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The Liminanas

Dimanche / Two Sisters


    The Liminanas always had a very special relationship with Vinyl and are always thinking of special vinyl releases, including exclusives Record Store day items.The band also loves to do covers of their cult songs and bands. This 7'' features an original track featuring Bertrand Belin from "Shadow People" album and anexclusive B side : "Two Sisters", a gorgeous cover of The KInks, featuring Anton Newcombe (Vocals)

    The Liminanas



      A second The Liminanas vinyl item for the Record Store Day , this time their songs revisited by other artists. The Liminanas got lot of support over the years from many artists.Here, two great french guys loving their work,Laurent Garnier & Arnaud Rebotini, remixed "Dimanche" & "Istanbul Is Sleepy". Exclusive 12"" release

      Charlotte Gainsbourg



        3 original tracks from "Rest" album by Charlotte Gainsbourg remixed : "Deadly Valentine" Soulwax Remix, "Ring-A-Ring O'Roses" Sebastian Remix & "Les Oxalis" Alan Braxe Remix.For yhe first time collected on Vinyl. Special cover printing, exclusive 12'' release

        Django Django

        In Your Beat


          Exclusive "In Your beat" Remixes EP, 12''. Original version (from "Marble Skies" album) , Instrumental, Matthias Zimmerman Remix, Body Double Remix

          Shaolin Soul Episode 1 is part of the three (soon four)-volume compilation of music sampled by the Wu-Tang Clan, and their various solo albums. Complete with all the best-known soul classics, this compilation has done the hard work for you by sourcing great songs which are all presented on this neatly tied together record. Featuring songs from the likes of The Dramatics, Jackie Moore, The Supremes, Freddie Waters, Ann Sexton and lots of other well-known names which are all score highly in any soul fans estimation. The samples are principally for the tracks produced by RZA, and as such, largely cover the earlier years of their career. Now you can hear the samples in their full glory and fist pump that now that sample you always wondered where you heard has been resolved.


          2xLtd LP Info: 2LP in gatefold sleeve with CD included.

          Shaolin Soul Episode 2 is part of the three (soon four)-volume compilation of music sampled by the Wu-Tang Clan, and their various solo albums. If you wanted a place (record) where all the best soul artists were gathered then this is the record is for you, this compilation has done the hard work for you by sourcing great songs which are all presented on this neatly tied together record. Featuring songs from the likes of Syl Johnson, Baby Huey, Black Ivory, Jackson 5, Al Green and lots of other well-known names which are all score highly in any soul fans estimation. The samples are principally for the tracks produced by RZA, and as such, largely cover the earlier years of their career. Now you can hear the samples in their full glory and fist pump that now that sample you always wondered where you heard has been resolved.

          Shaolin Soul Episode 3 is part of the three (soon four)-volume compilation of music sampled by the Wu-Tang Clan, and their various solo albums. Complete with all the best-known soul classics, this compilation has done the hard work for you by sourcing great songs which are all presented on this neatly tied together record. Featuring songs from the likes of The Dramatics, Jackie Moore, The Supremes, Freddie Waters, Ann Sexton and lots of other well-known names which are all score highly in any soul fans estimation. The samples are principally for the tracks produced by RZA, and as such, largely cover the earlier years of their career. You can thank the Shaolin Soul series once you find that all these tracks are the soul which has been missing from your collection and now have made it pretty much complete.

