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Hello Mary

Emita Ox

    Sophomore album from Hello Mary. Produced by Alex Farrar (Wednesday). On it, the New York City trio of Helena Straight, Stella Wave, and Mikaela Oppenheimer unleash their emotions through their alt-rock anthems like flaming weapons and wield them like proud trophies of their collective tenacity. Since forming in 2019, Hello Mary have ripped into prominence with their fuzzed-out anthems, establishing a darkly playful edge all their own. Possessing a sound that pushes harder into heavy distortion and psychedelic dreamscapes, Emita Ox sees Hello Mary building out their singular universe of gutsy, virtuosic alt-rock. The band co-produced the album alongside Alex Farrar (MJ Lenderman, Indigo De Souza, Wednesday, Snail Mail) in Asheville, NC.

    On Emita Ox, Hello Mary push harder into heavy distortion and psychedelic dreamscapes, as they build out their singular universe of gutsy strain of rock. The LP’s labyrinthine production reflects how the band’s musical tastes have expanded from Elliott Smith and Radiohead to encompass experimental post-rock acts like Black Midi and Swans.

    The members’ contributions to the songwriting and production bleed into each other, but the album is a showcase of their individual strengths: Straight’s ethereal vocal melodies and gritty guitar riffs, Wave’s emotive vocals and knotty drum patterns, and Oppenheimer’s diabolical basslines and experimentation with electronic production


    1. Float
    2. 0%
    3. Three
    4. Down My Life
    5. Knowing You
    6. Heavy Sleeper
    7. Footstep Misstep
    8. Courtesy
    9. Hiyeahi
    10. Bubble
    11. Everything We Do

    Various Artists

    Trashcan Records 07: Hello Earth People

      Stag-O-Lee presents part 7 of the extremely successful Trashcan Records series, which is dedicated to obscure and forgotten vinyl treasures from the 50s and early 60s.

      The original 45s come from the impressive collection of Fedor, a collector and hunter from Amsterdam, who has rummaged through thousands of boxes of used vinyl at flea markets in the Dutch metropolis over the last 25 years.

      As usual, this release is structured thematically.

      Side 1 is entitled "Wacky Weirdos" and is a hodgepodge of obscure weirdness that, on the one hand, puts a smile on your face and, on the other hand, raises the question of what was allowed to be pressed onto small vinyl in these days.

      Side 2 is exactly that what "Moody Instros" says. Instrumentals between mod jazz and rhythm & blues, from lo-fi spooky to gentle crawlers. Of course, everything is mega and can’t be found on any of the numerous other compilations to date.


      01. The Sound Offs - The Angry Desert
      02. The Commanders - Trouble In The Jungle
      03. Angeline & Hawaii's Teen Towners - Hula Rock And Roll
      04. Dave S. Trio - Devil's Daughter
      05. John Bean - Mr. K
      06. Mr Glob - Hello Earth People
      07. Tony Martell - Hot Spot
      08. Neil Darrow - Action Central
      09. The Escapades - Tomcat
      10. Mike Murray - Hangin'
      11. Pearl Reaves & Paul Farano Trio - High Noon
      12. The Desert Rats - Sohonie

      Hello Mary

      Hello Mary

        Hello Mary - which was produced by Bryce Goggin (Pavement /Luna) - references alternative rock of the nineties alongside Elliot Smith and Jeff Buckley as influences, heard most vividly on the album’s simmering closer “Burn it Out,” but their contemporaries are bands like Palberta, Spirit of the Beehive, and Palehound, artists who don’t shy from unusual time signatures, careening feedback, and unconventional harmonies, all for the sake of surprising a listener. The album’s “Looking Right Into the Sun,” a song most honestly described as “delightful,” is driven by a tight and dynamic rhythm section that gives way to Straight’s crystalline and confident falsetto. The debut album was written during a period of immense uncertainty. “We were battling things personally, the world was battling COVID,” Wave says. So there’s a darkness to it that isn’t apparent on first listen. Yet prioritizing sensation over narrative cohesion opens up the ability to make even the most lyrically devastating songs pleasurable.

