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The Hives

Barely Legal

    Fronted by Howlin' Pelle Almqvist, The Hives hailed from Fagersta, Sweden and they exploded onto the scene with this kick ass collection of adrenalin fuelled garage punk gems. 

    Originally released in 1997 and unavailable on vinyl for ages, it finally gets a long awaited 180g vinyl repress.


    Coloured LP Info: RSD stores exclusive bronze coloured vinyl.

    The Dream Syndicate

    How Did I Find Myself Here?

      The Dream Syndicate are at the foundation of contemporary alternative music because back in 1981 at a time when most bands were experimenting with new technology, they choose to bring back the guitar. Their seminal album The Days of Wine and Roses (1984) has been cited as influential by artists from Nirvana to The Black Crowes. The Dream Syndicate are at the foundation of contemporary alternative music because back in 1981 at a time when most bands were experimenting with new technology, they choose to bring back the guitar. Their seminal album The Days of Wine and Roses (1984) has been cited as influential by artists from Nirvana to The Black Crowes. Known for their incredible live performances, the band toured with everyone from R.E.M. to U2, before splitting up in 1988. In 2012 after years apart in solo projects, front man Steve Wynn reunited The Dream Syndicate to perform at a charity festival in Spain. The reunited band took everything in baby steps. A few shows here and there—including a still talked-about set at Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival. The shows were exciting---for both the band and the eagerly awaiting fans, many of whom weren’t even alive when the band were around the first time.

      The next step was to see if the excitement and newfound chemistry would extend to the studio. From the first day of recording it was apparent that the band was making an album that would live up its history and take their story into the present. Wynn says, “In a way it feels like if The Days of Wine and Roses would have been made in 2017. Which is to say that it’s true to what we did before but it’s also a whole new thing.”

      The Chicago (US) band Wilco presents Star Wars, the Grammy-award winning band’s ninth studio album and its first since 2011’s The Whole Love. 

      Wilco has been a pioneer of pre-releasing albums and making its music available for free since 2001 when the band streamed its breakthrough release Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. The decision to make Star Wars available quickly and for free continues to see the band exploring new ways to release its music and reach its fans, while keeping the album release process fun and interesting to its members.

      "Why release an album this way and why make it free? Well, the biggest reason, and I'm not sure we even need any others, is that it felt like it would be fun,” Tweedy said. “What's more fun than a surprise? Enough of this 20th anniversary already, here's something fresh.”

      The new album was recorded at the band’s Chicago loft and features 11 original Wilco-penned tunes.

      “Star Wars sounds like a band having an absolute blast with both the pop music form and the ways in which we hear it.” (4/5 – THE GUARDIAN)


      Indies Exclusive LP Info: Indie exclusive 180g red vinyl includes a download card with exclusive bonus live material.

      Indies Exclusive LP includes MP3 Download Code.

      Cult punk rock heroes, Alkaline Trio return with ‘My Shame Is True’, their most dynamic album to date. In anticipation of the release, the band have debuted a brand new single ‘I Wanna Be Warhol’ from the forthcoming album.

      Recorded with Bill Stevenson of punk legends The Descendents and Black Flag and with Jason Livermore at the producers’ Blasting Room Studios in Colorado, ‘My Shame Is True’ pushes the band into new musical terrain while embracing their classic Trio sound. The album contains 40 minutes of passionate punk-filled rock that showcases guitarist/vocalist Matt Skiba, bassist/vocalist Dan Andriano and drummer Derek Grant at their absolute best.

      "We're very proud of it,” says Matt Skiba. “Once we got in the studio, the songs really took on a shape of their own.”

      From the album’s first melodic opener ‘She Lied To The FBI’ to the first single, ‘I Wanna Be A Warhol’ the Trio waste no time setting the tone for their energetic, hook-filled, eighth studio album. For the first time ever on an Alkaline Trio record, ‘My Shame Is True’ finds a guest appearance from Rise Against’s Tim Mcllarth on rousing punk rock anthem, ‘I Pessimist’, while songs like ‘I’m Only Here To Disappoint’ and album closer ‘Till Death Do Is Part’ remind fans of classic Trio, with stellar song-writing and catchy choruses.

      Determined to never make the same record twice, Alkaline Trio have preserved the most electric elements of their collaborative songwriting abilities while pushing ahead creatively and as a band. With multiple world tours, numerous chart successes, and over fifteen years under their belt, the dark punk trio have cemented their legacy with ‘My Shame Is True’.

      Tom Waits

      Mule Variations

      Tom Waits is one of the most innovative artists in popular music. His singular vision embraces everything from blues to tin-pan-alley to jazz to just about anything else you can think of. Grammy winner, actor, poet, a master of the musical collage and lyrical surprise, Tom Waits is simply a giant. "Mule Variations" offers the most complete picture of Tom Waits of any of his albums. Edgy stomps, humour and experimentation are interspersed with some of the most beautiful and personal songs he's ever written.


      2xLP includes MP3 Download Code.

      Tom Waits

      Real Gone

        Written and produced by Waits with his wife and long-time collaborator, Kathleen Brennan, "Real Gone" features 15 tracks that echo everything from primal blues to what Waits calls 'cubist funk', all mixed and mashed with rock-steady grooves, Latin rhythms and 'vocal mouth percussion' to create a unique new musical hybrid. "Real Gone" features Primus' Les Claypool and Brain Mantia and long time collaborators Marc Ribot and Larry Taylor.

        The Dillinger Escape Plan With Mike Patton

        Irony Is A Dead Scene

        A collaboration between Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr Bungle, Fantomas) and The Dillinger Escape Plan, this 20 minute, four song EP is a ferocious amalgam of hardcore, metal, punk and electronic experimentation that pushes the limits of speed, composition and creativity. Includes a cover of Aphex Twin's "Come To Daddy".


        12" Info: Originally released on CD-only in August 2002, now available on limited edition coloured vinyl.

        Various Artists

        Punk-O-Rama 2001 Volume 6

        How can you go wrong with a 22 track CD featuring some of the biggest bands in hardcore punk and nu-metal all for under a fiver? Rancid, NOFX, Hot Water Music, All and loads more.

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