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Pub emerges from the mists to follow the 'Autumn' EP with his first album of new music in over a decade. 'Process The Wise' LP.

A selection of tracks that are deeply lustrous and magical, equally measured yet wandering, with complimentary harmonics & scattered chaos.

An inexplicable vibe, liquid feelings for endless summer nights. 


Matt says: The Glaswegian legend returns after a long hiatus. Much like Four Tet, a producer who takes you by the hand and guides you confidently around his own unique soundscape of
crystalline 4D waterfalls, holographic ambience, particle rich atmospheres and colourful fractals. It's a dreamy yet vivid and focussed listen that demands your uninterrupted attention.


A1. Pussykeys
A2. Hearts Conduct
A3. The Water In Magic
A4. Humble Be
B1. Resist The Escalator
B2. Waves Across
B3. Walking On Footprints
B4. Joyus
B5. Done?

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