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Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg

Je T'aime ..Moi, Non Plus

    Brand new liner notes with French/English lyrics, insightful and telling interview with Jane B on the Jane/Serge record, as well as original renderings of the images that made the couple so notorious
    Without a doubt, Serge Gainsbourg is agent provacateur and Gallic soul brother #1. His sensual work is championed by all in the know and still resonates quite frankly in these sexually exaggerated times. Building on the North American re-introduction to the maestro’s work with 1971’s masterpiece concept album Histoire de Melody Nelson, Light In The Attic Records is thrilled to announce their follow-up Gainsbourg reissue. 1969’s Jane Brikin/Serge Gainsbourg (often referred to as Je t’aime… Moi, Non Plus).

    Recorded as a series of duets and solo performances, with lover, actress, and model Birkin, the pair’s chemistry-enhanced collaboration was thrust about the record-buying public to much shock and horror, but indeed found global success. The disc quickly shot its cigarette brandishing author and fresh-faced vocalist into the international spotlight; and although the lead-off single “Je T’aime” and it’s seductive purrs reached top slot in the UK charts, no one other than the Pope branded the tune offensive and blasphemous. Ever the conversationalist, Gainsbourg wittily replied, “we couldn’t have gotten a better PR man!” Indeed Serge, indeed.


    Je T'Aime... Moi, Non Plus
    Orang Outan
    Sous Le Soleil Exactement
    18 - 39
    69 Ann
    Jane B
    Le Canari Est Sur Le Balcon
    Les Sucettes, Manon,

    Kiwi Jr.

    Football Money

      Toronto’s Kiwi Jr. presents Football Money: a dispatch stitched out of fragments, a lustrous twelve-string paint-job unraveling ten booksmart tracks in under thirty minutes. A product of two years of labor, a monument to work-life balance, the record is not unattractively scarred by its circumstance : recorded by nightfall in dormant studios, friends and enemies drafted as backup singers and engineers, Football Money untidily fuses the yin of work with the yang of life, chronicling a dual-existence, unkempt instrumentalists moonlighting as undercompensated administrators by the harsh fluorescent light of day, borne back ceaselessly into the Greater Toronto Area by night. Built from the clay of the day-to-day—as attentive to the complexities of a sporting salary cap as to the mystery of love; to the burden of Toronto rent as the reality of ruin—it’s a record of modern creation, lyrics text-wrapped in Excel spreadsheet cells, Rickenbackers detuned to the frequency of a blue-screen migraine. Kiwi kritiks delineate influences like sections of the cow—the rump: jangle; the loin: punk—and seem set on referring Football Money to the criminal court with the Modern Lovers and the Kinks cc’d but ultimately unable to prove intent. But Kiwi Jr. conjure what we think about when one thinks about Patricia Highsmith paperbacks, Peel Session Comps, and pitchers of cheap domestic : Football Money is a laser cold hit.


      1. Murder In The Cathedral
      2. Leslie
      3. Salary Man
      4. Gimme More
      5. Comeback Baby
      6. Soft Water Apple
      7. Football Money
      8. Nothing Changes
      9. Swimming Pool
      10. Wicked Witches

      The Last Hurrah!!

      Spiritual Non-Believers

      This is the new project from HP Gundersen; well known producer, artist, musical partner, creative force, teacher, mentor and music enthusiast from Bergen, Norway. He has produced some 50 albums, probably best known for Sondre Lerche´s debut album ”Faces Down”. After stumbling over Stephen Stills´ ”secret tuning” as used on ”Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”, HP has dedicated the last couple of years to explore what he calls drone guitar, music based on open, in this case modal, guitar tunings offering a fuller sound world and polyrhythmic possibilities not achieved with standard tunings. It soon became an obsession and he would sit at home for hours and days just playing as a means of meditation and for his own mental health. Friend and singer Heidi Goodbye would come to visit and ended up becoming so hypnotized by his playing that she just had to become involved. Heidi, also from Bergen, travelled to Denmark at the age of seventeen to study jazz vocal for two years. On returning home she was considered something of a sensation, but couldn´t identify with a role in the jazz world and became more interested in American roots music, old country music and blues.

      Others who have been intrigued include Jon Irabagon, dubbed the greatest saxophone talent in the US since John Coltrane, and Michael Powers, the blues guitarist, both having played with HP in the recent months. ”Spiritual Non-believers” is a lovely mix of acoustic drone guitar, cosmic raga, pure pop and the very local take on country music so special for the west coast of Norway.

      The half hour centrepiece of the album is based on a dark, sordid and bizarre story, in stark contrast to the almost high spirited feelgood atmosphere of most of the music. ”The Ballad Of Billy And Lilly” is bookended by ”Mother Nature”, a cover from the 1970 album by Norwegian cult band Oriental Sunshine and ”Melodi Grand Prix 73”, an unlikely but sweet mix of Bossa Nova, surf music and Steve Reich.

      Man Like Me

      Wine And Dine - Williams Remix

        Having wowed us all with the ace "Oh My Gosh", Man Like Me returns with live favorite "Wine And Dine". On the flip the grind-tastic grime groove of the original is whisked up into a fierce and frolicsome slice of electrohouse by Tsuba boy Williams.


        Condensed (Finest Filets 1995-2002)

          Burnt Friedman compiles this retrospective of Simon Pyke's work. Includes tracks he's had out on Worm Interface, Leaf, Quatermass etc.

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