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Back in stock Cover of Qu'est C'qu'il A (d'plus Que Moi Ce Négro Là?) by Krootchey.


Qu'est C'qu'il A (d'plus Que Moi Ce Négro Là?)

    Philippe Krootchey was a musician, DJ, radio and television host born in Versailles, France in 1954. In the early 1970s he joined political gay liberation movement Revolutionary Homosexual Action Front (Front Homosexuel d'Action Révolutionnaire) that gave radical visibility to homosexuals. Turning to the decadent nightclub scene of Paris, Philippe became one of the most important disc jockeys of the late 70s and early 80s holding residencies at les Bains-Douches and the Privilège. Philippe’s look was striking and his elegance and charisma massive. In 1981 he formed the band Love International with Philippe Chany and Fred Versailles and released the hit disco single “Dance On The Groove (And Do The Funk)”. He also sang back up on both “Jungle Hurt” by Mathematiques Modernes and “ Les Baisers D'amants” by Lizzy Mercier Descloux in 1981. Between 1984 and 1988 he released three maxi 12” singles under his surname ‘Whatazzy’ (1984), ‘I Hear My Ears’ (1986), ‘Cruel Justifier’ (1988).

    In 1984 Krootchey released his debut single “Qu'est c'qu'il a (d'plus que moi ce négro là?)” on disco label Casablanca Records. Subsequently the single was re-released the same year but sung in English as “Whatazzy”. For this release he teamed up with former Love International bandmate Fred Versailles, who shared his love for Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra as well as glam rock and 70’s black American soul music. Fred remembers, “The idea was to send a message about racism against black people with a humorous tone. The French title translates to “What has this nigger got, that I do not have?” Reversing the racial scales, Philippe (who is black) would get the girls and the fame, making white people jealous. It was Philippe’s tactful way to joke about racism he had experienced and overcame.” The result is a slick synthetic funk and electro boogie reminiscent of Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambata. Philippe rap and subverting racism at the same time. On the B-side is “Voodoo” a slowed down instrumental dub version that stretches out the original to over 7-minutes. Sadly on September 2, 2004 Philippe Krootchey died of a cerebral aneurysm, just short of celebrating his 50th birthday.

    All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. For the jacket Philippe asked his friends Pierre et Gilles to do the cover artwork. They made a portrait of Philippe as chocolate powder mascot "Banania" inspired advertisement with a wide grin and red fez cap. This was a radical criticism on the embodiment of racism still present in the 1980s from the colonial Era in France. Each copy includes two postcards with lyrics, photos and liner notes by Fred Versailles. “He belonged to nothing, no clan, he was light in the good sense of the word and his supple resistance persisted.” - Jean-Baptiste Mondino.


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    Back in stock Cover of EP by Sneaker.
    Rat-a-tat-tat...Sneaker's back! That's right, Dresden's hardest working floor freaker is here to do his thang all over again, bringing his wild style to the ramshackle home of all thing wonky, Bahnsteig 23. The German lets loose right from the off, taking us into tribal territories with the tumbling toms and tippling tabla of "Goddess", a weirdo wave groover with slippery synth bass, Eastern melodies and chanted vocals. Glance left and right, throw your best shapes and try to keep up when the synth solos sweep around the room. After a spot of flem-removal "Watumba" settles into thick polyrhythms, throbbing bass and strange, strained Euro-disco vocals. File this next to Camaro's Gang "The Beast Day" and Tantra's "Macumba" - total Talking Drums smasher right here! Over on the flip, our main man swaps Deutschland for France with a club ready flip on an as yet unknown cover of Space's "Magic Fly". Looping the intro to infinity (and possibly beyond), Sneaker works his way through subtle percussion adjustments and selective frequency tweaks before dropping into the mesmeric melodies we all know and love - stargazing disco at its finest my friends! Last but not least, "Do It" provides a pinging, popcorn style instruction to pull out your bendiest moves, mangling a totally odd bit of rapped French synth-pop for all the freaks on the floor. Top!


    Patrick says: When I spun this wax on the shop stereo, "Watumba" prompted our Kickin' Pigeon to demand I produce it in my next prominent peak time set. Afro-cosmic insanity from the heart of Hamburg - of course I'm gonna drop it. Bahnsteig 23 bring the brilliance with another wonderfully wonky four tracker.


