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Psalms Of Yellow House

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Foreign Family Collective

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More than a collection of songs, “Psalms of Yellow House” embodies the culmination of a journey that is both artistic and deeply personal. The album stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of meaning and beauty. Each track is a psalm, a hymn that serves as a reflection of experiences lived and lessons hard-learned. These psalms are woven together into a narrative that is as diverse musically as the life that inspired its creation. The conception of the album began when Emile was living secluded in a farm cottage hidden in the mountains of South Africa’s Western Cape. Far removed from society, Emile was left to confront his innermost thoughts in stark isolation. Initially, the long-sought freedom was euphoric, almost spiritual, but this soon gave way to an overwhelming darkness. Trapped in a cycle of manic bliss and despair, compounded by a battle with substance addiction, this period inspired songs such as “Trouble Always Finds Me”, “Leave the City” and “Comedown King”. Newly in love and spurred on by a desire for change, Emile returned to the city to face his demons and rebuild his life. During this period, he reflected on his life and recognized that parts of himself needed to be cut loose to create room for rebirth. Turning to his music, he tackled the lingering childhood pains, strained relationships, and the challenges of embracing newfound sobriety through his songwriting. These themes are intimately explored in the album opener “Saviour Complex”. With his demons now behind him, light and hope began to flood back into Emile’s life. This resurgence of joy was amplified by the birth of his daughter, with fatherhood instilling an undying sense of purpose in his life. Grounded upon a foundation that transcends the self, Emile set out to complete the production of “Psalms of Yellow House”, marking a final goodbye to his former self and welcoming a new era. This transformation inspired songs such as “Don’t Cry (It’s Just Goodnight)” and “Blowing Away”. True to its namesake, “Psalms of Yellow House” is a journey through darkness into light. It offers a vulnerable chronicle of life that demonstrates how beauty, power and meaning can be salvaged from the depths of any experience.


1. Saviour Complex
2. Trouble Always Finds Me
3. Milk & Honey
4. Say You Will
5. Leave The City
6. Blowing Away
7. Comedown King
8. Don’t Cry (It’s Just Goodnight) 

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