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Louis Cole

Quality Over Opinion

    Louis Cole is a singer-songwriter and sickeningly talented multi-instrumentalist with a strong DIY aesthetic from Los Angeles, California. He is on a mission to create deep feelings through music and is the figurehead of an LA jazz-adjacent scene that includes Genevieve Artadi (with whom Cole co-founded the alt pop / electrofunk band Knower in 2009), Sam Gendel, Sam Wilkes, Jacob Mann, Dennis Hamm, Pedro Martins and more. He will release his new album “Quality Over Opinion” on 14th October 2022 on Brainfeeder Records.

    20 tracks deep, it was written, performed and produced on his own in his modest home studio, but Louis did invite a handful of close friends to contribute, namely Genevieve Artadi (“my no.1 music collaborator”); saxophonist Sam Gendel – Cole’s friend for 17 years; pianist Chris Fishman; Nate Wood from the band Kneebody; Marlon Mackey (“a pillar of the Bakersfield music scene”); and guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel. “This album is a representation of me trying to make the best, most powerful and listenable music I can. For myself and also others,” he says.

    Louis’s main instrument is the drums and he has a background in jazz although the music he writes bears little resemblance to jazz in any pure or classical sense. His connection to the movement is more conceptual: “The root of jazz is pure freedom… no limits… just what you’re thinking right at that moment… a pure blast of limitlessness”. Accordingly Cole’s touchstones for “Quality Over Opinion” include boundary-pushing composers such as Gustav Mahler and György Ligeti alongside jazz icons like Miles Davis, the Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah, Morten Lauridsen (distinguished professor of music and American Choral Master) and Super Mario Kart. “There is no continuous thread of a story on this album, each song expresses its own moment in my life and time,” explains Louis. “I was inspired by joy, pain and the constant mission to pull something out of life around me”.

    New single ‘I’m Tight’ arrives hot on the heels of ‘Let it Happen’ – “a timeless modern power ballad classic” released earlier this month. In contrast, ‘I’m Tight’ is a sleek, laser-focused Funk rocket, based on an utterly irresistible bassline. “It comes from me recording about 100 different cells of funk, choosing my favorite ones and quilting them together into a song,” says Louis. “I had to practice the bass part a lot for this one,” he adds, smiling.

    Cole’s insane musicianship is no secret – he’s been sharing performance videos on YouTube for a decade – growing a dedicated fanbase who appreciate both his craft and off-the-wall style. Drums, bass, keys… he has a monk-like attitude to practice and perfecting his art. Thundercat describes him as “one of Los Angeles's greatest musicians” and earlier this year invited him to play drums on his recent tour of Japan. The pair have frequently written together including on the aptly titled ‘I Love Louis Cole’ from Thundercat’s Grammy-winning album “It Is What It Is”, ‘Bus in the Streets’ and ‘Jameel’s Space Ride’ (from Thundercat’s 2017 opus “Drunk”) and ‘Tunnels in the Air’ for Louis’ 2018 album “Time”. Flying Lotus has also expressed admiration for Louis, calling him “super inspirational” during the writing of his 2019 album “Flamagra”.


    A1. Quality Over Opinion
    A2. Dead Inside Shuffle
    A3. Not Needed Anymore
    A4. Shallow Laughter
    A5. Bitches (feat. Sam Gendel)
    A6. Message (feat. Chris Fishman & Nate Wood)
    B1. Failing In A Cool Way
    B2. Disappear
    B3. I’m Tight
    B4. True Love
    C1. Planet X
    C2. Let Me Snack (feat. Marlon Mackey)
    C3. Forgetting
    C4. Park Your Car On My Face
    C5. Don’t Care (feat. Genevieve Artadi)
    D1. Laughing In Her Sleep
    D2. Outer Moat Behavior
    D3. When (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel)
    D4. Let It Happen
    D5. Little Piano Thing

    J Cole

    The Off Season

      The Off-Season is the sixth studio album by American rapper J. Cole. The album was executive produced by Cole, Ibrahim Hamad, and T-Minus. It features guest vocals from Morray, 21 Savage, Lil Baby, Bas, and 6lack. 

