Feelin' Love / Wake Up Everybody

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These days when we're swamped by disco re-edits and reworks, it takes something pretty special to have anything heading towards my to-buy section. Psychemagik have proved their mettle when it comes to a) unearthing something off the beaten track, and b) doing more than just taking out the vocals or looping up the break. Take this second release on their own Psychemagik imprint for instance, where side A takes Paula Cole’s mid 90s sublime and sexy downbeat pop groover ‘Feelin Love’ and gives it a whole new dimension by speeding it up to around 120bpm and adding a "Billie Jean" style electro-boogie groove and dropping in the dirtiest nastiest synth swooshes. On the flip they settle back into Balearic blissed out territory with another sunrise killer, their supreme rework of ‘Wake Up Everybody’ by Harold Melvin. Harold's soulful vocals are woven into a baggy shuffle beat while Psychemagik's own sparkly live piano solo take an already amazing track to epic new heights. Just add Yacht.

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