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Back in stock Cover of Gotta Hold On Me / Wildman by Psychemagik.


Gotta Hold On Me / Wildman

Master diggers and disco trippers Psychemagik make their triumphant return after a brief hiatus this week with the latest episode in their unmissable edit career. As ever we're in obscure waters, but your Piccadilly spirit guides are on hand to lead you through these rarified realms with the maximum musical knowledge. Danny and Tom delve deep into their disco funk crates on the A-side to extend Chuck Armstrong's 1975 Konduko killer 'Something's Got A Hold On Me' into a 12 minute journey through squelching bass, hypnotic groove and soulful vocal. Pitching things up to a floor-ready midtempo, the Psychemagik boys let loose with looped horns, wah guitar, and immersive arrangements to lock us into a shoulder rolling groove which won't let up for even a moment. Smell the incense and pass the sherm sticks folk! Things kick up a notch on the flip as the duo slap a subtle kick and snare under a tasty Salsoul loop and go nuts on the sleazy late night vocal. Hitting hard with a walking bassline and jazzy Rhodes licks, this one could be mistaken for a vintage Balihu banger if it weren't for the rough and raucous vocal sample trying to take you up a back alley somewhere. It's another sureshot for the disco jocks, coming courtesy of the mighty Psychemagik.


David says: This week we go Wildman in the country with the excellent Psychemagik, who return to the 12" format with two sizzling, soulful and raw disco heaters. Prepare to trip out to these jams on an El Diablo's dancefloor near you...

Back in stock Cover of Makka Na Taiyo by Saucy Lady.

Saucy Lady

Makka Na Taiyo

    After rocking our socks off with those deep and dope boogie rerubs on Star Creature and Street Muzik, Saucy Lady steps up to Audio Chemists for a pair of prime time Japanese pop cover versions. First up, the Boston based producer and performer offers a mind blowing interpretation of one of the biggest Japanese pop hits of the 1960s, originally sung by national treasure, Hibari Misora. Blasting off from its A-side launch pad thanks to some slick guitar licking from Yuma Hara (the grandson of the original song's composer, Nobuo Hara, no less) "Makka Na Taiyo" takes us on a nebulous night flight through infectious bass grooves, spectral synth and smooth toned vocals. Phuture funk with vocals in Japanese? What's not to love? Over on the flip,the tempo drops to a sultry 86 BPM for a superb slow burning cover of Japan's legendary Tatsuro Yamashita's "Amaku Kiken Na Kaori". Me, Matt Ward and Ryan Horsebeach are all over this one, expect it to be a future Coastin' classic!


    Patrick says: Saucy Lady swaps the slick East Coast boogie of her earlier work for a pair of prime-time Japanese phuture funk excursions. Offering her take on a pair of Japanese pop classics from those olden days - the A-side holds it down for the boogie massive, the B does plenty of damage for the Balearic beards.


    7" Info: Coloured 7".

    After freaking us out with that body working Ruski-rap cut on Very Soviet Cut Outs last year, Schmoltz drops by the Bahnsteig bunker with a pair of leftfield grooves for the dopers and dancers. "Ze Sky Iz Blu" saunters out the speakers with unbuttoned shirt, louche as you like and totally unfazed. A dubby post punk bassline and steady drum programming make the perfect foundation for stoned coastal guitars, sultry vocals and breathy harmonica, as we're taken on the kind of saucer eyed trip you'd enjoy after too much San Pedro cactus. When I remake Natural Born Killers, this one's going on the soundtrack. Flip the disc and keep on dancing, Schmoltz treats us to a totally unknown groove assault that's quirkier than Matt Ward's dress sense. Dancing footloose and fancy free to disco-not-disco drums, white funk guitars and soulful piano chords, "Die Mne Piau" is some E-bloc meets 80s New York madness and I cannot get enough of it. Tanz tanz tanz!

    Italian wonderkid Giovanni Damico returns to Lumberjacks In Hell for some more fresh and funky takes on the traditional house / disco formula. "Essential" rides a Juggy Jones-esque groove but plumps it out with a weaving piano solo running throughout its course. Feelin' high and lofty throughout with its bright-eyed passages and well placed vocal snatches. "Look At You (Sugar Bomb)" is a more loopy, scuffed-bottom affair, with nods to Long Beach's best jazz-funkers - War. "Drums & Keys" aptly does what it says on the can in true Ronsil fashion while "Rhythm & Drums" conversely, does more than advertised and wraps some African (??) vox around basic tribal perc, frog sounds a steady kick, sounding like a long lost Cottam number if you ask me!