        On the psychedelic “Spiral,” Straight and Wave harmonize to dazzling effect on the chorus, while Oppenheimer’s driving bassline tethers them to earth. “Is it a coincidence? You’re hanging out all night, while I’m on the other side,” they sing to an unknown other. “We’re singing about the paranoia that comes along with relationships, the sense of jealousy that feels like you’re on the outside of things,” Stella says. Relatability gives way to absurdity, too, an example of which arrives in the form of “Special Treat,” which opens with disarming harmonies that might recall a schoolyard taunt, or something more sinister, like the summoning of a coven. The earwormy “Rabbit” is, at its core, a straight ahead rock song that features one rock-star-esque guitar solo.


        1. Stinge
        2. Looking Right Into The Sun
        3. Rabbit
        4. Droopy Eyes
        5. Evicted
        6. Comfort
        7. Sink In
        8. Spiral
        9. Special Treat
        10. Burn It Out



          Planet Mu owner Mike Paradinas (a.k.a. µ-Ziq) wraps up 2022 with his 3rd release of new material this year. ‘Hello’ is the mirror image of the ‘Goodbye EP’. The intensity is heightened, the breaks more manic and melodies inhabit every corner. The material is the final chapter of the ‘Magic Pony Ride’ material and even includes another version of that track. 'Iggy’s Song’ has a slowed down sample of Mike’s son screaming, ‘Ávila’ is an ode to his father’s hometown in Spain and ‘Green Chaos’ even includes a nod to RP Boo. On Side B things get more interesting. ‘Pyramidal Mind Dispersion’ slows things down while amping up the tension, Modulating Angel is at drum & bass tempo but with a choir of angels from hell in the background, while the final two tracks recall the experimentation and melodies of Lunatic Harness.


          1. Hello
          2. Iggy's Song
          3. Magic Pony Ride (Pt.3)
          4. Green Chaos
          5. Ávila
          1. Pyramidal Mind Dispersion
          2. Modulating Angel
          3. Pentagonal Antiprism
          4. Metabidiminished Icosahedron

          01. Hello
          02. Iggy's Song
          03. Magic Pony Ride (Pt.3)
          04. Green Chaos
          05. Ávila
          06. Pyramidal Mind Dispersion
          07. Modulating Angel 08 Pentagonal Antiprism
          09. Metabidiminished Icosahedron
          10. Goodbye VIP
          11. Giddy All Over
          12. Moise
          13. Rave Whistle
          14. Rave Whistle (Darkside Mix)
          15. Rave Whistle (Jungle Tekno Mix)

          Ty Segall

          "Hello, Hi"

            The man in the tree has a guitar, he’s gonna sing. But the sun shining through the branches— are those rays yellow or hazy gray? What day is today? When are you not going to feel this way again? “Hello, Hi”: welcome in to a new room to play the styles and feels that lie under Ty Segall’s fingers, easing fresh air into acoustic space with an assortment of love songs flowering in righteous unconsciousness. Plaintive and wistful, but unafraid. Like rain washing away yesterday, “Hello, Hi” pushes open the door, inviting the new to pass through all the old shades and degrees of hot and cold. Dark paths turn off abruptly into absurd darkness, then wind back through the broken rocks, ecstatic again.

            Absurdity again. It happens everyday. “Hello, Hi” is expansively rendered by Ty, mostly by himself, at home. The isolation suits the songs: you’re only ever as “at home” as you are with yourself in the mirror. Ty’s acoustic and electric guitars and vocal harmonies layer self upon self, forming a spiny backbone for the album. Textures at once gentle and dissonant root the songs as they make their move: melodic arcs convulsing in doubt and bliss and rage. Busting out of the endless gridlock into open space, these spirits pass on through. “Hello, Hi”’s flickering awakening to this trip: the opening three tracks’ train of sweet and salty reflections, before the abrupt crunch of the title track electrifies the senses. Good morning’s turned to good mourning in nothing flat, but there’s still a way up from the doldrums, to try again. Why can’t it be just as simple as “Hello, Hi”? What to do with yourself when love triggers loathing? How many more times do you have to go back there again?

