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Indoor Pets

Be Content

    Indoor Pets (formerly known as Get Inuit) formed straight after leaving school in Sittingbourne, Kent, it wasn’t long before their effortless songs were attracting attention, with one of them making Record Of The Week on BBC Introducing and within two weeks Huw Stephens had picked up on the track.

    For the next few years Indoor Pets wrote and gigged incessantly, building up a batch of killer tunes and a devoted fanbase across the country. They did, and still do, everything themselves. From making the artwork to organising their own tours on the road, producing music, building their own stage monitoring system and even running their own finances (Simpson: “if anyone wants to spend any money they have to ask me,”). It’s a fiercely DIY ethic born less from punk principle as it was from necessity. “It was either do it yourself or don’t have it done,” notes Glass, “and we decided to do it ourselves.”

    Signing to Wichita Recordings, the band set about recording their debut album, a record seemingly full of a bottomless pool of great tunes. Familiar feelings of not fitting in or wanting to play the hand life’s dealt you are delivered with self-deprecating wit and Glass’ trademark use of double-bluffing word play. Think Rivers Cuomo and a pre-sandpit Brian Wilson bunking off school to play records and snigger at the cool kids. They’re smart, life-affirming and all contained within a thumping primary-coloured pop wallop.

    Cleveland, OH’s Cloud Nothings return with their loudest record to date. Undeniably one of the finest and most captivating live acts on the face of the planet, this record goes further towards capturing that power and intensity than any of their previous releases.

    The album was produced by legend of heavy music Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth, Oren Ambarchi, Marissa Nadler, Black Mountain) at Sonic Ranch in El Paso, TX.

    Weighing in at just over thirty minutes it’s a singular listen that reflects the band’s live tenacity - one that sees them surge through the tracks at a speed hitherto unseen on previous outings - the perfect antidote to 2017’s ‘Life Without Sound’.


    Barry says: Brilliantly dynamic thrashing punky riffs, angular math-rocky riffing and snarling vox, all brought together into Cloud Nothings' newest outing. Richly melodic but filled with unexpected twists and turns, forging an interesting and rewarding listen. Definitely one for blasting out at the skate park.


    Deluxe LP Info: Initial copies of the LP pressing will be housed in a
    mirri-board sleeve.

    Los Campesinos!

    We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed - 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition

      ‘We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed’ is newly remastered and available on vinyl for the first time outside of North America.

      Impressively, the album was originally released just eight months after the band’s debut and was the first album Los Campesinos! recorded with their now long-time collaborator John Goodmanson (Blonde Redhead, Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill, Wedding Present).

      The album’s title track has become something of an anthem in the band’s live set, providing a cathartic release as crowds singalong to some of the band’s best lyrics.

      Los Campesinos!

      Hold On Now, Youngster - 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition

        ‘Hold On Now, Youngster’ is the classic debut album by Los Campesinos! back on vinyl for their 10th Anniversary. Newly remastered and backed with a second piece of vinyl / digital download featuring covers and B-sides from the time of the album’s release.

        Recorded with David Newfeld (Broken Social Scene), the album features the band’s indie disco floor filler ‘You! Me! Dancing!’.

        The second piece of vinyl / digital album collects rarities including non-album singles ‘The International Tweexcore Underground’ and ‘We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives’, B-sides and covers of tracks by Pavement, Bikini Kill, Black Flag, Heavenly and more.

        The Goon Sax are James Harrison, Louis Forster and Riley Jones from Brisbane, Australia. Still in high school when they made their first album Up To Anything in 2016, their brand of awkwardly transcendent teenage guitar pop took earned them wide-spread critical acclaim.

        For album number two, they flew to Melbourne to record with James Cecil and Cameron Bird, respectively former/current members of Architecture In Helsinki, and 'We're Not Talking' shows how much can change between the ages of 17 and 19. It's a record that takes the enthusiasms of youth and twists them into darker, more sophisticated shapes. Relationships are now laced with hesitation, remorse, misunderstanding and ultimately compassion.

        Drummer Riley Jones really comes to the fore here, joining Louis and James in singing lead and writing songs for the first time, making the band the musical equivalent of an equilateral triangle (the strongest shape in physics).

        Delivering brilliantly human and brutally honest vignettes of adolescent angst, The Goon Sax brim with personality, charm and heart-wrenching honesty. 'We’re Not Talking' is a record made by restless artists, defying expectations as if hardly noticing, and its complexity makes 'We're Not Talking' even more of a marvel.


        Barry says: 'Up To Anything' was a revelation when it came in, brilliantly clever and melodic, but gritty and poetic at the same time. 'Were Not Talking' continues that legacy but with a bit more of a world-wise tilt, swapping out some of the major key melodies and psychedelic progressions for more solemn interludes, focused more on the nuances of songmanship than the youthful power of the debut. A brilliant progression from this Australian trio, and yet another reason why we'll continue to love The Goon Sax.


        LP includes MP3 Download Code.

        Simian Mobile Disco


        Simian Mobile Disco's fifth full length album, "Murmurations", features vocals from celebrated Hackney-based collective The Deep Throat Choir and sees the established dance duo further bolster their already impressive sonic portfolio with another thrilling nine songs done in their inimitable, stadium-pleasing electronic style.

        As perfectly pitched for headphones as it is for clubs, and named after giant cloud formations of starlings and themed around the stunning emergent behaviors that appear within them. To mirror these movements in the sonic landscape and visuals of "Murmurations", SMD’s James Ford and Jas Shaw also collaborated with creative directors Kazim Rashid of ENDLESSLOVESHOW (Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawk) and Carri Munden. Together with The Deep Throad Choir, they have created a sprawling, dramatic and expansive piece of work. The delicate and evocative vocal parts ride SMD's textured electronic structures and rhythms in ethereal and enchanted ways, while the long duration of the tracks truly absorbs the listener in their magic. This is some of the strongest work we've seen from the pair and a brilliant introduction to TDTC should they require the exposure. A truly accomplished album which finds Simian Mobile Disco in fine form. 


