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Chore Of Enchantment - 2024 Reissue

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Fire Records

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Celebrating 25 years since the release of Giant Sand’s legendary ‘Chore Of Enchantment’, the panoramic masterpiece that was the turning point for the classic line-up featuring seasoned songwriter Howe Gelb and latter-day Calexico members Joey Burns and John Convertino from 1999.

Filled with mind-bending one-liners, customary offbeat instrumentation, echo fields and hazy horizons; ‘The Chore Of Enchantment’ is a songbook of Howe Gelb’s greatest songs. The high level production by the legendary Jim Dickinson, PJ Harvey foil John Parish and acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer Kevin Salem, a tour-de-force of Gelb’s unique oeuvre.

Highlighting their eclectic and esoteric career, this reissue celebrates the band’s magnificent, long and winding career. This 2xLP deluxe reissue features restored artwork and newly penned liner notes from MOJO’s Dave Henderson.

“A beautiful, emotionally complex album.” The Quietus.

Giant Sand have been the primary outlet for the stylistic curveballs and sun-damaged songcraft of singer-songwriter Howe Gelb. In four plus decades he’s managed to reinvent rock, country, blues, punk, garage, lo-fi, jazz, gospel, avant-garde noise and flamenco gypsy music with his impressionistic imagery and expansive observations of the world.


A1 Overture
A2 (Well) Dusted (For The Millenium)
A3 Punishing Sun
A4 X-Tra Wide
A5 1972
A6 Temptation Of Egg
A7 Raw
B1 Wolfy
B2 Shiver
B3 Dirty From The Rain
B4 Astonished (In Memphis)
B5 No Reply
C1 Satellite
C2 Bottom Line Man
C3 Way To End The Day
C4 Shrine
D1 Astonished (In Tucson) (Bonus)
D2 Dusted (In Tucson) (Bonus)
D3 Shiver (In Tucson) (Bonus)
D4 Punishing Sun (In Tucson) (Bonus)
D5 Bad (Not Good) (Bonus)

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