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Niki & The Dove


    ‘Instincts’ is set to be a landmark album. It’s a musical world of the bands’ own making. Spellbinding, it shows a band in complete control. Thrilling synth surges meet pop hooks, each track packed full of emotional weight. It’s a heavyweight pop record, one with a pure vision made up of very individual elements to create something wholly unique.

    Fine Young Cannibals

    Fine Young Cannibals

    Fine Young Cannibals' debut self-titled is celebrating its 35th anniversary. Originally released in 1985 the album that spawned the hits ‘Johnny Come Home’ & ‘Suspicious Minds’ launched the band high into the charts the world over and lay foundations for an impressive career that was still to follow. Led by Roland Gift's unique voice, the LP blazes a danceable trail between new wave and soul.



    01 Johnny Come Home
    02 Couldn't Care More
    03 Don't Ask Me To Choose
    04 Funny How Love Is
    05 Suspicious Minds
    06 Blue
    07 Move To Work
    08 On A Promise
    09 Time Isn't Kind
    10 Like A Stranger


    01 Johnny Come Home
    02 Couldn't Care More
    03 Don't Ask Me To Choose
    04 Funny How Love Is
    05 Suspicious Minds
    06 Blue
    07 Move To Work
    08 On A Promise
    09 Time Isn't Kind
    10 Like A Stranger
    11 Johnny Come Home (Extended Mix)
    12 Suspicious Minds (Extended Mix)
    13 Blue (Dance Version)
    14 Wade In The Water ("Blue" B-Side)
    15 Love For Sale ("Johnny Come Home" B-Side)
    16 Motherless Child ("Funny How Love Is" B-Side)
    17 Prick Up Your Ears
    18 Couldn't Care More (Annes Mix)
    19 Blue (Slow Version)
    20 Suspicious Minds (Caught In A Dub)
    21 Johnny Come Home (Mousse T Cocktail Mix)

    01 Johnny Come Home (Derrick Carter Remix)
    02 Suspicious Minds (US Remix)
    03 Funny How Love Is (Radio Mix)
    04 Johnny Come Home (Mark Moore 12" Remix)
    05 Blue (Live At Town & Country Club BBC Session)
    06 Johnny Come Home (Live)
    07 Suspicious Minds (Suspicious Mix)
    08 Johnny Come Home (John Peel BBC Session)
    09 Blue (John Peel BBC Session)
    10 Time Isn't Kind (John Peel BBC Session)
    11 Good Times And Bad (Extended Mix)
    12 Suspicious Minds (Shakedown Mix)
    13 Couldn't Care More (Janice Long BBC Session)
    14 Move To Work (Janice Long BBC Session)
    15 Don´t Ask Me To Choose (Janice Long BBC Session)
    16 Funny How Love (Janice Long BBC Session)
    17 Blue (Demo Long Version)
    18 Johnny Come Home Mousse T (Extended Mix)

    Fine Young Cannibals

    The Raw & The Cooked

      Fine Young Cannibals' worldwide smash ‘The Raw & The Cooked’ has been remastered from analogue tapes and repressed for the first time since its original release. Originally released in 1989 the album that spawned the hits ‘She Drives Me Crazy’, ‘Good Thing’ & ‘Ever Fallen In Love’ took the band to No.1 in the charts on both sides of the Atlantic and won the band two Brit Awards.



      01 She Drives Me Crazy
      02 Good Thing
      03 I'm Not The Man I Used To Be
      04 I'm Not Satisfied
      05 Tell Me What
      06 Don't Look Back
      07 It's OK (It's Alright)
      08 Don't Let It Get You Down
      09 As Hard As It Is
      10 Ever Fallen In Love?


      01 She Drives Me Crazy
      02 Good Thing
      03 I'm Not The Man I Used To Be
      04 I'm Not Satisfied
      05 Tell Me What
      06 Don't Look Back
      07 It's OK (It's Alright)
      08 Don't Let It Get You Down
      09 As Hard As It Is
      10 Ever Fallen In Love?
      11 You Never Know ("Don't Look Back" B-Side)
      12 Social Security ("Good Thing" B-Side)
      13 She Me Crazy (David Z 12" Remix)
      14 Good Thing (Nothing Like The Single Mix)
      15 Ever Fallen In Love (Extended Version)
      16 I’m Not The Man I Used To Be (12” Version)
      17 Don't Look Back (12" Version)
      18 It's Ok (It's Alright) (Ploeg Club Mix)