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    Back in stock Cover of Letting It Rest by Frank Murillo.

    Frank Murillo

    Letting It Rest

      De Los Miedos continue to bring the reissue heat with this 1986 new-wave disco winner from native New Yorker Frank Murillo. The multi-instrumentalist mentions Queen, David Bowie and Santana as his biggest musical influences, but you'd struggle to guess that from this left of centre winner. Drum box engaged, Murillo hits us with a pinging white funk bass, tumbling techno-tropical percussion and funky off beat keys, before a chiming Italo melody and rough guitar riffs pave the way for his impassioned vocals. Handling the entirity of the instrumental duties as well as vocal biz, Frank fully rocks the spot, rolling up his sleeves and leading us through a killer leftfield disco boogie cut which is gonna smash it for Balearic and cosmic crowds. With OG copies soaring in price since recent spins on Red Light, NTS and PBS, this is one hot piece of wax. Catch it while you can!


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      Back in stock Cover of Danzas Electricas Vol II by Various Artists.

      Various Artists

      Danzas Electricas Vol II

        Macadam man Sacha Mambo turns on the red light, fills up the smoke machine and gets very weird with the second instalment of his Danzas Electricas compilation. Where the first volume saw a who's who of deranged diggers firing a wealth of obscure obscenities through the mangle, delivering a double pack+ of edit action, this new collection presents only artists from nowadays and takes distance from the edits to push original and weird electronic music of close artists friends from Dresden, Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Lyon and Hamburg. Some of them are already relatives of Macadam Mambo : Konsistent, Wosto, Heninspace Eva Geist or Sacha himself and it introduces new acts : Ekstern (Nixxon & Spacelex), Service, Houschyard or Sauerstofff to present a good mixture of kraut, punk and industrial tracks, which never get lost in the dark.


        Patrick says: Uncompromising weirdshit here as Sasha Mambo invites his nearest and dearest to dive headlong into the dark wired sound. Opting for originals rather than edits, this is the perfect soundtrack for the witching hour.


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        Back in stock Cover of Pulses by Bartosz Kruczynski & Poly Chain.

        Bartosz Kruczynski & Poly Chain


        For the second installment of their international parallel series, Into The Light Records treat us with seven lush, rich and warm recordings by currently Warsaw-based producers Sasha Zakrevska (Poly Chain) and Bartosz Kruczynski.
        Soon after releasing their debut albums - Baltic Beat’ and ‘Music For Candy Shops’ - and realizing similar interests and traits in their solo music, Zakrevska and Kruczynski sketched out a plan for an album and live performance. The record is to a large extent fashioned after the show, with most of the tracks performed live and edited down. ’Pulses’ is a result of hours spent in studio with a minimal set-up of Prophet ’08, Moog Sub 37 and Korg Minilogue, detailing their mutual attraction to minimal synth, repetitive arpeggios and drone music. A perfect blend of poly-rhythmic patterns, ambient textures and beat-less acid moments by one of the most fresh and unique collaborations!


        Patrick says: Moving their attention away from Greece, Into The Light present the collaborative debut from Polish musicians Bartosz Kruczynski & Poly Chain, who lock us into Berlin school electronics, trance inducing sequences and atmospheric synthscapes. Ear candy for sofa surfers everywhere.


        LP Info: One copy available

        Back in stock Cover of Schlachthof Aufnamen by Lucas Croon.

        Lucas Croon

        Schlachthof Aufnamen

          It's a double drop from Dusseldorf this week as Lucas Croon supplies the twelth release in the totally essential Themes For Great Cities catalogue. No stranger to the label after previous appearances as a member of Stabil Elite and in collaboration with Carsten Dämbkes (of run-out groove/mega mastering fame), Lucas perfectly judges the vibe here, switching between chilly kosmishce, horizontal synth voodoo and hypnotic house abstractions over three  expansive cuts. Opening cut "Urania" holds us in its icy grasp from the get go, massaging temples with structural synth work, while mechanical textures and klingklang percussion keep the blood pumping at a regulation 120bpm. Perfect for your next neo-noir adventure into a greyscale mega-city, this is the soundtrack to high-rise trains, holgraphic adverts and chrome-cast dystopias, eventually bursting through the high-polished glass and falling into an opiated nightmare. A2's "Flötenmelodie" offers a moment's respite from all that futurist gloom, finding Croon slowly tesselating a beautiful collage of pulsating sequences, organic percussion and moonlit synthleads into something almost Balearic...B-side cut "Türkischer Tee" sees a caffinated Croon shift through the gears in peak-time mode, swerving the straightforward 4/4 in favour of a polyrhythmic, afro-beat shuffle, perfectly suited to the jazzy keyboard abstractions at play above. Restless, hypnotic and entirely immersive, the track boasts a heady sound akin to Spirutal Life, Wania or vintage Feedelity though really it exists in its own weird headspace. As infectious as they come despite a whole load of melodic complexity, this should be the secret weapon in any forward thinking DJs bag. 


