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Informed by a love of repetition, rhythm and the transcendent power of dance, Berlin's DISK finds a kindred spirit in Jakarta's DIVISI62, a collective who draw from the rich musical heritage of Indonesia whilst also embracing global club culture and bass-music. This collaborative EP sees three of DIVISI62's leading lights deliver four cuts of mind-bending rhythm hypnotism showcasing their unique approach to sound and structure. 
Marsesura opens the set with the polyrhythmic pulse of "Asmoro", a slow and low sway through twisted field recordings, ritualistic sound design and exotic synthesis. Uwalmassa follows suit with the post gamelan clatter of "Untitled 10", an otherworldly assault of rhythmic intricacies, warped mallet sounds and disorienting effects. Staying in the hotseat for the B1, Uwalmassa serves up the stand out cut with "Untitled 6", a shoulder rolling hit of unpredictable rhythms, warped vocal snippets and hallucinatory sound scaping that finds the middle ground between Tolouse Low Trax and Mala. Last up, Wahono weaves a loose, wall melting spell with the gradually unfolding "Pakar Gula Gending", a post-minimal, machine funk freakout which incorporates all the sounds of a traditional Indonesian orchestra into a totally spangled DMT trip. 
All of this adds up for the most intriguing listening experience: Strange virtual spaces mixing with all-too-real ones, creating a hyperreal spacial feel in which musical structures unfold in a highly unpredictable and deeply entrancing way!


Patrick says: Totally unhinged, off kilter rhythm business from a trio of top Indonesian producers. Taking the hypnotic rhythms of gamelan and soaking them in a massive vat of LSD, the DIVISI62 crew serve up exactly the kind of club weirdshit I can't get enough of.


12" Info: All artworks were delivered by DIVISI62, the covers were silkscreen-printed in Bandung, Indonesia and the inner sleeves are stamped in Berlin.

As regular customers can attest, we love a bit of shamanic shit here at Piccadilly, and this latest dose of ritualistic rhythm has me ready to dust off the DJ Froglicker moniker. After a couple of years spent honing his new sound in the studio, French producer Bambounou leaves the mainroom maulers of his 50 Weapons days behind. The music on Parametr Pureskja has a strong and original characteristic which fits exactly DISK’s style: Crisp beats interlocked in edgy grooves shaping a hypnotising drive with a dark tension. Opener "Dernier Metro" fuses the off kilter rattle of organic percussion with eerie synth tones, locking us into a late night mushroom ritual. Bambounou continues his pagan preoccupation with A2's "Kosovo Hardcore", syncing a swinging, lopsided drumbeat with the disorienting melodies of clockwork chimes. Over on the B-side the relentless pulse of "VVVVV" pushes the dance floor ever onwards, entangling one and all in its infectious repetition. Three techno-tribal sounds for psychedelic dancers - buy on sight!


Patrick says: France's Bambounou lands at DISK with a trio of mesmeric, shamanic club cuts, aimed as far from the mainroom as is humanly possible. Dark, tense and way off kilter, this is A-grade mushroom shit.

Back in stock Cover of La Contra Ola - Synth Wave & Post Punk From Spain 1980-86 by Various Artists.
Switzerland's Bongo Joe continue to shun extravagant PR strategies and drawn-out, multi-volume campaigns for a succinct and widescreen picture of underappreciated musical microcosms. The fruitful synth wave and post-punk scene of Spain is next to be inspected. Specifically from 1980-86, "La Contra Ola" covers the striking DIY diversity that swept the country during this time. A blossoming time of creativity, with new technologies and digital instruments striking their mark across moods ranging from paranoid and claustrophobic to sleazy, sexy and the darn right ridiculous. If you've enjoyed some of the Dark Entries output and the minimal wave scene of San Fran, then you need to move your attention over to these European pioneers. Much like the Italian scene, there's obviously SO much to discover here, and even just scratching the surface of some of the bands mentioned reveals a wormhole of digging and further exploration required. Basically, if you like your circuits scorched and your mind bent and the impending sense of society's collapse makes you want to ruin machines, then this is surely the compilation for you! 5 stars!

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