        Matt says: Simian surprise me endlessly by actually making a record I really like! The ethereal mix of haunting choir and SMD's shimmering soundscapes is evocative and cinenmatic indeed. Ace.


        Waking Up In Another Town: Weather Diaries Remixed


          Exclusive remix 2LP of the shoegaze pioneer’s first album in over 20 years, Weather Diaries, released in 2017 on Wichita Recordings to mass critical acclaim. The Remix's have been put together with love and care by fans and friends of the band, from Mogwai too Cavern of Anti-Matter, especially for Record Store Day.

          Simian Mobile Disco

          Attack Decay Sustain Release - Remastered Edition

          Formed from the ashes of psychedelic pop experimentalists, Simian, James Ford and Jas Shaw have been recording and performing as Simian Mobile Disco / SMD for over ten years and five studio albums. Over the course of their career, their sound has continuously evolved from record to record. Their continual re-invention can sometimes seem, from the outside, like a series of jumps, but that’s an effect of the process of releasing an album every couple of years. For the band, the process has been smooth and gradual, naturally following shifts in their own tastes and the musical landscape in which they found themselves. The sound however is distinctive enough to hold their body of work in a coherent whole.

          From almost accidentally surfing the blog house wave, with their much loved debut, Attack Decay Sustain Release; through their electronic pop productions on Temporary Pleasure; and what could perhaps be regarded as their magnum opus, the distillation of multiple influences and strands of UK dance and electronic music on the critically acclaimed Unpatterns; or their analogue/desert excursions on the more experimental Whorl and even the two sets of purely functional techno gear on Delicacies and Welcome To Sideways – all have what can only be described as SMD’s signature sonic aesthetics.


          2xLP includes MP3 Download Code.

          New Los Angeles Wichita Recordings signings Froth release their third album ‘Outside (briefly)’.

          Formed in Los Angeles in 2013, Froth first garnered attention with their debut album, ‘Patterns’. Originally intended as a small-run cassette release, the album quickly became an underground sensation in the Southern California music scene, catapulting the band to local fame and prompting a vinyl re-release in 2014. The following year saw the arrival of ‘Bleak’, a more dynamic, adventurous effort that matched lush shoegaze soundscapes with driving krautrock beats.


          Mine says: LA psych-pop-kraut-gazers Froth are back with their third LP, a fuzzy but melodic shoegaze pop outing that features some of their most experimental yet accessible work to date.

          Los Campesinos! release their new album ‘Sick Scenes’ via Wichita Recordings.

          “We recorded the album, co-produced by long-time collaborator John Goodmanson and band member Tom Bromley, during Euro 2016 in Fridao, Portugal. The album exists as a release of pent-up aggression, a document of both personal and societal malaise. But it’s also a celebration of just getting to be a band again, of getting to play music with our friends. Thematically the record is concerned with fumbling for personal relevance while trying to be a better person. Repressing anxiety and attempting to function while constantly maintaining the perfect two-beer buzz. It is set upon a backdrop of nonleague football, prescribed medication, and crumbling hometowns. These truly are the Sickest Scenes.” - Los Campesinos!


          LP includes MP3 Download Code.

          Not long after Polyvinyl Records released American Football’s self-titled debut album in 1999, the band called it quits, having only played a smattering of Champaign-Urbana college house parties and sets at small clubs like Chicago’s legendary Fireside Bowl before taking their own divergent post-undergrad paths. Such an inauspicious turn of events made what followed all the more incredible. Over time, the record went on to become one of Polyvinyl’s best selling releases to date, and ended up serving as “one of the single most influential rock records of its time” according to Noisey and many others. “No other flash-in-the-pan band seems to have connected so strongly and with as many people as American Football did,” wrote Stereogum. To most everyone that found them after the fact, the band was no more than an apparition. The record the only artefact left behind as a timeless snapshot of a group of individuals in transition, newly discovered each year by a fresh crop of music fans reaching a similar inflection point in their own lives.

          When American Football announced in 2014 that they would play live for the first time in 15 years, the built up appreciation for that eponymous LP physically manifested itself as they sold out 3 nights at Webster Hall in New York City in a matter of hours, and then went on to do the same at venues around the world. A quarter of a lifetime removed, and at times thousands of miles away from the house on the sleepy street in the middle of Illinois depicted on their debut album’s iconic cover, they found themselves playing to sold out crowds that numbered in the thousands in London, Tokyo, Barcelona and beyond.

          The forthcoming album American Football finds the band with new material that takes them on a serendipitous detour down a familiar road. It is replete with the swelling emotions that might be spurred on by locked away memories unearthed by a familiar scent or crack in the concrete, or the rush of warm apprehension when coming face to face with a lover left before the fire was close to going out. “The past still present tense”sings Mike Kinsella on 'Home Is Where The Haunt Is', but while the house on the cover and the title of the album are the same, they are made strange by time and new found perspective. “We’ve been here before,” he declares on album opener 'Where Are We Now?', “but I don’t remember a lock on the door.”

          At a time when reunions have become rote, American Football is decidedly an anomaly. There is no past glory to relive or reignite, nor the burden to branch out and break from a well worn formula. Seventeen years later everything still feels brand new, because for them it is. They are a band that for one reason or another closed the lid on their creative output just as they were beginning an unforeseeable upswing, and are just now after a stasis returning to uncork it with the benefit of greater maturity and better musicianship. The sound is even more expansive, the lyrics less naive and more world weary, the songs with greater depths to explore and layers to peel back throughout. “You can’t just forget all the other lives you’ve lived,” Kinsella sings, and every single one of the nearly two decades worth of experiences since they last put pen to paper as American Football seem to bleed through on this record.

          Health&Beauty are as proud as a dog in shoes to announce they have signed to Wichita Recordings, who will release their sixth full-length studio album, ‘No Scare’.

