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Time Is Glass

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With Time is Glass, Six Organs of Admittance is captured once again in the intricate tangle of the fretboards, soaring in open skies above. Like lens flare cutting through the speakers; spiderwebs cracking the windshield that holds back all the onrushing reality. Blowing the dust away, cutting a new path for cognition. As is always endeavored.... After 20 years of living on the road in different places, Six Organs of Admittance had returned home to Humboldt County — a far country, to some, but still part of the world through which creatures of all kinds are moving through and contributing to. And some of them are human. Alone together — forming connection and exchange out of thought and expression — no different from the people on the other side of the Redwood Curtain. It was there, where Six Organs had long ago emerged, in the name of everything cycling, of circles that spiral concentrically and remain unbroken, the new music was conceived.


Barry says: A startlingly focused and beautifully minimalistic recording of voice and guitar, showing the perfect juxtaposition of rhythmic guitar playing and soaring, swooning vocal work from Ben Chasny. An unhindered, unhurried gem.


The Mission
Slip Away
Theophany Song
My Familiar
Spinning In A River
Summer’s Last Rays
New Year’s Song

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