      01 She Drives Me Crazy (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
      02 I'm Not Satisfied (New York Singing Mix II)
      03 She Drives Me Crazy (Seth Troxler Remix)
      04 Ever Fallen In Love? (The Rare Groove Bootleg)
      05 Good Thing (Prince Paul Vocal Percussapella)
      06 She Drives Me Crazy (Percusapella)
      07 I’m Not The Man I Used To Be (Demo Version)
      08 Don't Look Back (Youth Remix)
      09 As Hard As It Is (Demo Version)
      10 Tell Me What (Demo Version)
      11 Hold Me (Demo)
      12 I'm Not Satisfied (Demo Version)
      13 Ever Fallen In Love? (Club Senseless Arthur Baker Remix)
      14 Race Track Instrumental


      Blind Vision (Honey Dijon Remixes)

        Honey Dijon was asked the remix her “favourite band” Blancmange and she chose the magnificent disco oddity, 1983 hit ‘Blind Vision.’ The result is a stripped back, bumping houser that sounds as much Green Velvet as it does Talking Heads. Urgent percussion and oscillating synths drive things forward, allowing a full Blancmange vocal to unfold aloft to great effect. Also features the original and sought after extended mix.


        Blind Vision (Honey Dijon Remix)
        Blind Vision (Honey Dijon Instrumental)
        Blind Vision
        Blind Vision (Instrumental / Dub)


        Living On The Ceiling (Roman Flügel Remixes)

          Roman Flügel remixes the cult 1980s classic that is ‘Living On The Ceiling’ and the result is a killer, off-kilter slice of club-focussed machine funk that contains the same wonderfully bizarre cocktail of traits that Blancmange always boasted in spades. Eerie and schizophrenic but also both bright and triumphant. Also features the original and sought after extended mix.

          “When I was asked to put my hands on the original tracks of Blancmange I was instantly excited. They were one of my favourite Bands when I grew up as a teenager in the 80’s. Listening to their music walking around with my Walkman back then was adventurous. Mainly because I was already in love with the aesthetics of synthesisers and drum machines. But also because it was unusual pop music with an extraordinary energy that made it in the charts. Remixing a favourite band is challenging but I’ve tried to keep the free spirits and playfulness in my mix that makes Blancmange still so special after all these years” - Roman Flügel


          Living On The Ceiling (Roman Flügel Remix)
          Living On The Ceiling (Roman Flügel Dub)
          Living On The Ceiling 
          Living On The Ceiling (Extended Version)

          Happy Mondays

          The Early EP's

            This collection of EPs features very early, rare Happy Mondays tracks originally released on limited vinyl in the late 1980s by Factory Records. Included is the original version of ‘24 Hour Party People’ and feature track ‘The Egg’ - with atmospheric eerie slide guitar and driving bass this is a stand out gem from the band’s back catalogue and transports you in time to late 1980s Manchester.

            All tracks remastered from original master tapes.

            ‘Forty Five’ pressed on translucent green vinyl in sleeve with 3mm spine.

            ‘Freaky Dancin’ / The Egg’ appears on translucent orange vinyl in sleeve with 3mm spine.

            ’Tart Tart’ is on translucent blue vinyl in 3mm spine sleeve.

            ‘24 Hour Party People’ on translucent yellow vinyl in sleeve with 3mm spine.

            All 4 EPs are gathered in a 300gsm carton slipcase.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Andy says: Happy Mondays lit up the late 80s with their barely contained, shambolic but groovey take on punk-funk and god knows what else! They were, in short, totally original. In frontman Shaun Ryder they had a complete one-off who label boss Tony Wilson famously compared to W.B.Yeats! These early twelves (85-88) are presented here as four different coloured vinyl, remastered from the original analogue tapes and housed in a 300 gram carton slipcase.

            TRACK LISTING

            Forty Five :
            A. Delightful
            B1. This Feeling
            B2. Oasis
            Freaky Dancin’ / The Egg :
            A. Freaky Dancin’ (Live)
            B1. The Egg (Mix)
            B2. Freaky Dancin’
            Tart Tart :

            A. Tart Tart
            B. Little Matchstick Owen’s Rap
            24 Hour Party People :
            A. 24 Hour Party People
            B1. Yahoo
            B2. Wah Wah (Think Tank)


            Saturnz Return - 21st Anniversary Edition

              Goldie’s 1995 debut album "Timeless" changed the face of music culture. Bringing the nascent drum & bass scene to the masses, the album careered into the Top 10 and hit a number of Album Of The Year polls, with Goldie becoming a star in the process. However, while everyone was eagerly anticipating a repeat of the "Timeless" formula, Goldie had other ideas. Instead, he pushed his creativity to the max and released "Saturnz Return". Brave, innovative, experimental and bursting with emotion, the two-disc 150-minute album proved to be one of the most bold and divisive sets in history. The groundbreaking set featured David Bowie, Noel Gallagher and KRS-One.