          Health&Beauty is the name under which Brian J Sulpizio has released music since 2003. The current lineup of the group has been playing together since 2012, featuring pianist Ben Boye (a constant collaborator since 2009, who also plays with Will Oldham, Angel Olsen and many others) and drummer Frank Rosaly (a regular collaborator with Peter Brotzmann and many other jazz and experimental music greats). This version of the group along with bassist Anton Hatwich, made up the band on Ryley Walker's ‘Primrose Green’.

          ‘No Scare’ is the most euphoric listening experience presented yet in the band’s catalogue, where darkness and light can't help but complement each other in the short comedy of the human experience.

          Owen, the acclaimed solo musical guise of singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Mike Kinsella, has made an astonishing leap forward with ‘The King Of Whys’, the first work in his two decade-plus career to be made entirely outside of the greater Chicagoland area.

          Produced by S. Carey over 18 days last winter at April Base Studios in Eau Claire, WI, the album is Owen’s most inspired and evocative thus far, interpolating a group dynamic into what has long been an intensely intimate sound.

          Songs like ‘The Desperate Act’ and ‘Sleep Is A Myth’ remain spare but with a distinctly outward shift in scope, their open-armed sonic range a perfect foil to Kinsella’s evocative explorations of marriage, melancholia and modern middle age.

          Fraught with hurt and wry humour, ‘The King Of Whys’ is a portrait of a restless artist grappling with doubt and ghosts of the past but searching for meaning through candour, creativity and an ardent need for emotional release.

          Globelamp presents her highly anticipated second album, ‘The Orange Glow’, released on Wichita Recordings.

          With a voice that can be either ethereal or savage, shimmery as California sunshine through the leaves of redwoods, or dark as a Washington rainstorm but always haunting, Globelamp sings of loss, longing, survival and the enchantments of nature.

          Globelamp’s voice has been compared to the likes of Stevie Nicks, Grace Slick, Kate Bush and Donovan and one can recognize the influence of the supernatural, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, psychedelic folk music and punk, but her sound is distinctly her own.


          LP Info: LP comes with a 12 page booklet and digital download

          Bloc Party

          Silent Alarm: Anniversary Edition

            “An addictive, pulsing and innovative record that confirms Bloc Party’s status as one of our most essential bands” - Drowned in Sound

            Celebrating the 15th anniversary of Wichita Recordings and the 10th anniversary of Bloc Party’s classic first album, Wichita reissue a special vinyl edition of ‘Silent Alarm’.

            This special edition includes a bonus 7” featuring ‘Little Thoughts’ / ‘Storm And Stress’.

            Already primed following the release of the transitional ‘Sunne’ and ‘Murasaki’ EP’s earlier this year - Cheatahs return with their second album ‘Mythologies’.

            Culled from North America, Germany and the UK, this multi-national quartet continue their journey following 2014’s acclaimed self-titled album. Ever evolving from their inception, ‘Mythologies’ is witness to a band that has developed in the interim - attributed in no small part to a touring itinerary that traversed the US in three-pronged aural attack with like-minded sonic souls Wavves and FIDLAR. Meanwhile, no less busy this side of the Atlantic saw triumphant dates with No Age and a seemingly never ending European jaunt with Metz which brings us to….’Mythologies’

            Recorded over the past year and in hand with their debut, ‘Mythologies’ takes in a vast array of influences whilst taking its name from Roland Barthes’ 1957 collection of essays on semiotics and myth. A rollercoaster of sonic thrills - the cinematic widescreen brilliance of ‘Channel View’, the motoric rhythms of ‘In Flux’, the cascading sonic beauty of ‘Freak Waves’ or the scintillating beauty of ‘Seven Sisters’ and ‘Signs To Lorelei’ before the seismic surge finale of album closers ‘Mysteci’ and ‘Reverie Bravo’, it’s a marked and ambitious departure….

            As the band says: “We had no permanent base whilst making this album and creating it in so many varied locations undoubtedly influenced us in a positive sense. We felt very nomadic and the sense of freedom inspired us to experimentation.”

            The newfound sense of freedom has inspired and certainly influenced the self-produced ‘Mythologies’. Recorded at various locations in London, Marc’s studio home, a monolithic high-rise next to MI5 headquarters overlooking the Thames (one floor above offices that once housed anti-terrorist units in the 60’s), a converted church in Ramsgate and the fabled environs of Chemikal Underground’s Glasgow studio Chem19.


            2xLP includes MP3 Download Code.

            The band continue to ignore the lure of lucre and bright lights and remain steadfastly in Sunderland, opening their own record store in the city’s redundant Tourist Office bringing much heralded impetus to the creative heart of Sunderland and it’s many like-minded souls. Amongst the artist who have supported their venture and played recently are The Vaccines, Franz Ferdinand and James Bay.

            ‘Decency’ follows 2013’s ‘The Days Run Away’ and sees the band continue their uncanny knack for conjuring up moments of introspective beauty whilst encapsulating the band’s ideals, both socially and politically. The pop suss that flowed through previous releases still reigns but ‘Decency’ embellishes those hooks and melodies creating some of the band’s best work to date.

            Recorded at the tail end of last summer at Leeds’ Suburban Homes studio with MJ (Hookworms) at the controls, ‘Decency ‘ also sees Futurehead Ross Millard on extra-curricular duty with guitar and vocal artistry making his recording debut as a fully-fledged Heartstring.

            Born and raised in Los Angeles, Girlpool are a Philadelphia based two piece made up of Cleo Tucker (guitar) and Harmony Tividad (bass). The two met at Los Angeles DIY venue The Smell and quickly grew very close.

            Their sound is raw, comprised only of a guitar, bass and vocal harmonies. Cleo and Harmony use this stripped-down instrumentation to accentuate their vulnerable and powerful lyrics.

            For fans of Waxahatchee, First Aid Kit, Breeders, Pixies, Sleater Kinney.