            Pulling at the scratchy wool threads of an old sweater favored for warmth, comfort, protection, rejection, denial, blindness etc, Ty Segall dives from a clear, open sky, down through the marine layer and the shimmering waves of all the years. Radiating from the same mind fields as Goodbye Bread and Sleeper, mixed with shard edges of contrast and contradiction from things like Freedom’s Goblin, Manipulator, and First Taste, “Hello, Hi” is Ty’s most relaxed and complete production to date, an ebb-and flow fusion of words and music offering abstraction and acceptance as it wrestles itself through a fucked-up time. Your life and what you make of it — throughout “Hello, Hi,” Ty Segall charts a passage through its enduring tangles honestly, with clarity and confusion.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: It's clear that Ty Segall have always been, and always will be one of the most propulsive and groundbreaking forces in modern music. 'Hello, Hi' looks to continue this streak of excellence, both wildly inventive and highly intricate, it's a riff-lovers dream.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Good Morning
            2. Cement
            3. Over
            4. Hello, Hi
            5. Blue
            6. Looking At You
            7. Don't Lie
            8. Saturday Pt.1
            9. Saturday Pt.2
            10. Distraction

            Hello Forever

            Whatever It Is

              Rough Trade Records are excited to release the debut album by Californian group Hello Forever. Based in Topanga, California, the band live together in a pastoral setting high above the Pacific Ocean – not far from where Neil Young recorded After the Gold Rush or Captain Beefheart laid down the tracks for Trout Mask Replica, the group forever expanding and contracting, with members coming and going as they please.

              They fuse elements of the 60s West Coast sound with a DIY approach to music and creativity which has spawned their remarkable debut album, the aptly titled Whatever It Is. Samuel Joseph and company have created a contemporary throwback to a vibrant era with a set of songs that establish the collective’s exquisite harmonies and colourful instrumentation.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Some Faith
              2. Anywhere Is Everywhere
              3. Farm On The Mountaintop
              4. Colors In The Sky
              5. Created For Your Love
              6. Rise
              7. Natural
              8. Get It Right
              9. Yeah Like Whatever
              10. I Want To Marry You
              11. Her Everything
              12. Happening

              Additional New Singles On CD / LP
              Everything Is So Hard (included On 7” With LP, Download With CD)
              I’m Feeling It (included On 7” With LP, Download With CD)

              Mercury Rev

              Hello Blackbird (A Soundtrack By...)

                Debut on vinyl LP for Mercury Rev’s 2006 soundtrack album, HELLO BLACKBIRD. At the time, V2 planned to release this on vinyl but the project never got beyond test pressings.

                Strictly limited edition of 1,000 copies on marbled blue vinyl, with a printed inner sleeve.

                Musically, HELLO BLACKBIRD allowed Mercury Rev to further expand the sonic soundscapes they were exploring with The Secret Migration, with classical and ambient styles (‘The Last Of The White Birds’ reinterpreted Chopin’s Piano Sonata No. 2 in Bb minor, Opus 35 (Marche Funebre)’).

                The album was recorded at Six Hour Studios in Kingston, New York, in mid-2004 and the music was intended as the soundtrack for the 2005 feature film Bye Bye Blackbird, by French director and photographer Robinson Savary.

                Bye Bye Blackbird was a tragic, compelling love story set in a turn-of-the-century travelling circus, with a stellar cast, including Derek Jacobi and James Thierre.

                TRACK LISTING

                SIDE ONE
                1. BLACKBIRD’S CALL
                3. WALTZ FOR ALICE
                4. TRIAL BY WIRE
                5. DAYDREAM FOR NINA
                7. THE WHITE BIRDS
                8. JOSEF’S VISION

                SIDE TWO
                3. CINEMA THEME
                5. THE CHIMPY WALTZ
                6. DEMPSEY’S THEME
                7. FANTASIA NO. 1
                8. ROBERT Y ROBERTO
                9. TRAVELING MUSIC
                10. DEPARTED ANGELS
                11. SIMPLY BECAUSE

                Three Queens In Mourning / Bonnie Prince Billy

                Hello Sorrow, Hello Joy

                  Three Queens in Mourning first gathered in summit to sing celebration of the publication of Will Oldham’s book of collected lyrics, Songs of Love and Horror. Alasdair Roberts (Appendix Out), Jill O' Sullivan (Jill Lorean), and Alex Neilson (Trembling Bells, Alex Rex) each arrived provisioned with a small armful of selections nearest and dearest from Bonnie Prince Oldham’s far-reaching catalogue.

