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Jimmy Whispers

The Search For God

    The Search for God is a wake-up call for a troubled world that’s still worth saving, animated by a belief in the power of small connections to add up to big changes. At 10 songs delivered in a brief 15 minutes, Jimmy Whispers’ long-awaited sophomore album feels present in a way that feels brand new for the cult auteur. Like many of us, Jimmy has been affected by the pressure of the past few years. After embracing sobriety in 2019, and now as a filmmaker sharing the stories of lesser known Los Angeles community members, he’s brought his dreaming down to earth, while turning its direction even further out.

    Recorded with his longtime friend Ziyad Asrar of the band Whitney (and re-recorded after a hard drive incident destroyed the original files), The Search for God was created in the wake of Jimmy’s COVID isolation, and returns to some teen influences that are out of step with the chill/lo-fi LA indie rock scene he’s found himself lumped in with. Created mostly with two vintage synths, a single Roland CR5000 drum machine, and a busted karaoke machine, it channels Midwestern emo, the Beach Boys’ Smile, subtle nods at hyper-pop production, and forgotten jewel-box era college radio of the early aughts into a pure pop sound that transcends easy categorization.

    The album’s standout single—and its statement of purpose—is “Hellscape,” which packs more into a minute and 40 seconds than you’d think possible: multiple immediately-unforgettable hooks, kaleidoscopic keyboards, and a bracing reminder that even the most transcendent moments are rooted in a world full of suffering. “This is a fucking hellscape,” Jimmy sings. “This is real life / this is happening.”

    That may sound like punk nihilism, but The Search for God is anything but. Every lyrical acknowledgment of how fucked things are right now comes with a promise that we can still make positive changes. Jimmy calls it “God”; you might call it Love or Peace or A Place In the Universe That Makes Some Kind of Sense.

    Will The Search for God deliver whatever that is to you? Of course not. At its heart, it’s still just a really good pop album. But maybe that’s enough. For a minute or two at a time, Jimmy’s music cracks open a space where the divine can enter our lives. The utopia we’ve all been dreaming of is already here if we’re just willing to build it. Jimmy Whispers is there, ready to add his voice, whenever we want to reach out. 


    1. Ice Cream Truck
    2. Stray Dogs
    3. The Search For God
    4. Swimming
    5. True Love Is Freedom
    6. Hiding In The Basement
    7. Meditiation Song
    8. Hellscape
    9. The Search For God (Reprise)
    10. The Right Time To Leave

    Orange Tree bossman Jimmy Rouge gets his shears out for another round of evergreen edits from deep in the depths. Soundsystem crunchin new wave and synth pop sounds, sit side by side with mind expanding downtempo melters for this all hitters, no critters four tracker.


    A1. Bay Leaf
    A2. Rounders
    B1. Night Train
    B2. Fever Dream

    Jimmy London

    It Ain't Easy Living In The Ghetto

      'It Ain't Easy Living In The Ghetto' 1980

      Produced by Phil Pratt

      Vocals: Jimmy London

      Bass: Aston 'Family Man' Barrett & Robert 'Robbie' Shakespeare

      Drums: Carlton Barrett & Lowell 'Sly' Dunbar

      Lead Guitar: Bertram 'Ranchie' MacLean

      Rhythm Guitar: Radcliffe 'Dougie' Bryan

      Keyboards: Ansell 'Pinkie' Collins & Bobby Kalphat

      Tenor Saxophone: Tommy McCook

      Alto Saxophone: Felix 'Deadly Headley' Bennett

      Trombone: Vincent 'Don D Junior' Gordon

      Percussion: Christopher 'Sky Juice' Blake, Noel 'Scully' Simms & Uzziah 'Sticky' Thompson

      Recorded at: Channel One Recording Studio, 29 Maxfield Avenue, Kingston 13, Jamaica

      Engineers: Ernest Hookim & Oswald 'Ossie' Hibbert


      It Aint Easy
      Rock And Roll Lullaby
      Jimmy Say Hello
      You Know What I Mean
      Running Wild
      Got To Change Your Ways
      Family Man
      Moving On
      Peggy My Love
      Loving You

      Jimmy James & The Vagabonds / Sonya Spence

      This Heart Of Mine / Let Love Flow On (RSD22 EDITION)


        A transparent blue vinyl version of our best selling Northern Soul release. With exclusive black and white label design.

        Jimmy James & The Vagabonds / Sonya Spence

        This Heart Of Mine / Let Love Flow On

          Two more floor-friendly 45s from the Deptford Northern Soul Club’s record box. Includes Jimmy James & The Vagabonds’ super rare £100-valued 45, written by Motown’s Barrett ‘Money’ Strong. A great version of The Artistics’ track on what is an obscure gem from 1966 from the latter-day soul and ska hit maker. Backed with the often-sampled smooth soul of reggae singer Sonya Spence on a Sonia Pottinger- produced track from her £70 album ‘Sings Love’. First time on seven-inch for this class slice of funky soul.


          Jimmy James & The Vagabonds - This Heart Of Mine
          Sonya Spence - Let Love Flow On

          Continuing further into the music of 1970s East Africa, Soundway present a limited edition 10" of raw, bluesy garage-funk-rock from Jimmy Mawi.

          Jimmy Mawi was a Madagascan guitarist based in Nairobi in the mid 1970s. He cut only three 45s for EMI East Africa on their Pathe imprint that have virtuallydisappeared from sight in the nearly 40 years since they were recorded. Soundway reproduce four of the best tracks here on a super limited edition 10". Fuzz guitars, raspy vocals and metronomic drumming combine for an exhaustive afro-rock workout.

          Earlier this year Soundway released their compilation 'Kenya Special: Selected East African Recordings' from the 1970s & ‘80s. Accompanied by a limited remix 12” these releases represent Soundway’s first releases from the East African country and follows from their much acclaimed African ‘Special’ series that to date has focused on the highlife and afrobeat output from 1970s Nigeria and Ghana.


          Black Dialogue
          I Want Get Up
          Black Star Blues
          Let Me Keep Away From You

          Jimmy O'Neill

          Cradle Me

            Debut single on Clown Prince recordings, from this Wigan based singer / songwriter who cites influences as diverse as Johnny Mathis and the Sex Pistols. His songwriting encapsulates his thoughts and feelings on life with a blend of pathos and tongue in cheek humour, in the most English, self-depreciating way.

            The Red Neck Manifesto

            Loopy Lou Meet Jimmy Jo

              Three great tracks from Dublin's The Redneck Manifesto. "Loopy Lou Meets Jimmy Joe" is cleverly cut, melodic yet disjointed rock. "OK Frenchie" is a much different affair as a warm fuzzy vocal floats over a soothing backing track. "Pat Sherrill Jokes" ebbs and flows full of time signature changes and dynamic guitars. For fans of Billy Mahonie, Papa M, Black Heart Procession etc.

              Jimmy Dludlu


                Jimmy Dludlu has made a sophisticated smooth jazz guitar album and mixed it to the rhythms of his native South Africa, added a pinch of latin samba style and another smattering of gospel and the result is "Afrocentric". Jazz with a township tinge.

                Jimmy Eat World

                The Singles

                  Jimmy Eat World are currently riding high at the moment with their critically acclaimed new album "Bleed American" selling by the truckload and the band's video for "Bleed American" on MTV. This CD compiles singles, comp tracks and unreleased demos plus the three tracks from the bands split EP with Jebediah. Remastered classy stuff.

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