            “If rebellion had a sound, I imagine it would end up sounding a lot like Girlpool... It’s punk in the best sense of the word: fresh, raw, and uncompromising.” - Stereogum

            “It’s brilliant.” - The Line Of Best Fit · “Fever-pitch vocals, lo-fidelity guitar, and endless cool” - Pitchfork

            “A minimalist approach to writing urgent, non-conformist and catchy tunes” - The Independent

            “An arresting combination” - The Guardian

            “Armed with just two guitars, the duo reel you in with seriously catchy hooks and achieve more depth with these songs than any drum kit ever could.” - NME

            The bouncy, surf-esque qualities pitch Total Babes a million miles from their Cloud Nothings connections (the bands share the octopus-onamphetamine drumming of Jayson Gerycz), with ‘Heydays’ instantly presenting itself as a beachcombing ode to sweaty summers.

            Lead by the undulating basslines of Nathan Ward (Smooth Brain / Cruelster) and fleshed out by warped synth work John Elliot (Emeralds / Outer Space), the choruses are a masterclass in indie rock’s ability to shift perceptions - “I only want to be beautiful,” frontman Christopher Brown cries but it’s in their rough edges that Total Babes really shine.

            For fans of Cloud Nothings, FIDLAR, Wavves and Eagulls.

            Following two acclaimed EPs - ‘Coared’ and ‘SANS’ - as well as a double A-sided single, Wichita are very excited to present the highly anticipated self-titled debut album from Cheatahs.

            An exploration of the possibilities of modern guitar music. A blend of ecstatic noise, ambient drone and visceral, earsplitting alt rock. Lyrics that touch on the complexities of relationships, nature, the city, memory, dislocation and self-identity. Altogether, their self-titled record displays a giant creative leap from the lo fi fuzz of their first two EPs.

            Call it shoegaze, call it grunge, call it indie rock, but know that Cheatahs stand head and shoulders above all the other pretenders in terms of both tunes and intensity.

            The band have been on the road with their friends Metz and more dates will be announced soon. They have previously played with Dinosaur Jr, Fidlar, Wavves, Best Coast, The Cribs, King Tuff and Cloud Nothings, amongst others.

            For fans of Deerhunter, Swervedriver, My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr, Teenage Fanclub, Sugar, The Boo Radleys.


            Ltd CD Info: CD in deluxe digipack.

            Peggy Sue are far from your average post-folk band; they carefully craft together beautiful harmonies that glide over a sea of delicate guitars and piercing drums to create a coming together of sounds whose power is unlike any other. The songs possess an immense intricacy in their layers and details ensuring the listeners respond to their cinematic quality.

            In their own words, “‘Choir Of Echoes’ is an album about singing. About losing your voice and finding it again. Voices keeping each other company and voices competing for space. The call and response of the kindest and the cruelest words. Choruses. Duets. Whispers and shouts.”

            This, the band’s third album for Wichita Recordings, was recorded by Jimmy Robertson (the man who made the ‘Peggy Sue Play The Songs Of Scorpio Rising’ collection), and mixed by John Askew (who also worked with the band on their debut full length, ‘Fossils And Other Phantoms’).


            LP Info: 180g vinyl with folded insert and copy of the
            album on CD, and digital download.

            Ltd CD Info: Limited digipack CD.

            ‘Motto’ is the third album by Leeds trio Sky Larkin on Wichita Recordings.

            Recorded with long-term collaborator, producer John Goodmanson (Girls, Sleater Kinney, Los Campesinos!) in Seattle, ‘Motto’ showcases Sky Larkin’s unshakable ability to conjure immediately satisfying, vibrant indie rock.

            The album was written for the most part whilst Sky Larkin singer and guitarist Katie Harkin was on the road as a touring member of Wild Beasts, and it captures a typically varied set of themes as its inspiration.


            Ltd CD Info: CD available in special edition deluxe softpack

            ‘American Weekend’ is the debut album from Waxahatchee, originally released last year on Don Giovanni in the US.

            This album is more stripped down and lo-fi than its now highlyacclaimed follow up, ‘Cerulean Salt’, recorded over 8 days by Katie Crutchfield while snowed in at her childhood home in Alabama.

            This album may be sparser in sound than ‘Cerulean Salt’ but the songs are just as powerfully affecting, mediating on the highs and lows of 20-something life with a rawness that recalls the likes of Girly-Sound-era Liz Phair, Elliott Smith and PJ Harvey.

            “Katie Crutchfield has a way of delivering a line so casually that it takes a half-dozen listens to fully realise how devastating it is… the work of a songwriter skilled enough to make introspection seem not self-centered, but generous” - Pitchfork

            “The nakedness of Crutchfield’s music is the source of both its confidence and its vulnerability” - Spin

            “Rightly one of the most talked about artists at SXSW, for a tough but tender take on the singer-songwriter” - NME

            “With a voice and a talent for songwriting like hers, Katie has the potential to become a genuine great” - DIY Magazine

            ‘Sob Story’ is the second album from Heckmondwike, Yorkshire residing brothers Louis and Will Jones aka Spectrals. The record finds the band back with more confidence than ever.

            The album was produced at Decibelle in San Francisco by JR White, producer and bassplayer of the band Girls. JR had this to say of the recording sessions and resulting record: “With ‘Sob Story’ Spectrals have come of age. Our sessions found Louis and his writing at its most honest and direct. Our mantra while recording was always ‘make it exciting and cut the fat’. ‘Sob Story’ is the outcome of that and personally I could not be happier with the results.”

            The album’s songs draw on influences from Louis’ favourite musicians such as Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, and Dave Edmunds, as well as Galaxie 500, Big Star and Slade.

            Since the release of their debut album, ‘Bad Penny’, Spectrals have toured Europe with Best Coast, Girls, The Cribs, and Real Estate, amongst others.


            Ltd CD Info: CD with a special edition mini-gatefold sleeve.

            Best Coast

            Fear Of My Identity


              Exclusive limited edition 7” release for Record Store Day featuring two new tracks from Best Coast – the first new material since the band’s second album ‘The Only Place’, released last year on Wichita Recordings.

