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Jim Jones All Stars

Ain't No Peril

    A bubbling swamp curse of unholy rhythm, Jim Jones All Stars is the latest project from garage‬ godfather Jim Jones (Thee Hypnotics, The Jim Jones Revue). It features The Jim Jones Revue‬ members Gavin Jay and Elliot Mortimer, drummer Chris Ellul from (The Heavy), veteran punk‬ blues guitarist Carlton Mounsher (The Swamps), and a full horn section (Tenor Saxophonist‬ Stuart Dace and Baritone Saxophonists Tom Hodges and Chuchi Malapersona).‬

    After a midnight offering at the real crossroads in Clarksdale, Mississippi, the band made the‬ pilgrimage to Memphis, Tennessee to record with Memphis Magnetic founder Scott McEwen‬ (JD McPherson, Nick Waterhouse) in May of 2022.‬‬

    Produced by John Getze and mastered by Grammy Award winner Randy Merrill, the resulting‬‭ LP 'Ain’ No Peril' is a thick, greasy slab of Rama lama rhythm and blues that highlights some of‬ Jones's most inspired songwriting ever and features guest appearances from vocal powerhouse‬ Nikki Hill and Oxbow’s Eugene S. Robinson.

    “When you’re recording within spitting distance of the Mississippi River, there’s something about‬ that heavy Memphisair that changes the way that you hear the groove and grind,” says Jim‬ Jones. ‘Ain’t No Peril’ captures that feeling and bathes in that magic.”


    1. Devil's Kiss
    2. Gimme The Grease
    3. It's Your Voodoo Working
    4. Your Arms Will Be The Heavens
    5. I Want You (Any Way I Can)
    6. Hot Sauce
    7. Troglodyte
    8. Chingón
    9. You Got The Best Stink (I Ever Stunk)
    10. Ain't No Peril
    11. Drink Me
    12. Evil Eye

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