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Clouds In The Mirror : This Is Not A Safe Place Reimagined By Pêtr Aleksänder

    Ride handed the entirety of their highly acclaimed 6th studio album, ‘This Is Not A Safe Place’, to mysterious London act Pêtr Aleksänder, who stripped the songs back to just the vocals and added their customarily beautiful string arrangements, keys and synth textures beneath them.

    The results take Ride deep into the neo-classical / ambient territory that a couple of the remixes of their previous album hinted at.


    Coloured LP includes MP3 Download Code.

    Warren Ellis

    This Train I Ride: Original Soundtrack

      Invada Records release Warren Ellis’ score to ‘This Train I Ride’.

      The Australian musician (Dirty Three, Bad Seeds, Grinderman) has scored a number of high-profile films (‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’, ‘Hell or High Water’, ‘The Road’) and his latest score is for ‘This Train I Ride’, a documentary film directed by Arno Bitschy.

      The score is pressed on black vinyl and comes in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with the record itself housed in a double sided printed inner sleeve featuring liner notes by Warren Ellis and Brian Eno. Digital download card included.

      “My idea was to record, collate and produce the music on trains, in the spirit of the women in this documentary. Brian was so encouraging with this approach and told me about a train journey he had taken in the 80’s with no fixed destination. Over the next month I sat with my computer, loops, iPhone, Reface DX synthesiser and forgotten ideas and composed the music on the Metro and Eurostar and in various hotels while working on Ghosteen. I would send the pieces to Arno from the train, or wherever I was located, and he edited them into the film.” - Warren Ellis

      The film tells the story of women hopping freight trains around America. The film follows the life-journeys of these women living on the fringe in a rapidly changing country, in their quest for identity, freedom and finding their place in the world.

      Lightning Bolt

      Ride The Skies

        ‘Ride The Skies’ is the second album by Lightning Bolt and this re-release makes it available to fans for the first time since its original release. Compared to their first album it’s cleaner and tighter, recorded in studio rather than live. Lightning Bolt never fail to make magic, filling a space with loud, raw sound. Sounds of synth or guitar turn out to be bass and riffs become patterns, become a beat in the background, become a wall of noise, become a clear sound above it all. Lightning Bolt are known for the sound that truly comes into its own in this album. Recent Lightning Bolt re-releases seem to move as quickly as the Brians playing live, as old and new fans jump at the rare opportunity to finally get an old favourite in a shiny new jacket.


        Coloured LP Info: ‘Baby Blue Sky’ coloured vinyl.

        T. Rex

        Ride A White Swan - Picture Disc Edition

          The latest title in the successful T.REX Alternative singles catalogue.

          Taken from Marc’s own recordings and mastered in 2019 they are not mixed or re mixed or tampered with in any way.

          All royalties got to the Light of Love Foundation The Marc Bolan School of Music & Film. 


          Ltd 7" Info: Limited picture disc.

          Andrew WK

          I Get Wet - Vinyl Edition

            The fan favorite semininal debut by Andrew W.K on vinyl for the first time in close to a decade. I Get Wet includes the anthems “Party Hard”, “She Is beautiful”, “Ready To Die” & “I Love NYC”.

            The album comes housed in a completely upgraded gatefold jacket printed by Stoughton which includes spot gloss over the iconic bloody nose cover image to really make the cover art POP!

            Andrew W.K. has a mission—to dirty up rock & roll, literally and figuratively. And while that may seem a sizeable task for one man to shoulder, consider that the Michigan-reared screamer has devoted the whole of his debut album I Get Wet to ecstatic celebration of the id. It’s a heck of an idea, and it’s brought W.K. the fawning adoration of the British press who, after enduring years of ambient art-rock inspired by paranoia about technology (you know who we mean), are rushing to embrace W.K.‘s credo that everyone should party till they puke.

            W.K. stays on theme throughout I Get Wet’s 12 frenetic tracks—song titles like the aforementioned “Puke,” “It’s Time to Party,” “Party Hard,” and “Fun Night” pretty much make the point. But W.K.‘s more-is-more approach holds true of the music too—it’s cheesy new wave meets spiky metal but delivered with such self-conscious force that it’s almost bubblegum.

