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Unlimited Love

Unlimited Love #22

The same week a New York Underground pops out the undergrowth, we get an Unlimited Love... coincidence?! I think not fellow aural adventurer - we're onto them, and they know it; hence trying to distract us with more dizzyingly good edits from the glitter-soaked world of disco and boogie.

Now up to volume 22 in their illicit operation, Unlimited Love continue to be an essential outlet to cash-strapped vinyl enthusiasts, burgeoning bar DJs or people who just don't give a fuck!

Yes, the originals sound better, and maybe, just maybe, you'll get more trainspotter points on the circuit; but for most people that don't mean shit... Just slap these late 70s / early 80s heaters on the platter and groove to the timeless vibrations on the dancefloor's most enduring genre. 

Sigur Rós

22° Lunar Halo - Reissue

    Music from throughout Sigur Rós’s career, twisted, bent, broken, and finally added to in the band’s Rey-kjavík studio, to create a new perspective for a dance piece of the same title initiated and created by Taiwanese choreographer CHENG Tsung-Lung. Musical director Kjartan Holm.

    Originally released on Record Store Day, 22° Lunar Halo returns with new artwork, reversed in colour and printed in special ink

    Levon Vincent


    Levon's cannon keeps firing as the Novel Sounds battery drops another dancefloor bombshell in our bunker...

    A1 sees our honourable rogue continue to mine the ghosts of trance music's dark past; fusing a simple kick with an uplifting yet slightly melancholic synth pattern that ignites the same, almost saudade feelings that the best 90s stadium fillers conjure up.

    A2 sees a truly Vincentian palette (vintage hand claps, dry keyboards, synth-strings and buzzy acid) batter out an emotive box jams that's aimed at the stars yet rooted in the club - so good!

    Flip and if you still needed convincing, B1 should ensure the record's now on your to-buy list; its drifting arps, monumental bass and fizzing white noise taking the listener on a cerebral magic carpet ride into blissed out abandon. Yes Levon!!!

    The gifted New Jersier gives us one more bonus to contemplate; the deep cavernous throb of the final track takes us through to the early hour sessions in big warehouses. One for the late nite club dwellers, when energy levels have peaked and it's a more lucid & loose state of being....


    says: Full marks for Mr. Vincent here as he rolls out one of the hottest Novel Sounds for quite some time! You need this pop pickers!

    22, A Million is part love letter, part final resting place of two decades of searching for self- understanding like a religion. And the inner-resolution of maybe never finding that understanding. The album’s 10 poly-fi recordings are a collection of sacred moments, love’s torment and salvation, contexts of intense memories, signs that you can pin meaning onto or disregard as coincidence. If Bon Iver, Bon Iver built a habitat rooted in physical spaces, then 22, A Million is the letting go of that attachment to a place.


    says: Bon Iver takes a new approach for his latest album, taking influences from heavy electronic sounds and a long list of collaborators. Stylistically different, it's best to have no preconceptions and listen with fresh ears as it's a marvel of an album with a diverse sound. Just brilliant!


    LP Info: Single Black Vinyl LP, Gatefold sleeve, comes with download card.

    Zaire Black & June 22

    Life, Work It Out

    Brighton's cool Puma Strut label brings us this mellow hip hop tune (vocal and instrumental mixes) from this Californian based crew. Fresh rhymes, fresh beats and cuts by Westafa.

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