      This time sees Cole relaxing a little from the incendiary fire of 'KOD', with things getting a little looser in the production front too. It's a fine line between sloppy and laid-back, and though 'Laid-back' was never something Cole could come close to, on 'The Off Season', we get a little more of the unhurried production that could easily veer into the more loose side of the hip-hop spectrum. 
      There are moments of Cole's trademark drive though, with both 'My Life' and 'Applying Pressure' acting as superb grit ofsetting the more languid offerings. It's yet another wonderful outing from Cole, and one that will surely go down as a turning point in his already considerable skillset.  


      Matt says: Hydraulic subs, rapid-fire trap beats, that guttural east coast drawl; the busiest (and richest) rapper in the business returns with masterpiece no. 6


      Side 1
      1. 95 South (3:17)
      2. Amari (2:30)
      3. My Life (3:31)
      4. Applying Pressure (2:59)
      5. Punchin' The Clock (1:54)
      6. 100 Mil' (2:45)

      Side 2
      1. Pride Is The Devil (3:40)
      2. Let Go My Hand (4:26)
      3. Interlude (2:14)
      4. The Climb Back (5:00)
      5. Close (2:33)
      6. Hunger On Hillside (4:04)

      BJ Cole And Dave Eastoe

      Daydream Smile

        BJ Cole is back with first original music in years....and it is HAWAII'AN! Featuring guitarist Dave Eastoe and special guests this one is special. So after over 50 years in music, what has B.J. Cole left to achieve? Award winning multi-instrumentalist B.J. Cole, began his career gigging with Irish Country bands on the US Airforce bases around the UK in the ’60’s. He went on to be a founder member of the psychedelic Country Rock band COCHISE, who recorded three albums for United Artists and shared stages with Hawkwind and a demo studio with Elton John. After working with EJ on ’Tiny Dancer’, BJ became established on the British recording session scene and went on to record with most of the greats of popular music, including: Steve Marriott, Scott Walker, Dave Gilmour, Dave Edmunds, Albert Lee, Gerry Rafferty, Sting, Bjork and on and on: and continues to do so to this day. As a recording artist, BJ has covered most of the stylistic territories, beginning with the psychedelic prog of 1972s ’The New Hovering Dog’ for United Artists, and then a hiatus due to the demands of his busy session career. Until 1989 and his breakthrough ambient album for Joe Boyd’s Hannibal Records, ’Transparent Music’, that combined Enoesque soundscapes with lush arrangements of Debussy, Satie and Ravel.

        Not content with dragging his Pedal Steel into the Concert Hall; BJ then sought out new territory in the world of Electronica, BJ worked with such leading lights of that genre as Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and Luke Vibert, which resulted in his groundbreaking 2000 album for Astralwerks / Cooking Vinyl, ’Stop The Panic’. Since then, BJ’s records have been largely experimental, and designed to expand the musical remit for the Pedal Steel, boldly going ever more deeply into the territories of Jazz and Classical Music; and then ...Where? Well, back to his roots of course. To his passion for the lyricism of Hank Marvin’s guitar, Santo & Johnny’s ’Sleepwalk’ and the music of the Hawaiian Islands, the sounds that ignited his musical flame. So who is Dave Eastoe? Dave is a great musician, a magician, a dabbler in essences, most which he found in his frequent sojourns in the Hawaiian Islands; a place and culture that he deeply loves. But to BJ’s great good fortune, he is the right person at the right time.