          12" Info: One copy available

          Back in stock Cover of Oz Waves - Compiled By Steele Bonus by Various Artists.

          Various Artists

          Oz Waves - Compiled By Steele Bonus

            Efficient Space continues to expose Australia’s esoteric musical history with Oz Waves - a collection of 80s DIY recordings, compiled by odd wave anthropologist Steele Bonus. Definitive proof that inhabitants of the Down Underground were links in a global network of creative kooks, Oz Waves connects those who utilised mobile recording rigs and small press releases to create and disseminate misfit synth-punk, tape loop experiments and inner city pop. Through overseas mail order exchanges, anonymous groups like Zerox Dreamflesh could find place on Belgian compilations, while Chris and Cosey lullabied their son to sleep with Irena Xero and her interdisciplinary art collective Zip.?? Bonus selects 10 survivors from this fertile period (1982-1989), most of which were only issued on cassette in tiny editions of 5 to 100 copies. M Squared affiliates Prod join the extraterrestrial Software Seduction, minimal wave neglect from He Dark Age and the irreverent cut ups of The Horse He's Sick and MK Ultra & the Assassins of Light. The remaining tracks have been sourced from musicians’ private archives and are being officially released on Oz Waves for the first time - Andy Rantzen’s industrial dub Itch-E & Scratch-E precursor, the buoyant vocal-drone of Ironing Music and Moral Fibro, Sydney’s short lived answer to Weekend and Marine Girls. With detailed track by track notes, lines are drawn to Severed Heads, Scattered Order and other antipodean post-punk royalty.?? As a DJ, Steele Bonus has gained notoriety via the exquisite selections that form his ongoing mix series Odd Waves. Sydney-born, Amsterdam-based, his graphic design has not only been responsible for sleeves on Efficient Space, but also trusted Amsterdam connoisseurs Music From Memory and Young Marco’s Safe Trip.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Musical boundary pusher and design maverick Steele Bonus follows in the footsteps of Andras and Instant Peterson, donning his compiling cap and putting together a ten track introduction to the oddest end of Australia's 80s underground. Minimal Wave meets dub, post punk dances with naff new age and absolutely no Matilda's are waltzed on this weird and wonderful collection of off-the-wall pop.


            LP Info: One copy available

            Peter Westheimer

            Cool Change

              Not content with ruling the dancefloor via the oddball electro of Shahara Ja, those Antipodean reissue fiends at Left Ear are back in the house this week with a chilly retrospective of Oz Wave weirdo Peter Westheimer. An irreverent outsider right from the off, Westheimer spiced his unique brand of synth pop with Dadaist lyricism and Japanese tonalities, arriving at a future primitive sound which casually slipped between electronic, ambient, experimental and new age. When he dropped his debut LP, "Move" in 1985, Westheimer took the underground by surprise, blending his unique brand of synth work outs with a distinctly Australian aesthetic which coloured subsequent LPs "Sooner Than Laughter" (1986) and "Transition" (1992). This retrospective collects the finest moments of those LPs alongside 6 unreleased tracks, offering the casual listener a glimpse into the diverse genius of the NSW musician. Leftfield dancefloor cuts "Walking On The Edge" and "Elastic Smiles" groove their way into mutant disco territories, stumbling out the speakers like an ironic antipodean cousin of early 80s Peter Gabriel or Bill Nelson. "Rainforest" and "Circular Walkways" lay down some early markers for the casio tribal madness of Andras Fox or Young Marco while "Personality Change" is an afro-synth oddity worthy of a vintage Beppe Loda tape. Elsewhere Brenda Ray styled Balearic shufflers rub shoulders with Japanesque new age numbers, the whole set forming into a diverse selection all boasting a timbre which whispers Westheimer. 


