Chaos Blooms

    First release for the new year on Polytechnic Youth, sees the incredible new record from POLYPORES. Stephen Buckley’s prodigious output shows no sign of either diminishing or lowering in standard, last year’s fabulous “Azure” full length appeared in many top 10 lists, notably with “Electronic Sound” magazine.

    “Chaos Blooms” is an exploration of chaotic and random elements within composition, performed on modular synthesizer. Its initial inspiration stemmed from a sustained period of listening to lots of Free Jazz; Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders, Miles Davis etc. As Stephen says “I was really enjoying the apparent chaos of the music, how it flowed freely like something from the natural world. The same could be said about a lot of ambient music, but that only tends to mimic the more pleasant and calming aspects of nature. Whereas- in reality, nature can also be unpleasant, discordant, even frightening. I wanted to make an album that explored that, using randomly generated voltages to control various aspects of the composition, including pitch and timbre.

    The problem random composition presents, is that too much of it basically becomes noise. There needs to be some degree of structure to it, some element needs to be repeated. At least to make it musically appealing in some way; so the trick here was to find different ways to tame that chaos, and to sculpt it into something which still resembled a Polypores record.”

    The finished results represent another wonderful record, dressed in a fabulous Solar-Collage sleeve and is released as a one-time, limited pressing of 500 on cream coloured vinyl. 

    Hologram Teen

    Géométries Insensibles

      The second of January’s brace of new Polytechnic Youth releases sees the return to the label for Morgane Lhote, with her post Stereolab project HOLOGRAM TEEN. A fabulous new 4 trk 7” EP entitled “Géométries insensibles” and released on pink wax in ace new Nick Taylor artwork.

      Morgane herself says of the project “the EP is the soundtrack to an imaginary 1980s dystopian sci-fi French movie in the vein of "Le Prix du Danger”, "Les Maîtres du Temps" and "Le Dernier Combat". The tracks follow the linear film narrative (at least my version of it!) of set up/conflict, "the chase scene", hope, and finding love. I kept the instrumentation simple and the songs short, with a handful of tracks and synths settings across the tunes, to keep a cohesive sound and narrative. it was really freeing to go for the "less is more" approach for once. That is until the last track which goes a bit "Xanadu" on you, but trust me, that's a good thing!"

      The EP, to these ears, recalls a passing nod to those early to mid ‘70s French cosmo-disco LPs, which at one point you’d struggle to give away, yet now fetch £50+ at Utrecht fairs- once thought as cheesy now highly sought after and in their own way, quite pioneering and often in whacked out, cosmic sleeve art. Regular PY (amongst others) art genius Nick Taylor reproduces this look perfectly for it’s sleeve, cemented further with the pink vinyl pressing…


      12" Record Storage Carry Case - Beige Fabric

        - Portable LP record storage carry case
        - Protective chrome effect trim on corners and all edges of the box
        - Hinged lid with 2 closing clasps and carry handle in matching colours
        - Holds approx up to 50 LPs / 12"s in their sleeves
        - 3.8 KG


        12" Record Storage Carry Case - Burgundy Fabric

          - Portable LP record storage carry case
          - Protective chrome effect trim on corners and all edges of the box
          - Hinged lid with 2 closing clasps and carry handle in matching colours
          - Holds approx up to 50 LPs / 12"s in their sleeves
          - 3.8 KG

          Midnight Sister

          Painting The Roses

            As Midnight Sister, multi-disciplinary LA artists Juliana Giraffe and Ari Balouzian make motion pictures. Yes, sometimes with moving images - but most often only with the music they create together. Balouzian’s serpentine, string compositions are movie scenes that allow Giraffe, a brilliant character actor, to cloak herself in a new roles and voices. A bit of Jon Brion’s score work; some old Hollywood strings; a solid dose of glam and outsider disco from 70s independent cinema. Any perceived artifice is always matched by an indelible human fingerprint, something perfectly off. Giraffe and Balouzian’s respective work in fashion, visual art, video and film scoring - along with the gang of virtuosos with which they surround themselves - all wonderfully coalesce as Midnight Sister. If 2017’s ‘Saturn Over Sunset’ was their collection of short films about outcast life in The San Fernando Valley, then their new album ‘Paining The Roses’ is the inventive, meta motion picture that cements them as auteurs.

            ‘Painting The Roses’ is in many ways a fairy tale -- not so much the sweet-and-happy ending kind as something richer, packed with imagination and rooted in the complex human messiness beneath a story’s artifice. Frontwoman Giraffe describes it as “this tightrope of being real yet synthetic, organic yet staged, light yet dark, logical yet irrational, beautiful yet dilapidated. Joyful nonsense.” Here, disguises like masks and paint are not meant to hide but to liberate, to “set a part of us free” and Midnight Sister often embody this themselves, appearing highly stylized, curious, warm and inviting but a little askew. ‘Painting the Roses’ is a story told through the looking glass, one where we examine ourselves in a funhouse mirror but find clarity in its twists.

            Giraffe travelled to visit family in Argentina during the making of the album and reconnected greatly with that part of her family history, art and culture. Balouzian created the core album opener ‘Doctor Says’ during a session in the desert outside of LA. The guitar, which reminded Giraffe of South America, has a slow, sweltering surf-tango to it, like Dick Dale doing Carlos Gardel. And even though the song was inspired by Giraffe’s reconnection with Argentina, the song is about the fading of some close friendships during the making of the album. “Man, you have changed,” Giraffe sings, unclear if it’s directed to a friend or to herself.


            LP includes MP3 Download Code.

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