            Think of the gargantuan riffs of “Detroit Rock City” smeared with Flock of Seagulls-style synth while some manic propagandist hollers himself hoarse over top. I Get Wet has one setting—loud—but not since the Stooges has unmitigated hedonism, and just plain headbanging, seemed like a plan. Mighty members of the three-finger devil salute fraternity, your soundtrack has arrived.

            Ride are back with their second album since reforming — it’s titled This is Not a Safe Place and is out via Wichita. They once again teamed with producer Erol Alkan and mixer Alan Moulder, both of whom worked on 2017’s Weather Diaries, which came together quickly at the end of 2018. The first single is the sparkling “Future Love” which feature Ride’s lush, signature harmonies. They’ve always had a Byrds side to them and that plays out nicely here in a “Twisterella” kind of way. “Future Love is a song about the beginning of a relationship, when everything feels possible,” says the band’s Andy Bell. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: Ride were obviously one of the most influential bands in the shoegaze scene in the early 90's but since their reformation for 2017's ' Weather Diaries' have veered a little more towards the more stargazing end of the indie spectrum. Big rock choruses and catchy riffs work their way beautifully beneath the ever-hypnotic vocals of Gardner & Bell. A huge leap from their already brilliant 2017 offering, and another sign of Ride's essential place in our musical landscape.

            Bam! Escort scored a knockout punch a couple of weeks back with the uber-grooving city life, and now the NYC disco crew are back, bringing maximum heat to the 2nd instalment of their new 45 series! It's Rene & Angela meets modern funk on the A Side, with the slow-burning “Slide”. Sweet, soulful and beyond boogie, this jam packs a little Revenge reworking Michael McDonald filter-funk with a mega female vocal.  On the flip is “Ride”, a Mizell Brothers-inspired souljazz jam, with soaring instrumentation featuring the legendary Brian Jackson on flute! Cool as fuck folks.

            Dark Carnival

            The Last Great Ride

              Detroit High Energy Rock in its purest essence!!!! Niagara (DESTROY ALL MONSTERS) & Ron Asheton (THE STOOGES) among other great Detroit musicians recorded this killer album back in 1996.

              Now it is finally reissued on vinyl with two added tracks to the original vinyl release, remastered in order to get its purest sound, and new artwork courtesy of Mrs. Niagara Detroit and Mr. Colonel Galaxy. And guess what?

              This is an extension of Destroy All Monsters with absolutely killer guitars in line with The Stooges "Funhouse" with the unique stamp and signature of Mr. Ron Asheton.

              10 classic shots which need to be in your record collection right by The Stooges, Destroy All Monsters, MC5, Sonic’s Rendezvous Band, Radio Birdman, The New Christs, Bored!, etc. 


              Ltd LP Info: 150 grams vinyl, 500 copies ltd.

              The King Khan Experience

              Turkey Ride

                King Khan's adventures almost 18 years ago in the cities of Bordeaux and Berlin finely documented in music is finally going to get the vinyl reissue treatment.

                These recordings were made while King Khan galavanted through Europe's most hedonistic cities and collected a merry group of pranksters to make sweet sweet rock n roll with. And who else did he meet along the way? Sophie Crumb, the genius comic book cretin and painter extra-ordinaire. Upon Meeting Sophie, Khan had a mystical vision of a giant Turkey Ride with a human ass, and a couple of kids standing around it and staring at it. Sophie enjoyed this mystical vision and put some ink and some watercolor together and voila! Music and art twist the night again!

                This 13 song ode to bohemia is just what the doctor ordered, if the doctor was Timothy Leary and the nurse was Traci Lords.... hammana hammmmana hammmana!!!! Featuring Fredovitch (of the Sensational Shrines), Dan Ra and Spocko de Palma (members of Whitest Boy Alive)). 


