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Tony Allen & Jeff Mills

Tomorrow Comes The Harvest EP

Lock yourself into the beat, but don’t become prisoner to it. The techno pioneer Jeff Mills understands that only too well. In his quest to liberate himself from the tyranny of the sequencer, Mills couldn’t wish for a better partner than the father of Afrobeat.

Many consider Tony Allen to be one of the greatest drummers alive. In the last thirty years, his signature mix of Nigerian roots, polyglot jazz and no-fuss funkiness has spread like a virus, infecting the work of artists as diverse as Damon Albarn, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Moritz Oswald. Jeff Mills is a titan of the electronic dance scene and a tireless innovator, who helped to give birth to the 1980s Detroit techno scene before going on to compose electro symphonies, soundtracks and sonic odysseys inspired by futurism and space travel, working with visual artists, choreographers, classical orchestras, even astronauts.

His collaboration with Tony Allen is another rhythmic conversation in a long and well-established discourse, but a special one too: “It really is a pure collaboration, not just through music, but in our minds and spirit as well.” The same goes for Tony Allen. He has already collaborated with quite a few electro artists during his long career but this is something else. “The difference is that Jeff can play with me, whereas the others cannot play with me. I can only play with them, but they cannot play with me…yunastan?”

The pair first shared a stage in December 2016, at the New Morning in Paris. Their live shows have become a rhythm summit without equal, a chance to witness two of the world’s most innovative beat-makers, supplemented by the Moogs and synths of Jean-Philippe Dary, fusing past and future into an intense, seamless present where digital and analogue, jazz and electro, Africa and America, the source and the delta, become one.

In some ways Allen and Mills have already fashioned their own sovereign self-designed state, one where improvisation, creativity and instinct reign. It’s rooted in Africa, yes, but like the music of Art Blakey, it goes beyond Africa, beyond America, beyond the force-fields of history and the structures of technology. That’s all the excitement - to get on board with two of the world greatest living masters of rhythm, set the controls for the heart of their spinning world, and boldly go into the unknown.

Robert Glasper Experiment

The ArtScience Remixes


    8 remixes from Robert Glasper Experiment’s Artscience – remixed by Kaytranada and Glasper. It will also include a feature from Talib Kweli. The 12” vinyl EP will only be released in the US, UK, & Canada as a RSD special. 

    Shop favourites (2016 end-of-year chart high-rollers) Gogo Penguin return for their latest outing on legendary jazz label, Blue Note. The thing about Gogo penguin is, they're a jazz band, but without all the things you'd associate with a jazz band. The beards are as few as their years, and the chin-stroking is not only minimal, but actively discouraged. Their last outing (the stunning 'Man Made Object') mixed the subtle downtempo percussion and slowly unfurling progressions of traditional jazz with tender, minimalistic electronics and ambient textures reminiscent of modern-classical contemporaries liberally littered around the Erased Tapes roster.

    Whilst their compositions are completely instrumental, there seems to be a wealth of outside influence making itself known through the phrasing and keys used. While 2015 / 2016 were in no way dream years for society in general, it was clear that there was a playfulness in their delivery of songs like 'Quiet Mind' (incidentally, this particular piece reminded me of the other 'Penguin' band, no bad thing).

    As soon as we finish the frenetic buzzing and claustrophobic atmospheres of 'Prayer', it becomes clear that the rather torrid world climate has indeed osmosed into their compositions, swapping out the languid bobbing atmospheres of yesteryear for a highly charged, powerfully visceral sound experience. While the melodic counterpoints are as ever, impeccably realised (and perfectly accentuated by Turner's mindblowing skin-smacking), the euphoric peak is often hidden behind a flurry of call-response dialogue, the peak only being reached through an intentionally laboured conversational swell.

    While throughout the album, the simmering malaise invariably breaks through into a grand and sweeping relief, it is in pieces like 'A Hundred Moons' that we get the full-force of their compositional genius, breaking through the residual gloom with airy, tropical percussion and a cleansing palate of major-key lifts and twinkling plucks. Without waxing lyrical about every song in turn, there really isn't much more that can be said, you'll just have to listen to it yourself. Truth of the matter is, Gogo Penguin are one of a kind, and continue to pioneer their own spellbinding brand of electronic jazz. 

    "The Source" is the Nigerian drummer's first album for Blue Note, one of the most prestigious names in jazz and a label that has opened its sphere of activity considerably wider since its renaissance in the eighties. Perhaps more than any other title in the catalogue, "The Source" represents the label's classic era at the same time as it symbolizes Blue Note's innovative present. The album achieves this by means of a sound-aesthetic that has total integrity, the result of a scrupulous transcribing of the music using a technology that is exclusively analogue, and doing so according to the precepts of the virtuous philosophy inherited from the label's founders, Alfred Lion and Marx Margulis. Piccadilly regulars should be well aware of the talents of Tony Allen by now. Pretty much the most prolific musician of the afro-beat scene still alive today! 77 years old and this guy keeps on ticking - or motoring rather, as his excessive, flamboyant, but totally in-the-pocket drumming demonstrates. Like all true jazz men, his personality comes through in his performance and through the course of "The Source" we find him backed up by a more than accomplished set of musicians - skirting around trad and spiritual jazz with inspired passages and lavish arrangement. Top, top stuff indeed.


    Barry says: Afrobeat legend Tony Allen returns for his newest mindblowing outing, at the ripe old age of 77, and still pulling the hits out of the bag. This man is a true legend, and 'The Source' reminds us why.

