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The Hurt Process

A Heartbeat Behind

    This is more layered, heavier and more edgy than "Drive By Monologue" with a metallic punch. The guitars cut and burn, the rhythms pound your aching head/heart and the vocals scream and soar. Awesome!

    Dead Poetic

    New Medicines

    The follow up to "Four Wall Blackmail" shows a marked progression from the debut - Brandon Rike's beautiful part emo / part screamo vocals are framed perfectly by inspired songwriting, blazing guitar riffs, a tight, powerful rhythm section and crisp production.

    4Ft Fingers

    A Cause For Concern

    The long awaited 3rd LP from these U.K. punk hopefuls definitely lives up to expectations - while they stick to their melodic skate punk roots, there is more maturity and depth to the sound, with added experimentation in both rhythm and song structure. As infectious as an embarassing rash.


    Failure On

    An awesome, furious and precise debut which switches effortlessly between alternative rock melody and pulverising, passionate hardcore breakdowns. Heavy, melodic guitars and a vocal style alternating between sweetly voiced harmonies and bloody throat screaming are propelled by shifting, driving rhythms - a devastating release from one of the most promising hardcore outfits to emerge in recent years. Don't miss.

    Various Artists

    Hail The New Dawn

    A taster for the these days consistently excellent Golf label, featuring two tracks each from Anberlin, The Hurt Process, Spoken, The Blueprint, October File, Beloved, Norma Jean, Underoath, Emery, and Stretch Arm Strong - yes, that's 20 tracks for a paltry four and a half quid. 22p each. I mean come on.



    Inspiring and crisply produced pop punk blitzreig bop with a clean, punchy guitar sound, driving rhythm section and uplifting, clenched fist lyrics delivered through hip hop influenced vocal harmonies. The sound is a little harder than their previous two lps and probably benefits from that.


    Daylight Saving

    Taking influences from both early punk rock as well as classic ska bands, Subb has been a mainstay in the Quebec independent music scene. Their first full length release "The Highstep To Hell" came out in 1997 on Underworld Records and received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. Now jump to March 2000, when Subb released their long-awaited follow up "Until The Party Ends" on Montreal's Stomp Records. This record was a new chapter in the bands young career mixing the raw energy of punk rock with sweet stylings of ska and reggae.

    King Prawn

    Dominant View

    A real floor filler, killer diller skacore from London's finest. Taken from the excellent King Prawn album "Got The Thirst" comes this four track including remixes, CD-Rom video and new tracks.

    Poison Idea

    We Must Burn

    This is the follow up to Poison Idea's "Blank Blackout Vacant" album. A more metal approach was used on this album to good effect - pure punk rock power from one of the classic old skool bands.

    Planet Smashers

    No Self Control

    The Planet Smashers are among North America's premier Ska/Punk bands. Their repertoire of original tunes and energetic stage shows have catapulted them into the forefront of the underground music scene. This is the bands fourth album, the first to be issued in Europe. "No Self Control is a darker sounding CD with sarcasm, wit and irony and takes this Canadian band to a whole new level.

    Poison Idea

    Blank Blackout Vacant

    Gross out nihilists Poison Idea got together in Oregon in the 1980s and were one of the most influential bands on the underground scene of the mid-80s. Drugs, alcohol and a prediliction for burgers and fries turned frontman Jerry A. and guitarist Tom Roberts into blimps. By the time of 1992's "Blank Blackout Vacant" the band weren't the force they once were but as this remastered edition shows they still could motor when they wanted to. This particular release features extra tracks in the form of the "Religion and Politics Part 2" mini CD.

    Poison Idea

    War All The Time

    1987's storming "War All The Time" gets the reissue treatment on Golf. Poison Idea – legend in the Punk Rock world – this is a buy or die for any punker!

    Teen Idols

    Nothing To Prove

    Third full length from these well known US punkers. They're on tour with Less Than Jake in Europe to support this brand new album. These Southern punk rockers are gonna have the fans of power pop punk begging for more, pogo-ing until they can pogo no more.


    Blue Gravy

    Formerly issued as two mini albums (one punk / one dub) now both are on the one CD. Snuff have always been at the forefront of the British punk scene and their brand of melodic punk rock lends itself well to dub. Dub main man Roop remixes rhythms and basslines around Snuff's melodies and brings all the expertise he gained working with the likes of Junior Murvin to make this a real urban dub treat.

