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Gigi Testa is a bona fide Neapolitan hero whose work draws inspiration from local music of the last four decades - think Pino Daniele, Tullio de Piscopo, Tony Esposito, James Senese & Napoli Centrale, Nu Guinea, Mystic Jungle Tribe and rising stars such Fabrizio Fattore, Daniel Monaco and Raffaele Attansio - but also deep house and owes a lot to African music in all its forms.
He’s back with a brand new EP collating all these wild influences into one cohesive, tropical flavoured package. Three tracks of feathers n facepaint, rainforest-tinged house music that’s perfect for getting frisky under the moonlight.

Written Arranged & Programmed : Gigi Testa
Mixed & Engineered : Gigi Testa & Paolo Convertito
Synths, Keyboards, Drum Machines, Effects, Live & Electronic Drums : Gigi Testa
Fender Bass,Live Guitars & Additional Keyboards : Paolo Convertito


Echoes In The Sky

Ludus Pinsky (Lapo Lombardi) and Alexander Robotnick (Maurizio Dami) are Italcimenti, a brilliantly devised concept project which sought to recontextualize the addictive and electrified sound of Italo disco for millenials and more modern members of the dance music church. Thanks to their boldness, authenticity and daring. a new generation of dancers caught the electro-disco bug which is still highly endemic across the current landscape.

Previously released in a CD in 2005 and even then, highly sought after; this is the first ever pressing on vinyl! It includes an exclusive extended and DJ friendly version of "Beyond The Mind". not included on the vinyl single, and the electric, jumping, vocodered ballad "Somewhat You Need". All tunes have been rewarmed and remastered to get the best sound for vinyl.

A must have release for all Italo / electro-disco lovers, collectors, dancers and DJs!


A1. Beyond The Mind (Italo Club Mix) 6'47"
A2. Electric Dancer 5'52"
B1. Structural Collapse 4'55"
B2. Disco Tamarro 5'24"
B3. Somewhat You Need 3'52"
C1. Trigger Happy 4'33"
C2. Bela Lugosi Is Dead (Cover) 5'37"
C3. Jimbo 3'32"
D1. Lunar Weekend 5'06"
D2. Bencio 4'51"
D3. Like A Dreamer 4'02"

Back in stock Cover of Moment EP by Peggy Gou.

Peggy Gou

Moment EP

International house sensation Peggy Gou launches her own Gudu Records with the "Moment" EP, a killer double header of dance floor majesty, informed by 30 years of club music and transformed into something all of her own.
The A-side kicks off with "Starry Night" (surely the only Radio 1 daytime play in history with a Korean vocal?) a beautiful fusion of emotional SAE melodies and proto house elements. The pinging bassline and punchy piano could come straight from a Prelude classic, while the sweet synth strings are totally AZN, providing an infectious and energetic backdrop for Peggy's fierce vocal. Top. On the flip "Han Pan" hits us with glassy / metallic synth melodies, a stepping rhythm and hints of island life in the lead line, once again topped by a choice vocal from Peggy. Timeless, anthemic and totally irresistible, this is another essential release from the latest house superstar.


Patrick says: How does she do it? Peggy Gou distils Prelude boogie, proto house and bubblegum style groove into a glorious two track 12" on her new Gudu Records. Featuring her bilingual vocals once again, along with a perfect combination of bump and melody. A true summer anthem!


A. Starry Night
B. Han Pan

Back in stock Cover of Drum Chums Vol. 4 by Approach Release.

Approach Release

Drum Chums Vol. 4

Debut time for rising Manchester artist Approach Release on Patch's Talking Drums sublabel, Drum Chums. An employee of GMPTE by day, pilotting our city's trams around the network, this killer EP from our trusted deep diggers shows off a few tasty obscurities giving a handsome cut-n-snip with the scalpel. 

The A side serves up the swooning space disco of 'Krypton Factor', a mid-tempo trip into the mirror ball nebula which pairs sweet female vox and dramatic sax with malfunctioning electronics and chest height bass riffs. File it under set opener, sci-fi frother and future anthem!

Over on the B side, A.R. indulges in a little beatific boogie via 'Coma', an outer national excursion building from bubbling bass and classy keys into the eventual heart-swelling vocal, an arms aloft moment if ever we've heard one.
We've been dropping this anywhere there's a CDJ and are just as happy as you lot to have it on wax. Approach Release makes it three hits out of three on the B2, as a slept-on slice of synth-pop Francais gets a necessary extension and leaves its lame chorus on the cutting room floor. Tune in for taut drum machines, playful melodies and a chic vocal.

100% drum fun guaranteed. Won't hang around long - get those orders in quick! 


A. Krypton Factor
B. Coma
B2. Mimo

Back in stock Cover of Vol. 3 by Talking Drums.
After a global trek we're back at base camp with a pair of thrillers from the chiller for your next rumble in the jungle...

Prepare to take a cosmic cruise on the A side with 'Dromedary', a masterclass in daft drum-breaks, Saharan strings and syrupy synth-lines perfect for Arabian nights and disco daze. This one's been a TD sure shot since their first parties, so it's high time they shared the love boat.

Move to the flip for an interdimensional trip, as TD Transport welcomes you aboard the 'Super Express', a lysergic locomotive burning up the mainline from Mos Eisley to Mumbai. Linn drum lasers lock into a lurching groove, fuelling the furnace as we blast past Bollywood, take a detour into the Metro Area and arrive right on schedule to save your party.

100% Drum fun guaranteed.

Limited pressing inc. hand numbered insert...


Matt says: Those Talking Drums return with the all important record number three. Losing none of their spectacular source material and keeping the knife work deft and creative, fashioning two fabulous garments to dress the dancefloor with.


A. Dromedary
B. Super Express

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