Donnell Pitman & Wines Of Sunshine

Brand New Funk

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Star Creature

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In a remarkable culmination of a nearly five-decade-long career, Donnell Pitman finally graces the music world with his debut album. While Pitman has long been revered among rare groove and deep crate diggers in the Windy City, it's the resurgent charm of 'The Chocolate Lover' that has undeniably become the defining chapter of his illustrious career, gaining momentum since the 2010s. His popularity continues to soar each year, propelled by new records, reissues, remixes, and notable placements in hit TV shows such as Stranger Things Atlanta, and Southside.

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Matt says: Seven tracks of smoochy boogie, sun dappled R&B and hydraulic soul for the boogie juggernaut Star Creature.


Side 1
1. Tonight (4:21)
2. Do You Wanna (extended) (5:01)
3. Summertime Girls (3:53)
4. Joog With Me (Hi-Fi Mix) (4:10)
Side 2
1. Get Next To You (5:27)
2. Need My Love (extended) (4:59)
3. Chocolate Lover (E Live Mix) (4:43)

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