          After the brilliant, rave-shaped grooves and expansive arrangements of its predecessor, ‘Marble Skies’ is a more concise and focused offering which recalls the dynamic, genre-blurring music of their debut. It’s a return to form; an album which finds them returning to the handmade, cut-and-paste approach of the past. Upon finishing the ‘Born To Saturn’ tour, Dave ventured to LA to work on a production project, whilst the other band members went to India with the British Council. When they returned, the new album process began with a back-to-basics approach which recalled the DIY ethos of the band’s early days, Django Django – minus an absent Maclean – assembled at Urchin Studios in Tottenham, London with Metronomy drummer Anna Prior to experiment with the idea of coming up with new tracks through loose jamming sessions. After ten days of recording, there was plenty of raw material to send up to Dave (then back in his hometown of Dundee) for him to edit, refine and evolve. As ever, all four band members (completed by Tommy Grace on synths and bassist Jimmy Dixon) contributed to the band’s music, melodies and lyrics as the final album took shape. Parts of ‘Marble Skies’ find Django Django sailing into uncharted territories, not least the driving title track (propelled by Prior’s drumming), with its echoes of Krautrock and Suicide. Meanwhile, the hazy Zombies-like summer pop of ‘Champagne’, which explores the joys and ills of alcohol, was inspired by the band’s over-indulgence during a boat trip on the Seine that was hosted by their label. Those drawn to the more dance-orientated side of Django Django will find much to love in the twisted ‘80s electro pop of ‘In Your Beat’ and the dancehall-influenced ‘Surface To Air’, a dreamy-headed pop song fronted by Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club. The collaboration came as a result of the two bands meeting up at SXSW some years ago, where Rebecca and Dave in particular bonded over shared interests in R&B, hip-hop and dancehall. Another more surprising collaborator is Jan Hammer, the Czech-born, American-based jazz-fusion and electronic artist who shares writing credits with the band on the gorgeously floaty ‘Sundials’. If there’s a mood running through ‘Marble Skies’, it’s one of reflection on things past and present, and finding some kind of peace with your place in the grand scheme of things. 


          Coloured LP Info: Indies exclusive limited edition Pink + Blue coloured vinyl includes CD + Poster.

          The follow-up to 2015’s "Bahdeni Nami", "To Syria, With Love" marks Souleyman’s third full-length studio record. It is a departure musically and lyrically from his previous material, with focus on more elaborate keyboard and techno elements. Completely setting politics aside, Souleyman consciously shares this personal ode to his native country with an emphasis on his emotional connection to the land and people but not without heartache in view of the nation’s current state.

          “It’s been six years I’ve been away, and I’m tired of looking for home and asking about my loved ones. My soul is wounded and it’s like having dust in my eyes,” Souleyman sings on the album. “We are in exile, and our nights are long. Our homeland is our only comfort. Life caused us so much pain - our wounds are too many and every wound calls out, ‘We miss Al-Jazira’.”
          Superimposed over complex electronic arrangements provided by Hasan Alo, the new music is joined with lyrics and poetry co-written by Souleyman’s long-time collaborator Shawah Al Ahmad. Medium to high-speed dabke and baladi styles are heavily featured throughout as Souleyman expresses his overarching longing for collective peace.

          Souleyman, who has collaborated with Björk and Four Tet, began his career as a prolific wedding singer, releasing nearly 500 live albums before civil war broke out in his native Syria in 2011. He then moved to Turkey and in 2013 released "Wenu Wenu" via Ribbon/Domino, which NPR called, “…a jam so visceral, thrilling and intense as to make the mysterious matter of earthly borders seem hardly worth the time to contemplate.” The 2015 release "Bahdeni Nami" garnered widespread critical praise including The Guardian who proclaimed, “It’s so fast that the only appropriate way to engage with it is to wriggle your limbs. Melodies are both abrasive and ebullient, chattering endlessly like raucous birdsong.”

          He has bolstered his growing status as a world and electronic music icon establishing an extensive international following after touring widely and performing at major festivals including Glastonbury, Bonnaroo, Pitchfork Paris and Roskilde. Since its founding in 2013, Souleyman has been an advocate for the charity Our Heart Aches for Syria, which operates in collaboration with Doctors Without Borders. In that same year, he performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Norway.


          Coloured LP Info: Multi coloured yellow + orange + white + clear red vinyl.

          Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

          Over a broad spectrum of sounds, styles, and tempos Amadou & Mariam continue to be a relevant and substantial force. “La Confusion”, at first listen, promises to be as iconic and memorable as some of the duo's best hits. Bagayoko and Doumbia weave through afro-rock and various mutations of African and global soul music with ease; keeping a crisp and up-to-date production aesthetic bursting with instrumentation throughout. The choruses, hooks and grooves are more than infectious, they're pandemic! Seriously, with such a plethora of music riches on offer here, there's not only something for everything, but an album that holds your attention right the way till the end, sequenced beautifully and playing with dynamics with an incredible prowess. They've done it again! 

          It was always going to be tough to choose which label favourite should have the honour of their 100th release, so Parisian electro boutique Ed Banger have bent the rules a little and dropped a dope seventeen track double pack featuring a whole host of friendly faces. After a suitibly tongue-in-cheek intro from the ever-hilarious Mr Oizo, the comp begins proper with the long awaited return of "Walkman" legend SebastiAn, whose "So Huge" is an oddball synth-soul ode to chucking a sausage down market street (always frustrating for everyone involved). Next up, Busy P and Mayer Hawthorne patch in with a little Miami Vice style synth-funk before Breakbot sees the first disc out with a Daft Punk styled disco winner. Over onto the B-side and Cassius kills us with the simmering "Walking In The Rain" meets "Elle Et Moi" French touch of "Fame", Boston Bun drops a retail house heater (proper Topshop) and Fulgeance get a little hood with the electro-meets-hip hop of "She Knew". If you're longing for a little of that chopped and screwed hi-voltage funk of the Ed Banger of old, Pone & Boogie Vice's "Ricky The Can" should suffice, while Feadz and Santana join the dots between Trap, Miss Kittin and Italians Do It Better. As we rattle on, Krazy Baldhead darts off into filmic synth gloom, Oizo drops a fierce speak & spell electro banger, Borussia reminds me a little bit of student night's I chose note to attend and Boys Noize drop in to transform Justice's "Randy" into a strobe lit smasher for European darkrooms. Riton drops the latest in a long line of cover versions (his "Killing An Arab" is worth a listen) with an electro-house redux of "Temporary Secretary" perfect for any Erol Alkan fans. Para One's "Opium" takes the foot off the gas a touch to give us a little of that Hivern style melodic house before 10LEC6 up the tempo to a heart straining 150bpm for a bit of Parisian booty-bass. All that remains is for So Me & The Music Man to recreate a lost Tellier composition on the world's remaining quaaludes and we're home and dry...


          2xLtd LP Info: The vinyl comes as a triple gatefold metallic sliver sleeve with pinball themed foldout and CD.

          After bursting onto the scene in the heady (hedonistic) days of French electro, Joakim has enjoyed a decade of globetrotting and cultural tourism, soaking up the sights and sounds while spinning diverse DJ sets, soundtracking fashion shows and art installations and taking on production duties for a host of A-list talent. His sixth solo LP, "Samurai", lands on the Piccadilly shelves this week, combining a whole load of stuff we love into one big lovable whole. Influenced by his journeys between NYC, Tokyo and Paris, as well as new age music and Yukio Mishima’s book, "Hagakure: Samurai Ethics & Modern Japan", the thirteen track LP glides through sequencer based ambient numbers, gentle synth pop sonnets, and wonky funk wonders to arrive at a neon-tinged cocktail of Eno's "By This River", Mac Demarco's gap toothed funk, and the magical melancholia of shop favourite Horsebeach. If ever there were an album tailor made for our collective Piccadilly passions, it's this one!


          Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

          Electric Guest – LA-based duo Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton – have confirmed details for the long-awaited follow up to their 2012 debut. ‘Plural’, out March 3rd on Downtown/Because Music, breaks the group's almost five year silence with their most confident, catchy, fully-realized music to date, featuring behind the scenes contributions from Joanna Newsom, Haim, and Justin Young from The Vaccines.

