Giant Sand

Blurry Blue Mountain - 2024 Reissue

Image of Giant Sand - Blurry Blue Mountain - 2024 Reissue
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Fire Records

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Recorded 25 years into their career, Giant Sand’s 25th album is a gorgeous and much-celebrated collection of perfectly-crafted, personal songwriting from Howe Gelb. With the exception of one or two wonderfully abrupt and perfectly placed outbursts, it’s a gentle rollercoaster traversing the inner thinking of the why’s and wherefores of whatever, a meditation on time and the ageing process.

Musing on the record, Howe Gelb explains “On this LP I show off an acquired appreciation for the simple lyric. Kinda haiku at times, like flamenco verse, or the blues. I can focus more as it’s obvious there’s only so much time left – that has a production value all its own.”

Highlighting their eclectic and esoteric career, this reissue celebrates the band’s magnificent, long and winding career. This deluxe reissue features restored artwork and newly penned liner notes from MOJO’s Dave Henderson.

Giant Sand have been the primary outlet for the stylistic curveballs and sun-damaged songcraft of singer-songwriter Howe Gelb. In four plus decades he’s managed to reinvent rock, country, blues, punk, garage, lo-fi, jazz, gospel, avant-garde noise and flamenco gypsy music with his impressionistic imagery and expansive observations of the world.

“An album full of heart, soul, and wit, this music confirms that no one does quite what Howe Gelb can do with such remarkably innate grace and feel” AllMusic.


A1 Fields Of Green
A2 Chunk Of Coal
A3 The Last One
A4 Monk's Mountain
A5 Spellbound
A6 Ride The Rail
A7 Lucky Star Love
B1 Thin Line Man
B2 No Tellin'
B3 Brand New Swamp Thing
B4 Erosion
B5 Time Flies
B6 Better Man Than Me
B7 Love A Loser

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