                Waking Up In Another Town: Weather Diaries Remixed


                  Exclusive remix 2LP of the shoegaze pioneer’s first album in over 20 years, Weather Diaries, released in 2017 on Wichita Recordings to mass critical acclaim. The Remix's have been put together with love and care by fans and friends of the band, from Mogwai too Cavern of Anti-Matter, especially for Record Store Day.

                  Ride release their first album in over twenty years, ‘Weather Diaries’ on June 16th via Wichita Recordings.

                  Produced by legendary DJ, producer and remixer Erol Alkan, ‘Weather Diaries’ is packed with all the classic elements that made Ride one of the defining bands of the early ‘90s. Trembling distortion, beautiful harmonies, pounding rhythms, shimmering soundscapes and great songwriting all combine to make an album that’s ambitious in scope, timeless and thoroughly addictive. The album will be released through Wichita Recordings and sees the band reunited with label co-founders Mark Bowen and Dick Green, who worked with Ride during the band’s early years on Creation Records. It also brings the band back together with mixer Alan Moulder (Arctic Monkeys, Smashing Pumpkins, The Killers) who mixed their seminal 1990 album ‘Nowhere’ and produced it’s follow up ‘Going Blank Again’.

                  The revitalised four piece - comprising of Andy Bell, Mark Gardener, Laurence Colbert, and Steve Queralt - reformed and returned to the live scene in 2014, selling out headline tours around the world to a plethora of critical acclaim, as well as show stopping turns at festivals including Coachella, Primavera and Field Day. More than that though, the British music sphere especially has been littered with bands heavily indebted to Ride and their peers. The likes of The Horrors, School Of Seven Bells and labels such as Sonic Cathedral have ensured that shoegaze is a sound that's eternally relevant.

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  2xColoured LP Info: Limited clear vinyl edition.

                  Toy & Rose Elinor Dougall

                  The Half Remarkable Question/Ride, Ride

                    We played a night with Rose about a year ago at The Betsy Trottwood in Clerkenwell. The night was a folk night called called 'Meanwhile Back In The Forest' put on by our friend Will Hodgkinson. We did some Incredible String Band covers and an Anne Briggs cover. As well as a few of our own songs. We had great time doing it and thought it'd be fun to record a few of them at our friends Euan from Young Husband's studio in Greenwich. We did them over a 2 days all in the same room with very few overdubs. Charlie played a little flute at one point. We've all grown up listening to those records so it was really nice to interprete them in our own way and sing with Rose.

                    We recorded these songs over two cold days in January at Euan's studio, Static TV in Greenwich. These are songs all have us have always loved, and we performed them a couple of years ago at Will Hodgkinson's folk night at the Betsey Trotwood, so it was great to get them recorded. We did it all pretty much live to tape, which gives the whole thing the natural spontaneity of when we first played them.

                    Anne Briggs is a hero of mine so it was slightly daunting to step into her shoes, so I hope this is a fitting homage to her brilliant music

                    ‘The Half Remarkable Question’ is a cover version of The Incredible String Band

                    ‘Ride, Ride’ is a cover version of Anne Briggs

                    The album captures Andy and Richard at what they do best – improvising live in the studio with no script and no plan.

                    It is presented as four distinct periods of time of about 20 minutes in length – which are called Continuums. A journey through constantly evolving textures and instant song creation.

                    The trumpet creates live loops that capture breathy noises, snatches of melody and warped riffs through harmonisers and effects.

                    The Drums explore rhythms and textures, responding to, and driving the loops forward as they are filtered and mutated. Experience a unique ongoing musical conversation – A short ride on the arrow of time.

                    Wildest Dreams

                    Last Ride / Call To Prayer


                      This is the first taste of DJ Harvey's Wildest Dreams.

                      Waze & Odyssey

                      Ride My Junk - Squarehead / Chamboche Remixes

                      The fifth W&O Street Tracks release sees label bosses Waze & Odyssey open up their sizeable discography to two of their newest signings in Squarehead and Chamboche, who both remix early cut "Ride My Junk". Sheffield's Squarehead comes to W&O Street Tracks following releases on Wolf Music, Pet Records and Mannucci's Mistress that make him a perfect fit for his new home - something that's demonstrated further on the Six and a half minutes of euphoric garage house that makes up his lead remix. The well respected talents of Chamboche serve him equally well on an accompanying deeper revision that channels Carl Craig's Paperclip People project.


