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The Doors

Hello, I Love You

    The Doors released their third studio album, Waiting For The Sun, in July 1968. It was the band’s third platinum album in less than two years, and the first to top the album chart. Since its debut, the album has sold millions of copies around the globe and contributed to the Doors’ legendary canon with classics like “The Unknown Soldier,” “Five To One” and the #1 smash, “Hello, I Love You.”

    “Hello, I Love You” became the band’s second #1 hit when it topped the Billboard singles chart for two weeks beginning on August 3, 1968. Now, exactly 50 years later, The Doors will release a new 7” version of the single with its b-side “Love Street.” For this anniversary release, the band will use mono radio mixes of the songs that were given exclusively to radio stations for airplay in 1968. This version of “Hello, I Love You” was first available last year as part of The Singles CD collection and is making its vinyl debut here, while the “Love Street” mix is being released commercially for the first time.

    The Stooges

    The Stooges

      Expanded remastered edition of The Stooges classic debut album. Disc one features the remastered versions of the original eight album tracks, while disc two features ten previously unissued alternate mixes, original John Cale mixes and full length versions of tracks from the album.

      The Stooges


        Remastered (on CD) and expanded (on both formats) edition of The Stooges second album "Funhouse", proclaimed as 'The definitive rock album of America' by Jack White. Disc one features the remastered version of the original album, while disc two is a collection of fourteen alternate takes, along with the single mixes of "Down On The Street" and "1970".


        David says: If you're tired of Funhouse then you're tired of life. It's what guitars were made for and is famous in the shop for once being described as 'not very relaxing' by an ex member of staff.


        Dirty Sweet EP

          Debut UK release from this Australian band who're causing a bit of a stir at the moment. Good old fashioned 70s style rock with a heavy Rolling Stones influence.

          Incredible String Band


            The Incredible String Band were one of the most esoteric bands to emerge on the British folk revival of the mid 60s. Led by Mike Heron and Robin Williamson they brought a genuine hippy ethos to their music and were heavily influenced by ethnic instruments and melodies (listen to the opening track on "U" the "El Wool Suite" and its vibrant sitar playing). In the 70s too many drugs made them lose some momentum and the group's ambitious stage show "U" did not translate easily from stage to record. Now it can be seen as a rare successful mix of Celtic roots, psychedelia and world music.

            The Doors

            Bright Midnight - Live In Hollywood Highlights From The Aquarius Theatre Performances

              Now I admit that I'm not a big fan of the Doors but I have to admit this live concert, released as a limited edition, sounds like it was recorded yesterday and is one of the most exciting and 'musical' performances I've ever heard from Morrison, Manzarek, Densmore and Krieger. There are some amazing versions of well known tracks like "Break On Through", "When The Music's Over" and climaxes with a 14 minute version of "Light My Fire".

              Dee Dee Bridgewater

              Just Family

                Recorded while pregnant with her second child, Dee Dee's "Just Family" features a stellar line up of musicians - Stanley Clarke, George Duke, Chick Corea and Alphonso Johnson amongst them.

                Fred Neil

                Tear Down The Walls (with Vince Martin) And Bleecker & MacDougal

                  Fred Neil is one of those characters whose enigmatic personaes often overshadow their music. His story resonates with the sort of details familiar to fans of Syd Barrett, Nick Drake or Tim Buckley. Bags of talent, a maverick spirit and TOO MANY DRUGS. Neil had a superb rich baritone voice and these early sixties recordings capture his charismatic presence and show his compelling songwriting abilities. His recent death from cancer ends speculation that his 25 year silence could end, but the quality and richness of this disc will do much to satisfy those interested in discovering this huge lost talent.

                  Tim Buckley

                  Tim Buckley & Goodbye And Hello

                    Tim Buckley died on June 29th 1975 less than a decade after these, the first, of his albums were issued. In that period the 'tenderest of troubadour' image was replaced by the vulnerable, emotionally complex and damaged tortured artist of his later work. Drugs and inner demons played a bitter part in his story but there is a freshness and joy on these early recordings that have no echo of the pain to come. Remastered and reissued as part of Elektra Records 50th Anniversary these are gifted and insightful delights.

                    The Dillards

                    Back Porch Bluegrass & Live!!! Almost !!!

                      Flagbearers in the early 1960s in the roots music revival, the Dillards reintroduced bluegrass into popular conciousness and carrying on the work of Earl Scruggs and Bill Monroe in reintroducing the music of Missouri and the American backwoods. By the time they released "Live!!! Almost!!!" in 1964 they had gone electric and were early progenitors of 'country rock'. They were an influence on the Byrds and many other rock acts of the late 1960s and these two Elektra label reissues are amongst their most definitive recordings.

                      Tom Paxton

                      Ramblin' Boy & Ain't That News

                        Although now established as one of the prime figures in the US folk revival, in 1964 Tom Paxton was just starting out on his recording career. Yet his debut remains one of the finest works he's ever recorded, carrying a rare power and sense of purpose. Whilst influenced by Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie and the like, it was Paxton that captured the mood of the day with a string of classic compositions that still have the timeless ability to reach out and move the listener. These Elektra remasters are a wonderful reminder of a respected performer in the virility of his youth.

                        Judy Collins

                        A Maid Of Constant Sorrows & Golden Apples Of The Sun

                          Out of all the Elektra 50th Anniversary reissues this disc featuring two Judy Collins albums from 1961 and 1962 are amongst the most suprising. Both albums are accomplished and startlingly pure renditions of folk standards that Collins somehow made her own. I'm not too sure about the Irish rebel songs but "Great Selchie Of Shule Sherry" is a groudbreaking five minute narrative song that has a timeless and majestic strength and "Pretty Saro" is a vocal masterpiece.

                          Nanci Griffith

                          Clock Without Hands

                            A collection of self-penned songs and astute cover versions : as usual Nanci Griffiths has released an album of real depth, emotion and humanity. The lyrics touch on all her passions and come from the heart. Songs of the past and Vietnam's legacy, poignant songs of her home and family; it's one of her most satisfying releases.

                            Tim Buckley

                            Morning Glory-The Anthology

                              If anyone could be termed a tortured genius Tim Buckley could. The self induced damage he did to himself, the anguish and pain in some of his songs are a bitter mirror image to the purity of his voice and the hope for love and a better world in other tracks. This is a superb anthology - 33 tracks, many rare or previously unreleased plus all his great works like "Song To The Siren" and "I Must Have Been Blind".

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