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Ornette Coleman

The Shape Of Jazz To Come - 2024 Reissue

    The Shape of Jazz to Come was a watershed event in the genesis of avant-garde jazz. The record shattered traditional concepts of jazz harmony, disposing of both the piano player and the whole idea of concretely outlined chord changes. The compositions here follow almost no predetermined harmonic structure, allowing Coleman and Don Cherry an unprecedented freedom to take the melodies of their solo lines in whatever direction they felt in the moment, regardless of what the piece's tonal centre appeared to be. This was the first time Coleman recorded with a rhythm section - consisting of bassist Charlie Haden and drummer Billy Higgins - that was open- eared and loose enough to follow his already controversial conception. All the composition are by Ornette Colman.


    Lonely Woman
    Monk And The Nun
    Focus On Sanity
    Just For You

    Ahmad Jamal Trio

    At The Pershing - 2023 Reissue

      Although they were not Ahmad Jamal's first recordings, the 1958 Pershing and Spotlite performances marked the beginning of his success. The original album At the Pershing/ But Not for Me, taped at the Pershing Lounge in Chicago over two nights in January 1958, included eight of the forty-three tunes played by the trio, which Jamaal personally selected for the album.

      Recorded at the Pershing Club in Chicago, Jamal's third album (including the hit 'Poinciana') was the turning point in his career. His liberal use of silence influenced many jazz musicians, including Miles Davis." - ***** Michael Erlewine, AllMusic

      Contains new specially prepared liner notes by Penguin Guide to Jazz's writer Brian Morton and by Paris' prestigious Jazz Magazine.


      1. But Not For Me
      2. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
      3. Moonlight In
      4. Vermont
      5. Music! Music! Music! (Put Another Nickel)
      6. There Is No Greater Love 
      7. All The Things You Are
      8. It Might As Well Be Spring
      9. Poinciana
      10. Woody 'n You 
      11. What's New?
      12. Cherokee
      13. I'll Remember April

      John Coltrane

      Lush Life - 2023 Reissue

        The seminal recordings that make up Lush Life were taped during a transitional period in John Coltrane's musical career. He had first joined the Miles Davis Quintet in 1955 and would form his own celebrated quartet with McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, and Elvin Jones in 1960. In the intervening years, he overcame his narcotics addiction and began to expand on his own musical ideas while experimenting with both the Thelonious Monk Quartet and the Miles Davis Sextet (featuring Bill Evans and Cannonball Adderley). Lush Life was constructed with material from three different sessions, all of which produced additional material issued in other albums. While Side A is in trio format with no piano, Side B features a quintet showcasing Donald Byrd and Red Garland.

        Contains new specially prepared liner notes by Penguin Guide to Jazz's writer Brian Morton and by Paris' prestigious Jazz Magazine.

        "All aspects of Coltrane's conception during this period are well-illustrated on the album: the classic simplicity and haunting loveliness of the Coltrane ballad technique is here. For sheer beauty of approach and execution, his work has rarely been equalled." - ***** Franz Kofsky, DownBeat


        1. Like Someone In Love
        2. I Love You
        3. Trane's Slow Blues
        4. Slowtrane
        5. Lush Life
        6. I Hear A Rhapsody
        7. While My Lady Sleeps

        Bob Dylan

        Debut Album

          Dylan's self-titled debut album was produced in a matter of hours and cost just$402 to record (according to producer John Hammond).It serves as an introduction for anyone wanting to explore Dylan's first steps as a professional musician.Recorded at New York's Columbia Recording Studios, on November 20-22, 1961, Dylan sang topical folk songs, accompanying himself on harmonica and guitar. The album contained only two originals ("Song to Woody" and "Talking New York") and eleven cover versions, mostly old folk and blues numbers.

          Dylan takes an arranger's credit on many of the traditional songs, but a number of them can be traced to his contemporaries. For example, the arrangement of "House of the Rising Sun" was developed by Dave Van Ronk, who was Dylan's close friend at the time. A significant portion of the album is possessed by the style and spirit of Woody Guthrie, whose influence as a singer and guitarist hovers over "Man of Constant Sorrow" and "Pretty Peggy-O", as well as the two originals here - the savagely witty "Talkin' New York" and the poignant "Song to Woody".