                      As I Ride With No Horse

                      'As I Ride With No Horse'... Like the title of a haunted western, a blurred movie watched by Chloe Raunet through the window of an East London house; a story following its own way, from the Midwest plains into the London smog, in the footsteps of Mark Twain's ghost. The images drawn from Chloe's diary reminisce of American roots, yet they tell us about the England of today. 'As I Ride With No Horse'... More than two years after 'No Head', BATTANT's second album is not, thank god, a record of static maturity: BATTANT have grown up, but their DIY sound is still that of « kids with special needs ». With an intimate and homemade writing (using a laptop and a creaking chair), the limit between lo-fi rock and electronic music is not being questioned. Neither is the link between a supposedly ‘rock’ band, supposedly ‘electronic’ producers (It's A Fine Line – IVAN SMAGGHE AND TIM PARIS) and a label which, for ten years now, has played at blurring the boundaries between all genres.

                      Here is a stubborn and confident record, with a sparse and sharp production, on a militant label. The only thing that really matters is the strong feeling that the music yields. 'As I Ride With No Horse'... Where a keyboard (vanishing into the void), a flute (rising back from childhood), a piano (everlasting), the (crisp) chord of an (electric) guitar only interfere when necessary, only when they see fit. They will not comply with the current idle logic dictating that all elements have to show up as a block, to fill a supposed space. The ‘block’ here, is riddled with bullets - it is giving in. And through the slits and cracks (them being experienced, dreamt up or arranged), the emotion threads its way. 'As I Ride With No Horse'... There are days when a record sounds like theatre, and BATTANT's doesn't shout. Sensuality over gesticulation, assertion over vituperation. Don't be surprised if, record over [short, restrained : 37 minutes], you feel you've been facing a real person. Well, two actually : Chloe Raunet and Joel Dever (BATTANT lost a member since No Head : Tim Fairplay moved on to solo ventures). BATTANT will make you hear, if not see, a space growing in tension. Chloe’s voice, clear and deep, rides at its own pace. The words snap, kick or not. Then Joel's guitar and keyboards build up defense walls around. Finally, scraping it all like sandpaper, It's A Fine Line's production corners the band into its essential, its maximum/minimal truth. Uppercuts and soft strokes take turns, The slim fish is served with its bones. The result is One, bare.

                      This is a record of wounded ditties (Dolls & Chains, Farmer’s Ode To Wife), British modern punk songs (Shutter), invitations to contort yourself (As I Ride With No Horse). Joel and Chloe are indeed riding an imaginary horse, decoding messages from lost airwaves (Clearcut, Pester). They are dusting a piano until they reach its insides, displaying its frailty (Scarlet). Harmonicas are sinking into dreams (Huble) then emerging in an oasis of tar, six minutes of a toxic layer (Fossil Fuel). Bravely and proudly, we are led to a final romp, sharp as a cutthroat molted from a thousands of subgenres [twee synthabilly ? Lo-fi batbox twist ? Retro Swing Wave?]. A final, pretty facetiously, called Being One. Precisely what no one will stop BATTANT to be.

                      Marshmallow Coast

                      Ride The Lightening

                      With a passing listen, this album sounds like sweet innocent orchestrated pop, but a closer inspection reveals much more. Songwriter Andy Gonzales takes his cue from sophisticated composers spanning several genres - Eric Satie, Thelonious Monk, Burt Bacharach and Os Mutantes to name but a few. The resulting songs are far more complex than your average indie-pop anthems.

                      John Mayall

                      Along For The Ride

                      This is, quite simply, one of Mayall's best albums ever. He uses some of the best guitarists in the business: Billy Gibbons, Peter Green, Johnny Lang, Jeff Healy, Steve Miller and Mick Taylor and some of the best Blues rhythm men around, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie amongst them, to produce a sparkling set of good rockin' blues tracks second to none.

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