    Snuff's second album is regarded as one of their best and finally gets the re-release treatment. This album contains five bonus tracks and includes the band's great version of "I Can See Cleary Now". Great band, great record and you can now finally buy it.


    Chocs Away

    "Chocs Away" is taken from the new album "Disposable Income" and features two bonus previously unreleased tracks, plus the video for the title track. A great track accompanied by a killer video.

    Less Than Jake


      To celebrate Less Than Jake's tenth anniversary the band decided to completely remix and remaster their first full length, "Pezcore". So here it is! It sounds killer and the art has been revamped as well!


      Disposable Income

      They've been going years but Snuff remain one of the most honest and direct of old skool cockney punk rockers. They think it's their strongest yet and that is no mean feat! Popular and well respected their albums are consistently good, melodic punk rock.


      Pistols At Dawn

      Consumed play catchy melodies with powerful punk riffs and totally unsubtle Oi-style lyrics. They're well established in the British punk scene. This is their emphatic third album. "Pistols At Dawn" is an Andy Sneap monster production and moves them up a league into the heavy weight sluggers of UK punk rock!

      4Ft Fingers

      From Hero To Zero

      Some of the finest skate punk on the planet comes from 4Ft Fingers who are without doubt one of the UK's brightest punk hopes. This second album produced by Dave Chang is full of infectious songs enhanced with a super thick production. The band's debut "At Your Convenience" was good but this is better and should see this highly talented and hard working band reach new heights.

      Dillinger Four

      Versus God

      The out of control hype on this band is far from exaggerated. Now signed to Fat Wreck Chords this mid-western foursome harness the fury and harmony of hardcore and turn themselves into a mosh pit dance band from hell.


      A Day Off For The Conscience

      Recorded in Reading during one week in September 2001, Matt, Jon, Gadge and Jay are taking the US sound and dragging it kicking and screaming to Berkshire. Double CD from these lads due to be seen on tour with 4ft Fingers, Caffeine and Mr Zippy.

      Mr Zippy

      What You Are Like Says A Lot About The Kind Of Person You Are

      Bristol's pop punk heroes deliver their debut album, it's twelve tracks of Green Day / Less Than Jake influenced pop punk with a strong melodic flavour.

      The Business

      Hell 2 Pay

      The kings of street punk are back! This is the theme song to the soon to be released British gangster movie "Hell To Pay". This three tracker features two new tracks plus a killer cover of the classic "Do Anything You Want To Do" by Eddie And The Hot Rods.

      River City High

      Forgets Their Manners

      Release of this previously only available in Japan combination of the first two River City High EP's on one CD. Pure pop punk from a band to watch out for.


      The Moon My Saddle

      "The Moon My Saddle" is Chamberlain's critically acclaimed masterpiece. Moving away from their hardcore roots they came into their own as musicians with this home-grown , original sound drawing from americana, rock, country and emocore making this a superbly crafted record.

      Death On Wednesday

      Buying The Lie

      Typical pop-punk from the West Coast, Death On Wednesday cite influences as diverse as The Beatles and Elvis to The Cult. They couple pulverizing guitar riffs with a solid rhythmic backbone and add a Morrissey soundalike on vocals.

      Jimmy Eat World

      The Singles

      Jimmy Eat World are currently riding high at the moment with their critically acclaimed new album "Bleed American" selling by the truckload and the band's video for "Bleed American" on MTV. This CD compiles singles, comp tracks and unreleased demos plus the three tracks from the bands split EP with Jebediah. Remastered classy stuff.


      Brand New Dream

      An outstanding hardcore album, combining power and melody. It's fast, furious, well produced and really hits the spot.

      Less Than Jake

      Gainesville Rock City

      One of the best tracks from the excellent "Borders And Boundaries" album sees Chris, Roger and the boys reminiscing about their li'l biddy home town. A good CD-Rom of the single too.

      Millencolin / Midtown


      Two of punk's biggest names battle it out on this 6 tracker from Golf Records. Millencolin step up to the mic first with "No Cigar", "Blackeye" and "Buzzer" and Midtown give us "Let Go", "Get It Together" and "You Should Know". Features 3 track CD ROM.

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