    Moton Records Inc. Presents

    Morning Shunt

    Beating yours truly to the punch by a matter of days, Love Vinyl's Jake Holloway treats Moton to a fast paced edit of afro-disco blinder "Since Morning" by Shunters. Though it may be less adventurous than Talking Drums' completely cosmic reconstruction, it should suit traditionalists to a tee, especially if they can't get their hands on the totally similar original. The good times are here to stay on the B-side as Jake slips his scalpel into the Carib-disco cool of "Jacques Theme", serving scratchy guitar, scuzzy space synth and jazzy loop like a vintage Harvey edit. Closing the set with tough breaks and Spanish guitar, "The Bandit" is already causing a stir amongst the Balearic fraternity, joining Ezra's "Garten Meine Fantasie" as your go-to Balearic B-boy winner. Deep digs done proud from the London DJ and designer.

    The Hotbath crew (that'll be Crazy P) are back with more hot and steamy disco re-edit gems direct from their own personal DJ stash. After the massive success of "Volume 1", with the 12" selling out faster then it could be pressed up, Hotbath hit back with four more edits that take you on a musical journey from funk and soul to disco, with a little touch of pop thrown into the mix as well! First up is the funky disco of "You Wanna Do" culled from "Music" by One Way Feat. Al Hudson. Next we have a funky female vocal take on Dolly Parton classic "Jolene". Late 70s favourite "Right In The Socket" (Shalamar) gets the edit treatment and comes out as "Sock It". Lastly we have "Mary", a spliced and diced refix of Mary J Blige. This is going to make it into a variety of DJ boxes and onto a wide range of dancefloors! If you missed out on "Volume 1" (or even if you didn't!), get this on your shopping list right now.


    Sil says: A true edit classic gets a much needed repress. Whether you're after disco, Balearic or bar tackle, this is the multi-purpose platter for you.

    If you're gonna go about making the weirdest, most warped psychedelic disco around, it only makes sense that you'll eventually run into Cherrystones. The only surprise is that it's taken this long for the deep digger to make his debut on Bahnsteig 23 - but what a debut it is! The set starts with the wrong speed, afro-cosmic sizzle of "Simba Dub", a percussion laced slow groover with waaaay out vocals and hot horns - must have tackle for me! "Belly King" transports us to the Middle East with spacey keys, jazzy rhythms and a tripped out cabaret aesthetic, before "ExOhSkeletons" gnarls things up nicely with plenty of punk aggression. Onto the flip and "Tropical Meat Wave" works your hips, lips and heels with a weird and warbled bit of sunkissed French folk funk - essential for fans of Good Plus I feel. "KonGkinG" keeps up the pace with some spangled disco rock monkey business before the buzzing scuzzing big beats of "BouncerC-nt With A Shit Tash" takes the medal for best track name and freakiest NDW punk funk jam of the week.


    Patrick says: Another week, another essential release from Bahnsteig 23. As ever, we're on a weirdo tip, but Cherrystones ups the oddball ante seriously here with some seriously spannered frequencies. Twisting Afro-funk, French pop, punk, Turkish tackle and NDW inside out, Godsy has done it again.

    Favorite Recordings return with the third edition of its acclaimed "French Disco Boogie Sounds" compilation series. Selected by label head honcho, Charles Maurice (aka Pascal Rioux), 13 more forgotten and hidden tracks, all produced whether in France, in French, or by French artists between 1977 and 1987. With most of these titles now very hard to find in their original edition and unknown by many, this compilation tickle the fancy of even the most die hard disco, boogie and funk heads. Fully remastered from originals at The Carvery Cut (UK) this is the an optimum compilation, no fidelty has been spared! From saccarine-sweetness to balls out disco eroticism and back through velumptious soul, subtly seasoned with French swarve throughout - yum yum!

    Northeast house pressure here from Chicago Damn on Marcel Vogel's Intimate Friends label. Ruff-n-ready sampling characterize the EP, whether it's the rambunctious opener "Bunny Hoppin", sounding like a lost Dance Mania number, or the more poised techy hybrid of "Flush", complete with primitive sampling techniques across vox and keys. "The Truth" opens side B some more raw sampling; this time its a Philly soul / rare groove number that is teased out by CD before "Tipsy" concludes with a heavily sliced beatdown style number that's skitty and playful and a little bit mental. Top stuff!

    Darryl Douglas

    Holding On

    Kalita Records are extremely proud to announce the first ever official reissue of Darryl Douglas' 1981 gospel disco monster 'Holding On'.

