Carpet Ride

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Space Grapes

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Tasty little 7" from Space Grapes and Jambonne here; the label's continuing desire to press new, exciting disco and boogie ina P&P, Mancusso-friendly style has been a winner with Piccadilly customers and the record buying public as a whole.

Here we get more bustlin' NY-flavoured disco with nice wooden drums, bright brass and a bass with its belt unbuckled. The big chorus line : 'if you wanna go...' is as anthemic as you like and'll sit alongside any high grade '78-'79 number with confidence.

"Touch Down" follows suit; that classic production style prominent as ever as catchy guitar chops and space-age Moog line cut through the groove. It's an instrumental number, but hard hitting as funky as you like; perfect for the post-peak moments when the crowd are fully lumbered up and loose as you like.

Unmissable for modern disco spinners, collectors of the genres or anyone who likes to have a dance around the dinner table on a Saturday night! Highly recommended. 


Matt says: I miss these every time and end up kicking myself for weeks. Be more like Pasta Paul and bag yourself some authentic, traditional sounding NEW disco which kicks, bumps and grooves as good as any of the rest! Loft-ready and full of warmth; who said the old ones are the best?


A. Carpet Ride
B. Touch Down

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