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Back in stock Cover of Call My Name - Andres Remixes by Joe Bataan.
The second exclusive release from Mushroom Pillow sees Andres doing his thing with two remixes of the underground classic "Call My Name" from New York's Salsoul king Joe Bataan.

Deploying his everlasting MPC-fueled bump n hustle to the soul drenched stems of "Call My Name"; on the first remix Andres naturally transforms the track into a deep house gem full of Motorcity wanderlust. Two tempos are explored, the second a more downbeat / street soul paced jam laced with swollen pads, rising strings and banging hard in the sub bass department. The perfect disc to cover the rising energy across a Friday night lost in music... Highly recommended and super limited copies. Act quick!


Matt says: Two mega remixes from Detroit MPC engineer. Screaming of typical Dez production, he offers Joe Bataan a chance to dance in deep house as well as a more street soul flavoured offering that seriously smoochy. TIP!


Call My Name (Andres Remix 1) (7” Edit)
Call My Name (Andres Remix 2)

Funk classic from 1971.
Handmade Tip-On Sleeve | Analogue Remastered | Insert

History is full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. No, let us rephrase that: once-in-the-span-of-human-history experiences. Because if you weren’t there when James Knight & the (Fabulous) Butlers made their claim to fame, then all you can do is try to get hold of a copy of their only record: Black Knight.

This was the very first release on the Cat sublabel of TK Records. It is noted for its very psychedelic funk and soul sound, which is extremely evident in ‘Uncle Joe’, with its distorted guitar sounds, reverb and screams. Think of Jimi Hendrix and/or Arthur Brown who decided to dabble in soul! The tone was already set by the preceding track, ‘Funky Cat’, in which Knight introduces the various artist of his band, building up the groove. That was the precise moment in which we as listeners are ensnared by the band’s inescapable funky mood, that fortunately continues the rest of this precious gem of a record.

It alternates the more psychedelic sounds with slightly more conventional and calmer tracks, making the album accessible to a wide variety of music fans. Still, are you looking for soul and funk with a touch of acid? Then our reissue of Black Knight by James Knight & the Butlers is a disc that deserves to be a regular guest on your record player!


Funky Cat
Uncle Joe
Flyin' High
Cotton Candy
Fantasy World
I Love You
Save Me
Just My Love For You

Much in demand LP originally released in 1974.

"Good music never goes out of style. This could be the sum of the whole that can be said about Party Down by Little Beaver, but that would be a huge understatement. His third long-player warrants (re)discovery for funk and soul enthusiasts around the world, regardless of age or gender!

After a move to Florida from his hometown of Forrest City in Arkansas, the illustrious career of Willie George Hale’s (b. August 15, 1945) took off in the 1960’s. This is when his characteristic style of guitar playing was noticed and appreciated by songwriter and producer Willie Clarke, a resident of Cat Records, a subsidiary of TK Records. Hale was featured on many of the label’s hits, such as ‘Clean Up Woman’, written and produced by Clarke and Clarence ‘Blowfly’ Reid for R&B and soul legend Betty Wright.

It soon became apparent that Hale was more than a session musician and deserved to be seen as a recording artist in his own right. A string of successful singles in the late 60’s and early 70’s culminated in the release of his 1972 debut LP Joey, using his childhood nickname Little Beaver – originating from his prominent teeth.

Black Rhapsody saw the light of day in 1974. As opposed to the record preceding it, there was little or no involvement of his regular collaborator Willie Clarke. However, they reunited for Party Down, which also features contributions by Betty Wright and jazz fusion bass legend Jaco Pastorius! Its two part title track serves as an introduction to an aural night on the town or a get together in one’s own living room. ‘Money Vibrations’ details about the pro’s and cons of currency, whilst ‘Get Into the Party Life’ inspires optimism to the lonely and the heartbroken. The rest of the album also deals with happiness and love in the unique style that Little Beaver is renowned for. Though largely forgotten today, many of its tracks were covered and sampled by a variety of famous artists such as Erykah Badu, Blowfly and Jay-Z!

Hale would return with two more records, When Was the Last Time (1976) and Beaver Fever (1980), the latter under the moniker of Willie ‘Beaver’ Hale. Following this, TK Records went bankrupt and Little Beaver faded into the shadows, only to re-emerge in 2008 with Love & Affection. "


Party Down
Party Down (Part Two)
Money Vibrations
Get Into The Party Life
I Can Dig It Baby
Let The Good Times Roll
Let's Stick Together

Back in stock Cover of America Dream Reserve by Various Artists.
1000 Die-cut leather structure gatefold with eight artist photo cards & insert.

"Welcome to the America Dream Reserve, home to husband & wife duos, pub legends, one-man-bands, preachers’ sons, and country-lounge entertainers..."

About: America Dream Reserve is a home for kindred souls. An hour-long journey into the world of lo-fi drumcomputer folk, disco-pop-lounge, haunting ballads, obscure vanity pressings, and synthesized string ensembles. A collaborative compilation between Charles Bals, creator of the inimitable Club Meduse, and Smiling C.

Sleeve: This is a premium edition of ADR housed in a die-cut leather structure gatefold. It comes with eight loose double-sided swappable photo cards with artist photos on both sides, and an insert with write-up about the project. Limited run.

Compiled by: Charles Bals & Henry Jones.


Micksun - Pagliocca Sad Clown
Dunn - Vision
Stan Barber - I Saw The Light In Your EyeS
Bill Welsh - So Very Long
Laura Michele - You Always Hurt The One You Love
Perry Lisa - Eye Of The Tiger
Marv Dee - Taking A Chance On Love
Mark Suzann Farmer - Waiting For The Dawn
Victoria - Bop Solo
Stu Cisco - Night Out
Fx - Things Are Not What They Seem
Harley Toberman - Thoughts In Time
Don Armstrong Victoria Garvey - Japanese Clouds
Dunn - Believe
David Marr - This Time
Ed Pat Gibson - Ode To Bill-Joe Tucker

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