Song Of Summer
                                                            8. JohnJohn
                                                            9. Alright
                                                            10. You, An Illusion

                                                            ZZ Top

                                                            The Best Of ZZ Top - 2024 Reissue

                                                              The Best of ZZ Top (10 Legendary Texas Tales) is a greatest hits album by American rock band ZZ Top, released November 26, 1977.[4] Spanning the years from 1971 to 1975, this compilation album does not contain any songs from Tejas, which was released the year before. The first ZZ Top Compilation with hits from their first six albums, including La Grange, Tush and Just Got Paid. This was released in the US last year and will now be available everywhere

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              Waitin' For The Bus
                                                              Jesus Just Left Chicago
                                                              Just Got Paid
                                                              La Grange
                                                              Blue Jean Blues
                                                              Backdoor Love Affair
                                                              Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers
                                                              Heard It On The X

                                                              London Grammar

                                                              The Greatest Love

                                                                The Greatest Love follows the British trio’s critically acclaimed #1 selling album Californian Soil, which was released in 2021 and earned the band their second BRIT nomination for Best British Group. Arriving over a decade since the trio first entered our consciousness, the new album is a celebration; the sound of a band laying to rest the past and realising a newfound sense of freedom.

                                                                First single House embodies London Grammar’s new trajectory as frontwoman Hannah Reid delivers the uncompromising lyric: This is my place, my house, my rules. Speaking about the single Hannah said, “House is about drawing boundaries around yourself. When I hit my thirties, my mindset shifted, and I no longer felt like a victim of anything – it all felt within my power. I thought, making music should be fun, and we're gonna make that happen.”

                                                                Having first formed as teenagers at University, their seminal double-platinum selling debut If You Wait paved the way for what was to become a hugely successful career for the band, the rare longevity of which has firmly rooted London Grammar in British pop culture. Now over 10 years later, the band have sold more than 3 million albums world-wide, with two #1 selling records, 1 billion streams, an Ivor Novello and numerous BRIT Award nominations under their belts.

                                                                GoGo Penguin

                                                                From The North - GoGo Penguin Live In Manchester

                                                                  GoGo Penguin - From The North captures the Manchester-based trio at an exciting moment within their trajectory. For this limited-edition Vinyl, the trio decided to re-arrange a selection of 7 tracks from ‘Between Two Waves’, their first EP on XXIM Records, as well as from their latest album ‘Everything Is Going to Be OK’. The live session was recorded and filmed at Old Granada Studios in Manchester, an iconic studio complex that has played a significant part of the band’s own musical history.

                                                                  GoGo Penguin is an emotive, break-beat minimalist trio from Manchester, UK. Formed in 2012 its sophomore album 'v2.0' was nominated in 2014 for the Mercury Music Prize and in 2016 the trio signed to Blue Note Records, releasing a trio of acclaimed albums: 'Man Made Object', 'A Humdrum Star' and 'GoGo Penguin', as well as two EP’s and a remix album, 'GGP/RMX'. With their new record label, XXIM Records, the band ushered in a more ambient era with their EP 'Between Two Waves' and ‘Everything Is Going to Be OK’, which marks the latest chapter in the story of GoGo Penguin.

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  1. Wave Decay
                                                                  2. Ascent
                                                                  3. Friday Film Special
                                                                  4. Everything Is Going To Be OK
                                                                  5. Unbroken Thread Of Awareness
                                                                  6. You're Stronger Than You Think
                                                                  7. Parasite

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