              These two tracks were recorded with Wally Gagel (Tanya Donnely, Juliana Hatfield) and are a return to the band’s infectious punk pop roots.

              Since the release of ‘The Only Place’ the band have toured extensively worldwide, playing their biggest headline shows to date in the UK and support shows with the likes of Green Day and No Doubt in the US.

              For fans of: Dum Dum Girls, Wavves, Vivian Girls.

              Limited to 500 copies for the UK and Eire.

              Swedish sisters First Aid Kit have gone from faraway teenage fans covering Fleet Foxes for fun to recording a blue series 7” of Buffy Sainte-Marie’s ‘Universal Soldier’ with Jack White in his Nashville, TN Third Man studios.

              This, their second album, was recorded in Spring 2011 in Omaha, Nebraska by Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Jenny Lewis, Monsters Of Folk). From the dynamic title track onwards, the sophomore album is a rich and stirring affair that expands upon the keen and sophisticated country tinged pop of their critically acclaimed debut.

              ‘The Lion’s Roar’ is a full band record, the Girls’ Father Benkt takes the bass, Mattias Bergqvist drums, while Mogis and Nate Walcott of Bright Eyes, and a cast of Omaha-based musicians round out the sound.

              Album closer ‘King Of The World’ features the Felice Brothers, just passing through town during the session, and local hero Conor Oberst, who sings the last verse.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              David says: First Aid Kit comprise two Swedish sisters, Klara and Joanna, who have seemingly spent their formative years wistfully watching their shadows grow long as the sun sets in the west, wishing themselves far away. Kicking up their heels in the dust of Texas. Sitting on a Tennessee porch, guitar in lap, with Cicadas as an evening accompaniment. Or, getting fitted for a nudie suit in North Hollywood circa 1969. Anything's better than the perpetual darkness of yet another never ending Stockholm winter.

              More than just another cutesy, country folk album, "The Lion's Roar" is the love child of Gram Parsons' "Cosmic American Music". Tracing its family tree from Fleet Foxes, past The Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers, stopping off for a slow dance with The Everly Brothers, before arriving home at Sun Studios with Johnny Cash in Memphis 1955.

              It's nothing new, of course, for musicians, especially young ones (and Klara and Joanna are frighteningly young) to reference their heroes in their own songs. The talent lies in being able to take something universal and make it sound like nobody ever thought to sing or play it that way before. Peter Buck, for example, was always bemused by the people who spent entire REM gigs watching him play guitar. "It's just G / C / D guys, G / C and D".

              First Aid Kit fans would be equally disappointed. Indeed, there are, after all, no new chords waiting to be discovered yet therein lies the inherent beauty of "The Lion's Roar". It makes something that could - and perhaps even should - sound tired and old sound like...well...sound like a Piccadilly Records album of 2012.


              LP Info: LP is pressed onto 180g vinyl in a gatefold sleeve and includes a download code for the entire album.

              Ltd CD Info: New CD version with one bonus track.

              The first single taken from The Cribs’ forthcoming fifth album, ‘In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull’.

              As with nine of the album’s fourteen tracks, the A-side was recorded with Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev) in his upstate New York Tarbox Road studio.

              Received rapturously on the recent run of UK live dates, showing no let up during its two minutes and thirty eight second lifetime. The band returns with an undiluted enthusiasm and a lust for new peaks.

              The B-side is a brand new song, not included on the album, which was produced by Ryan Jarman at Edwyn Collins’ West Heath Studios.

              Limited edition transparent red 7” vinyl pressing (500 copies).

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Laura says: The Jarman bros return with the first taster from their new album, and it's a short, shouty, rabble rouser of a track full of their trademark pop hooks.

              Second album from London's Peggy Sue, following their highly acclaimed debut (NME called them “head-over-heels brilliant”, The Guardian praised their “thrilling” musicianship and awarded the album four stars).

              Produced by John Parish (PJ Harvey, Sparklehorse, Giant Sand, Eels), the album finds the band moving away from the acoustic sounds of their first album to something heavier but just as subtle and beautiful.

              Features strings played by Mariner's Children members, Emma Kraemer and Becca Mears, as well as bass played by Marcus Hamblett (Laura Marling, Alessi's Ark, Sons Of Noel And Adrian).


              Ltd LP Info: LP is 180g vinyl and includes digital download code.

              ‘Bad Penny’ is the debut album from Spectrals aka 21 year old Louis Jones. Mixing ingredients of pop, soul, doo wop, and a garage rock ballad, it sounds vintage but current, while the Yorkshire lilt in his voice (a result of his hometown, Heckmondwike) places him firmly in the UK, rather than Detroit.

              Inspired by the music he grew up listening to as a child, from the Rolling Stones (the only CD’s his mum ever has in her car) to The Style Council, Elvis Costello and The Ronettes, it’s all “just about love really”.

              In eleven original songs, not heard on any of Spectrals previous tapes, 7″s or E.P’s, he documents his relationship with his girlfriend, who he has known since school, from the great to the not-so-good. “Love songs are the kind of songs I like” says the guy who once turned Beyonce’s Single Ladies upside down (‘Peppermint’) “‘not all of them are nice, but they’re all feelings I’ve had”. As if he wasn’t attached to these songs enough, Louis recorded nearly all of the instruments on Bad Penny, with his brother, Will Jones, the only other musician on the album, on drums.

              Recorded with Richard Formby (Wild Beasts, Hood, Telescopes, Spectrum) in early 2011, on Bad Penny, Spectrals’ knack for writing a great tune is more obvious than ever. “I just love these songs” he says “all I’d hope is for people to come away saying, ‘they were 11 ace songs’ or if there’s a a guy or girl getting messed about, that it makes sense to them. I’m not wanting to make out I’m a genius, I hate it when groups do that. People don’t like being talked down to, y’know? This is just songs”.


