The Decemberists

Castaways And Cutouts - 2024 Repress

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Kill Rock Stars

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As its title would suggest, Castaways and Cutouts is a record populated with an eclectic array of unlikely characters in various states of abandonment and revelry - While the likes of Spanish gypsies, infant specters, and Turkish prostitutes are not common elements to be found within modern pop music, these figures find ample footing within the songcraft of Mr Meloy, supported comfortably by the bands lush and orchestral instrumentation.

Recorded over a two month period in a warehouse in Portland, Oregon's Industrial Southeast, the record swims gracefully between heart- rending, deftly arranged pop and scrappy off-the-cuff dirge.


Leslie Anne Levine
Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect
July, July!
A Cautionary Song
Grace Cathedral Hill
The Legionnaire's Lament
California One
Youth And Beauty Brigade

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