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Orquesta Olivieri - 2024 Reissue

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The self-titled “Orquesta Olivieri” was originally released in 1972, just when the Fania Records revolution and the explosion of salsa music, was reaching its peak. Very few copies were distributed at the time.

Produced by boogaloo-don Bobby Marin, the album comprises a variety of Latin rhythms, including the much in-demand vocal harmonies-led ‘There is No Other Girl,’ a lowrider soul gem.

Side A opens with the slow-paced Latin soul song ‘There is No Other Girl’, that style-wise connects to their previous LP, released when the boogaloo trend was still around. In fact, this song had been previously released two years earlier on a 45 and was then overdubbed (adding an organ on top) for this LP version. The song is very much in demand these days in the lowrider soul scene due to the breath-taking vocal harmonies and appealing production.

The album also comprises spicy guaguancós on ‘Cuando llegué a Borinquen’, the classic ‘Los Muchachos de Belén’ and ‘Tabaritiando’. There is also room for a cha-cha-chá, ‘María Isabel, and a guaracha ‘Perrito sabueso’, and the album closes with the Latin soul ballad ‘Preferí perderte,’ interpreted in Spanish.

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