              Ltd CD Info: Limited digipack CD packaging with 12 page booklet.

              First Aid Kit

              Ghost Town

              Prodigious Swedish teenagers Klara and Johanna Söderberg, AKA First Aid Kit release their 3rd single from their debut full length "The Big Black & The Blue". The girls have furnished the single with another one of their beguiling cover versions this time tackling fellow Swede Fever Ray’s "When I Grow Up".

              Wichita Recordings announce the signing of Californian duo Best Coast and the release of their debut album "Crazy For You".

              Best Coast are 23-year old songwriter Bethany Cosentino and musical partner Bobb Bruno. Their sun-kissed songs of love and longing have been attracting much attention over recent months following a string of now sold-out 7” releases Stateside on the independent labels Group Tightener, Atelier Cuseaux, Art Fag, Black Iris, PPM and Eskuche. The only place you’ll find these rare gems now is on eBay.

              Over here, a hugely successful debut UK/European tour in May included a packed out show at Brighton’s Great Escape festival and culminated in a knockout performance at Primavera in front of 10,000 music fans.
              None of the songs on Crazy for You have been previously released on earlier 7-inches. For the album's sessions Cosentino brought in a collection of demos she had never sent to Bruno. 'I wanted the record to be something completely fresh and new', says Cosentino. 'I just felt like my first record needed to be really special'.

              Their LP was recorded at Black Iris, a studio in LA's Echo Park neighbourhood, and produced by Lewis Pesacov of the bands Fool's Gold and Foreign Born.

              Album artwork by David Rager, featuring Cosentino's cat Snacks.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              David says: When Phil Spector and The Shangri La's hear this album Best Coast's lawyer can expect a phone call, until then, enjoy the best album of the year so far. Awesome, as they say in that part of the world.

              Blessed with two songwriters in Rosa and Katy and with the addition of drummer, Olly Joyce, early last year, Peggy Sue have been working hard to further develop their unique sound whilst playing shows with Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling and The Maccabees amongst others.
              The band recorded the album with Alex Newport (Two Gallants), John Askew (The Dodos), Steve Ansell (of Blood Red Shoes) and Ben Lovett (of Mumford & Sons).
              'Fossils was recorded over a year in Brooklyn, Brighton and London. It is made up of entirely unreleased material because we wanted it to exist as a whole in the way that our favourite albums do rather than being a collection of songs. Most of the album is about endings in one way or another, the title refers to both the absences and remnants of those endings and the empty spaces in the artwork reflect this theme. It was created by Benjamin Phillips whose path we crossed a couple of years ago whilst we were all living in Brighton, he has been making artwork for us ever since'. - Katy Young.

              First Aid Kit

              The Big Black & The Blue

              Prodigious Swedish teenagers Klara (16) and Johanna Söderberg (19), AKA First Aid Kit, have been gathering fans apace throughout 2009 since the release of their “Drunken Trees” EP in February.
              Spending their formative years drinking from the fountain of American classics – everything from Buffy Sainte-Marie, to the likes of Conor Oberst – it shaped their way with song writing, arrangements and even the use of a second language. Audiences have been falling at their feet, enraptured by their pure, shimmering voices in harmony. Until now they have been rightfully praised for their astonishing cover versions, such as their infamous YouTube phenomenon of Fleet Foxes’ “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song”, but First Aid Kit are now unveiling some remarkable songs of their own. The first flourishes can be heard on this masterly debut album, built around the sweeping majesty and almost telekinetic, intricate weaving of their voices. Sounding like the dreamy and spectral nieces of the Indigo Girls or Michelle Shocked coming in from the campfire to settle at the Stockholm kitchen table, the Söderberg’s distil all of their collective influences and make them their own.


              LP Info: 180g vinyl.

              LP includes MP3 Download Code.

              The fourth studio album from a band once called 'the biggest cult band in the world' is the first featuring ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, who was recently confirmed as a full time member of The Cribs. Produced by prolific producer Nick Launay (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire, Supergrass), "Ignore The Ignorant" looks likely to swell the numbers of their ever growing loyal fan-base.

              "Temporary Pleasure" was recorded at SMD's studio in east London throughout 2008 and 2009, when the band weren't busy touring their live show, DJing and producing. As well as delivering the expected techy electro-dance tunes the record contains some staggering pop anthems, featuring vocal contributions from the likes of Gruff Rhys, Beth Ditto, Jamie Lidell, Chris Keating (Yeasayer) and Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip). A step forward from "Attack Decay Sustain Release", "Temporary Pleasure" takes SMD dancefloor sound to the charts!

              1. Cream Dream (featuring Gruff Rhys)
              2. Audacity of Huge (featuring Chris Keating)
              3. 10000 Horses Can't Be Wrong
              4. Cruel Intentions (featuring Beth Ditto)
              5. Off The Map (featuring Jamie Lidell)
              6. Synthesise
              7. Bad Blood (featuring Alexis Taylor)
              8. Turn Up The Dial (featuring Young Fathers)
              9. Ambulance
              10. Pinball (featuring Telepathe)


              2xLtd CD Info: Limited edition deluxe double CD comes in an embossed white tin and features four bonus tracks: "Flea In Your Ear", "Are You In The Picture?", "Babaghanoush" and "Do Not Exceed Stated Dose".

              A native of Washington, DC and now calling New York City home Lissy Trullie is both the name of the front woman and the band she sings in. In a year being characterised by female fronted electro-pop (with more than a passing eye on the 1980s), Lissy stands out from the crowd with timeless, fuzzy guitar pop that evokes the sound of new-wave, New York in the late 70s and early 80s and has seen her compared to such artists as Chrissie Hynde, Blondie and Television. What also makes Lissy stand out is her unique voice: a rich tenor with a distinct drawl, Lissy's voice is a remarkably arresting instrument and her vocal styling add another dimension to the songs. The band is knitted together by the water tight rhythm section of Josh Elrod's drumming, Ian Fenger's melodic bass lines and Lissy's stabs of rhythm guitar, with lead guitarist Eben D'Amico providing the flourishes. Tracks like "Boy Boy", "She Said" and "Money" are all nuggets of spiky, new wave brilliance, but it's the EP's title track that really marks Lissy out as a song writer par excellence. At the two minute mark "Self-Taught Learner" makes a quite extraordinary turn, breaking into a rousing two minute crescendo of piano and Motown bass with Lissy repeating the lyric 'Oh, I want to die with you'. When the band play the song live, it's a real raised hairs on the back of your neck moment. The EP closes with the band's much revered cover of Hot Chip's "Ready For The Floor", with Lissy's voice sounding at its most beautiful and adding new layers of warmth to the track.

