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Greg Foat & Sokratis Votskos

Live At Villa Maximus, Mykonos (feat. Warren Hampshire & Ayo Salawu)

    Greg Foat's Greek Jazz quartet featuring Sokratis Votskos, Warren Hampshire and Ayo Salawu recorded live in Mykonos. Big fat Synth bass lines with Psychedelic Guitar, Hypnotic Bass Clarinet, mystical Flute and Killer Drums.


    1. Tsamykonos (feat. Warren Hampshire & Ayo Salawu)
    2. Kiki's Tavern (For Vasilis) [feat. Warren Hampshire & Ayo Salawu]
    3. On The Rose Bush (feat. Warren Hampshire & Ayo Salawu)
    4. Secret World, Pt. 1 (feat. Warren Hampshire & Ayo Salawu)
    5. Secret World, Pt. 2 (feat. Warren Hampshire & Ayo Salawu)
    6. Secret World, Pt. 3 (feat. Warren Hampshire & Ayo Salawu)

    A concept album of Analogue Electronic Sci Fi Library Grooves for Synthesisers and Percussion. Commissioned by Sonoton and inspired by the 70's & 80's Sonoton music Library Catalogue. Featuring Ayo Salawu on Drums (Kokoroko) and Greg Foat with his impressive collection of vintage Synthesisers. File under Library Music


    1. Interstellar Fantasy
    2. Journey To Arcturus
    3. Solar Pirates
    4. Mines Of Andromeda
    5. Stasis Loop
    6. The Lonely Robot
    7. Cruising Home

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