                  Three Queens in Mourning’s takes on these tunes follow naturally from the fit between Will’s words and their three distinctive voices. Alasdair Roberts’ sweet, guileless delivery of “Christmas Time in the Mountains” amplifiesthe lacerating quality of the lyric “we need an enemy / I’m saving all my rage for you”; even if at the outset of the song we’re told that “time is the enemy,” the abiding sentiment—the red-hot word that organizes my memory of the song—is rage. Ali’s and Jill’s trading of verses on “New Partner” puts a different spin on what had previously registered as an especially mercurial first-person narrative voice, one that swoops between tenderness (“lay back, rest your head on my thighs”) and ecstatic self-absorption (breaking it to the ex to whom the song is addressed that “I’ve got a new partner riding with me”). Add Alex’s voice, not only for his madcap “Lost Blues,” but as part of the choir on “Ohio River Boat Song” (a song with origins in the traditional “Loch Tay Boat Song”), and these three Scottish accents singing about the muddy Ohio, Smoketown, Oldham County, and Floyds Knobs, I mean, there’s not much else this Kentuckian—these are all deeply familiar landmarks—can say. Type through tears. On this back to back records, The Bonnie 'Prince' Billy LP is a collection of three cover versions from Ali, Jill and Alex directory and one original track.

                  Three Queens in Mourning / Bonnie 'Prince' Billy is a collaboration between Will Oldham (Bonnie Prince Billy), Alasdair Roberts (Appendix out / Drag City), Jill O Sullivan (Jill Lorean) and Alex Neilson (Trembling Bells, Alex Rex).

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Three Queen In Mourning / Bonnie Prince Billy (Will Oldham/Palace/BPB Covers)
                  2/Christmas Time In The Mountains
                  3/Lost Blues
                  4/Madeleine Mary
                  5/No More Workhorse Blues
                  6/No Such As What I Want
                  7/I See A Darkness
                  8/Trudy Dies
                  9/Tonight’s Decision
                  11/New Partner
                  12/Ohio Riverboat Song

                  Bonnie Prince Billy
                  13/Coral And Tar
                  14/Coward Song
                  15/Dead Man
                  16/Wild Dandelion

                  Gabe Knox

                  Hello World / Taking A Break

                  Two fabulously infectious synth pop gems that contain Gabe’s uncanny knack for killer hooks and unerring ear for playfulness within his amazingly melodic electronica.

                  These two tunes precede a 10” mini LP with PY later in the year and contain an interesting back story which we’ll allow Gabe to explain: “In 1982 at the height of the first Personal Computer boom, I was commissioned by a company called Automated Micro-Systems to compose and record some demonstration music on a prototype of what was going to be a home computer/music studio aimed at musicians called "MusiComputer". The system was a combination of analog synth, drum machine, and 4-track cassette recorder all housed in and controlled by an 8-bit computer. From what I understand, certain world events and a recession disrupted the supply chain, and it became unfeasible to bring the product to market, so the project was scrapped. I was recently sent the master tapes by someone involved with the project and have done my best to duplicate the concept artwork for the cover”.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Barry says: Another absolute classic from Polytechnic Youth, with this rich synthesis retropspective from the ever excellent Gabe Knox. Soaring krautroctaves and swirling oscillators work their way around blipping melodic hooks and a driven, CR-78-y backline. 'Talking A Break' is a particular favourite.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A. Hello World
                  B. Taking A Break

                  After a 5 year hiatus that has seen him delve into a range of diverse musical projects, Squarepusher returns with a long awaited album, "Be Up A Hello".

                  With this new album, Tom Jenkinson has returned to using a bewildering array of vintage analogue and digital hardware, the same equipment that first helped him develop his sound in the early '90s. Something of a 180 degree turn, these synths, effects units and even a Commodore Vic20 are in complete contrast to the tools he used to create 2015’s "Damogen Furies" - cutting edge software that Tom developed over the course of 15 years. The result is "Be Up A Hello", an album that is celebratory with rinsing breakbeat tracks such as "Nervelevers" and "Terminal Slam" - classic floor fillers - as well pieces loaded with visceral atmosphere and melody in Squarepusher’s inimitable style. Darker moments such as "Vortrack" and "Mekrev Bass" illustrate Tom's continuing fascination with finely balanced psychological overload. As such, "Be Up A Hello" gives a nod to the mayhem, joyousness and abandon of the DIY Essex rave scene that was a strong determinant in Tom's work. 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  01. Oberlove
                  02. Hitsonu
                  03. Nervelevers
                  04. Speedcrank
                  05. Detroit People Mover
                  06. Vortrack
                  07. Terminal Slam
                  08. Mekrev Bass
                  09. 80 Ondula 