              As you've probably guessed from the title, this is the second release in the excellent Shred Yr Face singles series, released to coincide with the tour of the same name. This time around, The Bronx give you their take on a classic by another hard-living LA-based group, The Gun Club. Anyone that has heard The Bronx's versions of Neil Young's "Needle And The Damage Done" or Warren Zevon's "Carmelita" knows that a cover from these dudes is always a hot prospect, and they do not disappoint with "She's Like Heroin To Me". Fucked Up present a raw blast through a little known US punk-rock classic from 1977, "Son Of Sam" by Chain Gang. And Rolo Tomassi deliver a typically intense blast or Melt Banana-esque noise in the form "Apocalypso '09".


              Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition transparent red vinyl, exclusive to indie shops!

              The Swedish duo First Aid Kit comprises sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg (born 1990 and 1993, respectively), hailing from Enskede, a suburb south of Stockholm. Yes, they are very young, but the pure music they create speaks of bygone times and old souls. The emphasis is on narrative lyrics accompanying playful melodies with intense, dense harmonies. At 13, Klara was given her first guitar, and the sisters started playing music and composing songs together in the spring of 2007. The first lyrics, melodies and harmonies came quite quickly. Then came another song. And another. And another. The music has the feel of forest folk songs, full of enchanting storytelling, and a sense of compelling, ancient mystery. Their music has much in common with artists like Devendra Banhart, Bright Eyes, Joanna Newsom, Karen Dalton or The Carter Family.

              Greg's words on the album: 'Frustrated with new methods and mindset in recording technology I threw up my hands and built my own analog recording studio. My last album, Blood Is Trouble (as well as the first Espers record) was recorded on a 1⁄2" 8 track machine. Eventually I was able to upgrade to an MCI 2" machine and professional recording console which have allowed for better sound quality and greater experimentation. Having a home studio has allowed me to record and produce albums at a comfortable pace consistent with my own levels of inspiration. Key to the album's sound was the acquisition of a vintage Mellotron keyboard. The Mellotron is doubtless my spirit animal in instrument form and is certainly one of the main inspirations behind "The Hive". No other instrument conveys the characteristics of hive insects as well as this legendarily warbley tape based sampler. "The Hive" is primarily a response to the atmosphere of apocalypse that permeates the lives of those who are open and receptive to their environment (not to mention the general global condition). That's not to say the album's entirely about misery and despair. Quite the contrary; I have a good amount of fun trolling through the backwaters of my own dank grey matter (often darkly comical), and each of these songs have multiple meanings, so glean from them what you will. It also contains a cover of Madonna's "Borderline", my first recorded cover since tackling Cat Power's "King Rides By" on "Fire In The Arms Of The Sun". This was meant to be a future Espers release but I got antsy waiting for the next covers record to come about so here it is (after three years of simmering on my mental back burner).'

              After they released the brilliant debut album "Attack Decay Sustain Release" to rave reviews in 2007 we've been eagerly waiting for new nuggets of golden goodness from SMD. Now they're back with "Sample and Hold", the remix album of the debut long player, guaranteed to make sure our summer selection includes at least one SMD track – in either original or remix form! Hand picked by Jas and James, the remixes on the album come courtesy of some of the finest DJs and producers that SMD have encountered on their worldwide travels. Long time avid music followers, the boys saw the opportunity to make contact with some of the people they'd been fans of for a while, like DFA's Shit Robot and Simon Baker - who's version of Sleep Deprivation is now a regular feature in SMD's DJ set. Featuring friends Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve (Erol Alkan and Richard Norris) and French producer Joakim the boys got to finally hook up with mates they had long admired. Other remixers includes Cosmo Vitelli, Invisible Conga People (from Italians Do It Better) and DC Recordings' psyche-master Oscillation. The set brings together tracks that chop up minimalist techno, decadent disco, dark dubstep and wonky electronic beats - the album is bound to start any party and end it with an almighty bang.

              Bloc Party

              Hunting For Witches


                Tight, tense agit-pop that mixes power and passion with melody and poetry to stunning effect. Smart.

                Blood Brothers

                Lazer Life

                Limited edition 7" taken from their "Young Machetes" album. This warped electro-glam stomper is backed with "Street Wars / Exotic Foxholes (Gaja Remix)" on the B-side.

                This follow-up to their explosive debut has all the super-tight, rhythmnical power, waywardly-nagging melodies, and fierce sense of originality that set Bloc Party apart from the rest of the New Post-Punkers. It also has their special, X-factor (not the show!) ingredient: Kele Okereke's voice. It is stunning, passionate, and this time he's really gone for it lyrically, with a themed record chronicaling youthful dislocation, alienation, fear, love, heck EVERYTHING, and making the confusion sound as delicious as it's delerious. With it's beefier sound, courtesy of U2 and Snow Patrol producer Jacknife Lee, and the aforementioned poeticism, this record will thrill anyone who's already a fan, and intrigue any newcomers.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                Ltd LP Info: Very limited edition picture disc.

                Bloc Party

                The Prayer

                "Prayer" is the first single to be taken from their hugely anticipated new album and if this single is anything to go buy it's a step forward sonically from "Silent Alarm". The drums take a prominent position in the mix, maintaining a relentless beat over which crushing guitars and various effects magically weave their way, and the amazing production pushes Kele's vocals to the fore and they sound amazing.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                Ltd 7" 2 Info: Limited 7" part 2 includes "Version 2.0" on the B-side.

