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Recorded live to tape in two days, after a sleep deprived month of Beefheart style creative lockdown, Begushkin - Dan Smith's eight headed hydra - lay to rest the twilight folk of 2007s "Nightly Things" and re-emerge with the wicked and strange hard rock gypsy shake of "King's Curse". Smith yells and carries on like a man possessed with tales of the damnation of a robber king and the band plays it ultra tight and ultra heavy. "King's Curse" is higher tier creep rock. Begushkin seem to have discovered the wonders of band interplay eons earlier in their development than their forbears, and the benefits of this are likely to increase as Begushkin moves from the brief, corporeal world of "Nightly Things" to more realized, distinctive realms.


LP Info: 180 gram vinyl.

"Clomeim" is an evolution, a vital document of change in The No-Neck Blues Band's 15 plus years of para-musical activity. This pivotal recording is a creative distillation of the collective at a new and startling saturation point. For three rainy days in March 2007, the seven-headed hydra that is NNCK holed up in Black Dirt Studios, their newly outfitted recording studio in the foothills of upstate New York. With a discipline and a clarity of vision they've rarely displayed before, the collective channeled all of their energies into hours of recording live, real-time improvisation. After months spent sculpting and recasting the raw material, "Clomeim" emerged - a distinct whole, recalling in its parts the communal howl of Algarnas Tradgard, the dead spirit channeling of Geino Yamashiro Gumi, the glacial shadowplay of "Heresie" era Univers Zero, and Krautrock zenith Faust at their finest hour. "Clomeim" is that rare hybrid - a rock exterior with a cryptic, experimental core; a dense groover and a burning, exploratory psychedelic grimoire for the new dark ages.


2xLtd LP Info: Double vinyl.

Henry Flynt / CC Hennix

Dharma Warriors

The "Dharma Warriors" was the elemental guitar / drum rock concoction of Henry Flynt & C.C. Hennix. In 1983, the pair hooked up in Woodstock at Hennix's rented house and let freedom ring with two lengthy boombox recordings. "Warriors of The Dharma" and "Mount Fuji On My Mind" are classics of unrefined blues boogie and unhemmed stoner rock.

Hello, Blue Roses

The Portrait Is Finished And I Have Failed To Capture Your Beauty

The sweetheart duo of Dan Bejar (Destroyer, Swan Lake, New Pornographers) and Sydney Vermont (visual artist, former Toronto Children's Choir kid singer) have tied the knot around an infectious readymade classic with their 14 track self titled debut. "The Portrait Is Finished..." was written and recorded over a period when Dan and Sydney took time out of regular life to hang out together, write and read and think about life differently... and be in Spain. From Málaga, Spain's balmy Mediterranean Winter - where the songs first started getting demoed - to the rainy Vancouver climes where the album was recorded at Bejar fave JC/DC studios, the 14 songs - all penned by Sydney (except Kevin Ayer's "Hymn") and arranged by Dan, maintain the unencumbered, free and easy spirit in which they first took root resulting in a sparsely populated, timeless pop sound.

Dominique Grimaud

Les Quatre Directions

Dominique Grimaud is a hidden treasure of France's psych, free rock, electronic & jazz improv scenes. As a founding member of the legendary psych / krautrock inspired French act Camizole (1970-1978) to his equally celebrated no wave / new wave duo Video-Aventures (1978-) whose groundbreaking music has been viewed as a precursor to the sound of Stereolab, and in more recent times, jawdropping audio visual performance installations and live performances with celebrated performer Colleen, Grimaud has spent his entire life exploring the musical fringes of the French underground. With "Les Quatres Directions", Grimaud reemerges with his first release in nearly a decade and it's a whirlwind mind altering long form microgroove composition of grand proportions that hearkens back to the expanded audio visoneering & spiritualism of 60s electronic music luminaries from Stockhausen to Ramon Sender.

Steffen Basho-Jungans

Last Days Of The Dragons

"Last Days Of The Dragons" is Berlin based Steffen Basho-Junghans' wondrous collection of eight free wheeling finger picking 6 and 12 string guitar tunes. "Last Days.." marks the third in Locust's perennial series of 'Wooden Guitar' solo discs since the 2003 release of the compilation of the same name.

Born Heller are the Earthen folk duo of Josephine Foster and Jason Ajemian and one of the better kept secrets to emerge out of Chicago's campfires and music dens. Their sound captures an appalachian transatlantic folk tradition so effortlessly that if it didn't already exist, they would have had to invent it themselves. Foster's spine tingling vocal delivery has been rightly compared to the likes of British folk legend Shirley Collins.

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