Keep The Outside Open

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Stones Throw

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Psychedelic jazz supergroup Apifera are back for their second album 'Keep The Outside Open'. Coming together to create a new kind of alternative jazz, Apifera take a dash of prog, a twist of post-rock, a heavy dose of psychedelia and blend it with the electronic jazz they are best known for.

'Keep The Outside Open' also features several vocal tracks, which showcases a new side to the group – letting their imaginations run wild by wrapping personal stories from everyday life within fantasy and fictional characters.


1. Iris Is Neil
2. Oh Me Brotha
3. Theodor Marmalade
4. SandBox Galore
5. Ortogonelya
6. Down The Silverlake
7. Lucky Zoe
8. I Love ECM
9. The Curious Wild
10. Mr. Pullman
11. Bazooka Zoo
12. Orange Encounter
13. Evergeen Meadows
14. Sera Sam (ft. Avishai Cohen)

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