Red Axes make a triumphant return to Phantasy with a further trio of expertly-crafted leftfield club tracks. Having produced several of the label’s best-loved club moments such as ‘Sipoor’ and ‘Sound Test’, the Israeli duo easily surpass their charismatic reputation across ‘Some Lights’.

‘Some Lights’ stomps forward to reveal the footprints of a rave giant, yet, even Red Axes at their most anthemic unfold the unexpected. Bleary-eyed chords stretch wistfully into the far-distance, as a male voice compounds the mood; “Sunrise”. Suddenly, the Axes pull the rug and reveal the howling club wolf hidden behind the sheep’s dress code, plunging dancers into a heavy trip of vintage rave chords and EBM-drum play.

The more psychedelically inclined will meanwhile find plenty to embrace in the wide, kaleidoscopic canyons of ‘Skulls’, a deeper-still groove machine that conjures up images of untamed sonic plains, Morricone-esque chords unexpectedly synthesised with psychobilin. Finally, ‘Professor Grasstov’ finds the duo loosening up into more playful form still, dragging the good name of this notable academic on a loose, breaks'y trip full of baggy energy (and complete with audible liquid experiments).


A1. Some Lights
B1. Skulls
B2. Professor Grasstov

With the UKG scene carving out it's niche, 1996 saw the all too brief, but much lauded appearance of the mysterious Mred Marquez for this excellent one-off release on Crosstown Records. Dedicating himself to the tougher, trackier & darker side of UK house and garage, this 4 tracker perfectly encapsulates his vision.

'I Release', opens with melodic chord stabs and heavy, warm analogue bass, swinging percussion drives the track on before a classic garage organ plays an unforgettable riff. 'I Realise' (Dub) strips it down and goes for a heads down vibe, a slammer of a track that never loses any of the original's devastating punch and potency. 'Nathalie X' brings the muscle, driven along by yet another monstrous speaker rattling b-line that builds and moves to an incredible peak, there's yet again top draw bumpin' drums and quintessential garage chords and keys. Lastly, 'Do Not Pass Go' is a classic sweaty basement jam. Gritty and more uncompromising in it's approach, banging kicks underpin the percussion that builds with those ever essential skipping snares and clipped hi-hats.There's hefty lo-slung bass throughout, whilst classic riffs and dubbed out chords lift the higher end.

This EP is sensational and a true rarity that every home should own, 'I Realise' has been legitimately re-released with the full involvement of Mred Marquez and has been remastered by London's Curve Pusher from the original sources especially for Mint Condition. 100% legit, licensed and released. Dug, remastered, repackaged and brought to you by the caring folks at your favourite reissue label - Mint Condition!


A1. I Realise
A2. I Realise (Dub)
B1. Nathalie X
B2. Do Not Pass Go

Rising Manc techno flame Kerrie follows up her first Cultivated Electronic release with the second part of "We Continue". The Eastern Bloc stalwart has been turning heads and moving feet of late, garnering priase from DJ Mag, aquiring some top drawer bookings at Freerotation and The Warehouse Project and kick starting her own label - Dark Machine Funk.

This vinyl only release displays more of her fearsom and arresting sound, lazer-etching it into our cerebrums and bodies through her highly electric outboard and punctuated with some of the hardest drum hits we've heard eminate from her studio thus far. That spring, elastic, narco-buzz-n-hum present, like electric cables flailing wildly at high voltage and sparking off in every direction. Kerrie's getting her synths to fizz and spit at almost rabid levels of aggression; while her stuttered, highly kinetic drum programm is irresitable to gyrate to.

It's another winner from this fast-developing techno veteren who having now turned to production and performance rather than just DJing is displaying crazy skills. Recommended. 


A1. Respect To The Drex
A2. Return To Nazca
B1. TT Drone
B2. We Continue

Peggy Gou

I Go

Released via Gou’s own Gudu Records, “I Go” is an incredible piece of club-focused electronic music and showcases a very different sound to previous single “Nabi”.

Where "Nabi" was a chiller killer on a Balearic tip, inspired in equal parts by Gou's memories of 80s/90s Korean pop and Erik Satie, "I Go" is all about the Kisstory Club Classics we've all enjoyed rinsing during the "home Berghains"-era of lockdown life. Both retain the hallmarks of Peggy Gou’s unique take on electronic music; at once both nostalgic and totally modern. But on “I Go”, the tempo, 808s and 909s are dialled right up for a self-motivating anthem that is set to soundtrack a summer when we can all hopefully dance together in our thousands again. Melodic, moving and packed full of period features, I go has the mood and thrust of Gat Decor's "Passion", the chiming beauty of Debbie Deb's "When I Hear Music" and the sonic purity of Madge in "You Can Dance" mode.


A1. I Go
B1. I Go (Instrumental)
B2. I Go (Acapella)

Ivan Mamão Conti & Grassmass

A Mina / Caatinga

Legendary master drummer Ivan ‘Mamão’ Conti teams up with Brazilian producer grassmass on two experimental funk monsters of the highest order that perfectly illustrate the Azymuth founding member’s constant desire to push his signature sound towards the future. Recife born/São Paulo based bass player, producer and founder of experimental label UIVO Records Rodrigo Coelho aka grassmass is not only a long time collaborator with influential names like Naná Vasconcelos, Arto Lindsay and Ivan Conti “Mamão”, but also hosts projects with some of today's brazilian edgiest talents Negro Leo and Thiago Nassif.

On the A-side "A Mine" packs serious bassweight and a rolling groove, coming on like an Innerzone Orchestra cover of some long lost MPB - I cannot imagine the damage this could do over a system. The flip's a lighter bite, serving a slinking discoid groove topped with all manner of fx fuckery for dance floor discombobulation. Advanced Brazilian music on Rush Hour's sister label New Dawn.


A Mina

After his excellent debut EP 'Dance Class', which garnered a lot of love and attention from many DJ's across the dance music world, Sangre Voss returns with a superb new 6 track EP on Al Zander's A-Z Records.

Ranging from slow, balearic rhythms to dystopian atmospheres reminiscent of Detroit Techno, equally perfect for both a longing summer's day or a recently reopened dancefloor.
Subtle yet diverse musical references and idiosyncrasies run throughout this six-tracker, which together create a unique, genre-blending style that really stands out.

Label boss, Al gives his own take on 'Bona Fide Friday', potentially the most club or House ready out of the lot, with its dramatic breakdowns and acid melody.


Mendl 15
ATC Penguin
Bonafide Friday (Al Zanders Edit)
All My Friends Are So Baroque
Brettes Sholden

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