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              Andy Rantzen


                Efficient Space can do no wrong right now, and the Australian label continue to give us the good stuff with a solo 12" from Psychologist-turned-producer Andy Rantzen. After peaking mass muso interest with Oz Waves' resurrection of "Will I Dream", the producer is back on the label with "1/66" - a collection of four dubs from his 1999/2000 archives. Home recorded above a lawyer’s office and next door to a brothel, the retrospective is lead by the earth shattering digi stepper "Rock Steady". Wasting no time fucking about, this rough as fuck rudeboy cut hits us with seismic kicks, sparkling stabs and plenty of dub fx, eventually adding a garbled vocal refrain and seriously subby bassline for full frequency impact. As one batshit breakdown rolls into the next, 'did I spill the bong on the mixing desk?' mayhem ensues, calling to mind the craziest corners of the On-U archive. Next up "Green Man" may satisfy all your breakbeat cravings, coming live and direct with irresistible rhythm patterns, screwy samples and the kind of drugged up downbeat vibe AFX and BOC delivered around the turn of the millennium. Things cool down a little on the flip as Rantzen rocks us with horizontal heaters "Fantasy Dub" and "Green River". The former glides from glacial digi-dub to naive FM synth melodies while the latter lollops from brookside babble to bleep-led bongripper in a few simple steps.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Equally adept in house, techno, lo-fi experiments and digi-dub - we've got ourselves a proto Ruf Dug right here. Rantzen's demented digital skank is currently topping our Piccadilly pops. Grab a copy while you can!

                Various Artists

                Quare Groove Vol. 1

                  A long time in the making – Quare Groove Vol. 1 – Sounds of the Irish musical underground from the 70s & 80s..Spread across 2 12s with extensive liner notes on printed inner sleeves. Re-mastered with care by Shawn @ Optimum.
                  Stating it softly..... Irish music of the 1970's was simply not synonymous with groove music in any way. Avid music aficionado's were totally 'rockist' then (to use an old tag from the same time!) That thread tends to follow with record collecting of vintage Irish music of that time, down to this day. We'll throw a little change into that narrative here - the groove is very rare, and not a little quare! We've looked at the entire recorded music picture of what happened here on this little island into the 1980's, and we're bringing back this -----

                  We can't tell you that this music comes from a strange place - it comes from a steadily steep and VERY strange place! A small place that was not a little conflicted societally and politically back then - and in every way too, public and private. However it was also a time of great change. Living through it seemed like a rite of passage that moved off from some manner of dark age, and then over forward into a brighter light. Modernity beckoned, and not just with the technology!

                  So what can you hear here? It's no coincidence that this music also makes a similar coming of age. Recording techniques were wholly embraced here, in this era. Late 1970's Irish music saw sound engineering and music production artistry advance from previous, and in a very big way. As studio's moved away from simple and straight audio captures, the music really benefitted. So what can you hear here? We're bringing you two sides of this story on two big black twelve inch slates. The first slate has an abundantly sweet clubbier sound of past-funk groove music. The second slate gives you an edgier angle of what the post-punkers got up to, after they too got their hands on the same danceflooring. This is really but only the beginning: There's so much more to come!

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  LP Info: ONE COPY FOUND!

                  The Gardener

                  Views From My Shed EP

                    After a run of club-ready 12”s, the fifth No Bad Days release slows the pace right down. On the "Views From My Shed EP", long-standing friend of NBD James Booth breaks in new alias The Gardener with an easy-going record inspired by nature and sure to inspire relaxed, repeat listens. A suite of biotic ambience and wonderfully bucolic atmospheres opens the EP, with "Lilac Moor"'s four parts fluttering on a garden breeze, gentle strings undulating against synthesized wind instruments and tranquil, serene musical scales. It's an absolute delight on the ear and totally transportative - you get instantly get the 'view from my shed' from where the title (and inspiration) for the EP comes from. On the flip, The Gardener gets a little more spring in his step, dishing out some fully synthetic soundbeds rich in meditative, calming frequencies and gentle, lapping grooves. There's even some elevating kraut arpeggio business to unravel the mind... Top stuff here, a fully realized EP beautifully executed. Recommended! 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Barry says: Chilled out hazy garden vibes, full of pastoral charm and pseudo-balearic melodies. Percussive interludes break up the swooning synthplay before segueing into found-sounds and blissful scenic 'tron. Ace.