              Now with a 21st Anniversary Edition released via London Records, all of the original tracks on the album have been remastered specifically and the 3CD collection also adds a third volume of bonus material. It compiles brand new remixes alongside remastered remixes - which receive their first release on CD - as well as other rarities. The collection also adds three rarities that were discovered in Goldie’s personal archive, all of which shine fresh light on the influence that classical music had upon him. These consist of the string arrangement for "Mother", plus early instrumental versions of "Dragonfly" and "What You Won’t Do For Love". It’s completed by remixes that were discovered in the London Records archive. Now remastered and making their debut on CD, these include rare mixes from Optical, MJ Cole and Grooverider.

              TRACK LISTING

              I’ll Be There For You
              Chico - Death Of A Rockstar
              Fury - The Origin
              Crystal Clear
              Temper Temper (Optical Mix)
              Letter Of Fate

              ‘The Dream Within’

              CD2 (All Newly Remastered)
              ‘Temper Temper’
              ‘I’ll Be There For You’
              ‘Chico - Death Of A Rockstar’
              ‘Letter Of Fate’
              ‘Fury - The Origin’
              ‘Crystal Clear’

              CD3 (New Remixes & Rarities)
              ‘Demonz’ (Gremlinz & Jesta Remix)
              ‘Crystal Clear’ (HLZ Remix)
              ‘Demonz’ (Martyn's Full Circle Mix)
              ‘Crystal Clear’ (DjRUM Remix)
              ‘Dragonfly’ (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix)
              ‘Mother’ (Strings)
              ‘What You Won’t Do For Love’ (Instrumental)
              ‘Believe’ (Grooverider Remix)
              ‘Digital’ (Boymerang Remix)
              ‘Temper Temper’ (Optical Mix)

              Asian Dub Foundation

              Rafi's Revenge - 20th Anniversary Edition

                Rafi’s Revenge originally peaked at number 20 on the UK Albums Chart and was shortlisted for the 1998 Mercury Music Prize, with Bobby Gillespie hailing them at the time as ‘the best live act in Britain’. This 21 year anniversary reissue includes a limited edition, coloured 2xLP plus expanded digital & CD editions with bonus tracks selected by Adrian Sherwood. To celebrate the release the band are playing at Rich Mix, London on 28th March.

                By the time they recorded Rafi’s Revenge in 1998, Asian Dub Foundation were primed to explode. Having initially emerged from East London’s grassroots Community Music project as a largely studio-based collective, the band had galvanised themselves into a riotously exciting touring machine by the late Nineties. Their extraordinary live shows around this period were electrifying to witness, kinetic and dynamic, incendiary and euphoric, confrontational yet celebratory. For sheer roof-raising energy, they were unrivalled. ADF have evolved enormously over the last two decades, of course, but their breakthrough album remains a fascinating chapter in the real, complex, unwritten history of Britpop. Expanded and enlarged for this anniversary edition, these multi-layered musical treasures still dazzle and delight with their grandiose ambition and riotous energy.

                TRACK LISTING

                CD 1 / LP
                Black White
                Hypocrite / Charge
                Free Satpal Ram
                Dub Mentality
                Culture Move
                Operation Eagle Lie
                Tribute To John Stevens

                CD2 / Bonus CD
                Real Areas For Investigation
                Culture Move (Audio Active Pusher Sound Mix)
                Naxalite (Adrian Sherwood Mad Scientist Dub Mix)
                Modern Apprentice
                Digital Underclass
                Dub Mentality (Rafi)
                Buzzin’ (Dylan Rhymes Remix)
                Charge (Live)
                Free Satpal Ram (Russel Simmins Remix)

                Black Kids

                Partie Traumatic

                  Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida Black Kids comprise of brother and sister Reggie and Ali Youngblood, Dawn Watley, Owen Holmes and Kevin Snow. Produced by Bernard Butler at West Heath studios, London over five weeks this spring, "Partie Traumatic" comprises of ten exquisitely refreshing pop songs including the singles "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" and "Hurricane Jane". Other highlights include the recently penned "I'm Making Eyes At You" and album closer "Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo)".

                  Various Artists

                  24 Hour Party People

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