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The Off-Season is the sixth studio album by American rapper J. Cole. The album was executive produced by Cole, Ibrahim Hamad, and T-Minus. It features guest vocals from Morray, 21 Savage, Lil Baby, Bas, and 6lack. 

This time sees Cole relaxing a little from the incendiary fire of 'KOD', with things getting a little looser in the production front too. It's a fine line between sloppy and laid-back, and though 'Laid-back' was never something Cole could come close to, on 'The Off Season', we get a little more of the unhurried production that could easily veer into the more loose side of the hip-hop spectrum. 
There are moments of Cole's trademark drive though, with both 'My Life' and 'Applying Pressure' acting as superb grit ofsetting the more languid offerings. It's yet another wonderful outing from Cole, and one that will surely go down as a turning point in his already considerable skillset.  


Matt says: Hydraulic subs, rapid-fire trap beats, that guttural east coast drawl; the busiest (and richest) rapper in the business returns with masterpiece no. 6


Side 1
1. 95 South (3:17)
2. Amari (2:30)
3. My Life (3:31)
4. Applying Pressure (2:59)
5. Punchin' The Clock (1:54)
6. 100 Mil' (2:45)

Side 2
1. Pride Is The Devil (3:40)
2. Let Go My Hand (4:26)
3. Interlude (2:14)
4. The Climb Back (5:00)
5. Close (2:33)
6. Hunger On Hillside (4:04)

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