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The prolific Greg Foat returns with a new Synthesiser soundscape double album. Recorded during the 2020 Lockdown. This is the follow up to 'Photosynthesis' this time featuring drummer Morgan Simpson (Black Midi)


1. Baby Boy
2. Tropical Love
3. Above The Clouds
4. Underwater Fantasy
5. Psychosynthesis Part 1
6. Artic Cavern
7. Psychosynthesis Part 2
8. The Green Odyssey
9. Riding Into Battle
10. The Investigation
11. World Of Tiers
12. Subterranean Lake
13. Fatherhood
14. Crystal Gardens

Mercury Prize nominee Warren Hampshire (The Bees) and Prolific British Jazzer Greg Foat return with their 5th album. An instrumental Suite based on a day in their home town of Ventnor on the Isle of Wight. Featuring local musicians and field recordings of bird song and pubs, this album captures the essence of life in this seaside town.


1. 6,000 Drunks Clinging To A Landslip
2. Morning Walk
3. Pool In The Rose
4. The Upturned Glass, Pt. 1
5. The Upturned Glass, Pt. 2
6. Evening Song
7. 6,000 Drunks Clinging To A Landslip, Pt. 2

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