          The Line of Best Fit shared 'Plural' highlight "Back For Me" this morning, calling:
          “Electric Guest at the top of their game - it's addictive (you'll be itching to hit repeat the second that final beat stops), brilliantly bizarre in places, and remarkably upbeat. We can't wait to hear more.”

          Recorded in LA, 'Plural' infuses Electric Guest's off-kilter blend of electronic, pop and R&B with an even more adventurous spirit than on 2012's 'Mondo.' Written during a period of self-reflection, 'Plural' embraces Taccone and Compton's original instincts, forgoing detailed arrangements and falsettos in favor of a back-to-basics approach – strong, natural vocals, intuitive musical instinct, and unbridled inspiration. The result is a sonic mélange that sounds as if it’s from both the past and future, layering everything from 80s synths to iPhone drum machines to Latin and Caribbean percussion. 


          Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

          Christine And The Queens

          Chaleur Humaine

          Christine And The Queens is Nantes-born Héloïse Letissier. Moving to London to study in 2010, Letissier instead found herself drawn to the art and theatre underworld of Soho, where she met the drag queens of Madame JoJo’s who inadvertently helped birth Christine And The Queens. The following year she released the first of a series of three EPs, each one building praise and demand for her utterly individual brand of pop. Chaleur Humaine, her French-language debut album produced by Ash Workman (Metronomy) with multi-instrumentalist brothers Michael Lovett and Gabriel Stebbing, arrived in 2014 and has already gone more than five-times platinum to propel Letissier - named Female Artist of the Year at the Victoires de la Musique earlier this year - to phenomenon status in her homeland.

          Already coveted by those in the know, last year Christine And The Queens took a step further into the international spotlight with a number of high profile European shows and scene-stealing performances at SXSW, a major 16-date North American run with Marina and The Diamonds and a solo sold-out headline show at New York’s Webster Hall. She capped a stunning year by joining one of her all time heroes Madonna on stage in Paris last week. She released her debut, self-titled UK EP in November and now 'Chaleur Humaine' makes its long-awaited UK debut. The album features EP tracks 'Jonathan' (feat. Perfume Genius) and 'No Harm Is Done' (feat. TunjiIge), and has been completely reworked for its UK release, featuring all-new English versions of French runaway hits 'Saint Claude' and 'Christine', amongst others.


          Deluxe CD Info: Deluxe format of this gold selling album comes with 6 extra tracks and a live DVD.

          After bursting onto the scene with a string of brilliant and brutal electro-disco bangers in the mid-noughties, Justice have toured the world rocking clubs and festivals, won a Grammy (for their killer remix of MGMT's "Electric Feel") and generally speaking been a couple of complete and utter dudes. They followed up their dope debut "†" with the proggy wig out of 2011's "Audio, Video, Disco", pushing their sound into unknown territories and taking the club crowds along for the ride. Brand new LP "Woman" finds the French duo older, wiser and more comfortable, celebrating the finer things in life and soundtracking summertime drives with your loved one and children. The brutal noise of their debut has been tamed and polished by love, offering instead a shimmering electro-funk complete with exultant pop motifs. Let there be Justice for all!


          Patrick says: Gaspard & Xavier return with their third LP, offering an older, calmer and more mature take on the disco-flecked electro which saw them conquer the world a decade ago. "Woman" is an optimistic offering of shimmering synth pop for daytime discos with your nearest and dearest.


          2xLtd LP Info: Double Gatefold Vinyl + CD.
          Side D of vinyl containing etched image, no audio.

