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Armed with an unstoppable intro that Daft Punk turned into one of their most well-known anthems, ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’ - Edwin Birdsong’s ‘Cola Bottle Baby’ is straight up insatiable, late ‘70s funk fire.
To think this was made nearly 40 years ago - it sounds as delicious as the day it was released and one of those classics that was way ahead of the game. It’d be hard to find anyone that doesn’t feel some level of nostalgia in those opening 15 seconds, but not many would be able to name the original behind the sample.
A futuristic leaning jazz funk sound, in part created by the quacked-out bass synth and ringing ride cymbal but grounded in the grooving funk bass, twanging guitar and electrifying keys. An amalgamation of sounds from pop, disco and funk to jazz and electro, there’s no denying Birdsong’s talents - a flair that would lead him to collaborate with the mighty Roy Ayers.
On the B side, ‘Freaky Deaky Sities’ ramps up the tempo but carries on that mix of the futuristic and the funk – an ode to all the disco dancers out there. Talkbox business married with Birdsong and his backing’s call and response, bongos and cowbells side by side with rock styled guitars, it’s a pure power play for the dancefloor.
An underrated talent given a new lease of the life - officially, remastered and reissued for the first time on 12-inch vinyl for a fuller, louder pressing.


Patrick says: CLASSIC ALERT! All right, the sample spotters and heads know "Cola Bottle Baby" from Daft Punk's "Discovery" bomb "Harder, Better...", but you prolly don't know the whizz-funk melter "Freaky Deaky Sities" tucked on the flip. Get it bought!

Soul Sisters

Edit In Love (Jim Sharp Edit)

I know what you're all thinking. Does the world need a re-edit of Beyonce's 'Crazy In Love'? A song so good, that even if your idea of a good Saturday night out is sticking your fingers down your throat in the mosh pit at a Cradle Of Filth gig you'd begrudgingly admit that, even though,you know, you'd never actually CHOOSE to listen to it, it's okay when it comes on the radio.
Well, the answer, surprisingly, is yes! 
Top notch masher upper, Jim Sharp, extends the original Chi-lites break, uses a bit more of Jay Z's rap extends the killer bongo break and generally makes an already great song even greater. 

Naughty NMX has great taste.Both sides of this seven contain some of the sweetest, sexiest soul music you could ever wrap your ears round. 
Both MUST have been sampled in the nineties so golden are they, in fact, if you email in and tell us who by, we'll give you a special prize*.
First up is 'Our Dreamworld' a song that somehow manages to feature both sitars and a mariarchi horn section and STILL come out on top.
On the flip, 'Let Me Go A Million Times' sounds not unlike something we'd all have taken close to our hearts at the start of the new millennium and would have been on heavy rotation at a legendary Friends And Family BBQ.

The King Rooster

Mudslinger / Ain’t Sellin’ Chicken

Heavy Hammond Funk quartet The King Rooster return with 2 brand new tracks following their successful self titled debut LP. 
Imagine if The Meters, Booker T And The Mgs and The Soul Investigators got together in a rehearsal room and tried to out funk the funk of each other, King Rooster would be their illegitimate spawn.


Ltd 7" Info: Limited to 500 copies.

Rain & Shine continue the love for Steve Elliott’s self-produced music by giving his second LP "Completion Of A Miracle" (1982) another lease of life.

Remastered from the original reel-to-reel tapes. Includes dancefloor cut "Wake Up" which is both syrupy sweet and undeniably funky, and remarkably like fellow Californian Ned Doheny. "You Touched Me" is another evocative, bedroom-boogie-soul number with classic drum machines powering an assembly of synth-strings and unique vocal murmurings. Another essential release from Rain & Shine - set to become a future collector’s item? Youbetcha!

Linda Williams

Elevate Our Minds

Classic 1979 officially reissued for your listening pleasure has just arrived in our lovely shop.

‘Elevate Our Minds’ became a huge rare groove record in the mid to late ‘80s. It is supremely arranged, blending a bossa nova beat and trumpet thrills with Linda’s distinctly New York authenticity that comes through in the vocals. Like a trip to the blissful beaches of Rio whilst bringing a touch of the New York disco glam along for the ride. Exotic yet familiar, all in the same breath.

On the flip, ‘City Living’, a straight up New York disco killer - oozing with funk, dripping in brass blasts, off beat hats and spruced up synths, it’s a primetime ode to the hustle and bustle of the city. Williams’ glorious tones, assisted by a majestic troupe of backing singers, glisten alongside the classy drumming and polished bass badness that lays behind it.

A solid 7" that should become a staple on every record box out there.


Sil says: Essential 7" for those who like bossa nova and/or disco. It is not cheesy, it is a classic and we already have the A side on repeat!

Damn! Life doesn't get any funkier than when Roy's on the record player. 
These four killer cuts are taken from 1975's Ubiquity album, 'Mystic Voyage' and are pretty much essential listening. If you've ever spent a boring afternoon in work imagining yourself enjoying a soulful strut through Brooklyn with the sun shining on your back and a smile on your face I guarantee you'd have Roy as your soundtrack. 

"Timing" is a collection of sixteen records intended for audiovisual and media professionals which came out between 1975 and 1977, and initiated by Jacky Giordano who took care of the first six albums. The ten others were developed by Pierre Arvay and nearly all published in partnership with Music De Wolfe.
This selection cherry picks fourteen of the finest moments from the set with plenty of funky breaks and hard grooves, including afro-cuban rhythms, wild jazzy sounds, fuzz guitar, strings, sax, clavinet, flute - everything you need for a library party!

Mr. K turns to the funkier side of disco on the latest 12-inch from Most Excellent Unlimited, working his magic on a couple cuts that still retain the same power to fill dance floors they had back in the day. '"Love The Life You Live" is one of those rare songs that was big for me when I first started DJing, and still jams today,' notes Krivit, who gives another stripped-down, bass-heavy edit to the irresistible Kool & The Gang classic. One for the b-boys as well as the Loft heads, Mr. K's edit gradually builds on the hard-charging rhythm with a slinky keyboard solo, punchy horn riffs and breaks, breaks, breaks.

Gary Toms Empire ruled the summer of '75 with "7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (Blow Your Whistle)" and progressive DJs looking for a follow-up soon discovered another mover in the band's repertoire. "Drive My Car" is a Lennon / McCartney cover that bears little resemblance to the original, and indeed most fans would be hard-pressed to identify any similarities at all in Danny Krivit's reworked version. Stripping out the vocals and chorus and leaving just the rumbling low end groove, Mr. K's edit motors along for a cool 7 minutes, laced throughout with short change-ups to elevate the energy.

Both tunes spread over their own sides of a well pressed 12" to ensure full fidelity, clarity and power! Yum yum!

Just taken delivery of some @ArcticMonkeys single reissues. Grab them while you can.
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