                  Howard Hello

                  Election Year

                    RIYL: The Microphones, Will Oldham, Bon Iver, Jim O’rourke. Features members of Pinback, Tarentel, Sleeping People, Rumah Sakit, Dilute, and more. After more than ten years apart, multi-instrumentalist songwriters Marty Anderson (Dilute, Okay) and Kenseth Thibideau (Tarentel, Sleeping People) have reconnected to resurrect Howard Hello. Originally founded to craft music inspired by the American Zeitgeist, Election Year finds Howard Hello returning to familiar themes: The dichotomies of reality and illusion; organic and synthetic; sincerity and irony; faith and fact.

                    These themes, however familiar, are perhaps no more confusing and confounding than right now in present-day United States (hence the album's title). Musically Anderson and Thibideau use music as an analogy, fusing abstract and traditional instrumental textures with angelic, distorted layers of vocal accompaniment. Their collaborative connection is extraordinary and rare, symbiotic craftsmen of profound meditations that are as fascinatingly weird as they are irrefutably wonderful. 

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. The Split (1:04)
                    2. Achilles Heel (3:52)
                    3. Simon Say (3:55)
                    4. Greenhouse (5:13)
                    5. Witness (4:45)
                    6. Vote (2:38)
                    7. MCD (4:43)
                    8. Out (4:41)
                    9. Money Mouth (3:20)
                    10. Sunny (4:37)
                    11. MAD (3:01)

                    Dag Rosenqvist + Matthew Collings

                    Hello Darkness

                      After his highly acclaimed „A Requiem For Edward Snowden“ LP, Matthew Collings returns with a collaboration with sound virtuoso Dag Rosenqvist. Hello Darkness is dark and it is bleak and it’s fragmented. It feels like those days when you want to just annihilate everything, and then stare at a river. It demands your attention. It sounds like it’s breaking from the inside. It’s serious. And not. Rosenqvist & Collings started their work on Hello Darkness already back in 2012, right after they had released the Wonderland EP (on Hibernate Recordings). This turned out to be one of those collabs that are kind of off and on.

                      Rosenqvist & Collings worked destructively from processed stereo tracks with botched fade-ins, scrapping entire sessions and adding new layers and sounds of all kinds, letting it go in any directing it needed to, adding different time signatures on top of each other, turning sounds and entire tracks inside out and upside down. They found a freedom to go in any direction they wanted to, free from what they’ve done before, free from any expectations on both each other and from anyone else. Despite all of this, there is a humour to the album. There’s something tongue-in-cheek about the whole thing. This was also one of the reasons they choose to go with the title of the album, which is – in all honesty – slightly over the top. This was also the commission when creating the cover design. No holds barred, no restrictions. The title is of course “borrowed” from the Simon & Garfunkel track The Sound of Silence, a fact that probably doesn’t make them any cooler.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1 It Was Digital, And It Was Beautiful 8:32 
                      2 You Don't Have To Tell Me About Hell 4:12 
                      3 Renaissance 4:52
                      4 Hours And Days 1:48 
                      5 Grey 5:21, 6 Streets 6:02
                      7 In My Muscles 3:10
                      8 The Age Of Wire And String 5:32

                      Hello Sailor 001

                      Muko Wapi - Inc. Joakim Remix

                      Hello Sailor is a party and record label based in Brooklyn, NY founded by Brazilian-born, New York based Renata Do Valle. Since 2012, the label has been staging events with an array of local and international artists.
                      Hello Sailor Recordings debuts with the focus on releasing only 7" records and building its collection of significant disco, funk, afro, and Balearic music.

                      The energy of the tropics, sunset, and the beach informs the feel of this music.

                      Hello Sailor Recording's first 7" release is a remastered African jam called Muko Wapi and an edit by French musician Joakim. 'Brazil meets Africa via France'!

