Liana Flores

Flower Of The Soul

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Liana Flores is a London-based English-Brazilian singer-songwriter influenced by Bossa Nova, 60s British folk, and the Romantic poets, calling to mind artists from Nick Drake and Astrud Gilberto to contemporaries like Laufey and Faye Webster.

With her music, Liana aims to open a window to the sublime in the everyday, simplicity, emotional candor, and the rhythms of the seasons - inviting each listener into what she describes as a “fantastical realm.”


1. Hello Again
2. Orange-coloured Day
3. Nightvisions
4. Crystalline
5. Now And Then
6. Halfway Heart
7. I Wish For The Rain Intro
8. I Wish For The Rain
9. Cuckoo
10. Butterflies (ft. Tim Bernardes)
11. Slowly

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