    It’s been an astonishing couple of years for GoGo Penguin, the UK trio of drummer Rob Turner, double bassist Nick Blacka and pianist Chris Illingworth. Their trademark mash-up of minimalist piano themes, deeply propulsive bass lines and electronica-inspired drums has seen their 2014 album 'v2.0' shortlisted for the Mercury Prize. Drawing on a heady brew of influences from Brian Eno, John Cage, Massive Attack and Aphex Twin, GoGo Penguin has created a brave new sound that is wholly their own.

    Now signed to iconic jazz label Blue Note Records the trio release their new album. 'Man Made Object is the sound of a band confidently pursuing their own path. “The title is partly inspired by my fascination with ideas of robotics, transhumanism and human augmentation,” says pianist Illingworth, a statement that begs for elaboration. “We’re recreating electronic music on acoustic instruments. It’s like a man-made object that has become humanized and it seemed like a good album title, one that also means something different to each of us, and hopefully to each listener.”

    Indeed, although they're predominately an acoustic piano trio, GoGo Penguin’s music draws from many areas of contemporary electronic music, one where you can hear arcade game bleeps, glitchy breakbeats, hypnotic Aphex-style melodies, grinding bass lines and a rumbling low-end. It has been described as “acoustic electronica”, a term which perfectly sums up their modus operandi. “Many of the songs on this album started out as electronic compositions that I made on sequencing software like Logic or Ableton,” says drummer Turner. “I’ll then play it to the band and we’ll find ways of replicating it acoustically.”

    Jose James

    While You Were Sleeping

    José James deliver his fifth studio album and the second for legendary jazz label Blue Note. The album follows his critically-acclaimed 'No Beginning No End' LP, which hit shelves at the top of 2013. The project, recorded in Brooklyn, marks the start of a new chapter for James, who continues to push past the confines of genre in order to deliver an edgier product that compliments an already well-seasoned catalogue with the exploration and reinterpretation of classic rock and soul.

    Williams, Kris Bowers, Solomon Dorsey and Richard Spaven lay the foundation for James’ journey through the innovative and often immediately recognizable sounds established by some of the biggest icons in rock and R&B, including Jimi Hendrix and Al Green. Venturing into new territory with the same cool he applies to the jazz standard, José James breathes new life into all of the material he touches. He keeps the good news coming with a handful of spring tour dates that will take him to a few major cities ahead of the project’s upcoming release.

    Albert Ammons

    Boogie Woogie Stomp


      2 track 12" on Blue Note

      Limited to 200 copies.

      This is the fifth part in the Blue Note's "Trip" series and the second that German jazz collective Jazzanova have compiled. As previously the selection features a great mix of classic tracks alongside current artist's songs, with everything from extended jazz instrumentals and soul-jazz gems to gentle bossa and cool 'pop' included. You'll all be familiar with classics like Bob Dorough's "Three Is A Magic Number", Marlena Shaw's "Save The Children", J Dilla's mix of Brother Jack McDuff's "Oblighetto" and Gary Bartz' "Carnaval De L'Espirit", but how about checking undiscovered cuts by The Waters, Djavan, Gene Dunlap and Janet Lawson.


      2xCD Info: Double mix CD contains all tracks from both "Scrambled" and "Mashed" LP compilations.

      Fantastic 1960 set from alto sax modernist with stonkin' line that included, Walter Bishop Jr (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), Blue Mitchell (trumpet) and Art Taylor (drums).


      LP Info: US import reissue with original sleeve artwork.

      Recorded slap-dab in the middle of the decade, "Places And Spaces" represents a high water mark level for 1970s jazz-funk, and is another Mizell Brothers-produced winner. Includes the Larry Mizell-penned anthems "Change (Makes You Want To Hustle)" and "Wind Parade" plus classics like "(Fallin' Like) Dominoes" and the title track itself. Essential!

      Various Artists

      Untinted - Sources For Madlib's Shades Of Blue

        Madlib had a very busy 2003, releasing records under various guises and having many fingers in different pies. The standout of that year though was his "Shades Of Blue" album, where he received unfettered access to the massive Blue Note archive to reinterpret and remix several label classics and obscure hits. "Untinted - Sources For Madlib's Shades Of Blue" is a bargain price collection that contains the original source material for Madlib's ambitious project, and is perfect for those not willing to dig through the crates to find all those old LPs. Includes original unmixed tracks by Gene Harris, Donald Byrd, Reuben Wilson, Ronnie Foster, Herbie Hancock, Bobbi Humphrey, Horace Silver etc.

        Something of a jazz 'supergroup' Scolohofo unites the talents of John Scofield on guitar, Dave Holland on bass, Al Foster on drums and Joe Lovano on tenor and soprano sax. This new Blue Note recording is a rarity for these sort of 'all-star' collaborations - rarely do musicians of this calibre organically form a group that operates as a collective as they do here, each member contributes equally to the proceedings as both a composer and co-arranger and you can really hear the difference with a genuine 'group' sound.

        Following her Blue Note debut, "Blacks And Blues" came the even more successful 1974 LP "Satin Doll", dedicated to the birth of her child Ricci Lynn and the death of Duke Ellington who she'd played with before getting a record contract. Again this a fantastic jazz-funk LP, with Larry Mizell arranging and co-producing and Humphrey letting fly with the flute.

        Vibesman Bobby Hutcherson takes centre stage here for the first album to be recorded with him as leader, taking the likes of Joe Chambers and Freddie Hubbard along. Although part of the jazz mainstream today, in 1965 when this LP was recorded he was on the cutting edge of experimentation, as can be witnessed in tracks like "Les Noirs Marchent" and "Dialogue".

        Various Artists

        Blue Funk

          Includes ace funky jazz tracks from Grant Green, Jack McDuff, Big John Patton, Lou Donaldson etc.

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