          1.  Corrina, Corrina 
          2.  Baby, Please Don't Go 
          3.  See That My Grave Is Kept Clean 
          4.  Song To Woody 
          5.  Freight Train Blues 
          6.  House Of The Risin' Sun 
          7.  Baby, Let Me Follow You Down 
          8.  Gospel Plow 
          9.  Mixed-Up Confusion 
          10.  Highway 51 
          11.  Pretty Peggy-O 
          12.  Fixin' To Die 
          13.  Man Of Constant Sorrow 
          14.  In My Time Of Dyin' 
          15.  Talkin' New York 
          16.  You're No Good

          John Coltrane

          Giant Steps

            "The idea of an LP as a single aesthetic unit, pioneered by Frank Sinatra and a few others, was still relatively new at the time. Not the least of Coltrane's achievements was to harness the long player's potential and to give it near perfect, lastingly satisfying content. This is one of the great modern records." - Penguin Guide To Jazz

            "Since its release in 1960, the fascination with Giant Steps has never wavered. This is a true masterpiece that should be in everyone's collection." - DownBeat

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Giant Steps
            2. Cousin Mary
            3. Countdown
            4. Spiral
            5. Syeeda’s Song Flute
            6. Naima
            7. Mr. P.C.
            8. Harmonique

            Thelonious Monk

            Monk's Music

              Monk’s Music’ the classic 1957 album by the Thelonious Monk Septet + 2 bonus tracks.

              Contains new specially prepared liner notes by Penguin Guide To Jazz writer Brian Morton, and by Paris’ prestigious Jazz Magazine.

              “But the album title really goes further than that. This is Thelonious Monk’s music in the most complete sense. These sessions have been particularly valued for the presence of Coleman Hawkins and John Coltrane, two saxophone giants from different generations.

              Some accounts of the recordings devote more space to the horns than to the leader. So, listen carefully to how humbly Coltrane plays on “Ruby My Dear”. He was still an emerging artist, to be sure, but his command of the instrument was complete, and he didn’t usually play with this reserve. Hawkins, by contrast, is determined to make his presence felt. He even comes in at the wrong place a couple of times.” Brian Morton

              TRACK LISTING

              Abide With Me
              Well You Needn’t 
              Ruby, My Dear [featuring Coleman Hawkins]
              Ruby, My Dear [featuring John Coltrane]
              Off Minor / Epistrophy 
              Crepuscule With Nellie
              ‘round Midnight

              Chet Baker

              It Could Happen To You

                Seminal jazz trumpeter and vocalist Chet 'The Price' Baker had a typically turbulent legacy within the scene. Whilst inspiring pivotal developments in 'cool', and described by jazz historian Dave Kelly as 'James Dean, Sinatra, and Bix, rolled into one'; his career was potmarked with drug problems, causing him to leave music for a while after a failed drug deal ended with some of his teeth being knocked out. Regaining his embouchure for a second wind, the musician died attempting to cross balconies at his home in Amsterdam whilst under the effect of cocaine and heroin.

                "It Could Happen To You" is widely regarded as one of the artist's best albums. Released in 1958 it follows traditions set out on "Chet Baker Sings" (1954) and "Chet Baker Sings and Plays with Bud Shank, Russ Freeman & Strings" in that it features Chet singing some typical jazz standards in his new, 'cool' style. Differing from the aforementioned LPs, it also features tracks with no trumpet at all, Chet opting to 'skat' in place of traditional instrument solos. This version contains new specially prepared liner notes by Penguin Guide To Jazz's writer Brian Morton and by Paris' prestigious Jazz Magazine.

                "Brilliant song selection. This is an essential title in Chet Baker's 30-plus year canon." - Lindsay Planer, AllMusic

                TRACK LISTING

                Do It The Hard Way
                I'm Old Fashioned
                You're Driving Me Crazy
                It Could Happen To You
                My Heart Stood Still
                The More I See You
                Everything Happens To Me
                Dancing On The Ceiling
                How Long Has This Been Going On?
                Old Devil Moon
                My Funny Valentine

                Nina Simone

                At Village Gate

                  Contains new specially prepared liner notes by Penguin Guide To Jazz writer Brian Morton, and by Paris’ prestigious Jazz Magazine.

                  “The breath-taking originality of the second half of the show is what makes this album great. Opening with Oscar Brown, Jr.’s “Brown Baby” and then Michael Olatunji’s “Zungo” and delivering a long version of another traditional song “Children, Go Where I Send You”, Simone makes a profound stand on the black musical tradition, drawing on her deep reading in Frantz Fanon’s auto-theory and Leopold Senghor’s ideas on n gritude to create a body of work that transcends jazz styles and critical pigeonholes. She was unique, but only because she drew on multitudes.” Brian Morton

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Just In Time
                  He Was Too Good To Me
                  House Of The Rising Sun
                  Bye Bye Blackbird
                  Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair
                  Brown Baby
                  If He Changed My Name
                  Children Go Where I Send You
                  Summertime [parts 1 & 2]

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