Hello Sailor 001

Muko Wapi - Inc. Joakim Remix

Image of Hello Sailor 001 - Muko Wapi - Inc. Joakim Remix
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Hello Sailor

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Hello Sailor is a party and record label based in Brooklyn, NY founded by Brazilian-born, New York based Renata Do Valle. Since 2012, the label has been staging events with an array of local and international artists.
Hello Sailor Recordings debuts with the focus on releasing only 7" records and building its collection of significant disco, funk, afro, and Balearic music.

The energy of the tropics, sunset, and the beach informs the feel of this music.

Hello Sailor Recording's first 7" release is a remastered African jam called Muko Wapi and an edit by French musician Joakim. 'Brazil meets Africa via France'!


A. Muko Wapi
B. Muko Wapi (Joakim Edit)

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