Rare, Raw And Ready

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Mutual Pleasure

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Following on from his atomic single release, "Phonk On The Dancefloor", Sofia’s Raredub now presents his highly anticipated full EP via Mutual Pleasure Records. "Rare, Raw and Ready" is a high-voltage introduction to the Bulgarian bass baron, a title that is fully justified with this latest venture of sound.

Raredub wastes no time in setting the pace for this project, as we’re thrown straight into the searing furnace with opening track "Bamba". Having been road-tested by the likes of Kettam, KiNK, Skin On Skin and Raredub himself, "Bamba", with its infectious vocals, gut-hurdling bassline and devious rave-stab melodies, is a carefully constructed weapon of sound, with proven devastating results.

We’re then brought to "Juicy Fruit", which sees both Raredub and Mutual Pleasure’s head-honcho Partiboi69 lock palms to create a deeply sensual, highly contagious dancefloor anthem that sees the producer masterfully blend hissing hi-hats, ghetto-house informed vocal, and a series of infectious rising chord patterns and melodies which, when combined, are certainly set to cause nothing but dancefloor destruction.

Since being played as the opening track to Partibo69 and DJ Heartstring’s stingzone set, "L.L.L" is a track which, with its mind-warping bassline,euphoria ladened vocals and pad-work, has enjoyed a growing sense of anticipation from listeners, eager for its arrival.

"Snappy Chulo" sees Raredub again use a series of piercing rave-stabs to drive his sound, which is partnered with a plethora of electronic experimentation and instrumentation, before the seismic bassline of "Break Of Dawn" see Raredub bring the walls and ceiling crumbling down; presenting a suitably fitting finale to this atomic attack on the senses.

"Rare, Raw and Ready" brings Raredub’s prowess for production to the fore, as the Bulgarian producer conducts wild electronic experiments, bending genres and sound into form, to create a versatile, highly contagious and highly atomic serving of sound.


A2. Juicy Fruit Ft. Partiboi69 
A3. L.L.L. 
B1. Snappy Chulo 
B2. Break Of Dawn 

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