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A. Muko Wapi
                      B. Muko Wapi (Joakim Edit)

                      Beastie Boys

                      Hello Nasty - Remastered Vinyl Edition

                        "Hello Nasty", the Beastie Boys' fifth album, is a head-spinning listen loaded with analogue synthesizers, old drum machines, call-and-response vocals, freestyle rhyming, futuristic sound effects, and virtuoso turntable scratching. The Beasties had long been notorious for their dense, multi-layered explosions, but "Hello Nasty" was their first record to build on the multi-ethnic junk-culture breakthrough of "Check Your Head", instead of merely replicating it. Hiring DJ Mix Master Mike (one of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz) turned out to be a masterstroke; he and the Beasties created a sound that strongly recalls the spare electronic funk of the early 80s, but spiked with the samples and postmodern absurdist wit that have become their trademarks.

                        The Visitors

                        Hello Moon / Hi

                        The Visitors are a four piece from Manchester. Hooked on a 70s rock groove, watching you through Bowie's eyes and fuelled by a Muse injection. They are smooth, racy, melodic and spacey.



                          Dean Fertita is a workhorse; a mainstay of the Detroit underground scene since the early 90s. From his years of relentless touring as front-man of the criminally under appreciated Waxwings, to his able-bodied accompaniment to friend/cohort Brendan Benson, Fertita has been laying the groundwork for his current prominence. And as if that isn't enough, Fertita was also the invaluable utility-man (keys, guitar, harmonies) on the worldwide touring for the Raconteurs debut album of 2006. Such flexibility and skill made him the first choice for the same position in Queens of the Stone Age in 2007 and led to him being welcomed by Josh Homme into the band as a permanent member. Now, Fertita appears at the forefront of the Dead Weather, the dark rock and roll super-group with Jack White. A lesser soul would blanch at the task of playing guitar in a band with that guy, but Fertita's work on "Horehound" shows he can hold his own, thank you very much. With that, Dean Fertita's first dedicated solo album, "Hello=Fire" is a remarkable example of what the man can do when in full-charge of the ship. Moving from the darkly devil rock "Horehound" to the spacey melodic vein of "Hello=Fire" is part of Fertita's signature versatility, both as a writer and player. With song-writing collaboration from Brendan Benson on half the disc's tracks, the songs brim with insightful lyrics, cunning arrangements and powerful production. That being said, "Hello=Fire" is a rock record through and through.

                          Hello Thor Records presents the debut single from their favourite band, Fists. The band have a tantalising and beguiling set of influences. From mid-50s skiffle and rockabilly, through lo-fi pioneers like Daniel Johnston and Simon Joyner, to proto-punks the Monks. Throw in the likes of Link Wray, Woodie Guthrie, Les Savy Fav, The Breeders, Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers, The Fall and Scott Walker and you might be nearing a place where Fists are coming from. It is DIY, lo-fi; both wildly experimental and toe-tappingly pop.
                          Steve Lamacq is a fan, here's what he said about this single "I love this record...utterly defiant and like it doesn't have a care in the world."

                          Hello, Blue Roses

                          The Portrait Is Finished And I Have Failed To Capture Your Beauty

                            The sweetheart duo of Dan Bejar (Destroyer, Swan Lake, New Pornographers) and Sydney Vermont (visual artist, former Toronto Children's Choir kid singer) have tied the knot around an infectious readymade classic with their 14 track self titled debut. "The Portrait Is Finished..." was written and recorded over a period when Dan and Sydney took time out of regular life to hang out together, write and read and think about life differently... and be in Spain. From Málaga, Spain's balmy Mediterranean Winter - where the songs first started getting demoed - to the rainy Vancouver climes where the album was recorded at Bejar fave JC/DC studios, the 14 songs - all penned by Sydney (except Kevin Ayer's "Hymn") and arranged by Dan, maintain the unencumbered, free and easy spirit in which they first took root resulting in a sparsely populated, timeless pop sound.

                            Tim Buckley

                            Tim Buckley & Goodbye And Hello

                              Tim Buckley died on June 29th 1975 less than a decade after these, the first, of his albums were issued. In that period the 'tenderest of troubadour' image was replaced by the vulnerable, emotionally complex and damaged tortured artist of his later work. Drugs and inner demons played a bitter part in his story but there is a freshness and joy on these early recordings that have no echo of the pain to come. Remastered and reissued as part of Elektra Records 50th Anniversary these are gifted and insightful delights.

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