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There are ghosts all across 'AVANTI', the debut album from Malice K - the record wades through a disarray of chaos and loss with a sharp-toothed fervor. At points it’s howling and unhinged, a grungy layer atop a lush foundation of melodic capital-s Songwriting akin to the golden-age pop of the ‘70s, but in other moments it dissolves into a gentle, wistful haunting. Malice K’s songs are blunt, uncomplicated and unflinching as he probes the interiority of memories, of mistakes – saturated with an innate intensity that sucks you into his gnarled and visceral world, so barbed it could draw blood.


1. Halloween
2. Hold Me Up
3. Song For My Baby
4. The Old House
5. Weed
6. Radio
7. You’re My Girl
8. Concrete Angel
10. Raining
11. Blue Monday

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