Tomorrow Never Knows

Image of Imago - Tomorrow Never Knows
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Emotional Rescue

About this item

In the early 1980s, Britain had a vibrant cassette culture that now gets spotlighted through a limited edition 12" featuring multi-instrumentalist Kez Stone's project, Imago. He was a notable name in Cornwall and the West Country's music scenes with previous projects, Artistic Control and Aaah! which have come back via reissues many times in the last ten years. Imago was a new one-off project that first emerged with one track on the Perfect Motion compilation curated by NTS Radio's Bruno and Flo Dill and now the full LP, originally released in 1985 on the local label A Real Kavoom, has been remastered and added to with three additional gems. Stone's teenage punk influences sit next to Imago's eclectic approach to sound that blends new wave and psychedelic elements into something irresistible.


Mine says: You can always rely on Emotional Rescue to unearth the most interesting and forgotten about musical projects and this one is a prime example. Never heard any of these tracks before and I'm already well into them!


Side 1
1. Tomorrow Never Knows
2. Hot Sun

Side 2
1. All Come Together
2. Always In You

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