Juju & Jordash

Coffin Train (Unleash The Golem Part 2)

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Raised in Haifa, Israel, now located in Amsterdam, this duo of sonic explorers have had acclaimed releases on a host of cult labels like Psychostasia, Underground Quality, Dekmantel & many more

Having already released the incredible 'Release The Golem Part 1' and 'Jewsex' on everyone's favourite NYC label, the pair make ready with their most claustrophobic and menacing outing yet. The original version on the A Side stays in the same tempo territory as their Dekmantel classic 'African Flower' but concocts a much more spacious and heady atmosphere, reminiscent of Mark Gage's Vapourspce project. Side B takes us directly to the dancefloor, utilising the same bubbling bass sequence but transposing it onto a devastingly propulsive rhythm track, like the angry cousin of their 'Bleached Roots' and 'Powow' classics. A formidable force in modern dance music, at the height of their power.


A. Coffin Train
B. Coffin Train Getaway

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