                    Jimi Bazzouka

                    Volume 5

                      Jimi Bazzouka AKA Joakim Bouaziz is back, packing nothing but heat on this weapons-grade platter. The savior of the international dancefloor community, Jimi laughs in the face of North Korean nuclear tests, shrugs at ferocious weather patterns and briskly unfollows even the most vicious internet troll. Volume 5 of his inimitable edit series sees the big man barrel through the soundtrack section, to serve up the sweetest synthwave hits, mechanical movers and future primitive freakouts. "Poursuite" starts the party with snapping synth drums, whooshing filter sweeps and a roving keyboard riff, eventually building into a little new-wave/jazz-funk glitz. Next up, "Brainwashing" bleeps and bangs its way through slow-and-low "I Can't Believe It's Not Detlef" territories, locking us into the Fairlights and mallets of an Asian-industrial winner. Flip it for "Countryman Pt.1" a tapey, mechanical funk cut which sounds a bit like a YMO B-side played backwards from the spirit world and "Countryman Pt.2" a percussive powerhouse tailor made for midnight in the mangroves. If you dug on Ruffy's "Midnight Sativa Dance", this one will be right up your strasse. Bag it!

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Patrick says: Joakim launches another dancefloor missile here, raiding the soundtrack section to blur the lines between synth-pop, industrial, new wave and proto-house. #moonlightmusic

                      Various Artists

                      Five Years Of Loving Notes

                        Over five years of vinyl endeavours, Antinote have gone from strength to strength, rising from the underground to become the first port of call for the forward thinking DJ. Menthol fresh, ever-interesting and way ahead of the curve, Antinote releases come and go quickly on the good ship Piccadilly, swiftly finding their ways into the most discerning record bags before soaring in price on Discogs. Comprised of 14 sketches - each reflecting one of the many shades of the label’s catalogue - "Five years of Loving Notes" places new names alongside those who've been involved with the label since it’s very beginning, like Geena or Iueke - responsible for the first 12” released on Antinote. Musically, the collection covers the broadest spectrum of mood and atmosphere, skulking from the dark and raw excursions of Tolouse Low Trax or Iueke to the lush instrumentals crafted by Nico Motte and Syracuse’s Antoine Kogut; Though disparate and diverse, the set seems to breathe as one; contrasting cuts all pointing in the same direction, seeking out the emotional response in all of us without relying on the trite cliches you might find elsewhere. Prepare to take a sensory trip, hurtling from the opening Latvian arabesques from Domenique Dumont to the Pink-Floyd-ian ending from Alek Lee, via Leonardo Martelli’s smoggy electro and Raphael Top Secret’s ominous talk-over. Long live Antinote.

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                        M Appeal - Inc. Parrish Smith Remix

                          Back in 1981, bedroom autuers and rhythmic anarchists Mike Mangino and Chris Shepard founded Smersh as an experimental offshoot of their Pop Tarts day job. Operating with a strict dogma in place, the duo would rehearse every monday night, record their improvisations and never play live. Following their strict guidelines the duo went on to record more than thirty LPs and cassettes during the 80s and 90s. Now Amsterdam's Knekelhuis imprint cherry pick a couple of their favourite moments from that extensive discography, chuck in a remix from family friend Parrish Smith and whack the whole lot on a weighty 12" pressing.
                          "M Appeal" opens proceedings with a little percusso-weirdo a la drumbox, pinging and phasing away like a right ketmess. Solemn bass and mournful keys add a welcome level of musicality to this strange wave wonder, flirting with the funk but maintaining a miserablist distance. "Kiss Me Stupid" steps up the intensity thanks to a machine gun snare, squalls of guitar feedback and floaty sequences, attaining the same level of industrial pop brilliance as Propaganda or Cabaret Voltaire. Over on the flip our attention turns to Nieuwegein's most warped mind, Parrish Smith, who transforms "M Appeal" into a biting, buzzing, basement belter. The freaky beat is amplified and rewired, topped with bitcrushed bass swells and disembodied, mechanical vocals. Lurching hits of metallic percussion break up the dark and brooding tone, hinting at an afro-futurist dream which never quite materialises. It's not all about the k-hole though, keep listening and you'll feel the warm embrace of poppers-laced melody. One for the fReAkZzZzZ.

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                          12" Info: 1 COPY FOUND!

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