        BJ and Dave write intuitively together and Dave can play the Hawaiian Slack Key guitar style like a native. The musical chemistry between BJ and Dave is what makes this record possible. So what’s the big deal about Hawaiian Music? Without going into too much historical detail, the music of Hawaii was a smash around the World from its introduction into mainland United States at the beginning of the 20th Century, until it was eclipsed by rock ’n’ roll in the late 1950s. Hawaiian musicians brought steel string guitar madness to the United States and helped to lay down the musical culture that influenced the evolving styles of American popular music, the blues, western, cowboy and country music. And of course, without Hawaiian music, crooning would never have happened. Above all, ‘Daydream Smile’ is a statement by two friends who have a love for the music and culture of the Hawaiian Islands. It may not be particularly authentic, but it is passionate. It’s about time that the music of Hawaii was properly recognised for the vital role it played in the development of Americana and in the history of American popular music. Dave Eastoe: A lifelong musician / composer, Dave turned his skills to sounds and music that influence consciousness and states of being. During the 1980s he created 16 albums of music for this purpose, sold in the UK and Europe, then travelled widely with Tibetan singing bowls and Sonic therapy workshops, featuring on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Afternoon Shift’, then ending up in Hawaii where over 12 lengthy visits he found the local Slack Key guitar styles and the spirit of that music infused itself into his playing. Whilst developing a deep love for this musical form, Dave began making recordings, only too aware perhaps of their cultural and geographical displacement in the UK, and was very happy to find his old friend BJ interested in creating a project based on Hawaiian themes. 


        01 Slinky Hula Heaven
        02 Down In Old Hawaii
        03 Tipsy Doodle
        04 Daydream Smile
        05 Little Gem Waltz
        06 Waltz Of The Dolphins
        07 Paniolo Song
        08 Muscle Beach
        09 Blue Aloha 

        This week's Ronseal award goes to Cole Odin for the lush and perfectly titled "Warmth" EP, a much needed dose of mid afternoon sun in the week my boiler broke down. On A-side cut "This Kitchen Is For Dancing", Cole is in full Claremont 56 mode, combining sunkissed arps and nuanced drum programming beneath a chiming, chorus soaked guitar, recalling the horiztonal magic of the finest moments from Messers Smith & Mudd. "The Warmth Of Your Sun" switches the style but retains the vibe, dropping the tempo for a dubby downbeat jam absolutely dripping with hallucinogenic agents. Remixes come from Jack Priest and Adam Warped who strip back and speed up the cuts respectively for some full blooded Balearic house heat. 


        Patrick says: Lovely stuff from Cole Odin on Eclectics here, ensuring we all stay toasty throughout the imminent winter. Dreamy guitars, bubbling electronics and unchecked optimism wait within.


        A1. This Kitchen Is For Dancing
        A2. This Kitchen Is For Dancing (Jack Priest Remix)
        B1. The Warmth Of Your Sun
        B2. The Warmth Of Your Sun (Adam Warped Remix)

        MJ Cole

        Madrugada Remixes


          On clear single 12 inch, clear sleeve, MJ Cole releases the 4 remixes of his forthcoming album 'Madrugada'.Current heavyweights across global dance genres, Shanti Celeste, Max Cooper, Model Man and MJ Cole himself lend their identities to the neo classical ambient originals bringing a new dimension to the mystical Madrugada.

          MJ Cole


            Madrugada is the Spanish word for those strange, seductive hours before sunrise. A familiar stretch of time for the seasoned raver – and for MJ Cole, an artist who’s spent much of his career exploring those magical moments. Yet despite so many nights in the clubs, some of his most powerful memories of the madrugada hours have nothing to do with dancefloor euphoria.

            “I've experienced a lot of early mornings, but having been up from the night before,” he says, remembering one special morning on the Severn Bridge, driving home from a solo gig and watching the sun come up. “For me, the early morning is a significant period.” With MJ Cole presents Madrugada, he sets out to capture that special feeling with an album unlike anything he’s done before.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. A Visit To Lolita
            2. Far Closer
            3. Cathedral
            4. Knocking
            5. Sonoran
            6. 90 Miles
            7. Solo Waltzer
            8. Strings For Jodie
            9. Reimagination
            10. Psalm 892
            11. Dizzy New Heights
            12. Resolution

            Lloyd Cole


              “Guesswork”, as the title suggests, is a record about the uncertainty of the world as one enters their third act. In terms of song count, it is Lloyd Cole's shortest, however, it is the longest in terms of minutes but the shortest in terms of word count. This is symbolistic for the authorial confidence that comes with the passing of time.

