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Mannequin Records boss Alessandro Adriani lands on L.I.E.S. with a new four track EP of his melodic and driving signature Italo-EBM-electro fusion.

A master of machine music, Adriani lets them do the talking throughout the EP, with heavy arpeggios, big Juno basslines, and slamming 808s bringing the tracks to a head. Go directly to the symphonic and epic opener "Ecstatic Feeling" with its beautiful melodies, dramatic arpeggios and reverb saturated snares, all reminiscent of Yello meets Robotnik with pent up tension waiting to explode. This is an anthem to say the least! The remainder of the ep follows suit laced with traditional EBM and electro stylings being manipulated by the hands of Adriani in his studio. Limited!


Ecstatic Feeling
Abductio Ab Nihilo
Clap Trap
Technological Death

Warehouse find! Classic LIES industrial throb here from Ploy who mines deep sub textures, taut metallic atmopsheres and pummelling saturated beats from various wormholes and points of interstellar drama. It churns, sways and boulders through its two disc course with a slow, focussed, tectonic aggression. Quite hard to catch your breath when your this deep underground...


Side 1
1. Gulch (2:54)
2. Clubtek (4:40)
Side 2
1. Dog Ants (5:18)
2. Pax Cultura (5:17)
Side 3
1. Molotov (5:41)
2. 2 Busy (5:41)
Side 4
1. Keys In The Dark (4:51)
2. Throb (4:53)

Karl O'Connor (Regis) and Simon Shreeve (Monic / Osirus Music / Downwards) team up again for a menacing four song EP of broken beat electronics. The perfect amalgamation of O'Connor's and Shreeve's solo works merged. Heavy, tectonic, dubbed out n dark: Birmingham electronics. Distinct, singular and subtly soul crushing music from masters of an uncategorizable genre. Comes in a full picture jacket. Limited!


Matt says: Never mind the fact that Karl O'Connor & Simon Shreeve make the most scarily destructive post-techno you're likely to hear. The sheer dark matter mercurial weight of the 12" pressing should ring alarm bells - proceed with caution folks. Capable of decimating cities!


Side 1
1. Reason Doesn't Sleep
2. Dream Logic
Side 2
1. No Love From Above
2. The Shape Of Winter

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