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The Visitors, formed by Factory Records' Karl Walsh (To Hell with Burgundy) release their debut album “Above You”. Original material engineered by Dan Broad (Happy Mondays) and Mixed by Paul Mortlock (Jessica Hoop). Think Bowie, Bolan and Dylan’s fresh, melodic song writing and harmonies. A wider range of influences have created a punchy guitar based sound that builds up to panoramic effect.

The Visitors

Hello Moon / Hi

The Visitors are a four piece from Manchester. Hooked on a 70s rock groove, watching you through Bowie's eyes and fuelled by a Muse injection. They are smooth, racy, melodic and spacey.

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Can’t wait! 🙌 Hit the link for all the info👇
Sun 26th - 11:32
Looking great John 👌Thanks for ordering and sharing 🙏 @DeadOceans @whereisMUNA
Fri 24th - 12:45
Yes, physical copies available July 1. Get your pre-orders in here 👇 @TheVintageCrop
Fri 24th - 12:12
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