                Ltd 7" Info: Limited 7" part 1 comes in gatefold sleeve and includes "England" on the B-side.

                Blood Brothers

                Set Fire To The Face On Fire

                "Set Fire To The Faces On Fire" is a feisty blast of pummelling drums and crunching guitars driving the Jane's Addiction-esque rhythm forward while the dual vocals whoop and wail over the top.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                7" Info: The 7" includes "Laser Life (Nick Zinner Remix)" and "Nausea Shreds Yr Head (Gaja Magic Remix)".

                This is the third album by the Swedish trio but they've only really come to our attention thanks to their cute (but clever) "Young Folks" single that's had all sorts coming into the shop wanting a piece... and not just post Belle And Seb oldies, but t'Youth aswell! But this band do tick the right boxes. And not in an arsey, slavish way: this is as playful and flitty as it's well-crafted and intelligent. As befits an erstwhile librarian, a jazz drummer and an established record producer, the sound skips across folk, punk and skinny-assed funk with a Beta Band-ish randomness belying a tangible pop nous underneath. Peculiar, catchy, Scando-Pop!

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                2xLP Info: A limited collectors edition gatefold double vinyl of Peter, Bjorn & John’s classic "Writers Block" album, complete with bonus vinyl featuring rare and exclusive demos and alternative versions. 500 copies only

                Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

                In This Home On Ice

                Everybody's new favourite North American art-rockers return with another killer single.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                Ltd 7" Info: The limited edition 7" includes "Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood (BBC6 Gideon Coe Session)".

                The Cribs

                You're Gonna Lose Us

                As the twilight of 2005 nears, The Cribs finish off in style with this limited edition single.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                Ltd 7" Info: Limited 7" part 1 includes "The Wrong Way To Be (Live @ Reading ‘05)" and comes packaged in a box that fits all their single releases to date.

                Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

                Is This Love

                A great slice of unhinged pop from the latest 'next big things' outta Brooklyn. Distinctive fractured vocals over a see-sawing backing vocal and galloping guitar and drum rhythm. They've been compared to everyone from Talking Heads to Neutral Milk Hotel, and somewhere in this track I can hear a bit of The Walkmen too (but maybe that's just me?!)

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition 7" includes "Heavy Metal". SIGNED COPIES - ONE PER PERSON! 5 ONLY!

                Bloc Party

                Two More Years

                Brand new material from one of this years best bands.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition green vinyl includes "Hero" on the B-side.

                CDS2 Info: CD2 includes "Hero" plus the videos for "Two More Years" and "Banquet (The Streets Mix)". Just found one copy! FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!

                Bloc Party

                Banquet (Phones Disco Edit)

                Limited edition sampler for the "Silent Alarm Remixed" album. Features both the original version and the 'Phones Disco Edit' of "Banquet".

                The boys from Wakefield are on a roll...2005 has seen a re-energised trio emerge unscathed from their first album campaign last year onto a new plateau with the forthcoming 'difficult' second album syndrome swiftly being dispatched with a bottle to the head and a knee in the groin! Fantastic hooky pop, with hints of everything from Supergrass to The Strokes.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                2xLtd CD Info: This limited edition version comes in special packaging and includes a bonus live disc.

                The Cribs

                Mirror Kissers

                The second taster for the album "The New Fellas". The track has been proving a live fave on the band's recent live excursions. Great hooky pop, like Supergrass' rowdier kid brothers!

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                CDS Info: The CD single includes "Modern Way" and "Direction (Live In Hamburg)".

                The Cribs

                Hey Scenesters

                Never ones to associate themselves musically with anyone or anything in particular, "Hey Scenesters!" sees the Cribs launch headlong into their own take of edgy, slightly askew pop brilliance. The result of a somewhat unlikely pairing of the trio ensconced in the studio of one Edwyn Collins and it is he who has cast his production skills over "Hey Scenesters" and the band's forthcoming album - slated for a May release.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                Ltd 7" 2 Info: 7" part two is backed with "You're Gonna Lose Us".


                What About Me

                The Cribs are the prime exponents of gonzoid rock, a genre of their own making; ramshackle at times maybe, but a band who craft mighty scuzz-pop gems. "What About Me" is taken from the band's self-titled debut. The song runs in right on the golden three minute barrier. It's another tale of love-gone-wrong and sticky romance in the sticks.

                The Cribs

                You Were Always The One

                Following the release of their limited edition debut single at the end of 2003, youngsters The Cribs have been tipped by Radio 1 and NME as one of the bands for this year. This two track EP was recorded at Toerag studios and features "Songs From Practice 1".

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                7" Info: Limited edition pink vinyl 7".

                The Cribs

                Another Number

                Debut release from this Wakefield trio. Limited edition 7" only recorded at the legendary Toerag Studios. Raw, garagey rock, and a tune The Strokes'd be proud of!

                Northern State

                Dying In Stereo

                Wicked debut LP from this Long Island, NY based female hip hop trio. Their MC style is influenced by the Beastie Boys, and they bring a similar freshness, fun and NY cool to their tunes. This LP sounds exactly like you hoped it would!

                The Pattern

                Nothin Of Value

                Second single from the "Real Feelness" album. Includes a cover of The Grateful Dead's "Cream Puff War".

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                CDS Info: The CD single also includes "Abigail" and the video for "Nothing Of Value".


                Read Music Speak Spanish

                Debut album from Bright Eyes' frontman Conor Oberst's new rock project. Think Pixies, At The Drive In and Dinosaur Jr.


                On The Blink

                The sound of machines disintegrating... or making music all on their own. Four tracks that range from subtle musicality to whirr-click abstraction.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                CDS Info: The CDS comes in a cool techy see-through case with a lever to eject the CD - looks like something you'd find in Muji - mmmm!

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