          After delivering a dazzling overview of France's electronic origins via two volumes of "Cosmic Machine", Because zero in on legendary duo Space Art with a series of essential reissues. Masters of the French school of cosmic disco, the duo released a string of hits over a three year period, including the 7" "Onyx", which sold over THREE MILLION copies worldwide (mental!). One of half of the band, Dominique Perrier, is one of legend Jean-Michel Jarre’s closest collaborators. Recognized as a keyboard virtuoso, he worked on all Jarre’s albums from “Rendez-Vous” (1986) to “Oxygène 7-1” (1997) and still tours with him around the world. Space Art also toured with him in China in the early ‘80s. The third and last album from Space Art, released in 1980, saw the duo move away from the drifting electronic suites of their earlier work to create a unique fusion of art rock, jazz and synth pop. Vocoded vocals, wild rock guitars, proper pop nuggets and proggy disco jams abound as the group lay the foundations for the synth heavy lounge Air would call their own. A classic!


          LP Info: Cut from 2010 digital remastered version
          Single LP in printed cardboard sleeve with poster and CD included

          Marc Cerrone (born 1952 in Vitry-sur-Seine, near Paris, France) is an Italofrench disco drummer, composer, record producer and creator of major concert shows. Cerrone is considered as one of the most influential disco producers of the 70s and 80s in Europe.

          Cerrone produced a handful of disco classics in the mid-to-late '70s, including hits like "Love In C Minor" and "Supernature." He's often compared to Giorgio Moroder, who also had a post-millennium career revival with his contributions to Daft Punk's Random Access Memories. Red Lips is heavy on star cameos, including soul singer Aloe Blacc, Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip, fellow disco legend Nile Rodgers and Nigerian drummer Tony Allen. They recorded the album—Cerrone's first in eight years—with live studio musicians over the course of three years in London, Paris and New York. 

          Joe Mount hasn't always been the songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist auteur Metronomy fans know and revere him as today. Eight summers ago, he was – in his own words – “25, constantly drunk, single and living in London desperately trying to be cool.” Then a fledging bedroom producer, his second album, 'Nights Out', was a few months away from release, and life was a restless whirlwind of boozy cab rides from gig to gig, grimy London dive to grimy London dive. “I can't remember a single night in, sat in a nice room, just watching the telly,” he reminisces now. “It was quite manic, remembering it.” Instead of burying that wild-eyed time in his memories, Mount's decided to return to it. 'Summer '08' is his sequel to "Nights Out". And it's the album he's waited eight years to make.

          The AOR touches of "The English Riviera" and the 60s pop of "Love Letters" are gone, replaced by VHS funk, keytar solos, Soho disco and scratching - I shit you not, 2016 is the year Joe Mount brings scratching back. Upbeat and danceable, carefree even at its most sentimental, "Summer 08" is leftfield pop at its best, a naive hymn to uncool discos from Bethnal to Benidorm. So grab yourself a cheeky vimto and join the party.

          Olivier Carrié aka Uncle O chose to explore this effervescent and eclectic inter-zone for 'Cosmic Machine, The Sequel'. A second opus that takes us a bit further in time to introduce us to the dark corners of a French musical landscape where recording studio workaholics like Jean-Pierre Massiera or Roger Roger produced endless strings of records that challenged the laws of gravity (and sometimes the laws of good taste), where teenage heartthrob singer Alain Chamfort launched Araxis into space with a few synth notes, where drummer Cerrone enrolled in the Brigades Mondaines for the charms of a cover girl imagined by Gérard de Villiers and where the Anarchic System, The Peppers, Moon Birds or Arpadys dreamed of winning a one-way ticket to the moon. Some managed to land on our satellite, but all of them contributed to the space conquest aboard the Cosmic Machine. Châtelet Metro Station, Cassiopeia-bound vessel, the odyssey is just starting.

          Suffering from burn-out during Air's 2010 tour, Nicolas Godin was looking for inspiration to reignite his passion for music. He watched a Bruno Monsaingeon documentary about Glenn Gould playing Bach. Godin was immediately attracted to this mysterious and inaccessible universe, which he wanted to explore when he got home to Paris.