              Going beyond Cole's latest “songs” album, the critically acclaimed “Standards” in 2013, “Guesswork's” musical style is mostly comprised of electronic sounds. Once Lloyd Cole had formulated a sonic picture of the record he wanted to make, the arrival of each new song gradually brought that picture into focus. His distinguishable voice and sophisticated lyricism invite the listener into the mindset of someone who has reached old age and is coming to terms with this.

              As Cole puts it: “Because really what have we got to lose?”. At times, the experience of listening to Guesswork is akin to sitting in a sleek, state-of-the-art departure lounge, unsure of quite where you're waiting to go.

              Lloyd Cole

              1D Electronics 2012-2014

                Lloyd Cole is mostly know for his outstanding pop music, but he certainly has a taste for electronic music. In 2013 he released an highly acclaimed album together with electronic music legend Hans-Joachim Roedelius (BB124 "Selected Studies Vol. 1") for whom he also curated a compilation of his electronic music recordings (BB187 "Kollektion 2. Roedelius - Electronic Music. Compiled by Lloyd Cole"). Finally we are happy to announce the release of a solo album with lloyd's electronic music on September 4th: "1D Electronics 2012-2014". Some pieces were originally created with overdubs by another in mind. Some were simply experiments. One or two may have had loftier ambitions…. None of the pieces involves the use of a piano keyboard or a computer, except to record it. Some modulations were executed by hand. Most were generated by programmed sequencers and logic. Each piece is a self contained electronic circuit.

                Rick Jones / Michael Cole / Michael Jessett

                Fingerbobs - Original Television Music

                  At last! The classic music from this important TV series is now available! Yes, to many people who grew up near a television in the 1970s and 1980s, Fingerbobs was a curious, formative and hugely inspiring series. Only 13 episode were made but were often repeated. It starred the audacious Fingermouse, a host of his paper friends (Scampi, Gulliver, Flash), and was fronted by folk musician, actor and former Play School presenter Rick Jones as “Yoffy”. Each episode involved simple craft, music and a story or fable based on that week’s theme (such as sound, wood, shapes and shadows). The whole series was conceived, created and modelled in a briliant home made style by the legendary husband and wife team Joanne and Michael Cole, the minds behind much of Playschool, the books and TV series Bod, and Ragtime.

                  The Fingerbobs album has been quite hard to put together; there are no masters and very little paper based archive to speak of, so no set stills, no paper puppets. All that really remains are a few scraps of paper in the Cole’s very small archive and the Fingerbobs annual, which contains nothing but pecualir drawings, none that really relate to the show. But, as the album was going to print Lo Cole found an exceptionally rare promotional flyer for the series in 1973 when it was first aired, and this wonderful little gem is what has been used to make the fabulous artwork.

                  In order to produce a musical album worthy of release, Jonny Trunk entrusted the ears and musical abilities of Jon Brooks (AKA The Advisory Circle) to pull together a musical collage of the whole series. So, we have all the themes, all the songs, all the instrumentals, a scattering of stories too. The music is a touch folky, a little whimsical, classically nostalgic, humble, hip, witty and occasionally camp (Gulliver’s song). Fingerbobs was possibly the last remaining unreleased score from TVs golden era, and finally, thanks to this first ever release, we can now enjoy it whenever or wherever we want. Like in the car with the kids. Which is a very good thing indeed.

                  Lloyd Cole


                    A collection of 14 songs recorded between 1996 and 2000. Includes a cover of Bob Dylan's "You're A Big Girl Now".

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