    Born out of a tight-knit friendship group based in Queens, New York, the gospel collective Darryl Douglas Inc. existed for a brief period of just two years. Yet their single 'Holding On' is as contemporary-sounding today as it was when it was first released in 1981. Originally pressed in a quantity of just one thousand, original copies have long been sought-after by both DJs and collectors alike, acknowledged as one of the best dancefloor-focused gospel tracks to have ever been pressed to wax.

    Here we offer the 12" in its original form, accompanied by interview-based liner notes and a never-before-seen photo of the band, helping to tell the story and truly celebrate such a great track. We hope that you love the record as much as us!

    Hotter than a Channel 4 dating show right now, Copenhagen's Music For Dreams follow up the dope Ambala double pack with another twin disc winner, this time from Sweden's Prins Emanuel. Released in double vinyl format, Emanuel’s first full length solo project is a concept album revolving around the medium of the record itself. With a functionalist’s attitude, each of the vinyl records can serve a different purpose. Translated from Swedish, the album title literally reads "Work/Leisure Time" and the contrasting moods of the two discs reflect the different activities. So on a Friday evening, you might tell your girl or boy to put on the A/B sides as you're getting ready to bust some moves that night. And on Sunday evening, you tell him/her to put on the C/D sides as you're relaxing and topping up a bath. Although this is a multi-instrumentalist’s vision, the fact that Prins is primarily a drummer is clearly evident in the masterful hypnotic grooves that form the base on which the whole album stands. And while elements of dub, boogie, afro, house and new age flicker by as we ride along on these motorik rhythms, the balance between warmth and repetition provokes an irresistibly tickly tension. The young Swede won many a fan with his earlier output on Fasaan and Chalice, but this debut long player sees him taking his craft to a whole new level.


    Patrick says: Fasaan favourite Prins Emanuel drops a conceptual double pack on Music For Dreams, fusing dub, afro, new age and boogie into a groove heavy masterpiece perfect for nights on the tiles or days on the sofa. If you dug on Studio's "West Coast", then you'll be all over this!

    Jack Cutter / Paqua

    Serpent Strut / Ruby Running Faker - Larry Heard / Emperor Machine Remixes

    Bonus cuts from the Claremont 56 Box Set featuring tracks and mixes not featured on the original release. Chicago legend Larry Heard is joined by UK mainstay Andy Meecham in his EMperor Machine alias as they remix the amazing Paqua and Jack Cutter. First up, "Serpent Strutt" by Jack Cutter gets a spacious and soulful rerub by Mr. Fingers who emphasizes the relaxed nature of the track through a beachy, waves lapping at your ankles kinda vibe that really resonates with the OG whilst simultaneiously shining a light on Larry's unique, effortless style.On the flip, EM takes Paqua's "Ruby Running Faker" into squelchy new disco territory complete with boogie bass, dubbed out delays and echo laden hand claps. Rock solid but with a bit of give around the hips, this'll make ideal warm up tackle... Super limited and really quite good - you know what to do! 


    Matt says: Nice Brucey bonus for fans of the ultimate Balearic collection. Larry Heard and Emperor Machine's remix never made the boxset, but they're more than worthy additions to this most pretigious collection. Super limited too so don't dilly dally.

    Beware: Schnitzels Cuts 4 from outer space! Coming back to you with laser-fried perfection, rebranded in a cosmic blend and revamped to deep space perfection. That's right folks, D*tr**t Sw*ndl*'s evergreen edit imprint is back, delivering a pair of synth-heavy pouders primed for disco destruction. Imagine a twist of Afro-synth history combined with a roller skate jam from the U s of A, re-rubbed with chopped vocals, disco bleeps and arpy baselines. Now available at any intergalactic reseller for only 412457 space credits or an equivalent in your currency of choice.


    Patrick says: Yeaah boi... Those Dutch house heroes get back in the kitchen with a spaced out and synthed up duo of peaktime disco heat. Alongside the electrified roller-boogie of the A-side we get a B-side flip on the Big Willie classic Daphni utilised for "Ye Ye" - killer stuff.

    Yes indeed! Great they are too :)
    Wed 21st - 1:27
    PREORDER: Mr. Fingers 'Cerebral Hemispheres' Larry Heard follows up that spectacular 12" w…
    Sat 17th - 2:56
    A definite hit here @PiccadillyRecs Gonna be on the shop player for some time to come I think.....
    Fri 16th - 1:54
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