          Having made a statement with Air, Godin wanted to go back to the classical world, to grow up musically; to renew himself. Even at this stage in his career he took new piano lessons. He decided to start recording Bach pieces, “but not to make a Bach record with modern sound, I didn’t want to make a Wendy Carlos record; she’s already done it brilliantly in the 70s. The problem is how to do something new, because everything has already been done! But when I heard Glenn Gould talk about how to explore and transform the past, this was exactly what I was reaching for.”

          Godin began a period of transformation, “taking parts of Bach’s scores, then creating new parts,” he recalls. “Sometimes only thirty seconds of Bach’s original music was left behind. But I want people to listen to Contrepoint without noticing that it’s Bach. And in the process, I discovered that I had made a solo record! But it’s more of a tribute to all the great composers that have inspired me. Making a record about Bach leads to all composers who have listened to Bach.”

          Working in tandem with co-songwriter, arranger, keyboardist and Bach specialist Vincent Taurelle at AIR’s Studio de l’Atlas in Paris, Godin ended up with eight pieces. The end result is 'Contrepoint', a dazzling experience that conjoins Godin’s former habitual musical fusions with classical forms, taking the listener on multiple adventurous journeys, often within each song, with counterpoint just one of its many landmarks. It’s remarkably varied in tone and rhythm, splicing genres with a bold, punchy and yet sensual and sweeping feel, with a variety of enticing lyrical narratives, and a starry international cast of guests, such as French vocalist Thomas Mars (from Phoenix), Brazilian singer Marcelo Camelo, Italian author Alessandro Barrico, New Zealand guitarist Connan Mockasin and the choir from Macedonia’s FAME'S Project. But the unifying force of Contrepoint is Johann Sebastian Bach. Each album track uses a Bach piece as its source, before jumping off to all manner of new places. Glenn Gould is also in the mix, though more of a spiritual guide than compositional. The predominant influence on 'Contrepoint' is Godin himself, composing at a new-found level of inspiration, both structural and emotional. 

          It's hard to think of another artist who has their feet firmly planted across as many styles as the Mad Decent founder, head honcho and brand ambassador, Diplo. Equally immersed in Top 40 and hip-hop world as he is in underground club, indie rock and world music, the Grammy-nominated producer is embarking on his most ambitious year yet with not just the launch of the new Major Lazer cartoon on FXX, but also the release of a new Major Lazer album, 'Peace Is The Mission'. This will be the third studio album from Major Lazer, the dancehall collective spearheaded by Diplo with trusted co-conspirators Walshy Fire and Jillionaire.

          Fans who’ve learned to associate Major Lazer with some of the biggest names in dancehall alongside up-and-comers and mainstream mainstays can expect even more exciting names on this go. 'PITM' features guest contributions from Ellie Goulding, Elliphant, Wild Belle, MØ, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, Travi$ Scott, Jovi Rockwell, DJ Snake, Tarrus Riley, Mad Cobra, Nyla, Chronixx and a re-work of the Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Pt 1. motion picture soundtrack song "All My Love" featuring Ariana Grande from Trinidadian star Michel Montano.

          When Major Lazer first launched in 2008, tastemakers embraced the indie side project and niche underground media outlets championed the sound. Seven years later, Major Lazer have developed their sound to become integrated with pop music and beyond and continued their ascent, recognised by their peers, fans and media around the world as leaders in a genre they helped to build.


          Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

          2xLtd CD Info: Indie exclusive with bonus disc.

          The Liminanas

          Time Will Tell / Alicante


            Limited to 500 copies exclusive Record Store Day only release !

            Jack White faves Les Liminanas. It's been noted that their are traces of Serge Gainsbourg, Beck, Stereolab, Gospel, Yeh-Yeh, guitar fuzz freakouts, and Nugget's-era stompers in the Limiñanas music. All of which may be true, but Limiñanas' sound is irreverent and singular.

            Little Dragon

            Klapp Klapp


              Limited to 350 copies.

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