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Brutal - 2024 Reissue

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Released in 1986, BRUTAL has never been reissued on vinyl until now. It features a dream cast: Sly & Robbie as BLACK UHURU's leader, Junior Reid on vocals, Tyrone Downie (Roots Radics) on keyboards, all mixed at Lion & Fox by RAS RECORDS fetish engineer Jim Fox.

In addition to reissuing this album in its original version, we've remastered the original soundtracks for both vinyl and CD to give this legendary album even more sparkle. 


Matt says: Classic 80s roots featuring Sly & Robbie which has remained unavailable on vinyl till now. The remastering sounds delish and it's another essential set for any reggae collector or selector.



1. Let Us Pray
2. Dread In The Mountain
3. Brutal
4. City Vibes
5. Fit You Haffe Fit


1.Great Train Robbery
2. Uptown Girl
3. Reggae With You
4. Vision
5. Conviction Or A Fine 

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